St James School Yamba

Newsletter - Term 1 Week 10 (03/04/2020)

From Ann...

Dear Parents,

You all eventually  received an email this morning from Dr Sally Towns. For some of our families, today is Day 20 in online remote learning. For some families it is Day 1. 

All staff have spent today finalising the term with their stage groups.

Since our Day 1, we have spent the time learning how to manage an online learning environment, using the materials and the curriculum that we had planned and used with the children at school. 

From the beginning of Term 2, our curriculum and materials will incorporate resources which the Diocese of Lismore is preparing for support.

  • I am incredibly proud of every child who has begun their new world of learning with you at home. 
  • I am incredibly impressed by the commitment of families to both keep the children safe and maintain learning. 

and you will not be surprised to hear that

  • I am in awe at the resilience of the staff who have been deep in new learning for a whole month. 

Next week, we will be taking the new learnings from this time and looking at the online processes we have already tested and adapted. We will learn more new skills (see below who needs to do a course or two!) and review where we can offer a more refined product.  We will pause in prayer to pray for our community and reflect upon the coming Season of Easter.

School will resume for all children on Monday 27th of April. 

Ann is soooo techie!

This morning, I started the day with a  Zoom Meeting with the staff. 

Picture this!

I allocated all the staff into breakout rooms by Stage so that they could meet and I walked away. Sounds good but then as  I arrived into the staff room I heard...

" Ann come back!"

"Oh my gosh, we are all still here."

" I will ring Ann now to come back."

" I think she needs PD on Zoom not on the other one she is planning!"

" Ann! STOP!!!"

My lesson today? 

We are all learners, some of us are slower than others! but I work with a community who immediately went into problem solving mode to support me.

We are all a community who have learnt something today.  

I think I might have a quiet weekend!

Sharing from the classroom

Below are examples of work which have been submitted across the week. These are ABOUT CELEBRATING  our successes and not about comparing. 

Our community's success is all our success- these are all our kids. Let's celebrate together.

Early Stage 1 - Learning

In Early Stage One, we have been exploring all the features of Seesaw and have loved seeing our friends faces when we Zoom. Our learning has continued, we have listened to wonderful online stories, written responses and we even act out the stories with our toys. On Wednesday we all dressed up in disguise for our Zoom... we had to guess who we all were. During our Zooms we always share our best work and announce our Remote Learner of the Day! We feel connected as we continue these school routines that we miss.

Stage 1 - Learning

Stage 2 - Learning

Stage 3 - Learning

In Stage 3, students have been busy working through daily Maths, English and RE tasks, and engaging in our daily Zoom video chats. In Maths, we have been using online catalogues to set budgets to feed our families for a week, and to plan a hypothetical class party. In English we have been continuing our refugee creative writing, as well as writing a diary entry about what life is like for children in Australia in 2020. In RE we've been learning about Holy Week and Social Catholic Teachings, and allowing students to show their creativity by sharing their work as a video recording, Google slide or doc! On Seesaw, we've also set some 'fun' extra activities as a brain break (some of the pics below!). Students have also been challenging themselves by trying to work out the answer to the Daily Challenge questions - they are doing so well, they are tricky and require some real 'out of the box' thinking! This morning we also held our first online Awards Assembly. Congratulations to our winners!!

Stage 3 - Visual Arts

The Learning From Home: Families

The Learning From Home:Families website is now live and available from the Catholic Schools Office website for schools to share with their families. This website provides support to families as they navigate the new world of learning from home. Principals are asked to link this website to their school website.


 Willow Bews—6th April, Harrison Fergusson—6th April, Jessie White—7th April, Jack White  - 9th April, Gypsy Williams—9th April, Jarrah Wright—15th April, Dusty Wood—20th April, Miss Smith—21st April, Brody Pirie—23rd April, Violet Bennet—24th April, Rohan Chivers-Smith—24th April, Cadence Taylor—24th April, Zahli Wicks—24th April, Remi Murphy—27th April, Frazer Stokes—27th April

Vacation Care is open and operating over the school holidays.

Bookings are available for any families who are working and are in need of the service.