St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Wandal Newsletter

6 November 2019

Casting the Net - Weekly Prayer Reflection

Give yourself a break.

Amongst the most attractive words of Jesus are the following: ‘Come to me all you who are heavily burdened and I will give you rest.’ Few reading this would not feel over-burdened.  It seems to be the nature of our society: run, run, run…achieve, achieve, achieve. How we want a break, a rest from it!  So how do we get it?  Jesus goes on, ‘Shoulder my yoke and learn from me for I am gentle and humble of heart.’  ‘Shoulder my yoke…’ he says – not the myriad of things that burden us.  When I stop and think of it, I wonder how many of our burdens are of our own making, or rather come from taking on the expectations of others.  How many things do we do because we are fearful that other people might think less of us! The only thing worse than other people’s expectations on us are our own.  Some of us are very hard task masters. 

But if I stop and ask, ‘What is the yoke Jesus wants me to bear?’ everything shifts.  I don’t have to live up to anyone’s expectations, not even my own.  I just have to accept the unique gift of myself that God is giving me and fulfil the destiny involved in that.  So what does this usually entail for us?  The very roles we already have: being a parent, a friend, a son, a daughter, a workmate.  Of course there will be challenges in loving and serving.  (This call has come, after all, from the same Jesus who calls us to carry our cross.)  But these will be challenges that bring life, not a sense of being over-burdened.

 Loving Father, let me be the unique person you have called me to be.  Let me live, love and serve in the special way you want from me.  Let Jesus be with me as I take up this yoke and may his kind and gentle heart transform my own.  I ask this in his name confident that you will hear me. 

Sr Kym Harris osb

(A plea!) from the Principal

I am writing to you now, with a request. As parents of students enrolled at St Joseph’s Wandal, you are automatically part of our Parents and Friends Association. At the conclusion of this school year, a number of positions on our P and F Executive Committee will be vacated. I am somewhat concerned that due to the very minimal numbers of attendees at recent meetings, that these positions may prove difficult to fill.


I am extending an invitation to you, to become more involved in your children’s school experience by attending our P and F meetings, or by putting your hand up to take on an Executive role in 2020.


Our P and F plan and organise fundraisers and events and determine how funds raised are spent in the school. When we have a substantial group, the workload is greatly reduced and the creative ideas are enhanced!

I would love to see some of our ‘newer’ parents at these meetings and taking on a role in this capacity.  If you feel this is something you may be interested in, please feel free to contact me at school


Our Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday 21 November at 5pm in the staffroom. During this meeting we will also be discussing organisational aspects of the upcoming Christmas concert and breakup, which may be an opportunity for you to ‘test the waters’ and offer assistance.

Instrumental Music Camp and Concert

A reminder that instrumental music students will be participating in a final workshop and music evening, next Monday 11 November. Families have received communication directly from The Cathedral College with regards to this.

Some reminders:

Students will be transported to TCC by bus in the morning at 9am and return by 3pm. Travel will be under teacher supervision.

 All aspects of this activity are compulsory.

Students are to wear full school uniform (not PE Uniform) and bring the following items:

•instrument and required accessories (i.e. valve oil, reeds, rosin, etc.)

•pencil (preferably with student’s name) & eraser

•tutor book used in instrumental lessons at school

•packed lunch (or money for tuck-shop) and afternoon tea

•water bottle with student name clearly marked

The cost of this camp will be $12 to assist in covering transport for both days and for the provision of a music folder. This money will be required to be returned to the school office by Friday, 8 November 2019. 

End of Year Christmas Concert

Plans are underway with regards to our end-of-year Christmas function which will be held on Friday, 29 November. Our P and F organizes the food and bar on this night and it is always a lovely, informal way to finish off the school year as a community.


Each class prepares a small item to perform on the night and we count on the majority of our students and families attending. Please inform your child’s teachers if they will be absent on the night as this may interfere with plans for ‘performances.’ Class items will commence at 6pm sharp. Please be advised that food will not be served until after the children’s performances. Children are to wear ‘Christmassy’ type clothes. Towards the end of the night, we often have a special, very jolly guest pop in to say hello to the children!


This year, as well as the volunteer-run BBQ and Bar, we will have Bill’s Amusements on site to keep your children occupied, after they perform. Unlimited ride tickets for the night, to be used between 6.30-9.30pm, will be available for purchase via Flexischools for $15 per child. Tickets will also be available for purchase on the night for $20 per child. For catering purposes, it is essential that you pre-order and pay for the BBQ via

Tuckshop Survey

The St Joseph’s Wandal Tuckshop Policy is due for revision by the School Board. To assist us with this process, and to provide us with some feedback about the Tuckshop, please complete the very quick survey (it will take two minutes of your time!) on the school app, listed under “e-forms." THIS SURVEY WILL CLOSE THIS FRIDAY, 8 NOVEMBER, AT MIDDAY.

Confirmation of Enrolments for 2020 – *Response is required by every family*

Please complete the Confirmation of Enrolment eform (on the Skoolbag App) after first confirming that your current information on Parent Lounge is correct or updated. Completing this form on an annual basis is a requirement of the Catholic Education Office of Rockhampton and ensures your child/ren a place at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School Wandal in 2020. This information is also used to calculate discounts if you have more than one child at a Catholic Diocesan School.


We require EVERY family in the school to complete this e-form, even if you plan on leaving St Joseph’s at the end of the school year (Year 6 students excluded). Please complete the forms at your earliest convenience so that we can finalise our preparations for classes in 2020.


Late Arrivals and Early Departures

Early departures and late arrivals – A reminder to all families that every minute of our school day is valuable learning time. In the last week alone we have had nearly 70 disruptions during teaching and learning time! I realise that very occasionally specialist appointments and the like require an early departure or late arrival, but I feel that many of these interruptions are not due to valid reasons. Please avoid, whenever possible, interrupting our classes. If you know ahead of time that you may need to collect your child due to an unavoidable reason, please notify the office.

