Newsletter Term 2 | Week 10

Message from Ms D'Aloia

Dear Parents and Carers,

As we come to the end of Term 2 let us reflect on the many blessings on our school community.  I am so grateful that we have remained safe throughout Term 2. 

I am also thankful that the students have continued to engage in their learning and demonstrated resilience in coping with, and adapting to the changes throughout the term.  Students have demonstrated their capability of settling into school independently and building positive relationships with their peers, staff and wider community, striving to give witness to the 5 Respects!

Respect for: Self - Others - Learning - Staff - Environment

I am also grateful to:

  • Teachers who have continued to demonstrate a commitment to ensuring the continuity of high quality learning opportunities for their students by embracing new ways of teaching, incorporating ICT’s to make possible ‘remote learning’ and creating a new ‘normal’.
  • Parents and Carers who have showed their appreciation and care of staff and others by maintaining social distancing and understanding the importance of respectful partnerships.


In my many conversations with students, staff and parents it is heartening to hear a common theme.  We are a strong community, with a big heart that demonstrates the school values of RESPECT, COMPASSION, SERVICE & HOPE to each other!  Thank you everyone!

The staff and I extend our best wishes for a safe and enjoyable holiday.  I hope you get the opportunity of exploring some of the sites in our wonderful state. 

With a grateful heart - God Bless, and look forward to seeing you back at school on Tuesday 21 July. 

Maria D'Aloia

Welcome Back to our Parents

I am looking forward to welcoming parents back into the school grounds in Term 3.  As the restrictions are lifted please note that ALL adults must continue to follow the density and physical distancing requirements outlined by SA Health.

From Monday 29 June these are:

  • no more than 1 person per 2-square metres in an enclosed space
  • maintain a minimum social distance of 1.5 metres

There will be no cap on the number of people in 1 room, but the above requirements must be followed at all times. 

COVID-19 Update

Playground Concept Amendments

"Kiss & Drop" Zones

This week two police officers from the Investigator, Traffic Support Branch, Major Crash Investigation Section  of the South Australia Police visited us to better understand the traffic concerns raised by local community members and other parents at pick up times.  They mentioned they will be visiting again.  I reassured the police officers that we are ALL committed to the safety and wellbeing of every child and community member.  Please demonstrate this by adhering to the street signs around our school.

It was noted that a large number of parents gather at both the Albemarle Street and Bertie Street gates due to parents not being able to enter the school grounds due to COVID restrictions. 

It is very difficult for teachers on duty to monitor these exit points when parents are gathered together.  To minimise this congestion and facilitate the role of the yard duty teacher can parents please move away from the exit gates and keep this area clear, as soon as you have collected your child.  Your support with this is greatly appreciated.

NO U-Turns on Albemarle Street

Updated Street markings: Continuous painted solid white line

It is an offence to cross over a continuous painted solid white line, therefore those vehicles which are conducting u-turns in that area, are committing offences under the Road Traffic Act. 

The only exceptions to this rule is when vehicles cross a continuous painted solid white line when leaving the road to enter a carpark, driveway or side street, which in this case doesn’t apply.

Description of OffenceExpiation FeeLevyTotalDemerit Points
U-turn on road with continuous driving line$405$60$4653

As you can see the expiation notice is extremely expensive and also carries a loss of 3 demerit points. This area will be regularly patrolled.

School Reports

Teachers have now finalised Semester 1 reports.  I am now in the process of reading all reports.  Reports will be printed and distributed in Week 1 of Term 3.  

It would be good to discuss your child’s achievements with them and think about learning goals for next semester. 

Overseas Born Students

If your child was born in a country other than Australia, we are required to hold copies of current VISA’s.  If your resident status has changed to ‘citizen’ it is imperative that you provide us with copies of your Australian Passport and Citizen certificate.   

Every August we are required to complete an Australian Government Census which includes reporting how many students attend our school, who hold VISAs, to determine eligibility to attend Government funded schools.

If your VISA has expired, conditions have changed or you status is now that of an Australian citizen please bring your original documents into the Office as a matter of priority so we can update our records.  If our records are not current or we are unable to determine your eligibility to access Government funded schooling you may be charged the overseas full fee paying student rate per year.

