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Newsletter 2019 Term 3 Week 6


Dear families of St Bernadette's,

Can you believe that it's Week 6! This year is flying by. 

So much to keep us all busy both in work and personal time. Over the course we celebrate those men in our lives who are positive role models to us and our children. I would like to personally wish all of our Dads a Happy Father’s Day and enjoy your celebrations on Sunday. 

Love & Light

Lisa Gerrard


Twenty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time C Sunday 01 Sep 2019

REFLECTION by Father Michael Tate

Heaven Embossed Invitations

Hearing Our Lord's command: 'Invite the poor, the crippled, to the feast,' how do we respond as citizens of a nation which, in comparative global terms, is having a great feast? Jesus demands that we go well beyond an immigration policy which favours skilled and entrepreneurial people. They more than 'repay our courtesy' in terms of economic activity and social stability.

The majority of the poor and the crippled live in the subsistence villages, the refugee camps, and the squalor of the megacities of the Third World.

Heaven embossed invitations must be extended to such as those so that they may join in our national feast. Only then can we become the sort of people who, in the great Feast of Heaven, can join with those poor who are certain to be there.

We could pause for a moment to pray to put today's Gospel into effect so that we might hear Our Lord: 'Friend, join in the Feast. Be close to me.'

PARISH: Altar Servers' Roster July 6 - Nov 3, 2019



Upcoming Events for Term 3

30/8 - No School Banking 

30/8 - Father's Day BBQ and Open Classrooms

30/8 - Class Mass: Year 5 

30/8 - Assembly 2:15pm

30/8 - Father's Day Raffle 

6/9 - Whole School Mass 

10/9 - Netball Gala Day

13/9 - Colour Fun Run 

13/9 - Canteen Snack Day 

2019 Term 3 Parent Calendar


Principal Awards

Kindergarten - Aaron S 

Year 1 - Lily Rose C 

Year 2 - Natalie H

Year 3 - Johnluke A 

Year 4 - Tracey L 

Year 5 - Orlando F

Year 6 - Ava M

Happy Birthday

17/8 - Louis R

18/8 - Lily P 

19/8 - Benjamin G 

21/8 - Tracey L 

25/8 - Youssef E K 

26/8 - Mia L 

27/8 - Marie-Elise B

28/8 - Ryan R 

28/8 - Ava M

28/8 - Isabelle E

28/8 - Damon K

Important Duty of Care Message

Child protection

There have been recent incidences where children have been directly approached by parents other than their own and berated. This behaviour is not at any time acceptable. Should you have an issue related to your child, or to the behaviour of another child, the school is at all times your point of contact. 


In the Week 4 newsletter, there was a reminder that NO STUDENTS should be playing on the play equipment or under the COLA after school. Having unsupervised students in this area is a safety risk and also a duty of care issue that is unfair to place upon the staff member on the back gate. To further clarify - Pick up is a service which is purely in place so that your child can be picked up from the undercroft and safely escorted out of the back gate. Once you have picked your child up from the undercroft please move to the carpark immediately.

Also please ensure that non school age children are supervised as you leave either exit to ensure that they don’t run into either the Church Carpark or out of the front gate onto Cox Crescent.

Drive Through

When using Drive Through please ensure that you (the driver) stays in the car or the Rangers /Police will consider it as parking which is an offence for which you can be booked between the designated times. Also please don’t call your child to the road side of the car or behind your car to place items into the boot as this puts your child at risk of being crushed between cars or being run over by fast moving traffic along Cox Crescent.

Thanking you in advance for your support.

PBS4L Update

Star token tally up to Week 6

Bernadette ClareFrancisMackillop

Last week MacKillop enjoyed their recognition reward and as it was their second time this year MacKillop had a choice of lunches to be provided for them. So MacKillop got to enjoy hot chips for lunch. It seemed to be a hit with them as there was nothing left over at the end!

You may recall that there are now calm spaces in each classroom. These have been used in all classes for many different reasons and have helped students to self-monitor their emotions.

As a community of learners

Over the past two weeks we have participated in the following extracurricular events:

  • A Book Parade

  • Book Fair

  • An Author Visit - Libby Gleeson

  • Father’s Day Stall

  • Father’s Day BBQ Breakfast & Assembly

Each one of these events have required assistance and support from our whole community. It’s times like these when I see many hands coming together in support of each other that I feel truly blessed to be a part of St Bernadette’s Dundas. 

Staffing News

At present we are shortlisting and interviewing for an Assistant Principal to join our St Bernadette’s community. The interviews will be held over the coming weeks at CEDP. The successful candidate will be announced once this position is finalised. 

Book Week Fun

St Bernadette’s had great fun reading and exploring books last week. We all had fantastic fun dressing up as our favourite characters from our favourite books. We danced and waved our way around the cola in our Book Parade on Thursday morning. We saw so many different characters from all the wonderful variety of books available for us to enjoy. Thank you to everyone for your amazing efforts and details with your costumes, it was a wonderful day being surrounded by so many book characters. Thank you to all the parents and friends who were able to join us for our parade and open classrooms. 

National Literacy Week - Author Visit

As part of our Book Week celebrations and to celebrate National Literacy Week all classes spent an hour with an author. Libby Gleeson came to visit and spoke to each Stage level about being a writer. Libby read from her current selection of 40 books with a new picture book on the way. The children asked fantastic questions, some even surprising Libby. We learnt all about writing a book, the importance of the Illustrator and the role of the publisher. We are lucky to have many of Libby Gleeson’s books in our school library for the children to borrow.

A big thank you to everyone for their participation and help throughout Book Week and the Book Fair. A special thank you to Mrs Emma Sidoti for making the Reading is my Secret Power posters you see around the school. 

Book Week might be over but the joy of reading never ends. So keep using your secret powers everyday and read, read, read. 

Linda's Lunches

Please note that there will be no Linda's Lunches in Week 10 of Term 3. 

Linda's Lunches will resume taking orders in Term 4, Week 2.

Premier's Reading Challenge

The Premiers Reading Challenge finishes on Friday 30 August 2019 at 11.59pm.

All children's online reading records need to be completed and uploaded by then.

SRC Update

Welcome back to this week,

The Book Parade was a success with students, teachers, parents and children participating. Everyone had a great time and was able to get dressed up in a book character. That week children were able to buy a book from the book fair either in the morning or afternoon.

A group of our children participated in the 2019 Diocese Athletics Carnival. Everyone put in a massive amount of effort and It was a big success with Amelia N and Heidi S making it to the next level. 

Voice Of Youth Speeches were held at Christ The King on the 14th of August. Kiara B, Amelia N and Daniel B presented their speeches. Kiara B came second out of twelve contestants. Amelia N and Daniel B performed really well. There were four schools and each participant got medals for achieving at this level. 

This week we have The Father's Day breakfast where children and their dads are able to spend time with each other while eating breakfast. The Father's Day stall will also be held this week, for all children who would like to buy their dad a gift. A special thanks to the parents who wrapped the gifts and who will be selling them.

Kind regards, 

Mia, Amelia, Lily, and the rest of the SRC members.


Diocesan Athletics Carnival

On Friday 23rd August, 9 excellent athletes represented St Bernadette’s at the Diocesan Athletics Carnival. It is a great achievement to reach this high level of competition, where competitors vie for the opportunity to try out for the MacKillop Team.

Our children competed with good spirit and gave their best at all times, which we are always very proud of. Congratulations to our Diocesan Athletics Team for 2019!

Seaview A 

Kiara B 

Orlando F 

Patrick H 

Zoey L 

Amelia N 

Lucas N 

Heidi S 

Jaiden Y 

Two of our competitors successfully qualified to attend the NSWCPS Track and Field Championships on 16th September, as part of the Parramatta team. What a fabulous achievement!

Amelia N - 1st Discus, 2nd 1500m

Heidi S - 3rd 800m

We look forward to hearing of their achievements later in the term.

Children's Corner

Year 4: Visual Arts

In Visual Arts lessons this term Year 4 made agamographs. An agamograph is a picture that reveals a different image when you look at it from various angles. We chose two emojis to display in our picture. We painted our emojis with watercolours and then cut the picture into strips, which were then glued onto a piece of paper that was folded like an accordion.


Bunnings Sausage Sizzle

A huge huge thank you to all the parents, children and staff who gave up their Sunday to help out at our Bunnings school fundraiser. A massive thankyou to Melba El Khoury Hanna and her husband for their kind donations. It was a beautiful and successful day! It was lovely to see many families and parishioners come down and have a sausage sandwich for lunch and support our school. A total of $1620.51 was raised to put towards a playground and resources for our children.

Father's Day Stall

Thank you to all the wonderful parents who volunteered to help wrap and sell gifts at our annual Fathers Day stall. All the children were excited to pick out the perfect gift for their dads and grandads! 

Fathers Day BBQ

Just a reminder that the P&F will be hosting the Fathers day breakfast tomorrow 30/08/2019. Breakfast will be ready from 7:30am onwards.

We look forward to seeing all the families there and can’t wait to celebrate all the dads and grandads.

On behalf of the P&F committee we would like to wish all the dads, grandads and father figures in our school community, a very happy Fathers Day!

Colour Fun Run

2 WEEKS TO GO!  Our donation component of the fun run will close on Friday 6th September. Let’s try and maximise the opportunity of fundraising with the wider community as we are at the last leg of our major fundraiser. 

Please return all forms and money to the school office by Monday 9th September to ensure that your prize is ordered.


Dundas Valley Cricket want you!!

4- 7 years old – Thursday Afternoons

Junior Blasters (Formerly MILO Cricket) Entry Level Cricket For Beginners. Goes For 10 Weeks, October to December School Holidays! 

7 and 8 years old - Saturday Mornings 

Master Blasters Games Take Approx 2 Hours - All Played At Carlingford High School Played With A Soft Ball, No Protective Equipment Needed, Stumps Moved on Ability of Bowler, Non Competitive, Great Entry Level! Small Sized Teams (Six A Side)!

9 and 10 years old - Saturday Mornings

Stage 1 - Played in Teams of Seven Using A Hard Ball – Full Protective Gear Needed (Supplied by the Club) - Designed For Maximum Participation, Everyone Gets To Face 20 Balls Every Game! Each Player Gets To Bowl A Minimum of Two Overs! Games Take 2.5 hours, from 8 - 1030! 

10, 11 and 12 years old – Saturday Mornings 

Stage 2 - Next Level Up From Stage 1, Getting Out Means You Are Out! Bowling Is Still Shared Evenly Between Everyone! Games Take Three Hours From 8 to 11! 

13, 14 and 15 years old - Saturday Mornings 

Played Under Normal Cricket Rules. 


St Bernadettes Primary School

St Bernadette's Primary, Dundas Valley is a community focused, Catholic parish school catering for boys and girls from Kindergarten to Year 6. The school strives to build a Christ-centred community where faith is integrated with daily life. We provide learning and teaching experiences which enable the children to deepen their faith understandings, investigate, solve problems and explore their learning. We recognise the importance of creating a learning environment that provides opportunities to develop 21st century learning. Technology is integrated into the learning at St Bernadette’s in all Key Learning Areas.

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