Dernancourt School R-7 Newsletter

5th March, 2020

From the Leadership Team.

Learning Journey Discussions

During week 8 (16th-20th March) we will be holding our parent teacher discussions. We would like to invite you to book a time with your child’s teachers to discuss their learning so far this year.  

A link to make a booking time will be available on the school website  tomorrow morning. The code is in this newsletter along with instructions. The code will also be resent on Tuesday via our skoolbag app.

Bookings must be finalised before the 13th of March at 4pm, when bookings for this event will close.

 For families that do not have internet access please phone the school on 8261 5006 from Friday 10:00am onwards, the Front Office Staff will facilitate your bookings for you. Interviews are strictly 10 mins and spaces are limited.

If you require more time, please contact your teacher directly to make alternative arrangements.



Clean Up Australia Day

 Last Friday 28th February was schools Clean up Day.  As part of our commitment to "Wipe Out Waste" our students not only cleaned up our school, we helped to tidy up the local streets.

This year each class has been allocated an area within our school grounds to keep clean and tidy all year round. Our SRC are coming up with some great ideas and ways to acknowledge classes beautifying our school - they will be sharing their ideas at upcoming assemblies and in newsletters, so stay tuned!

We would like to remind everyone using our bins to ensure that the lid is closed. Most of our community is doing a great job at putting scraps and rubbish into the appropriate bins however, if the lids are open when we are all busy inside, the Ibis birds get in the bins and create a mess !


Bell Times

A reminder that school starts at 8:50am each day and teachers submit their roll books electronically at 8:55am. Any student arriving after 8:55am will need to report to the front office to collect a late slip. This also adds then to the roll as present. This electronic roll system is important in the case of an emergency, as leadership can access the attendance data from the oval! This is why we ask that all adults on site between 8:50am and 3:00pm also report to the front office or sign class volunteer books each visit. Other bells through out the day indicate duties and breaks...

8:30am Yard duty begins

8:50am Learning time

11:00am Recess play

11:20am Learning time

12:50pm Eating time

1:00pm Lunch Play

1:30pm Learning time

3:00pm Home time

3:20pm Yard duty ends  - any students still in the yard are taken to front office.

Please note that teachers use the before school time to prepare their learning spaces for the day, ensure technology and lessons are going to go to plan. This is a busy time and teachers may not be available for you to pop in. If you need to speak to your child's teacher please ensure that you have made an appointment so that information can be shared confidentially, and we can give you the appropriate attention.



We are excited to announce that our staff is continuing to grow! We welcomed two new staff members last week and look forward to learning with Eleni and Nikki this year.

Hi! My name is Eleni Takopoulos. I have recently started working as an SSO at Dernancourt School R-7. I will be working in J3, P12 and P14. I am passionate about supporting student learning and wellbeing and am currently studying Psychology.

I also teach Greek school on the weekends, enjoy baking, ballet and music.

Hi my name is Nikki and I will be working as an SSO in J4. I'm a mum of two boys and enjoy travelling, reading and spending time with my family.  I also volunteer at Dernancourt Kindy and look forward to working at Dernancourt School R-7 this year.

Learning in action...

Water Safety Program

Last week our Reception to Year 5 learners all participated in Water Safety lessons at The Arc. While we refer to them as "swimming sessions" they are in fact sessions aimed at developing students skills around keeping themselves and others safe when in or near water. We are very lucky as Australians to have access to pools, beaches and rivers that are safe enough to swim and play in. It is also our responsibility to ensure that we all know how important it is for us all to know how to help ourselves or others .

The Education Swimming & Aquatics Unit provides a water safety program to engage, challenge and support students to:

  • become confident and safe in aquatic environments
  • develop skills and understanding directly related to water safety (survival and rescue skills)
  • explore, evaluate and make sound decisions about their own safety, and the safety of others, in aquatics environments
  • work effectively with others.

Each year the sessions develop important skills for all children and adults to practice.

The program is offered in different activities:

  • swimming and water safety
  • aquatics

Our Year 6 and 7 students will attend Aquatics lessons at West Lakes later this year.


Our R-3 learners had fun exploring a variety of mud and water activities including bubbles, playing under the sprinkler and water painting when they took their learning outdoors during their Thursday play session.

