St Peters Lutheran School Newsletter

Term 2 Issue 5 - 27 June 2019

From the Principal - Mr Mark Rathjen

The Look of Love

This term in our weekly chapels, we have been learning about our school’s namesake, St Peter.  Peter was one of Jesus’ closest followers. A natural leader, Peter was a doer who often spoke up and motivated others when it was time to get things done. But sometimes Peter spoke when he should have kept quiet. Brave Peter promised loyalty and then didn’t follow through. Earlier he said, “Lord, I am ready to go with you to prison and to death” (Luke 22:33). But in the priest’s courtyard he denied even knowing Jesus.

Still, I think Peter deserves some credit for coming around and being there that night. While this account (in Luke 22) tells of Peter’s denial, it also shows the Saviour’s love. In all that Jesus did here - allowing himself to be arrested and mocked, healing a soldier’s ear, and even looking Peter in the eye - we can see the heart of Jesus, who shows us his Father’s heart.  ‘The Lord turned and looked straight at Peter. Then Peter remembered the word the Lord had spoken to him. . .' - Luke 22:61

When we get to know Jesus, we learn, often slowly, that his way of doing things is different from ours. It is not with swords or in trying to get even with people who have hurt us. Instead, it’s the way of compassion and forgiveness. The look and love of Jesus are a marvellous message! It was not a look of condemnation that melted Peter’s heart. It was the loving look of a Father caring for his wayward child. It was an inviting look of grace, a look that brought remorse and repentance. It was the look of the redeeming, restoring love of God.  Indeed, it’s the same look Jesus gave to Peter days later after the resurrection, when he asks Peter if he loved him and he restores him completely.

“The third time he said to him, ‘Simon son of John, do you love me?’

Peter was hurt because Jesus asked him the third time, ‘Do you love me?’ He said, ‘Lord, you know all things; you know that I love you.’ Jesus said, ‘Feed my sheep.’ ” -  John 21: 17

Jesus looks at us with that same redeeming love today! We thank God for his look of love, and pray he fills us today with the same love.

Mark Rathjen, Principal 

Baby news

We rejoice the Peter and Tania Sodomka as they recently welcomed baby Tatiana into their family.  A beautiful little sister for a very proud Austin (Yr 4).

New students

We are very excited that we have enrolled many new students into our ELC over the past month or so.  A couple of them started during the latter half of this term and a number will begin next term. We welcome all of our new students and families. We continue to have spaces in our ELC and school, so keep spreading the word. 

Reception mid-year intake

Next week will be the final week for seven of our students in the ELC. From the beginning of Term 3, they will join our Reception class as our first ‘Reception mid-year intake’.  Over the past ten weeks, these children have been part of a gentle and intentional transition program, jointly planned by our ELC and Junior school staff.  We are very excited to have a little ‘graduation’ ceremony for these children after chapel next Friday morning as they are farewelled from the ELC and welcomed into school. 

Pizza Lunch thanks

We thank the Pedal Prix families for providing us with a delicious Pizza lunch two weeks ago. The money raised is much appreciated by the Pedal Prix team as they seek to keep The Blue Saint riding.  

Blue Saint Pedal Prix Team

The Blue Saint Pedal Prix team raced on the Victoria Park racecourse in the first Adelaide race of the Pedal Prix season on 16 June 2019. The team started near the back of the grid in position 157 out of 162, which meant the team started in 58th place in the Primary Schools category consisting of 63 teams. The team steadily moved through the field during the race, climbing to 39th position in the Primary Schools category during the 6 hour race and achieving speeds of nearly 45km/h on the main straight. However, the team were involved in some major crashes during the race leading to the disintegration of the front windscreen and some scrapes on the new bodywork of the Pedal Prix trike. At the end of the race the Blue Saint team came 43rd in the Primary Schools category and 135th overall - an awesome effort for a the team of first time riders. A big thanks to all of the parents involved with pit changes, repairs, marshalling, providing food and drinks and packing the trailer for race day. The team would also like to thank everyone that purchased pizza at the recent special food day and the parents that helped prepare the food, without this fundraising the team would struggle to compete. The team is eagerly awaiting the 2nd Adelaide race at Victoria Park on 28th July with the hope to improve further on our position in the Primary Schools category without creating any more repair work for our team manager!

Nathan Tothill
Team Manager

Volunteer Screening

A reminder to check out the recent Skoolbag notices regarding new volunteer screening from 1 July. It is important to know that all who wish to volunteer in our school will need to be up to date with screening and the LEA’s Valuing Safe Communities online (30mins). 