School Netball and Basketball are recommencing in Week 2!

Teams and coaches from Semester 1 will automatically roll over to Semester 2. If you are wanting to join a team or withdraw from your Semester 1 team please email


We are in the process of generating new permission forms. These will be accessed via the SkoolBag app. All players will need to fill out the new registration forms which will be available soon. 


Class Masses & Liturgies

We were really excited to be able to come together as a whole school to celebrate Mass as a community again this week.

The theme of our Mass, was to celebrate the ordinary time in our lives. We are in the season of Ordinary time, which is represented by the colour green. Ordinary time is neither one of extreme joy (white) nor of penitence (purple). It is not necessarily always high moments of joy or deep moments of grief or difficulty. It is ‘the everyday living of our ‘ordinary’ days. In this time of isolation and physical distancing we have been encouraged to “find God in the ordinary and every day”? To “find moments of God” breaking into our days through time with others, with a walk, with prayer or with nature. Some of our classes have begun to reflect on where they see God in their school day.

These actions keep us in good relationship with God, in good mental health and in good relationship with all in our lives. Green is the colour of growing things, and hope like them, is always new. We have shared and participated in many activities and are thankful for the many new things we have learnt this term. 

Wishing everyone a safe and blessed break.

Helen Clark

As a response to the COVID 19 situation while Masses have been suspended, the Family and Parish-Based Catechesis Office has prepared liturgies with a focus on children.

Families can use these at home to reflect on the Gospel each Sunday.

This can be found at this link on the Archdiocesan website:

Our first whole School Mass back together

Student Gratitude

This term, in 5/6ED, we have so so many things we are grateful for. We are grateful for our education and the variety of lessons we participate in, especially STEM and PE. After the pandemic last term, we are just so grateful to be able to come to school each day and that we experience success in many different ways. - Jordina

We are grateful for our teachers. For their patience, flexibility, help, support and the engaging lessons and tasks they plan for us. We are grateful for the privileges we have here at St Joseph's School and that we have the opportunity to give each other in so many ways. - Teresa

Mini Vinnies Happenings

Can or Coin for Casual

This Friday, students may choose to wear casual in exchange for the donation of an item such as a can for our appeals below. Alternatively, they may choose to donate a coin. The Reception classes have a theme ‘what I want to be when I grow up’ for their casual day.

Vinnies Winter Appeal

Mini Vinnies have a blue Vinnies bin in the downstairs breakout space. They are collecting donations of clean blankets, sleeping bags, beanies, socks etc, that can be delivered to St Vincent de Paul’s to be distributed by Fred’s Van.

St Vincent de Paul Cooking

We also ask for you to donate canned foods such as vegetables and long lasting foods like pasta and long life milk that will be used in our cooking that will be given to shelters that support homeless and migrant families.

During Term 3 we will be cooking meals to be given to Mini Vinnies to provide to homeless shelters for distribution. We will be working in groups of around 5-8 in the hall kitchen, supported by Ms D’Aloia and Miss Clark. They are seeking any donations of: pumpkins, potatoes, zucchini, garlic, onion, dried pasta, sweet potatoes, canned or fresh tomatoes, monetary donations to purchase further ingredients.


We greatly appreciate the generosity of our St Joseph’s Community.

Lachlan A and Jiyaa B (on behalf of Mini Vinnies)

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sunday

This weekend, we celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sunday. Although NAIDOC week has been rescheduled until later in the year, NATSICC has decided to keep our own Catholic celebration of First Nations Faith and Spirituality to this Sunday, 5 July. The theme for this year is Together in the Spirit.

Live-streamed national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mass

Held on 5 July at 11.30am EST, NATSICC will host a national celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sunday from St Francis Xavier’s Cathedral in Adelaide. We would love people from all over Australia to join us on this special day! It will also be available to view on Youtube following 5 July so teachers will have the ability to present to classrooms the following week.

More information is available via 


Father of all, You gave us the

You have spoken to us through
our beliefs,

You then made Your love clear to
us in the person of Jesus

We thank You for Your care.

You own us, You are our hope.

Make us strong as we face the
problems of change.

We ask You to help the people
of Australia to listen to us and
respect our culture.

