Mary Immaculate Primary Newsletter Update

Term 4 Week 8: Monday 30th November 2020

Reading Recovery Graduates

Congratulations to Jack B, Blake B and Eva Rose A from Year 1 for graduating from the Reading Recovery program. They have worked very hard and we are so proud of all of their efforts.

 Ms Cooper and Mrs Francis

Mathematics Assessment Interview

At the beginning of each year, all primary school students in the Parramatta Diocese are assessed using the Mathematical Assessment Interview (MAI).

This opportunity gives classroom teachers valuable information about the students knowledge, skills and understanding in Numeracy.

This is an individual assessment interview with the new classroom teacher and it  takes approximately 20-30 minutes per student. Teachers will be completing this assessment interview with students on the planned ‘Pupil-Free’ days in January.

Please keep your eye out  in the coming weeks for more information about booking a suitable time in 2021. 

Thank you,

Mrs Bond

First Eucharist

Congratulations to the following students who across the last few weeks have made their First Holy Communion. May the gift of the Eucharist strengthen the lives of our students and call them to a life of "love and service" in the Good News of the Lord! 

Addison R, Lucas G, Olivia D, Matilda O, Gabrielle L, Jonah M, Keira-Lily A, Hayden L, Miguel T, James E, Sharnie B, Angelena S, Gabriella X, Emanuele S, Zane W, Lily F, Gabriella V, Ronan S, Rafael S, Adam S, Charlotte B, James P, Elena D, Antwon F, Emma S, Jarryd R, Angelina S, Jayden M, Sophia C, Isla H, Veronika A, Amelia T, Sienna G, Liam D, Florence T, Lalita S, Rachelle M, Xavier H, Samantha S, Jeawell P, Timothy S, Laura P, Hannah D, Andrew D, Dominic D, Bennett S, Jireh A, Caitlyn W, Maxwell E.

Book Fair Update

Thank you to everyone who ordered from the Book Fair it was a great success.

If your child hasn't received their full order it will be delivered in the next week or two.

Unfortunately we weren't able to have enough stock on the shelves to fill all orders so a back order list was sent to Scholastic. 

Parish Feast Day and 100th Year Celebration as a Parish Community

Message from Stanhope Gardens St Vincent de Paul Conference

We represent Stanhope Gardens St Vincent de Paul Conference; we would like for you to advertise in your school communication the below flyer.We are concerned there are families who are struggle this Christmas and want them to know there is help by calling Vinnies on 13 18 12 Alternately you can contact me (Roger Perera) on 0413 713 911.

Take care, 

Roger Perera

St Vincent De Paul Christmas Appeal

2020 Christmas Raffle

The MIPS Parents & Friends Association invite all our families to participate in this year's Christmas Raffle ONLINE. 

This year there will be no physical tickets.

Please use the link to purchase your raffle tickets.

Raffle ticket sales will close Thursday 10/12/2020 at 8pm.

The raffle will be drawn on Friday 11/12/2020 at 9.30am.

2020 School Fees

End of year is fast approaching. If you have any queries or require assistance with your school fees please do not hesitate to contact Liz Padlan on either 02 9933 7800 or

Leaving Student Form

If you intend to withdraw your child from Mary Immaculate Primary School please download, complete and return the leaving student form as soon as possible.

Note that there is a 10 school week notice period otherwise a full term's fees will be payable.

One exception is that notice in writing will be accepted at any time during Term 4 in relation to the following year’s enrolment.


Happy Birthday to the Following Students Celebrating Their Birthday in December 2020

Ava B, Miesha M, Alexis H, Emma O, Harper P, James S, Sienna G, Elijah K, Jameson B, Max O, Charlotte B, Liam F, Jonah M, Shobhika S, Kiani R, Adriano P, Sarah P, Lily G, Tiley M, Daniel C, Stephanie S, Madisyn S, Benjamin B, Saivvi P, Mia B, Rachelle M, Amelia W, Siobhan T, Jessica F, Allegra L, Bronti A, Liam C, Charlotte L, Isabel M, Kayden M, Indie C, Angelica dV, Laura P-L, Mackenzie H, Olivia W, Samson A, Michelle E

Upcoming Dates

Tursday 1st December 2020Year 6 Motiv8 Day
Wednesday 9th December 2020Swimming Carnival for competitive swimmers
Wednesday 9th December 2020Kindergarten 2021: Meet the Teacher 
Thursday 10th December 20202020 Christmas Raffle Tickets: last day to purchasse tickets online
Thursday 10th December 2020Years 1-6: Meet the Teacher
Thursday 10th December 2020Year 6 Graduation Mass
Friday 11th December 2020Year 6 Graduation Mass
Friday 11th December 2020MAI Online Booking will open up at 6:30pm
Friday 11th December 20202020 Christmas Raffle drawn
Wednesday 16th December 2020Last day of school year for students
Wednesday 27th & Thursday 28th January 2021MAI interviews for Years 1 - 6
Wednesday 27th, Thursday 28th & Friday 29th January 2021MAI interviews for Kindergarten 
Friday 29th January 2021First day for Years 1 to Years 6
Monday 1st February 2021First day for Kindergarten 

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