End and Beginning of Term Reminders

Reports go home – Monday 1 July

Last day of term -  Friday 5 July

Pupil Free Days - Monday 22 & Tuesday 23 July

Term 3 begins for students - Wednesday 24 July

Opening chapel -  8.45am, Wednesday 24 July

Reports - 1st Semester

Semester one reports will be sent home to all families on Monday 1 July.  Reports will be sent in sealed and labelled envelopes with all students. As always, please see class teachers at a convenient time if you have any questions relating to your child’s progress. 

Staff Professional Development

On the first two days of Term 3 (pupil free days), staff will be engaging in Restorative Practice training.  We are fortunate to have the very knowledgeable Bill Hansberry lead us in this important work. Restorative Practice is a strategy that seeks to repair relationships that have been damaged, including those damaged through bullying. It does this by bringing about a sense of remorse and restorative action on the part of the offender and forgiveness by the victim.

St Peters has used this kind of approach for many years but as a staff we have not retrained for quite some time. Most of our classroom staff will be involved over the two days. 

From the PYP Coordinator - Bronwyn Wilson

Primary Years Programme (PYP)

Holidays are nearly here! There are a myriad of things to do and places to visit in the July school holidays. As you would know, students love a variety of activities and need a balance of fun, quiet, structured and unstructured days to help them get the most out of the break. A whole day in the pj’s might just be the ideal activity to help students/families unwind and relax. Or it might be a fun jam-packed day out and about discovering or exploring.

There can be a lot of expectations around the holidays and making sure the students have something ‘interesting’ to write about on that first day back…The dreaded holiday recount!! (Rest assured, we don’t do a lot of this!!)  Lots of parents work through the holidays and children are either at Vacation Care or with friends/family. Whatever your July holidays look like, here are some ideas that might be useful. Holidays don’t have to be spectacular. A break from the routine of school is enough. Like they say, a change is as good as a holiday!

Some ideas:


Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing at the Adelaide Planetarium.


The Fairy Garden is one of those little treasures you come across while walking through Hahndorf. At the top of the garden path behind Herbees Cafe is the little fairy garden and the restored 150 year old barn which is home to hundreds of fairies, gnomes, dragons, fairy houses, fairy craft and more.


Come and try roller skating at St Clair! ‘Learn to Skate’ lessons now running for the first 30 minutes of each session.

More activities can be found here:

Then there’s:

  • Children helping around the house to get jobs done
  • Flying crepe streamers on a windy day
  • Making an obstacle course
  • Creating a family artwork on a large canvas
  • Leaf collages
  • Visiting the local library
  • Going for a bike ride
  • Inside movie days
  • Catching a bus
  • Screen free day
  • Board games
  • Taking some action
  • And the list goes on…!

Whatever plans are place for your family over the holiday period, have a lovely break from the routine of everyday term life.

Bronwyn Wilson
PYP Coordinator


Vacation Care/Pupil Free Days

Attached below are the booking grid and programme for the upcoming Vacation Care and Pupil Free Day period (Monday 8 July - Tuesday 23 July 2019).  Booking grids are due by Wednesday 3 July 2019.  Spaces are limited for excursions, so it's important for you to get your bookings in early.

July 2019 SPLOSHC Vacation Care Programme


July 2019 SPLOSHC Vacation Care Booking Grid


General News / Reminders

20th Anniversary Wine

There is a limited supply of celebratory wine from Dominic Wines, Loxton still available. The 2016 Shiraz and 2017 Sauvignon Blanc are now available for sale as single bottles for $10 each or you may still purchase in quantities of six or more. Order forms are available from the school office. 

Absences / Lates

Parents are to inform the school if a student is to be away for any period of time.  The preferred method is via the Skoolbag App.  Simply go to eForms and select Absentee Form.  This submission is forwarded to the relevant teacher for their information.

While we appreciate that parents are busy in the mornings, it is important that the school is informed as soon as possible of the student’s absence.  Advising the school of your child/ren’s absence avoids the necessity for the school to contact parents concerning a student’s absence.

In the event that a student is absent and we have not been informed, for your child’s safety and protection, the school will send you an SMS to confirm the reason for the absence.

If students arrive late to school (even marginally), that is after 8.45am, they are required to come in via the school office and sign-in.  Again following this procedure avoids the necessity for the school to contact parents regarding absence.

Extended Absence

Requirements under the current Education Act mean that students who are on leave from school must seek approval through the school using the Application for Exemption Form A (available at the school office).  For temporary exemptions less than one month or for a family travel/holiday up to 12 months, exemptions may only be approved by the Principal.  NB School fees still apply during any absence unless approved by the Principal.

