St Peters Lutheran School Newsletter

Term 2 Issue 4 - 13 June 2019

From the Principal - Mr Mark Rathjen

The Blessing of Grandparents

My mum’s name is Lois. She is a grandmother 19 times over and a great grandmother 12 times (at last count – hang on, just got a text from my sister, that’d be 13 now).  Lois is a wonderful name for a grandmother as St Paul reminds us of another Lois’ legacy to her grandson Timothy: “I have been reminded of your sincere faith, which first lived in your grandmother Lois and in your mother Eunice and, I am persuaded, now lives in you also. (2 Timothy 1:5).  Lois had passed her faith on to her daughter, Eunice who turn passed that to her son Timothy who Paul knew as a faithful man of God.

On Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Day last Friday I thought about my own grandparents. Although all long gone now, my grandparents played a powerful role in passing on the Christian faith to my parents and to me and my brothers and sisters.  They lived lives in quiet, humble witness to their creator and saviour.  I never remember God being “rammed down our throats” but I saw and felt through the way they lived and loved that Jesus was someone who I too might want to learn to know. I am ever grateful for my grandparents and the ancestors that went before who passed the faith onto them. 

Today, although our culture idolizes youth and tends to ignore those with grey hair, seniors bring enormous value to their churches, families and communities. After surviving decades of the storms of life, they have grown wise about people and life.  They don’t rush around quite as fast and take the time to savour conversations and meals together. They can make sure that little children feel important.

Here are some things that I have observed that my grandparents did for their grandkids:

  • Listen to them any time they want to talk.
  • Gently offer wise counsel to encourage them in their faith and character development.
  • Love them unconditionally…don't be afraid that you'll "spoil" them.
  • Were creative, fun and affectionate.
  • Pray for them continually to be immersed in the knowledge and love of God at an early age and even to finding mates of God's choosing.
  • Perceive and reflect their worth and affirm God's calling on their lives.
  • Respect their parents and never undermine their authority.

We loved having a school full of grandparents, special friends and grandkids together last week. We hope that this event was another opportunity for bonds of love to be forged between generations and where heart, wisdom, humour, affection and faith can be passed on. 

Mark Rathjen, Principal 

Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Day - Thank You

We enjoyed a wonderful Grandparents' and Special Friends' Day last Friday. Hundreds of visitors spent the morning with our students - sharing in worship, joining in learning experiences and then enjoying a delicious and sumptuous morning tea. Finally, they were entertained by students who danced, sang, skipped and acted up a storm. We loved having everyone join in to create a special day for our school.  Thank you to all parents for supplying morning tea, it is so appreciated. A special thanks also to staff who work so hard to create an amazing day for students and grandparents/special friends alike.

From the P&F...

We hope all our grandparents and special friends enjoyed their time at our school.  Big thanks to all our wonderful volunteers who helped with setting up, preparing, cooking and serving food and drinks, and packing up afterwards - Narelle Adams, Angela Pike, Dianne Carr, Evie Stevens, Rachelle Miller, Jane Mellen, Claire Baldwin, Darren, Monique and Cameron Gray, Eva Gill-Minero, Neusa Georgiou, Tanya Wadham, our senior class students, and anyone else I might have missed.  Thanks also to everyone who brought food for morning tea - it all looked delicious and there was plenty for everyone.  Thanks also to Mrs Mickan for bringing flowers from her garden to make the tables look pretty.  See you again next year!

Changes to Volunteer Screening at St Peters

There are about to be significant changes made to screening for those who volunteer and work with children in all SA schools. From 1 July 2019, a Working With Children Check (WWCC) will be required for all staff and volunteers not covered by teacher registration in South Australia.  This will replace the DCSI or DHS screening which is currently in place.  In addition, Lutheran Education Australia (LEA) also require a short online training for all volunteers called Valuing Safe Communities (VSC). 

Please look to information that has been sent to all families via Skoolbag a few weeks ago.  It is so important that everyone is up to date with their screening. Thank you for your commitment to the safety and welfare of everyone in our community.


In recent weeks, we have been delighted to welcome two new students to our ELC - Zané O and Oliver K-R.  We hope both of these new students and their families settle happily in their new surroundings.

Community Worship R-2

Join us this Sunday at 10.00am as our R-2 students lead us for our term 2 Community Worship.  Everyone is welcome to stay on afterwards for a sausage lunch and some fellowship.  Another great way to build community.

World Environment Day – 5 June

As part of our focus on sustainability this term, our Year 3/4 ‘Eco experts’ organised a dress up day for World Environment Day (June 5)!  We celebrated by wearing green and bringing a monetary donation that will go towards raising money for school chickens, compost bins and worm farms. Thank you Year 3/4 Eco Experts for showing brilliant thought, care and agency.  