Make the knowledge of You grow
strong in all people,

So that You can be at home in
us and we can make a home for
everyone in our land.


Prepared by Aboriginal people for Pope John Paul II’s visit to Alice Springs 1986

Parish Bulletin

? Congratulations!

Congratulations to children who received awards at Assembly recently.

Classroom teachers select students who demonstrate our School Values: Respect, Compassion, Hope, Forgiveness and Service.

Week 8 RecipientsWeek 9 Recipients
Zion - RM

Oliver - RM

Logan - RSEmilia - RS
Chiara - 1/2CSahib - 1/2C
Gurfateh - 1/2GMLucas - 1/2GM
Isaac - 1/2RSamary - 1/2R
Massimo - 4MCColorado - 3T
Gianluca - 4/5CJoshua - 4MC
Jacob - 5/6EDAlessandra - 4/5C
Dominic - 5/6TDPMorrissey - 5/6ED

Madeline - 5/6TDP

? Week 10 Whole School Assembly - Watch Live

Dates to Remember

Order Recess items for your child via the Qkr! app

Tuckshop Menu

The tuckshop is open for lunch and recess orders only. Orders can be made via the Qkr! app. We will let families know once the tuckshop resumes over the counter trading.

Stop the Spread

We continue to remain vigilant about stopping the spread of illness at Preschool and School. Please note that for the safety and well being of your child, their classmates and staff, it is essential that children stay home if they are unwell with coughs, colds, runny noses or similar ailments. 

Learning Italian in Preschool

The Polyglots at the Zoo includes animals and food items from a range of cultures within the diverse environment of an open-range zoo. The app introduces new language relating to fruit and drinks while building on language learnt in apps 1, 2 and 3. This week, the Preschool Educators introduced a 'zoo table' featuring the animals and fruits from the Zoo app. There are open ended invitations that promote matching, grouping, counting and sorting.

The Preschool 'Zoo Table'

Our Windmills

On Monday and Tuesday, windmills were created by cutting folded paper secured with a split pin.

Children develop understandings of themselves and their world through active, hands-on investigation.

Developing dispositions such as curiosity, persistence and creativity enables children to participate in and gain from learning.

Bubble Art

Our Preschools had fun creating art using coloured bubbles. You can make your own bubble art too, simply tip a little bubble mixture into each tray or cup – one for each colour, and then add a little food colouring to each tray and stir gently.  Once the bubbles are blown and pop onto the paper, beautiful shapes and designs are created.

“The greatest scientists are also artists as well.”

–Albert Einstein

Farewell to Ms Kara Wodson

This week we sadly farewell Ms Kara Wodson as she leaves us to take on a new position as Reception teacher at Stella Maris Catholic school. The children worked together to make a card that expressed their love and gratitude.

Congratulations to our Preschool Graduates

On Wednesday we congratulated and celebrated with the children and their families who will be commencing Reception next Term. After a busy day spent in the Reception unit, the day concluded with all Preschool children and the Reception children participating in this beautiful liturgy. The Preschool children proudly opened the Graduation liturgy by singing our Ninna Marni Welcome song.

“God of all children help us to value and nurture the 100 languages of children in all our interactions, as educators, parents, carers and friends. Remind us that all children are full of knowledge and wonder with unique thoughts and theories. May we listen to our children with open hearts and minds and build upon their capacity for 100 languages.”  (A prayer shared at our graduation liturgy).

Our Receptions showed us what they get up to in their days as a Reception. They wanted to show the Preschool graduates what to expect next term when they start Reception.


Making 2D shapes with our bodies

Who is hibernating in our cave?

Recently, some spikes have appeared in the Receptions cave. One of the students matched the spikes to a picture that Ollie brought in. The children think it may be an echidna hibernating in their cave. They brainstormed what they know about echidnas and then did some research. They created some beautiful art work.

The Receptions also discussed what they would bring with them if they were hibernating in a cave during winter. They brainstormed some items that would keep them warm and food that wouldn’t rot.

An echidna was hibernating in our cave

If I were hibernating, I'd bring...

Our Reception students have been learning the basics of code using their new friends, the 'Beebots'. Their task was to make the Beebot move from point A to point B.

