Term 2, Week 2

From the Principal...

Dear Families, 

I hope you have had a lovely week and are looking forward to a well deserved rest this weekend. This weekend we celebrate Mother’s Day and I want to thank all of you for your contribution to our students, school and to your families. It has been a lovely week with the R-2 students visiting the Botanic Gardens and enjoying an Indigenous focus walk with Trent a Kaurna elder. Rich cultural experiences are an important focus for us at Basket Range Primary and provide valuable learning experiences for our students and as you can see by the photos much enjoyment for our early years.  

This week we have also undertaken the External Site Review, thank you to those that participated in the parent forum, we value your contributions and feedback to the panel. The scoping lines of inquiry were related to learning improvement and effective teaching and learning and we now await the post review report with recommendations moving forward. 

We are at present confirming enrolments for 2022 and beyond, if you haven’t yet placed siblings onto the prospective enrolments list, please visit Susan in the office to ensure we can plan effectively for next year. As we start to welcome new enrolments it is also time to consider those that are progressing to high school. I have been very fortunate to see some fantastic applications into special interest programs from our year 6s and 7s. If your child is potentially moving on to another school in 2022, please inform the office as we are meeting to discuss projected student numbers next week. 

Enjoy a lovely weekend and celebrate the wonderful people in your life. Or as our year 5-7 student leaders have put on the bulletin board out the front of school...When the world seems small, dream big!  I think this provides great inspiration for us all moving forward with the rest of the term.

Kindest Regards, Sybila

Reception - Year 2 Botanic Gardens Excursion

Niina Marni (Hello),

On Monday the R-2's visited the Adelaide Botanic Gardens where they met Trent Hill who shared his wisdom about the Kaurna people and their lands.  The children learned about the many uses for the The Supermarket Tree, The Sticky Seed Tree, The Yacca and the Banyan Tree. Trent also showed the children how to make a fire using sticks, the many different uses of a kangaroo skin and how to gather water from the Bottle Tree.  

The last photo below is a collage of the cards the children made in thanks to the special time they spent with Trent, as a special gift to him.

Nakutha (Bye for now).

Sue, Sandy and Laren

Botanic Gardens Excursion cont...

Interest Led Projects...

This semester we have been working on interest led projects. Each group have different projects such as: making and coding Lego robots; building and improving pedal prix; learning to skateboard; and cake decorating.

We’ve been teaching each other and learning from each other. Most of us are learning to how skateboard it’s been an exciting and fabulous to learn and teach these skills this term.

 BY Alex, Ethan, Evie and Quinn.

Interest Led Projects cont...

The new ideas swimming in a sea of excited voices as they start the challenging $20 Boss. This project is quite an experience for the children as they need to create their own business with only $20 that will be provided by the school. As they create their businesses, they need to plan their outgoings. They will also need to consider their profit to return $22 as if it was a bank loan.

This program is to start the future career for young entrepreneurs so that they are ready for the skills they will need with their jobsIn class we explored a range of different business ideas together and then chosen one to use for their start-up business. 

So far we have started to work on advertising, created business plans and discussed ideas about how to interest the community. This will be one of the many independent learning projects that we will be participating in this term. We have learned so many skills throughout the past semester during this project.

Grace, Emily, Lily & Scarlet

Interest Led Projects Cont...

Upcoming Activities


TERM 2 2021




Tuesday 11th

Governing Council 6:30pm

Wednesday 12th NAPLAN
Friday 21stDream Big Festival - Claire's Class
Wednesday 26thSchool Tour 9am 
Thursday 27thDream Big Festival - Claire's Class

Friday 2ndLAST DAY OF TERM 2 - 2:15pm finish