Lyndale Greens PS Newsletter

August 2nd 2019

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Dates to remember

Wednesday 21 August - Attendance Excursion Gr 4 – 6

Wednesday 28 August - Attendance Excursion Gr P – 3

Parent Opinion Survey – Sent home Monday 29th July

Dear Parents,

Each year the Department of Education ask schools to survey their using the “Parent Survey”.  Families are selected at random.  We generally send out approximately 150 surveys which is the number required by the DET. 

Some families may have been asked last year as well as this year, and others may not have been asked in the past few years.  As it is “Random” sample, schools have no control over the names the computer provides.  The survey is also available in a range of languages.  If you received survey in English, but would prefer in another language, please speak to the office and we can arrange a translated version for you. If you were selected, you should have received the Parent Survey in the post.

The Parent Opinion Survey is one way for parents to provide us with valuable data and feedback about our school.  This enables us to better understand how the parent community feels about our school .  It takes about 15 – 20 minutes to complete, and your input and contributions to our wonderful community is appreciated. This year, the parents are being asked to complete the survey “Online”.  Parents who have been randomly selected to participate will be given a unique “Survey Link”.  Parents will then log onto the link and complete the “Parent Survey”. 

The Parent Survey must be completed by Sunday 11th August


It has come to my attention that some of our students have social media accounts. I am aware that some students display pictures of themselves and others; write things that they may feel remorseful about in the future; and include information that makes them easily identifiable.

Students who attend primary school are not yet 13 years of age and as such should not hold social media accounts. If we take a look at a sampling of the major social networks and messaging platforms, we can see what their dictated age limit tell us:

  • Facebook – 13 years old
  • Twitter – 13 years old
  • Myspace – 13 years old
  • Snapchat – 13 years old
  • WhatsApp – 16 years old

What are the common causes of anaphylaxis?

Research shows that students in the 10-18 age group of at greatest risk of suffering anaphylactic reaction.  Certain foods and insect stings are the most common causes of anaphylaxis.  Eight foods cause ninety-five per cent food of food allergic reactions in Australia and can be common causes of anaphylaxis:

·          peanuts;

·        tree nuts (i.e. hazelnuts, cashews, almonds, walnuts, pistachios, macadamias, brazil nuts, pecans, chestnuts and pine nuts);

·        eggs;

·        cow's milk;

·        wheat;

·        soy; fish and shellfish (e.g. oysters, lobsters, clams, mussels, shrimps, crabs and prawns);

·        and sesame seeds.

Other common allergens include some insect stings, particularly bee stings but also wasp and jumper jack ant stings, tick bites, some medications (e.g. antibiotics and anaesthetic drugs) and latex.

This is a timely reminder to parents and students to remember that we have a number of students with Anaphylaxis.  To assist those students, we ask that children do not share foods and if possible avoid foods such as eggs, nuts and peanut butter.  The recommendation is minimise the risk of exposure to these food rather than a total ban.

Parent and Emergency Contact Details – Please Update

During the past couple of weeks we have attempted to contact a number of parents/families and found that we did NOT have the correct contact or emergency contact details.  It is extremely important to ensure that ALL of your details are correct.  Have you changed home phone, mobile, address or have your emergency contacts changed?  Please fill in the form at the end of this newsletter or see the office if any of the above has changed.

Wakakirri Performance – Tuesday 13th August (7.15pm – Frankston Arts Centre)

Next Monday night a group of students from Lyndale Greens Primary School will be participating in the highly acclaimed – Wakakkiri dance festival.   I would like to wish all of the students the best for their performance.  It has taken many weeks of rehearsals to prepare the students for their exciting performance. 

Established in 1992, Wakakirri is Australia’s largest Story Dance Festival, involving over 20,000 students across every State and Territory each year.

Each year hundreds of schools across Australia create Story Dances for Wakakirri that reflect their students’ thoughts, ideas and aspirations. These stories are performed in professional theatres in front of the official ‘Wakakirri Panel’ who are searching for ‘Story of the Year’. Over 1 million people watch Wakakirri performances each year. Performing in Wakakirri is an experience students never forget. Schools spend show day rehearsing and meeting other schools and that same night walk the red carpet with the Wakakirri Panel and perform on the big stage.

The aim of Wakakirri is to teach students about themselves and others through the creating and sharing of stories and by this process develop students’ educational outcomes, lifestyle choices and community awareness

What is a Story-Dance?

A Wakakirri Story Dance is a 3-7 minute performance by a group of students that theatrically tells a story using a combination of dancing, acting and creative movement to pre-recorded music

What does Wakakirri Mean? 

The Aboriginal word Wakakirri means ‘to dance a story’ according to Wangaaypuwan people from Cobar NSW. It was chosen to give the event a distinctly Australian feel.

Thank you to Ms. Taryn Smith, Ms. Daisy Frey, Mr. Boonstra, Ms. Dymond, Mrs. Hicks and Ms. Siri for all of their outstanding work and commitment preparing the students for their exciting performance.

Ready-4-Prep Commences Thursday 31st October

In Term 4, 2019 our highly successful Kinder to Prep  transition program, Ready-4- Prep commences.

Children have the opportunity to learn about life at school and get to know other children who will be attending  Lyndale Greens Primary school in 2020

The children will also meet our experienced Prep (Foundation) teachers, specialist teachers, as well as familiarise themselves with the school environment.

Providing your child with the opportunity to attend our Ready-4-Prep transition program is a great way to help build your child’s confidence and readiness for school.

Where:    Lyndale Greens Primary School

                   1 –19 Oakwood Avenue,

                   Dandenong     North

                   Ph: 9795 2271

When:     Every Thursday afternoon for 6 weeks

Commencing Thursday 31st October 2019 to Thursday 5th December 2019

National Science Week - Destination Moon

National Science Week’s theme was THE MOON – of course! Fifty years ago, two men landed on the Moon’s surface on 21 July 2019. Over the past weeks, there were many newspaper, magazine, radio and television reports on this momentous event. Lyndale Green Primary school students watched a video and read books about the Moon landing. Then the students were invited to colour a picture of the moon landing or design a stamp or coin to celebrate the anniversary. The Science Captain chose the winner from each grade level. The winners received a certificate and a small prize. The winning entries are displayed in the Science Room. Congratulations!

Grade Prep – Monica Kallio Prep/grade 1

Grade One – Tannaz Mohabi 1A

Grade Two - Joel Billosillo

Grade Three – Olivia Zeng 3D

Grade Four – Sadia Babaie 4B

Grade Five – Arikesh Joydaniel 5D

Grade Six – Angelee Manysophoan 6A

Judith Sise Science Teacher, Destiny Pearl Jury, Nyajap Yol, Betty Wen Sin Ying  Science Captains.


Swimming for Prep, Yr1 & Yr2 will be held at the Oasis Pool in Term 3 beginning 19th August.  If you would like your child to attend the swimming lessons please return the permission form and payment as soon as possible. Cost is $44.50 for the 8 lessons or you may use CSEF if your application was approved.

Attention: Parent / Guardian

There are times when the school needs to contact the parents/guardians of our students.  It is extremely important to ensure that ALL of your details are correct.  Have you changed home phone, mobile, address or have your emergency contacts changed?  Please let the office know by phone, in person, or use our Skoolbag App, select our school, tap eforms, tap Change of details and update your details.