Term 3 2020 | Week 9

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News from the Principal

Welcome to the last newsletter for Term 3. I would like to acknowledge the hard work from teaching and support staff during a very busy but rewarding term. Many students have improved in both literacy and numeracy with noticeable improvement occurring during Read, Write, Inc lessons. This program is significantly making improvements in student reading and word identification. Keep up the great work.

I would also like to acknowledge Mr Yeates and Leroy (ACEO) for their coaching of the Whyalla SAPSASA football team. The team played well and worked as a team during all games.

This term we made the decision  to postpone Sports Day and other events to increase the safety of our staff and students during COVID—19 restrictions. We are pleased to announce that we have rescheduled sports day to occur in week 3 of term 4,  Thursday 29th October. This day will be heavily controlled with social distancing high on the radar. I ask that you follow all social distancing expectations if you choose to attend this event. COVID Marshalls will be present on the day ensuring we abide by the rules. I will publish the expectations closer to the event and ask that we make this day enjoyable and safe by following all expectations.

The installation of the Covered Outdoor Learning Area is set for  Monday 28th September during the first week of school holidays. This is extremely exciting and will value add to the programs we can offer our students.

The exterior fence project is set to begin at the end of this week. A local contractor won the project and has been busily organising materials. The job is expected to take 2 weeks.

I would like to wish everyone a very safe and happy holidays. Please stay safe.

Bryan Rotherham




Senior Leader Literacy

I cannot believe it is the end of Term 3 already, where has this crazy year gone?  When we look back over the last 3 terms there have been a lot of changes and new learning that has occurred, for both staff and students.

We have learnt online, face-to-face, through work books and TEAMS.  Our teachers have done an amazing job accommodating the changes and our students, and families, have been equally amazing in adapting to the required changes.

In the past 3 weeks we have seen a lot of data being collected; our Year 1 students have completed the Phonics Screen Check, our Year 1-7 students are undertaking their PAT Reading and Math tests, teachers are conducting PM Reading Assessments, as well as the usual assessment collection that regularly occurs.

I trust everyone will have a fabulous Week 10 and then a well-earned and relaxing break. 

Jodie Turpin

Senior Leader Numeracy

It’s hard to believe that there is only one week left of Term 3!  It has been a really busy term and it has been exciting seeing the enthusiasm during maths in our classes.

School holidays are a wonderful opportunity to involve children in activities such as cooking in the kitchen and have fun together. Cooking is a fantastic way of helping them to connect their learning in maths to real life experiences.  Some of the things we can talk about when we are cooking could include:

  •  Measurement — what are the different measurements being used?

  • What  items can we find that we use to measure with in the kitchen?  Scales, jugs, cups, teaspoons, tablespoons. 

  • Number—counting, reading and recognising numbers and measurements.

  • Fractions and Multiplication— Can we measure a half  a cup?  How can we double or halve our recipes?

  • Comparing and talking about our metric measuring system with older recipes with imperial measurements.

Mrs Kleinrahm


Student Wellbeing Leader News

As parents, we often value respect enormously! We ask for it and expect to receive it from our kids. Respect is a word that often gets used but is difficult to define. Most people would tell you they know when they are being treated respectfully. However they might have trouble knowing when their own communication is disrespectful. Respect exists in relationships at many levels. Self-respect, respect for others, respect for authority, respect for possessions and respect for the law.

So how do you recognise respect in a relationship?

In respectful relationships the following are put into action

-          Rights to be safe, valued and cared for

-          Listening and taking turns to be heard

-          Being supported to make our own choices

-          Freedom to disagree without being put down, called names or hurt

-          Being accepted as a person even if you’ve made a mistake

-          Trust, honesty and taking care with others personal information

-          Not behaving in a way that is intimidating

-          Supporting others and wellbeing

-          Not dominating others

How can I help my kids learn respect?        

As a parent, think back over how you learned what respect and disrespect looks like. Take stock of how you and others in your family communicate, particularly when under stress. Young people look to the adults around them for role modelling. For example, if an adult treats them with care and consideration, they'll learn to offer this to others. This modelling also helps them recognise when disrespect is occurring among their peers.

What creates respectful relationships?

-          Specific skills and behaviours can help!

-          Understanding and empathy – what’s your child’s world like right now?

-          Active listening – "so what I heard you say is…"

-          Anger management – stop, think, speak

-          Assertiveness – avoid being too passive or aggressive

-          Conflict resolution – identify non-negotiables early, then be open to compromise

-          Problem solving and decision making – avoid imposing solutions, help them think through the pros and cons

Becc O’Neil

Student Wellbeing Leader



Diary Dates


Friday 18thPupil Free Day
Friday 25th

Last day of term

2.10pm finish

Monday 12thFirst day of term 4
Thursday 29thSports Day
Friday 30thColour Explosion

Please note that there will be no assemblies held until further notice.

Dates and events could be subject to change.

What's Happening in ........

......Room 10?

This term in maths, Room 10 were looking at measurement and were focussing on how measurements are used around the home in a variety of ways in a real life scenario. Students spent time researching houses in different areas of South Australia and got an appreciation for how houses look in different areas. This included focussing on the house’s design, floor plan and how measurements were used throughout.  

We finished the unit by designing our own dream homes, complete with floor plans and measurements of the rooms. Students had the choice of designing a 2 story house or a single story house all complete with a back yard. Students then had to colour code each room and incorporate that with a “key” signifying which room is assigned to what colour. 


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