Lost Property

There is the usual assortment of unnamed lunchboxes and drink bottles in Lost Property in the school office. If you are missing any, please check before the end of the term as these items will be disposed of, or donated to charity, at this time. There is also a small yellow bumblebee backpack containing various items (mostly hair clips) which somebody may also be missing.

We ask that you also take this opportunity to check your child's uniform items to ensure they don't have clothing/hats etc belonging to others.

Woolworths Earn and Learn

This promotion has now come to an end.  Please send in any stickers you may have at home for the box in the front office. During next week, all stickers will be collated so that we can send them in to redeem some equipment and resources for our school.

Thank you for your support.

Bunnings BBQ - Fundraiser

Coming up fast, on Saturday 6th July, St Peters will be running a fundraising BBQ at Bunnings Marion. This is a wonderful opportunity to raise some money and connect with the community. Who doesn't love a Bunnings sausage on the weekend?! 

There are still about a dozen time-slots that need filling on our roster from 12 noon - 4:00pm. If you are able to lend a hand for an hour or two, helping cook the BBQ or serving, please contact:

Alex Speed - / 0434 390 086

Heather Stevens - 0450 398 729

Narelle Adams - 0408 089 947

From the ELC Director - Diana Gaskell

Special Invitation


Graduating children are:

  • Halle T
  • Sebastian F
  • Jonathan C
  • Mila M
  • Kimmi R
  • Jonte S
  • Alexander S

Please come along and help celebrate this special occasion, on Friday 5th July - in the Chapel - from 8.45-9.45am.

You are invited to stay for one last ELC celebration with them and their families.  Coffee/tea and cake afterwards.

Can you help?

As we work on the exciting next phase of the redevelopment of our ELC/junior primary area, we are putting out a call for donations of old bed sheets, newspaper, and empty ice cream containers with lids. These are required for painting the murals on the hobbit door walls – ELC and School side.  If any families are able to assist by donating any of these items to us, it will be greatly appreciated.  Donations can be brought to the ELC or passed on to the school office. 

Thank you.


We take this opportunity to congratulate former St Peters student, Henry Smith, who recently represented South Australia as the starting full-forward in the 2019 Torrens University SA Under 16 football team.  The team began its title defence with a win in its first match of the AFL National Championships, on Sunday 16 June against Western Australia in Perth. Congratulations Henry!

Library News

School Holiday Borrowing

Students are able to borrow from the school library during the Term 2 school holidays.

The only requirement is that they have NO overdue items. If your child would like to borrow for the holidays, and has no overdue items, Mrs Smith will be in the library next Thursday morning, 4th July, for them to do so.


A Reminder for all Students

Any books you read in the holidays are included in YOUR CHALLENGE?

For all students who would like to know how many books they have left to read to complete THE CHALLENGE, please see Mrs Smith in the library (she can help you find out).

The 2019 Premier's Reading Challenge ends on 6 September.


Grandparents' and Special Friends' Day Book Stall 2019

The students from St Peters Lutheran would like to thank all of our generous grandparents and supportive special friends for the donations received for our school library.

The following families in particular: Alcock, Anderson, Baldwin, Bok (Geue), Buxton (Patrick), Ellul, Golding, Holmes, Miller, Minero-Freeland, Minervini, Morphett, Paice, Stevens (Vogt), Stevens, Tucker, Varela (Smith), Wasilenia, Wilkinson, Willson, Wood and Zwar.

Please feel free to come and look at all the books on display in the library learning area.

They will then be borrowed to the students, whose family donated them, during Week 10.

Parents and Friends

We have had a busy term, with the Mother's Day breakfast, Grandparents' and Special Friends' Day, special food days, cake stalls, engraved leaves, Woolies Earn and Learn, and the upcoming Bunnings BBQ.  Thank you to everyone who has supported these events, whether you have made something, bought something, or helped run something.  It has all made a big difference to our fundraising efforts, and more importantly to our sense of community.  Being part of the P&F committee is a really personal thing for me, because it gives me the opportunity to give back some of the support that has been given to my son, Zac S.  It means a lot to me as his mum to see the way you and your children have embraced and included him and been such lovely caring friends to him, so thank you.  

We are looking forward to some more exciting events next term, including the Father's Day breakfast, special food days and cake stalls, and more, so make sure you stay up to day with everything that's happening around the school.

Heather Stevens
P&F Chairperson

General Information

Diary Dates

For important dates and information regarding upcoming events, please go to the Events page of our Skoolbag app.