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26th of April 2019

Upcoming Events

Some dates for your diary

  • Saturday 27th April - School Working Bee
  • Monday 13th May - School Council
  • Tues - Thur 14-16th May - NAPLAN
  • Wednesday 22nd May - Open Classrooms Morning and Education Week Activities Night 
  • Wednesday 5th June - Cross Country
  • Friday 7th June - Curriculum Day - No School
  • Monday 10th June - Queen's Birthday - No School

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Principal News

What a great first week!

It's been lovely seeing so many happy and refreshed faces wandering through our gates this week. Students have been excited to share their holiday stories and be back amongst their friends. 

Thanks to the parents who braved the cold to attend this afternoon's small Anzac Day Assembly. I was very proud of the senior students who ran the event and showed such respect for our war veterans. 

You may have seen a few notes go home this week. We have Canine Comprehension sessions starting next Tuesday with Jett the Border Collie for some of the students from the senior class and we'll also have psychologist Sarah Padbury joining us fortnightly on Wednesdays to see students and parents. If you'd like more information or to book in, please visit the office. 

I've got a few belated thank you's and farewells to make from last term as well. We were very sad to start Term Two off without out our Art Teacher, Andrew. Though we wish him all the very best with his house building and thank him so much for all that he's done for us. We also farewell Emma Castle, the PE teacher, who did a great job of teaching the students for Term One. Felicity and Carla have both thoroughly enjoyed their new specialist roles this week in the Art and Drama domains and are excited about the year ahead. 

We were also sad to say goodbye to Eli and Aurora who headed back up to Queensland during the holidays. We feel absolutely blessed to have had them attend STAPS for a short but fantastic period of time. 

I'd also like to thank our school parents, Bec and Mel, for coming in to run mindfulness and gardening sessions with the 2/3 class. Your time is greatly appreciated and I know that students absolutely loved their time with you. 

Finally, I'd just like to say a big thank you to all of the parents who came to our Information Night. We were so excited to see so many faces in attendance to hear from us and share in the fantastic things that are happening here at STAPS. An extra special thank you to Collin and Tom for running the BBQ and to the senior girls and Sam for organising and coordinating the cakes stall.

New Values at School - eSurvey

Thoughtful -  Kind - Being your Best - Proactive - Resilient - Connected

Following the Information Night, we gained some great feedback about our new Values but we understand that time was limited, some people were unable to attend and we're looking for as much feedback as possible.

The suggestion was to turn the SRC's activity into an online survey, so we have! Click below to have your say on what you think our new values should be at STAPS. You can chose to simply rank the current value ideas or send through a plethora of information for us to work with. Whether you have 1 minute of 5, we'd appreciate the time taken to help us form these new school and community Values!

Values Survey

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Out of School Hours Care News

To celebrate the end of a fantastic first term, tin the last week we celebrated with a Hawaiian Party and had an absolute ball. We drank lots of fruit punch from our handmade punch bar, ate lots of chicken kebabs and decorated our own cupcakes! We had lots of laughs and giggles in our dress up relay race, played musical chairs and limbo! 

We are also really proud of the Storm trooper that Kelly made. It took her an amazing two whole weeks to complete! Thank you for your understanding with the increase in OSHC Fees as well. We know we deliver a first class program here at STAPS and all we want it to be able to continue to deliver that service to the community. If you do have any questions, issues or feedback about the changes, please do not hesitate to contact Liv, Michelle, Melanie Bartlett or Hayley. 


Hope everyone had a great holiday and were engaging in the world around you! Last week in S.T.E.M. we had some fun chatting about holidays, check out the blog here:

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