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Term 4 Week 6 - 22 November 2019

Dates for the Diary

Principal's Message

Dear Parents,Carers & Community,

Thank you to the students, teachers and community members who have welcomed me to the school. I am very impressed with how the students behave and work together. I have also found the staff to be very professional especially in their respect for each other and their outstanding care for your children.  I am working closely with the P&C and I look forward to their meeting next Monday.

I am also meeting with COOSH and I can assure you that the valued service they provide will continue into the future. Yes, we are making some room changes to accommodate an additional class but every consideration has been made to ensure a smooth transition of routines and access for the students who attend COOSH. Once all details are finalised we will share the arrangements for 2020 with you.

The weather, I am sure you agree, has been a challenge to us all. We have adjusted our outside times when the air quality has been impacted by smoke generated by bushfires and on the very hot days the students have been kept inside or allowed outside to sit in the shade for short periods.

Please use these links to get up to date information and strategies for maintaining health during bushfires

LAB – Youth Empowerment Team - On Wednesday 13 November, I attended the celebration of Youth Empowerment - Student Voice at Victoria Ave Public School. The project aims to increase student agency and student voice in our schools. Our students presented to all school teams in the Strathfield Network about the Waste Free Warriors Project. The school was very well represented by Ms Canalicchio and Ms El-Hage and students Alexis E and Anuka S. Please read their account of the day and their project. Well done.

Message from Canada Bay Council

“We are developing a new 10 year plan for Timbrell Park in Five Dock – an important and popular park that many people across Sydney regularly visit. We are seeking input on how the community uses the park as well as suggested improvements and future aspirations for the space.

Until 15 December our community survey will be open for you to contribute and we will also be in the park 5 times to meet with community. The survey and more information can be found at “

As the term draws to an end please be reminded that all students should be at school up until 18 December.

Thank you for your ongoing support for the students and staff.

Mrs F Brewer

Rel Principal

Concord PS

Student Awards


To the following students who have or will be receiving a Principal Award or Principal Pennant.

Principal's AwardsPrincipal's Pennants

Prithesh A - 5/6S x 2

Pranusha A - 3/4GE

Eric F - 2M

Lily K - 3/4P

Joshua P - KZ

Scarlett L - KZ

Moustafa H - 1D

Eunice Y - 1D

Sarcha M - 1C

Joanne B - 3/4GE

Christian K - KM

Lucas C - 3/4GE

Madhuri Z - 3/4GE

Henry L - 2T

Jessica L - 2T

Elliana M - 2T

Ryley M - 2T

Bronson R - 1D

Zackery R - 1D

Lara E-B - 3/4GE

Marco P - 5/6D

Harper R - KM

Isidora T - 3/4P

Anastasija T - 5/6S

William P - 2T

Bianca M - KZ

Giuseppe T - KM

Sara A - 1C

Luca M - KM

Samuel P - KZ

Melissa B - KZ

Christopher Y - 3/4P

Libby D - KM

Steven S - 5/6D

Thomas H - 1D

Olivia L 5/6S

Eli K - 1D

Sarcha M - 1C

Peter L x 2 - 5/6S

Prithesh A - 5/6S

Pranusha A - 3/4GE

Zackery R - 1C

Anastasija T - 5/6S 

Joshua P - KZ

Lucas C - 384GE

Levi B - 1D

Harley B - 5/6D

Michael B - 2T

Waste Free Warriors

Class Item - 4/5S

Planning for 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

We need your assistance in our planning for next year. The school's staffing entitlements and funding are dependent upon the student population at the start of 2020.

If you are moving or going on a extended family holiday and your child/children will not be starting at the commencement of the new school year (on Wednesday 29 January 2020), please notify the school office as soon as possible, preferably in writing or via the school's email address -

Kindergarten Enrolment for 2020

Your child may start school if he or she turns 5 years by July 31 2020.


Please call into the office to collect an enrolment package and make an appointment to see Mrs Lees. You may also ring the office on 9744 8427. Please remind your family, friends and neighbours.

Concord Public School Band

Don Wood Extra Curricular Group Photos

Photos are now available online for purchase. The code is 160717. They will be available for free postage until 4 December 2019. Please go to

P & C

From the President

Hi everyone,

I was in the right place at the right time today and was able to pop my head in and see some of the potential leaders of the school next year speaking with their peers about their hopes for the school. It struck me how closely aligned the P&C proposed agenda for next year is with the vision of the school community as voiced by these amazingly confident, bright young leaders. It heartens your executive that we are on the right track and that we have listened to the most important components of our whole reason for being. We congratulate all those students who put up their hand to be leaders. They have big ideas, big hearts and bravery. We think each one of them deserves recognition as do all the students and staff who help them in so many ways. Next Monday at 9:15am is our Second P&C Meeting for the term. The main agenda items for the meeting revolves around our Events and Projects for next year. These have been well documented ideas and have been given a forum via the SkoolBag App for the entire school to understand and comment upon. Your Executive team has closely shaped these projects and events with School executive to coincide and support in parallel the school staff and children. Our aim was to achieve outcomes as defined by them and to benefit the school for many years to come. On Monday we vote for all items and your executive hopes you will support your school with an affirmative vote on all items. We hear Ms Vountoulas is recovering well which makes us feel very happy. She may well do that marathon I am coaxing her into doing! We look forward to her return.  This does not discount the very apparent skill set, knowledge, experience and empathy Mrs Brewer has for the entire school community in her relieving capacity. We are very fortunate indeed to have such a person looking after the school in Ms Vountoula's absence. Thank you Mrs Brewer for your input and ongoing support for the school community as a whole.

Have a great weekend all!

Malcolm Buchan

Community News