As some of the photos below show, these learners had a great time getting wet and muddy.

Book Club News

Thank you for ordering from the Scholastic Book Club. Each time you order either via LOOP or through the paper orders at the back of the pamphlet the school earns credits which can be used to purchase resources for the school.

When ordering from the sheet at the back of the paper magazine, please put the number of the book, cost and name of book in the area provided. Write your child's name and class at the top of this form, both first and last names. In the past we have received orders that cannot be processed because the information is not correct on the form. Once completed, place orders in an envelope or plastic zip bag and hand in to the front office before the closing date. 

When you order through the Scholastic website, the invoice you receive does not need to be sent to school. 

Thank you for your orders. 

Linda Brooks - Book Club Organiser

Bike Safety

Just a reminder that all bikes and scooters must be walked in the school grounds at all times to keep everybody safe.

We ask that students refrain from riding their bikes and scooters on the asphalt areas until the majority of our families have left the school grounds, or until at least 3:30 pm. Please do not ride around the school buildings. This helps keep all of our school community safe.

Parent Association News

Lost Property

There is a large amount of clothing, drink bottles and food storage containers in the Lost Property Cupboard. Please ensure all belongings are labelled so that they can be returned.

A huge thank you to Nikki and Rebecca for cleaning out the Lost Property Cupboard last week. Named items were returned to the owners but unfortunately there were many unnamed items that were not able to be returned.

Important Information for our Year 7 families.

PCW Post

Governing Council News

On behalf of our Governing Council I  would like to extend an  invitation to parents/caregivers to join our GC sub committees. If you are able to help with fundraising, new ideas and inspirations then we would appreciate your support.  You do not need to be on the Governing Council to join a committee. Most committees meet twice per term.

The committees are:

  • Grounds                             
  • Finance
  • OSHC                                 
  • Canteen
  • Fundraising                       
  • Sport
  • Education                           
  • Grants
  • Technologies

Please leave you name and details at the office.

Michelle Flanigan 

Chairperson Governing Council


A Kytons Fundraiser brochure for Easter treats has been distributed to families. Extra hard copies are available from the Front Office. Please complete the forms and return it to the front office no later than Wednesday 25th March, 2020. Payments can also be made via Qkr app.

Orders will be available for pickup on Wednesday 1st April, 2020.

2020 Assemblies

Week 6 Award Winners

Congratulations to the following students who received an award at the Assembly this week.

J2     Kai 

J3     Sahar

J4     Max 

J5     Amadeus 

J6     Ama 

J7    Alex 

P2   Akshika 

P3   Jacob 

P4   Ryder 

P5   Jessie 

P6   Amelia 

P8   Mitchell 

P10  Sihang 

P11  Zara 

P12  Kiarna 

P14  Erin 

The Arts   Sargun J2

Japanese  Noah P3

Science     Jack P14

Sports News


Last week, 4 of our students represented Dernancourt School R-7 at the SAPSASA Adelaide North East swimming carnival. All demonstrated team spirit, giving encouragement and praise to each other while representing our school respectfully and having lots of fun. Congratulations to Zenia, Nitya and Cooper for placing in their heats and to Chelsea who competed in the final of the 11years 50m backstroke, coming third. 


Recently some of the boys who play in our Year 6/7 cricket team, tried out for the SAPSASA District Cricket team. We were excited to hear that Snehal, Aryan, Jayden and Jacob will all be representing Adelaide Inner North East school zone at the SAPSASA carnival during week 8. Good luck boys and congratulations. 


Crossing Monitors

Thanks to the following students for volunteering to keep our community safe when using the crossing.

All students in year 5, 6 and 7 received training by SAPOL this week so they can be included on our rosters in the future. We encourage all of these students to return their permission forms ASAP so our new rosters can be completed.

Week 7Larissa (P14)Zara (P11)Ruby (P5)
Week 8Ethan (P14)Odin (P11)Oli (P11)

2019 Year Book

Uniform Shop


The Uniform Shop is open on Mondays from 2:30pm until 4:30pm  and on Friday from 8:30am until 9:30am.  Online orders can be placed via    AfterPay available online only.

Important Dates

Community News

Coronovirus update