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Term 2 Week 10: 30 June 2022

From the Principal

Here we are in Week 10 of Term 2. We have had a very busy finish to the term full of exciting activities and events. 


I want to take this opportunity to thank the staff for all of their support this term. It has been very busy and unpredictable term. However, their hard work has continued throughout the term. I am very lucky to work with such a supportive team.



Semester 1 reports were sent home today. These reports are an assessment of all of the learning in semester 1 and some goals for semester 2. Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher, via the school email address, should you have any questions regarding your child’s report.



We are currently taking enrolments for Preschool and Kindergarten 2023. To enable us to correctly estimate enrolments and staff the school appropriately for 2023, any parents enrolling new children K-6 need to complete enrolment forms and leave their details at the office. Please let any neighbours and friends in the local area know that we are enrolling now. Please be reminded that if you live out of zone I am unable to confirm a enrolment for siblings at this point in time. This is dependent on current and new enrolments across the school K-6. There is also no guarantee of placement in local/feeder high schools. Please see school website for current enrolment procedures.



As a part of Positive Behaviour for Learning, our students earn tokens during the term. They may receive a token from the classroom teacher for meeting classroom expectations or they may receive a token from a teacher on playground duty for meeting school expectations and following our school rules. Sometimes we have a “Blitz” to reinforce expectation or behaviours that have fallen off the radar. For example, there may be a “Hat Blitz” and every child wearing a hat will receive token as it is expected that the students wear a hat when they are on the playground as a part of our sun safety procedures. It then also reminds all of the other students who aren’t wearing a hat, leaving it in their bag or even at home, that they need a hat. All tokens go into our PBL pipeline. This way all of the students contribute to the one goal. If we fill the pipeline, there is a reward day for everyone. If it gets filled early, we collect free play in 5 minute increments marked on the pipeline so that the students are still trying to collect tokens right until the end of the term. The main idea is that we are all a team, and we all have to contribute. The pipeline is clear so that the students can see how many tokens have been collected and how close they are getting to it being full.

This term I worked with the Student Representative Council to decide on a Reward day. There were many ideas, but we narrowed it down to

1.       A PJ day and a big breakfast

2.       An out of uniform and a sports day

The SRC reps from each class then took it back to their class for voting. The class votes were counted. It was a closely contested race but an out of uniform and sports day won. Thank you to Mrs Manning who organised a fabulous day of sports. The students worked in cooperative teams (mixed students from K-6 in each team) to complete a round robin of sports activities. Mrs Manning changed the activities at lunch time and there was another round robin to complete. The day ended with tug-o-war. Bathu Bila in Preschool held their own sports day and Garuwa will have one on Friday. It was wonderful to see all of the students involved, engaged, competing and helping our younger students. A special shout out to Year 6. At schools I have previously worked in, Year 6, usually get a “too cool for school” attitude and it is difficult to get them to join in these kinds of activities. One thing I love about SPS, the Year 6’s always get involved and join in. It is fabulous to watch. Thank you, Year 6, for still involving yourself in school activities.

A big shout out to Mrs Manning who single handedly organised the day for the students. Everyone had ball! (see what I did there….ha ha)

I am already looking forward to watching the pipeline fill up for next term. I wonder what reward day might be??



You will have noticed that a Spelling Bee note and a Public Speaking note have come home this week. These will be discussed in class before the holidays. While we know this is not everyone’s forte, we do encourage all students to be prepared and have a go. The public speaking in class finals will be used as one of Term 3’s Speaking and Listening assessments, and the spelling bee will certainly be used a one of Term 3’s spelling assessments.

The notes are attached below if you have not seen them.



Thank you to Port Waratah Coal Services who have sponsored our basketball clinic again this year. All students K-6 will have 3 basketball sessions. We have moved one session to the beginning of next term, due to the teacher’s strike.



Final costings for our Canberra excursion were sent home yesterday with all Stage 3 students who have paid their deposit. We were able to reduce the cost significantly. Please ensure this excursion payment is finalised by Friday October 14 (Term 4 Week 1)



Thanks to Sporting Schools Australia, Mr Gilshenan was able to secure a grant to pay for the AFL sessions for all students in year 3-6. I have heard great stories from these sessions. K-2 will be a part of AFL sessions next term.