Term 2 Chapel Offering Project and School Partnership

This term students and staff have chosen to help the Tucker family (Garry, Haniar, with Kayla and Stefan) as they support the Rising Star Indonesia (RSI) school. Garry and Haniar came and spoke to our students at chapel two weeks ago and told us of their important work there in Sumatra. Haniar and Garry are supporting the school’s curriculum development, ICT, and teacher mentoring.  They also serve a local church and the community, through helping with English and sharing life together.  Some of our Indonesian classes have begun trading letters with students of RSI. You may get a brochure with more information at the front office, or speak to Haniar or Garry if you would like to keep in touch with the news of their service and family.  This week the Tucker’s finish their time with us at St Peters and return to their work in Indonesia.

We pray for safe travel and many blessings and hope to see them back with us again someday.

The Blue Saint rides again!

We are excited for our Blue Saints Pedal Prix Team who compete for the first time this year at Victoria Park this Sunday. Special hats and shirts will be handed out to the team after chapel on Friday.  Congratulations and fast riding to the whole team. Great to see the bike out of storage after time off last year. 

As a way to help the team, there is an opportunity for any families or friends of the school to have their business sponsor our Pedal Prix team once again this year. If you would like to help our team, please contact our team manager Nathan Tothill (contact details via the front office). Sponsorship can include advertising on the vehicle as it races around the track in front of thousands of people.

Library News

Scholastic Book Club Issue 4

ORDERS DUE: Tuesday 18 June 2019
Every purchase from Scholastic Book Club helps the school to buy extra resources.

Scholastic Book Club Issue 4 orders are now open and orders will close on 18 June 2019.

The easiest way for families to order and pay for Book Club is to use the online LOOP platform. This will ensure that students get their orders, which are delivered to school for free, and that the correct payment is received. Please use the link to register and start your order

LOOP is also available as an app, for both apple and Android devices.

If you do not wish your order to be delivered VIA your child please process as a GIFT ORDER when using the Scholastic LOOP. Mrs Sharon Smith will contact you when your order is available for collection.

Families who order via LOOP will receive a free reusable book bag with their second order for the year, and a poster and bookmark for those who place their third order.

Cash payments are no longer available at St Peters. This makes the ordering process a lot smoother and ensures that all orders are submitted to Scholastic in a timely manner.

Thank you to everyone who has already ordered from Book Club in 2019.  20% of what you spend goes back to St Peters. Your support, in ordering from Book Club, has allowed the school to buy additional library books and teaching resources. 

Has your child taken up the Challenge in 2019?

Many students have already completed the challenge without realising it!
Yes, this is possible!

Please encourage your child to come in to the library and see Mrs Smith. She will be able to show them how to find out what books they have already read that contribute to their reading challenge total of 12 books.

All students using the Literacy Pro program at St Peters only have to complete their forms and hand them to Mrs Sharon Smith in the library. They have well and truly read enough books since day one of the school year when "The Challenge" commenced.

Everyone who completes "The Challenge" is recognised by the Premier of South Australia, either with a medal or certificate of participation issued in November, at the end of each Challenge year.

HAPPY READING, Mrs Library Smith

Literacy is everyone's business (From the PRC website 2017)

Parents and Friends

Pizza for Pedal Prix - Friday 14 June

Thank you to all those who have ordered pizza to raise money for our pedal prix team, and to the amazing Narelle Adams for organising all the food and drinks.  Volunteers to help pack and deliver to classrooms tomorrow would be awesome.

Bunnings BBQ Fundraiser

We are hosting a sausage sizzle at Bunnings Marion on Saturday 6 July from 9am-4pm.  We will need lots of volunteers from all classrooms to help cook and serve sausages and drinks - just an hour or two would be great.  If you can help, please let Narelle Adams or Heather Stevens know at

Engraved Leaves

Thank you to those who have ordered leaves this term.  Another batch has come back from the supplier, and we are hoping to get them added to the tree when Mr Smith returns to school next week.  There is still time for you to order your own leaf - the next batch will be sent off at the end of term. 

Drink Container Recycling

Thank you to those who have donated empty drink containers.  We have taken another load to the recycling depot - just under 200 this time. Please keep them coming!

Woolworths Earn and Learn

Please place your stickers in the box at Woolworths Blackwood or in the box in the front office.  The more stickers we collect, the more equipment and resources we can get for our school.

Thank you for all your support.

General Information

Diary Dates

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