Santa Sophia Catholic College Newsletter

April Newsletter - Term 1, Week 10 2020

Welcome Address by Mark De Vries

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Kindergarten Update: Term 1 2020

Read more about how Kindergarten have been settling in to their new school on our website here.

Primary Remote Learning Program

View our website article here to find out more about how the Primary remote learning program has been operating! 

Secondary Remote Learning Program

We have launched our remote learning program in Secondary. Visit our website here to find out more about the feedback we have received so far!

Kindergarten Billycart incursion

On 20 February Kindergarten enjoyed a billycart incursion. Read all about it here.

Year 1 Excursion to the Sydney Observatory

Year 1 had a wonderful day visiting the Sydney Observatory, our very first excursion for the year. The children arrived with a wealth of knowledge because for the past 5 weeks, they were investigating their need to knows about the sun, clouds, moon, stars and even the planets! Even if they came with a strong prior knowledge, the questions were being fired left, right and centre. Their curious minds began to expand as the day went by. 

The day was filled with many fun hands-on experiences. We started the day exploring the position of the sun during different times of the day. The students paired up and explored the concept of night and day by using a unique augmented reality board game and model of the earth and sun. We even discovered that when it is daytime here in Sydney, it was night time across the other side of the world! Afterwards, we made our way to the coolest part of the observatory, which was the digital planetarium. Students were filled with excitement when they looked up and saw a dark sky filled with stars. We were able to imagine that we were travelling in a spaceship zooming past the moon and other planets like mars and saturn. Our tour guide was even able to show us how the moon changed shape over a whole month! The children really felt like they were an astronaut travelling in outer space. The last part of the tour and the highlight of the day was when the children (even the teachers) were able to look through a telescope. Many of us saw a red dot and the children were convinced they were looking at Mars but as a matter of fact, we were actually looking at the surface of the sun. The telescope was so strong that it was like we were wearing 5000 sunglasses to protect our eyes! 

At the end of the day, all of the students left with happy faces and a whole lot of knowledge about the changes to the sky. The children had such a memorable day with so many authentic and rich learning experiences that provided great discussions. The children were very excited to get back to school and research many of their new questions as they investigated further. The children were definitely shining stars during this learning experience! 



Dates for your Diary:

Due to Covid-19 many of our school events and activities have had to be postponed until further notice. 

Thursday 9th April:

Holy Thursday

Last day of Term

Tuesday 28th April:

Term 2 commences