Churchlands Primary School Newsletter

Volume 34 - 16/09/22

Principal's Message

We took time out last week for RUOK Day – a few simple words that can have a significant impact, not just on one day but every day.

 The learning Journey was such a special night. It was wonderful to see so many families come along and share their child’s enthusiasm for learning. The whole school was abuzz not just in the classrooms but across the specialist areas. Very big thank you to all the families who attended and gave wonderful feedback and to our amazing teachers who make it all happen! We have a few images up on the website.

The OSH room is going to be rebuilt from next week until the end of week 1 term 4. OSH will be operating in Room 15 until the completion of the build. 

The staff carpark will be out of action on Monday 19th and Thursday 22 September to make way for the building contractors and concrete trucks. Staff will be required to park in the front carpark.

Parents/carers, we kindly ask that you do not park in the front parking area and use the land near Pearson/Cromarty.  We are conscious that this will greatly reduce the amount of parking on that day and may cause increased traffic congestion before and after school. You may be able to find alternate ways to reduce bringing your car to school on Monday. Thank you for your assistance with this, it is greatly appreciated.

It is swooping Maggie time of the year. We have had reports that we have some Magpies out the front of the school who are protecting their babies and are swooping. You may find the information at this link helpful with preventative measures i.e.: wearing a wide brim hat, keep your eyes down, there is also information on Magpies in general.

A friendly reminder that school is closed on Thursday 22 September

Learning Journey

Board Chair Report

Hi School Community,

On behalf of the Churchlands Primary School Board, I’d like to give you all a brief update on behalf of the school Board.

Firstly, the School Board would like to welcome our two new parent members – Luke Vanson and Bailey Love and would like to thank everyone who nominated and voted. It is very pleasing to see the quality of candidates and the number of votes cast. The number of votes cast is the highest that has been recorded for a School Board election which is an outstanding result.

The Board is quite concerned about the increasing levels of vandalism, theft and anti-social behaviour that are affecting the school both during school hours and after hours from a small portion of our community. The Board is fully supportive of the school investigating and instigating increased security measures and is working with our local councils and others in our community to reduce the incidences that are negatively affecting the school.

Finally, the School Board shares the communities and schools’ frustration and concern at the staffing of the crosswalks on Pearson and Cromarty. The Board along with the P&C are endeavouring to assist the school in finding a solution to the occasional absence of the crosswalk attendants. As parents, please be assured that everything possible is being done to improve this for the safety of our children.


Nick Payne

Churchlands Primary School Board Chair


Week 8 Merit Recipients

Congratulations to our Week 6 Merit recipients

ECE U1Evie D
ECE U3Jessica S, Thomas H
Room 1Layth R, Elizabeth B
Room 3Luke L, Isaac C
Room 4Lachlan X, Olivia Z
Room 5Oliver L, Arya S
Room 6Dante B, David G
Room 7Magnus F
Room 8Madison SF, Ashley W
Room 9Joss B, Ashley T
Room 10Keira K, Isaiah W
Room 11Tina W, Tyler Z
Room 13Aryan K, Olivia DG, Angus P
Room 16Evangeline C
Room 17Risali L, William S


It’s our national day of action when we remind Australians that every day is the day to  ask, ‘are you OK?’ and start a meaningful conversation whenever they spot the signs that someone they care about might be struggling.

To see how we acknowledged this day, click here.

Sustainability News

Last week the students were involved in the excursion to Herdsman Lake Discovery Centre with a focus on Aboriginal culture.

Read more here

Big Music Night 2022


Term 4 Coder Dojo - Year’s 3 & 4

Next term we will be inviting student in years 3 & 4 to our after-school Coder Dojo Robotics classes. Express your interest here.

School Disco

The CPS Disco is back!

$10 Student Disco tickets are on sale now via Qkr! 

The disco will be combined with a family picnic on the oval, so bring a picnic rug and enjoy the food trucks, lawn games and entertainment with other CPS families. 

Proudly brought to you by the Year 4 Disco Committee and P&C

See poster attached here.

Last call for Lost Property

As you can see we have a large number of jumpers, drink bottles and other assorted items in our lost property pile in the undercover area - and it keeps growing!  

We have laid the items out numerous times and asked for students to collect but to no avail! There are several items with names of past students on them. Please ensure that if you purchase, or are given, second hand uniforms that you cross previous owners out and replace with your child’s name so they can be returned.  

All items will be thrown out or donated after today.

Thank you!  

Updating Student Information

Parents, it is essential to inform the school in writing of any changes to student details.  This includes:

1.  Change of address/email address/phone numbers

2.  Any changes to your child's medical condition or medications

3.  Change of parent work arrangements

Please see the office administration for any changes to your child's information.

Tennis is back for Term 4

Before School Tennis

Coastal Tennis will be returning in Term 4 to offer Tennis Lessons on the schools courts.  More information here.

All enquiries call Nick Kirkbride (Coastal Tennis) 0419 923 495 or visit and enrol or download a form from the Schools Page.

Karrinyup Little Athletics Club

KLAC are running some free 'come and try' sessions in September.  It is a fun and friendly place for kids to improve their fitness and skills - children of all abilities are welcome to come and have a go!  

For more information click here

City Beach Tee Ball

The summer teeball season is fast approaching and City Beach Teeball Club invites primary students from pre-primary to year 5 to register for the 2022/23 season.  For more information, click here