Last week we had:

 35 Late Student Arrivals

 32 Early Student Departures

 91 Whole Day Student Absences

School Fees

Please be aware that your Term Four school fees are now due. If you are having difficulties meeting your fee commitment, please ensure you contact me at your earliest convenience.

Thank you Preps

The Prep classes noticed that neither Mrs Starr or myself were dressed appropriately for the Melbourne Cup yesterday, and so quickly designed some accessories for us! Thank you Preps, we looked and felt very fancy.

Stay tuned....exciting things are being installed today!

Have a great week,

Kellie Jenkinson.

From the APRE

Prayer Corner

"We are so little, so imperfect, and God is so great, so good."

Mary MacKillop (1898)

St Vincent De Paul Society Christmas Appeal

The St Vincent De Paul Society have launched their Christmas Appeal and the community of St Joseph’s Wandal are once again called to live out our school motto, “To love is to serve”. We are collecting donations of non-perishable items, which include tinned vegetables, cereals, long life milk, soft drinks, juice, and snacks such as chips, nuts, biscuits and lollies.  Christmas themed items for donation may include Christmas puddings, Christmas cakes, mince pies, bon bons and long life custard.  The hampers will be kept in classrooms.  Thank you in advance, for your generosity to this worthy cause. 

Remembrance Day Prayer Celebration lead by Year 5

Please join Miss McLennan, Mrs Hutchinson, Mrs Jones and Year 5 students' as they lead prayer on Monday 11  November at 10.40am, to commemorate Remembrance Day. 

Continuing the Journey in the Catholic Faith - Sacramental Dates

On Tuesday 12 November or Wednesday 13 November parents are required to attend one of the information sessions at Kevin Castles Centre from 5.30 - 7pm.  This session will assist parents to prepare their children to receive the Sacraments of Christian Initiation.

Mass in the Hall

Today we celebrated Mass in the Hall and we were very fortunate to have Father Bryan presiding.  During Mass our school community had the privilege of witnessing Jharod's Confirmation and First Eucharist.   It was a very special celebration. Congratulatons Jharod.

Catholic Mission Prep Fundraiser

When discussing Catholic Mission in class the Prep students wondered about how they could raise money to donate.  After lots of brainstorming they have come up with the idea to sell Christmas cards. The Prep students have created cards which they will be selling outside Prep before school each morning until sold out.  We would appreciate any monetary donation you are able to give when purchasing your card. Come and visit our shop to get a handmade bargain!

Thank you to our school families for so generously supporting Crazy Sock Day to raise funds for Catholic Mission.  Our school families' generosity meant we were able to donate $555 to support the vital, life giving gifts that Catholic Mission provide through their various projects.

Parenting Ideas

The topic for this week is, "Preparing your child for high schoool." The article provides parents with some worthwhile strategies to support a smooth transition to high school.

Parent Insight


Children's Liturgy of the Word

A reminder that Children’s Liturgy is held most Sundays at St Joseph’s Cathedral at 9.30am during the school term.   Please click on the link to access Mass times.

With gratitude,

Rheanna Starr.

From the APC

Volunteers' Morning Tea

At St Joseph's Wandal we are so lucky to have wonderful volunteers who have helped us throughout the year.  We would like to say thank you to everyone who has supported us by inviting you to a morning tea.  The Year Five students will be hosting a morning tea for our volunteers on 15 November at 9:30 a.m.  If you are planning to join us, please let the office know by close of business 14 November 2019.  Thank you!

Life Education Van

Homework Club is back!

Homework Club is now available one afternoon after school per week. This is supervised by Year 10 & 11 students from The Cathedral College.

When: Tuesday afternoons 3.20- 4.20pm 

Where: The ‘Be-Hive’ - St Joseph’s Wandal

Who: Years 3-6 students

Parents are required to book their children into Homework Club by midday Tuesday of each week by contacting the school office via email or phone.

Thanks to Mrs Rutherford and Mrs Walker for organising our Dance Showcase!

Ready Reading

Click here to register to attend!

Would you like to gain some more knowledge and skills about how to support your child’s reading?  Queensland Ready Reading is an initiative of the Queensland Government that aims to improve literacy skills across the State.  The Department of Education is partnering with Volunteering Queensland to recruit and train up to 3000 volunteers to support children’s reading.

An opportunity to attend Ready Reading training at our school has been organised. We invite our parents and our current volunteers to attend.  For parents, there is no obligation to commit to volunteering, but we encourage you to come and learn strategies to support your own child with their reading at home. If you do wish to volunteer in our school, we would welcome your involvement.  

The training involves attending two modules of two hours each.

  • Module 1 – Learning to read
  • how and why reading is taught in particular ways
  • essential components for learning to read: phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency and text comprehension
  •  building a bank of strategies to support reading and knowing when and how to use them
  • sight words and high-frequency words and how they are used when learning to read.
  • Module 2 – Supporting readers
  • overview of the stages of reading and the behaviours typically displayed during these stages
  • how to support readers before, during and after reading
  • how to use pause, prompt, praise strategy
  • using prompts for reading such as sounding out, reading on, chunking, re-reading and using pictures and visual cues
  •  how to give effective feedback.

You will have opportunities to see strategies modelled, and to practise these in pairs and receive feedback so that you feel confident to support a child’s reading to become a more confident and independent reader.

There is no cost for this training, and support materials will be provided by the Department of Education.


Have a wonderful week of learning!


Poetry Picnic

Weekly Awards

Congratulations to our award winners.  Please click on link.

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