St Mary's Bulletin

Term 2 - Week 9 (26 June, 2020)

From the Principal

Dear St Mary's School Community

Circus Incursion

On Thursday all the students from Kindy to Year Six participated in the Super Circus Incursion.  This action-packed 60-minute comedy and stunt show helped the students understand what they need to persist, persevere and never give up. The students were actively engaged in this high energy circus skills show and were exposed to acrobatic balance, plate spinning, juggling, diabolo and hula-hooping.

Winter Fun Day

We were blessed with beautiful weather for the Winter Fun Day.  The Years Three to Six students participated in a round robin of netball, soccer and football in faction teams.  Each team was made of children from Years Three to Six.  Mr Paul Reid also joined us for football in the afternoon.  It was a lovely atmosphere and the students all had a great day!  Thank you to Miss Walsh, Miss Montgomery, Mrs McDonald, Mrs Cooper and Mrs Criddle for organising and running the day!  

Semester One Reports

Please look out for your child’s Semester One report in their school bag on Monday.  Information about the different report format due to COVID19 was in the Week Seven Bulletin.  Kindy portfolios will go home on Wednesday, 1 July.

Phase 4 Guidelines

As you will be aware the Premier recently announced Phase 4 easing of restrictions.  The Phase 4 arrangements for St Mary's School will now enable:

+. The Uniform Shop to be reopened.  The 2m2 rule must be adhered to in the shop space.  Therefore,  only the volunteer and one family are to be in the uniform shop at once while other families are waiting outside,  ensuring they are maintaining the appropriate physical distance. 

+. Parents to enter classrooms before and after school.   Parents are asked to ensure that the 2m2 rule is being maintained with all other adults in the classroom environment. 

School attendance is compulsory.  However, if a child is unwell they should stay at home.  Parents are asked to seek medical advice if students exhibit symptoms of COVID19.

The school canteen will continue to operate for recess only.

All cleaning regimes and personal hygiene practices and arrangements that are currently in place, will continue.

The students have all formed very good personal habits over the last term.  We want to encourage our students to be confident, resilient and independent in all aspects of their lives.  Those students who continue to carry their own bags and organise themselves for the day ahead are to be commended.

The staff have appreciated the additional time in the mornings, without interruptions, to prepare for the day and to get the students ready for a day of school.  In the long run, this extra time can only be of benefit to our students.

End of Term Two

Term Two ends on Thursday, 2 July at St Mary’s for all students.   Staff will be participating in Professional Development on the Literacy Collective and will be joined by St Joseph’s Southern Cross on Friday, 3 July.

Pastoral Care

Congratulations to the Crook Family (Alistair – Kindy) on the arrival of their baby sister and daughter Dulcie.

God Bless and have a lovely weekend with your families, 

Ms Adriana Coniglio


Let us Pray

Lord Jesus,

You give us your body and blood that we might have life.