West Lakes Shore School Newsletter

Term 4, Week 5 - 13 November 2020


Dear Families

The term is progressing well and we have celebrated a number of key events, with others such as our modified 'End of Year Christmas Concert’, ‘Year 7 Graduation’ and visits to 2021 classes, still to come!

Class Structures 2021

In 2021 West Lakes Shore School R-7 will have around 605 students of varying year levels to organise into classes. Funding allocation for staffing these classes is based on a set figure per student. The school Personal Advisory Committee (PAC), consisting of the Principal and voted staff representatives, work to align the number of students and our staffing funding to determine future class structures. This work is guided by agreements around class sizes in each year level. As West Lakes Shore School is a category 6 school we work within the guidelines of between 24-26 students in each Reception to Year 2 class. In Year 3 we have between 26-30 students per class and in Years 4-7 around 28 -30 students per class. As the number of students in each year level changes this means we identify across the whole-school a class structure that incorporates both straight and composite classes.

In all of these classes students have a wide range of abilities; research shows that teachers can be planning to support students who are performing with learning abilities of up to 7 years difference. What makes a quality learning program for every child is the teacher’s ability to differentiate for each learner; the teacher’s skill and quality approach to engage learners; and the feedback teachers provide to learners to support them to progress and improve their learning.

At West Lakes Shore School R-7, composite classes are created with a range of abilities of children in both year levels i.e. a Year 2/3 class would have students of all abilities in Year 2 and students of all abilities in Year 3.

Composite classes are created with less complexity in terms of need and have teachers who are skilled in differentiating for each learner. Composite classes are also supported with an additional teacher during the teaching of the relevant Year Level key Science curriculum areas.

At some point in your child’s time at West Lakes Shore School they are likely to be placed in a composite class. We will endeavour to ensure, wherever possible, that this does not occur for two consecutive years should class structures enable this. 

Family requests and information to support your child’s placement for 2020 is now closed. Due to the timelines and complexity of the class structure process we are now no longer able to accept any additional requests. All staff are working hard to consider parental input, alongside their professional knowledge and understanding of each individual child so we can balance classes and ensure all students are set up for the best possible success in 2021.

Students will get the opportunity to visit their new class and meet their teacher in week 9 of Term 4. Class placement information will come home with end of year reports on Wednesday in week 9.

West Lakes Shore School Christmas Concert

We are one of only a few schools still running our end of year Christmas Concert and our students are actively engaged and enjoying practising their items. To ensure the concert can go ahead and meet the most recent COVID guidelines we would like to inform the community of the changes we are applying in how and when this is delivered. As the rise of cases of COVID has increased in countries around the world and Australia needs to remain vigilant, we will be modifying this years' concert and running 2 concerts that will occur in early morning sessions on Wednesday 2nd December 2020.

  • Concert 1 will occur from 9.30am - max 200 tickets
  • Concert 2 will occur from 11.15am - max 200 tickets

For working families the concert will be livestreamed and shared on our school Facebook platform as per our Book Week parade. We were delighted so many families provided such positive feedback about this and we will aim to engage families through live feeds for more of our key school events.

The following guidelines will help ensure all families have the opportunity to watch their child/ren perform:

  • A live feed will be shared on Facebook and available for families to watch during and following the concert events.
  • Families wishing to watch the concert at school will be able to book 2 tickets per family for one concert only. (babies and toddlers under school age are not required to obtain a ticket)
  • Families will need to book their concert tickets via EventBrite (link and information will be sent next week) and provide all necessary information for contact tracing and acknowledge you will adhere to COVID guidelines, which includes families remaining 1.5m away from other families in all areas. Toddlers must remain seated with families throughout the event.
  • A number of community members will be trained as Covid marshals to enforce the Covid guidelines.
  • A Coffee Van will be available for families to purchase refreshments and students can pre order a sausage sizzle for lunch. Families are welcome to bring their own nibbles and picnics.

We regret the concert cannot go ahead in its usual format as it is such a joyous community event, and thank the community for your support and understanding with the adjustments made. The children will be delighted that they are able to perform.

As a school we have been selected to participate in the Virtual Carols on SAFM - Bec, Cosi and Lehmo Breakfast Show on November 28th 2020. Be sure to tune in to hear the choir perform their pre recorded Christmas Carol.

Have a great weekend

Carol, Helen & Fay

URGENT - Students Leaving WLSS at the end of 2020

STUDENTS LEAVING END 2020 - We urgently require families to inform us if their child will be leaving WLSS before or at the end of 2020 (Reception to Year 6 children). 

We are in the final stages of class placements for 2021 and fluctuating enrolment numbers have a significant impact on this process . 

Please forward any information to Janet Massey - janet.massey644@schools.sa.edu.au 


On Tuesday, 11 November the whole school showed their respect for those that have served and who are still serving Australia in the various Defence Forces.

All classes attended a ceremony in the gym where Mrs Grant read 'In Flander's Field', two students from each class placed poppies under the Australian Flag, and our Senior Leaders reinforced this historic moment in time.

The Last Post was played and the whole school observed a minutes silence to honour our fallen soldiers.



Congratulations to Liam. C,  who played in the qualifier at West Lakes Golf Club on 21/9, and competed against other Western Suburbs Schools. He was one of the top players to go through for the state championships. 

The state championship was played at Westward Ho Golf Club - Executive Course on Thursday 5/11, with kids competing from all around the state. Liam played a good game on day 1, but unfortunately didn’t make the cut for the last round held on Friday 6/11.

This was Liam’s first year playing, and he intends to try again next year as he thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

He will continue to practice and play at his club, West Lakes Golf Club, where he already competes in other events.



The VacSwim season for 2020/2021 is fast approaching and we're so excited to once again be teaching South Aussie kids water skills, awareness, confidence and safety! 

A reminder that online enrolments for our December programs close Wednesday the 2nd of December, while enrolments for January programs close Sunday the 20th of December. 

Click on the link to find your nearest location: https://www.vacswimsa.com.au/vacswim-locations/ 


  • PUPIL FREE DAY - Wednesday, 18 November 2020
  • END OF YEAR CONCERT - Wednesday, 2 December 2020
  • PELICAN UNIT EXCURSION - Friday, 4 December 2020
  • SEA DRAGON UNIT EXCURSION - Monday, 7 December 2020
  • DOLPHIN UNIT EXCURSION - Monday, 7 December 2020
  • STINGRAY UNIT INCURSION - Tuesday, 8 December 2020
  • YEAR 7 GRADUATION - Thursday, 10 December 2020
  • LAST DAY OF SCHOOL 2020 - Friday, 11 December 2020 - EARLY DISMISSAL 2:15PM




  • EXTENDED HOLIDAYS - If your child/ren is going to be absent from school for the last week of Term 4, 2020 or the first week/s of Term 1, 2021 we need to know asap.     We will require you to fill out an Exemption Form for any absence over 3 days for Department requirements.  Please see the front office staff for a form.  This is also a requirement throughout the school year.  Any family absence over 3 days requires an Exemption Form, and any illness over 3 days requires a medical certificate from a doctor.
  • SKOOLBAG APP for ABSENCES - Please remember that you can put your child/rens absences in through the Absence EForm part of SkoolBag.  It can be for one or two days of absence and gives you the option of Family or Illness. This is a quick and easy way of informing us.