St Andrew's Primary Marayong Newsletter

2020 Term 2 Week 5 28th May 2020

From the Principal - Mrs Baird

Dear Parents, 

This week we saw a return to compulsory face to  face learning.  The children seemed very excited to return to their normal routine, entering the gates with big smiles and  waves for their friends. 

A big thank you to all our parents for your great support of our Covid 19 procedures.  Please inform grandparents or carers of the many changes so they are also informed when they drop off or pick up children. 

Church Drop off Zone 

I have been at the gates many mornings over the past few weeks and I have noticed many families using the drop off zone correctly.  I wish to sincerely thank the parents who every morning follow the correct process.  For those who are new to the drop off process, I have outlined it below

  • Before leaving home ensure your child's bag is beside them so that they can easily exit the car.
  • Drive into the driveway and wait to proceed to the undercover area of the church . 

  •  Open the car door closest to the pavement and walk way and  your child takes his/her bag and walks into the school gates.  

  • Parents are asked to only turn left at the church driveway onto Breakfast Road.  This assists with cars banking up and stopping traffic flow on Breakfast Road.  If you need to turn right please park your car on the street.

Dangerous Practices to avoid

  • Parents getting out of the car and opening the boot to remove school bags
  • Children getting out on the road side of the driveway while cars are driving past on the right side of your vehicle. 
  • Parents driving into the staff car park and the reversing backwards trying to rejoin the car line to exit via Breakfast Road.
  • Cars turning right from the driveway  onto Breakfast Road and holding up the flow of traffic. 
  • Parents overtaking a car ahead in the line - you MUST wait until the car ahead moves.
  • Parents using the Drop off zone in order to get parking on the street not dropping off any child in the drop off zone. 

Serious Near Misses

Many staff and parents have witnessed near misses using the drop off process. 

One thing we can be certain about is that children are unpredictable and most of the time are unaware of cars moving around them.  Parents who do not follow the process increase the probability of an accident occurring.  The staff have monitored the car park and the drop off process constantly and still the same parents are choosing to do their own thing to make it convenient for them and disregarding the safety of all.  I strenuously ask that all parents follow the process and are vigilant, noticing  the children around them at all times regardless of whether a staff member is there to remind you.  Before and after school times are very busy with people and traffic congestion, it only takes a careless moment in time for a fatality or serious injury to occur.  

Semester One Academic Reports

Due to the disruption to normal face to face teaching that restrictions this year have caused, a modified Student Academic Report will be sent home to families in Week 10 of Term 2.  The report structure will look very different, however the information is accurate and reflects the learning success and challenges of your child.  

Parent/Teacher interviews will be held in Term 3.  Online bookings will be available in the coming weeks.  

Kindergarten Enrolments 2021

To date, many acceptance letters have been sent to families this year and we are in the process of interviewing.  If you feel your child is ready for school in 2021, I encourage you to please lodge an enrolment form ASAP.  We are already over three quarters full.  

Attendance from this week - 25th of May 2020

As from  Monday, students who are not at school and who are not unwell will be given an Absent code - unjustified.  Please contact Mrs Baird, if you have not already done so, to discuss your child’s return to school date or situation. 


Student Of The Week Term 2 Week 4

Kindergarten Students


  • Zayne F
  • Charlotte W
  • Jaxon F
  • Ella G

Year 1 Students

  • Richard C
  • Kush R
  • Samuel B

Year 2 Students

  • Dioni A
  • Zel C
  • Georgia O

Year 3 Students

  • Francisca R
  • N'Dea M
  • Autumn B

Year 4 Students

  • Charlie C
  • Linda L
  • Dylan B

Year 5 Students

  • Layla W
  • Elijah A
  • Sanvi S

Year 6 Students

  • Alizay S
  • Dane A
  • Ellie G

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