School will finish tomorrow, Friday 1 July, for 2 weeks holiday. Tomorrow is a regular school day - full school unifomr is expected.

Staff will return on Monday 18 July for a Staff Development Day and students will return on Tuesday 19 July. I hope that you all have a safe and relaxing holiday.

Ms Jodie Holt


Guitar Gig

Last week I had the absolute pleasure, along with parents and carers, of sitting in on the very first Guitar Gig for our students who are learning to play guitar with Paul. It was fantastic. As someone without a musical bone in my body, I was so impressed with the skills and talents of this group of students from SPS. The group has students from Kindergarten right through to Year 6. I was so impressed - I actually got a little teary! Keep up the great work! I can't wait for the next opportunity to hear them play. Thank you to Paul Nickerson - our guitar teacher! We are grateful for your time and the effort you put into supporting our students.

VIP PBL morning tea

Again this term, the teachers had the difficult job of choosing one child from their class who is their Term 2 VIP PBL student. The VIP is a student who is always United, Safe and Engaged. It was a lovely morning spent chatting and eating and recognising these students in our school. It really is a highlight of my term.

"On the Bus" Literacy workshop for parents and carers

Thank you to the parents and carers that made it along to our first parent workshop in quite some time. The focus was Literacy in a K-2 classroom and how we teach it at Stockton Public School. It was a great practical session focused on The Science of Reading and our synthetics phonics program Speech Sound Pics (SSP)). I hope the mums and dads are practising their duck hands! We hope to hold more in the near future. If there is a workshop you would be interested in attending, please send an email to the school email address and we can see what we can do.

Thank you to the team of teachers on our K-2 classes. Your expertise, passion and drive to "benefit all" is an inspiration to be a part of.

Maths at Stockton Public School

Number Talks

Number talks happen regularly in your child's class. They are short (10-15 minute) discussions that focus on mental strategies to solve mathematical problems. Teacher's present a number problem or visual prompt and students have thinking time, then share their ideas with a friend before sharing with the class. The teacher's role is to represent student answers and strategies on the board.

Number talks are valuable opportunities for our students to:

  •  Communicate mathematically

  • See how a range of strategies can be used to solve the same problem
  • Justify and clarify their thinking

  • See how visual modelling can be used to represent their thinking

  • Connect visual and symbolic representations

  • View mathematics as a creative task

  • Explore the flexibility of numbers 

  • Build number sense

    If you would like to see a number talk in action, here is a link:

Year 6 Newcastle High Taster Lesson

On Wednesday the 22nd of June 2022, Year 6 students who are going to Newcastle High School enjoyed their Taster Lesson to see what it’s like going to Newcastle High School. We all had fun doing science and geography. In science we had to look under a microscope to see all different things up super close, like house fly legs, onion skins and parts of a cork. In our geography lesson, we learnt about latitude, longitude lines on the globe. It was lots of fun!

Ivy Ambler and Zoe Plooy 5/6KW

Celebration Assembly

On Monday the 27th June we held our second Celebration Assembly. We were beyond excited to welcome parents, carers and families back into our school hall to celebrate with us! Well done to all of our amazing award winners and student achievements for the past 5 weeks.

I would like to make a special mention to our school leaders who have shown exceptional organisation, confidence and resilience when presenting our assemblies. Toby, Ivy, Bronte, Kenny, Kingston and Ella should be extremely proud of themselves.

Thank you to Chloe and Adrien for their SRC report and Jacinta who time after time, nominates herself to acknowledge country. It can be very intimidating reading in front of a large audience, so well done to Chloe, Adrien and Jacinta!

We can't wait to welcome you back again in Week 5 of next term. 

Mrs Windred

Behaviour Code for students



Current notes

Canberra note 29.6.22

Stage 3 only

Spelling Bee

Year 1 to Year 6 students

Public Speaking Early Stage 1


Public Speaking Stage 1


Public Speaking Stage 2


Public Speaking Stage 3



Years 3-6 choir only

School Security Hotline

Should you become aware of a security incident at our school please contact the School Security Unit's hotline 24/7 on 1300 88 00 21.


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