Term 1, Week 8

From the Principal...

Dear Families,

 This week we had the opportunity to connect in with basket weaving with Aunty Janice and this provided students with a really great platform to learn about traditional techniques and also hear about local cultural connections. Our Year 6/7 students also attended the Halogen Young Leaders Day and enjoyed the opportunity to hear the stories presented and take away key learnings of successful leaders including persistence, positive mindset and the ability to set strategic short and long term goals and connect into their strengths. The Governor of SA presented a really moving speech about overcoming adversity as a refugee and he discussed the ‘soundtrack’ of his life. This made me reflect on the soundtrack we are co-creating with our students as they embrace their childhood. I have received much feedback this week about the positive environment that Basket Range provides and and we are truly grateful for having beautiful surrounds that enable our children to experience a sense of freedom in the forest area, access to nature and opportunities for creative play. I certainly enjoy the ‘soundtrack’ of exploration, laughter and watching students connect in meaningful ways.

 We will see many improvements over the coming months as we work together to finalise the indigenous garden and upgrade our playground area to include extended opportunities for outdoor learning. Thank you to those that attended the governing council meeting this week, as a staff we will continue to work with families to develop a clear strategic direction, build in community events and establish a positive school climate moving forward. I appreciate the feedback provided to me regarding the strengths of the school and the valued aspects of environment, community and teaching and learning.  We will continue to work in consultation and collaboration with families in Term 2 to gather feedback and we encourage sub-committee involvement that benefits our school grounds, students learning spaces and promotes community belonging.

 This coming week we also look forward to learning discussions and this is an ideal opportunity for teachers to share student progress, growth areas and highlight individualised high impact teaching strategies. We look forward to connecting with families at this valuable conversational time.

 This week I have also had the opportunity to work with all Principals at the Leaders Day on Thursday and the Portfolio Day with all hills schools on Friday. There were some really fantastic learning opportunities and also a chance to network with schools so we can provide rich and inspired learning opportunities for our students in 2021 and beyond. Have a lovely weekend everyone.  Kind Regards Sybila

Basket Weaving...

Halogen Leaders Conference ...

Photos from Tri-Skills...

Autumn Dragon...

Year 3/4 collected colourful autumn leaves from around the school grounds to create Leafy, the dragon. In Steiner schools, on or near the autumn equinox, the festival of Michaelmas is usually celebrated. The festival gives thanks for the abundant harvest of the summer and fills us with courage to face the darkness of winter.  Stories of light versus darkness are told, such as the story of Saint Michael overcoming the dragon.  This story gives images of inner strength, courage, initiative, and love.  Like Saint Michael, we can learn to courageously face our own dragons, both internal and external, and find the strength within us to do good.  Sally

Autumn Harvest Festival

On Thursday 25th March the Reception - Year 2 Classes will have a Autumn Harvest Festival.  Information regarding this festival was sent home with your child this week.

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