Maths in the Early Years

Making models of our galaxy

The 1/2's researching planets during their Science lesson.

The 1/2 Unit have been creating spaces in their classrooms .... need more text here:

1. COVID Testing

2. Space Station

3. Animals

Yoga with our Buddies and Mrs Dedic

WOW WOW WOW!!! Check out the AMAZING “Places of Worship” completed models

Recently, Year 4M were introduced to the micro:bit.

What is micro:bit?
It is a pocket-sized computer 70 times smaller and 18 times faster than the original BBC Micro computers used in schools. It has 25 red LED lights that can flash messages and be used to create games. There are two programmable buttons that can be used to control games or pause and skip songs on a playlist.

Students had the opportunity to explore a range of tutorials from creating flashing hearts, a name tag, dice to creating melodies. We hope you enjoy seeing some of their creations.

Using string to measure the length, width, height and perimeter of our desks ?

Learning about Sphero in STEM lessons

Primary students having fun whilst engaging in discover play, learning all they can about Volume and Capacity.

End of Term 2

Dear families,

We thank you for your support during the term. We can’t believe this Friday is the end of Term 2. The children have done amazingly well adjusting to all the changes as the result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We understand that the some of you have had your work schedules interrupted and cannot anticipate when you will need OSHC or not. At the moment, we have to make adjustments here and there to accommodate late bookings and children walking-in without bookings. Behind the scenes, we have to make staffing arrangements, snacks and to meet all regulatory requirements. We are asking that parents please let us know as soon as you decide to use OSHC. Due to regulatory requirements, we may not be able to accept late bookings. Thank you for your understanding and support in this matter.


The OSHC Team

Government Free Childcare Package

We have been receiving some funding from the Federal Government since the 6th April 2020. That means that our childcare fee is currently free for all families using our OSHC. The CCS payment is currently suspended until the Government COVID-19 Free Childcare package is over. However, there are some indications that the Free Childcare Package will cease on Sunday, 12th July 2020.

CCS will then be re-activated, and eligible parents/caregivers will continue to receive their CCS payments but will be required to pay a gap fee from then on. This falls approximately the second week of the July 2020 Vacation Care.

OSHC Accounts

A majority of families have used the Federal Government’s COVID-19 Free Childcare Package opportunity to catch up with their outstanding balances. There are still some who have an outstanding balance, please contact the OSHC Director or the school Bursar, Karyn, to set up a payment plan that suits your circumstance. Thank you for your support in this matter.

OSHC Programming

Throughout the term, the children have participated in a wide range of activities, including but not limited to:

Multicultural cooking - Indian cultural food, Mexican tacos, Asian spring rolls, chicken wraps, pizza, bangers & mash, etc.

Art and Crafts We focused on slime making, painting, National Reconciliation Week (NRW) project with the theme: In This Together banner painting, World’s Environment Day with the theme Time for Nature project (in Week 7), colouring, drawing, paper craft. In particular, the slime making has attracted positive feedback from many parents resulting in 3 new families joining our OSHC this term.

Sports - Basketball, footy, air hockey, soccer, gymnastics, playground play and many spontaneous plays have been very popular among the children of all ages. These activities are in line with ‘MTOP’

Vacation Care | Book Now!

Vacation Care Available for these July School Holidays | July 6th - 17th July

Book by Friday 3rd July to secure a place.

Download and return your form to OSHC, no later than Friday 3rd July (tomorrow).

Download: Vacation Care Program

OSHC is now taking bookings for July Vacation Care, Monday 6th - Friday 17th July 2020.

Please return forms to OSHC before Tuesday 30th June.


Information for Parents

FREE Webinars | The Federation of Catholic School Parent Communities

The Federation of Catholic School Parent Communities are offering families access to 4x free webinars. In Term 3 they are offering 4x one-hour webinars for caregivers, parents and secondary school young people on: 

These are four key skills associated with optimal wellbeing, resilience, and positive mental health. We encourage you to be part of these practical and engaging sessions. 


School Holidays Program with Charles Sturt Council

City of Charles Sturt Community Centre July School Holiday program is out now. You'll find a whole heap of fun activities and creative stuff for kids of all ages and interests to enjoy. What will you choose?

To book your spot visit: