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St Patrick's Marist College

Newsletter Number 10 - 23 September 2020

From the Principal ....

This week we farewelled our Year 12 students. It started with a fantastic breakfast, followed by Year 12’s last year group assembly, time for lots of photos and reminiscing, finishing with an emotional walk through the school being cheered on by my staff and students. We were so pleased to be given the green light to hold a Graduation Ceremony after the conclusion of the HSC, which will allow our parents to join in this very special moment. A separate email has been sent to all Year 12 families.

I thank the P&F for their support in creating a beautiful space for their  breakfast and final day with their decoration of the Senior COLA area. 

I dedicate this newsletter to our Graduates of 2020, what a year it has been. Graduation however is not about one year, it is about the celebration of 13 years of schooling. We are so proud of everyone in our Year 12 group, they are an outstanding example of what we hope a Marist Graduate should be. Their involvement in our College has been wide ranging and they have left us with a great legacy for younger students to follow.

They have been positive, supportive, generous, hardworking and thoughtful, and have grown into amazing young adults, especially through this difficult year. They are generous of spirit, compassionate in service and they have always shown loyalty and kindness. They are now part of that wonderful tapestry, forever a part of the heart of St Patrick’s Marist College Dundas.

I thank Mr Bonora, our Year 12 Leader of Learning Pastoral. He has been an advocate and a tremendous support working tirelessly along with the Homeroom Patrons and teachers to ensure that the last two years have been as painless as possible.

I wish Year 12 All the very best in their preparations for their HSC.


This week I had the privilege of spending time with students involved in the “Write a Book in a Day” Competition. I was so impressed by the authentic collaboration, the talented writers and illustrators. The creative buzz in the room was contagious and the final products were outstanding. This is what learning is all about.  I congratulate all the students involved and I thank Mrs Debbie Harris for her leadership and organisation and to Ms Celima and Ms Kelly for their support.

We look forward to the handover of our new building at the start of Term 4, following a slight hold up. I remind everyone that school commences on Monday the 12th of October. If you need to make contact with the College over the holiday break please use the College email.

Have a safe and happy holiday.

Angela Hay

Principal Leader

Assistant Principal - Mission and Wellbeing

Parent Survey Results: Draft New (Religious Education) Curriculum

In Week 8 of this term, all parents of students involved in the Term 3 “Test Runs” of the Draft New Curriculum in Religious Education, were given the opportunity to share their feedback and insights. Thank you to all parents who were able to do so. Over 450 parents from across the Diocese have responded and there has been a positive response with the majority of parents agreeing to each of the statements listed below:

  • My child has enabled me to think about their faith

  • My child has connected what they have learned to their life

  • My child has responded positively to their lessons

  • My child has spoken about their lessons at home

Important insights and points of feedback were also provided which, along with feedback from students and teachers, will be read and reflected on by Mission leaders as they continue to refine the Draft New Curriculum. 

Mr M. Paton

Assistant Principal 
Mission and Wellbeing

Marist Solidarity Update

We are pleased to report that the wall surrounding the Marist Nursery and Primary School in Viyazhanmedu is progressing. The school grounds lead onto an abandoned field near a rice mill and is full of thorny bushes as well as being home to dangerous snakes and insects. This wall will now keep students out of the abandoned field and keep people from wandering through the school grounds. Parents of the students have raised concerns about the danger. The Marist Nursery and Primary School opened in 2015. Viyazhanmedu is a rural village in the Trichy region. Most of the students come from poor farming families, others have parents who work as day labourers. The families are charged a small fee to pay for the teachers’ salaries and maintenance of the school. A big thank you to St Patrick's Marist College who support this project. #covidcantstopgood #solidarity #thankyou

Marist Nursery and Primary School - Viyazhanmedu, India

200 Year Celebration Newsletter

Please find Newsletter 3, 'Celebrating 200 Years of Catholic Education in the Diocese of Parramatta.

Link to newsletter

Assistant Principal - Innovation, Teaching and Learning

Thank you all for another great term at St Patrick’s! So much has been achieved despite the challenges related to COVID-19. It is a real credit to our community that our work together continues, with the overwhelming support of each other.

Year 11 Examinations Conclude 

Congratulations to our Year 11 students who recently completed their examinations. With the changing nature of assessment, all students are challenged by completing a series of two-hour examinations. We are all very proud of how our Year 11 students conducted themselves during this important time. A big well done to all!

HSC Written Examinations: A Reminder

The great news that is demonstrated year after year is, no matter where you are in terms of your learning, put the time in now, and you will reap the rewards in your HSC Examinations! It’s simply astonishing how much students can improve between their Trial HSC Exams and their HSC Exams. Keep positive, ask for help, and put in the time!

If you have a question regarding the HSC Examinations please email Miss Hagarty on

There are a number of Holiday Classes that will be conducted during the break and the schedule has been sent to all Year 12 students (and Year 11 students who are completing the HSC).

Below are some useful links for students and parents/carers. If you have any questions, please email them to

HSC Study Guide 2020

Covid-19 HSC Advice

HSC 2020 Written Examination Timetable

Some Very Important Reminders…

 It is very important for parents/carers to be involved with their child’s learning. You may have a question or a query regarding homework, attendance, motivation, or study techniques just to name a few areas. If you would like any information regarding your child’s education you could email or call during school hours.

  • If you have a question/concern it is very important that you contact the Subject Teacher (if it relates to a particular course) or the Pastoral Leader of Learning.

  • Thank you for your continued support

    Patrick Finnerty

    Mr P. Finnerty

    Assistant Principal

    Innovation, Teaching and Learning

    Business Manager

    Environment Club students

    I would like to say a massive thank you to the students who volunteer for Environment Club. Each term there is a different group of students from Yrs 8, 9 and/or 10. They participate in environment club, in lieu of sport, but it is by no means an “easier” choice! I’m told that they always look forward to whatever the week’s “project” will be and often ask their teacher Ms Carol Watters earlier in the week what will they be doing??? Their projects maintain, clean and help beautify the school and our maintenance/grounds staff says “I cannot thank all of the students enough for their wonderful work, every week!” and saving him many hours of work, which enables him to concentrate on other maintenance things around the school.

    Over term 3, they helped with:

    · Pulling out weeds (large and small), raked and spread red wood chip mulch in the gardens outside the TAS block;

    · Weeded the gardens around our Wiyanga building and even trimmed some of the plants;

    · Picked up pavers from the front of the school, stacked them onto our ute, then unloaded them near the maintenance shed neatly onto a pallet;

    · Cleared rubbish from gardens around the lower staff car park area after we discarded old filing cabinets and lockers, re-stacked pavers neatly, tidily and safely, and mulched the gardens;

    · Trimmed branches, cut back shrubs, weeded and swept paved steps and thoroughly cleaned up the garden area on the staff driveway hill (including neatly stacking garden waste into piles for our easy removal);

    · Re-organised the storerooms in La Valla by pulling everything out, sweeping, cleaning and then putting everything back neatly in the correct storeroom, thereby creating much more (needed) storage;

    · Set up exam desks for HSC Trial exams in La Valla, etc

    Each week, they have always discarded their rubbish, weeds, etc and generally tidied up after themselves. We often wonder how they will feel about doing each project as it is not “fun” and sometimes not easy, but they always just dive straight in with enthusiasm!

    In previous terms, they have pulled up pavers from the front of BG07 (along the path of Gate C) and then laid turf. They were so proud of their end result!

    Last week, the builders had laid top-soil in the garden at the front of Wiyanga and were ready to lay new turf, however, the students asked if they could do it. Here are our before and after photos:

    Payments at the office

    In term 4, we will be moving to cash-free transactions, as is similarly reflected in the current retail world due to COVID. We already have EFTPOS facilities at reception and can take credit card payments over the phone.

    If you want to pay school fees in cash, please go to the local post office to pay by billpay.

    Our school fees already include the majority of required resources, so there are minimal additional costs to pay. Examples of items that are NOT included in school fees are rep sport uniform, bags/hats/ties, replacement items, formals, etc. We will be introducing an alternative cash-less app.

    We will only accept cash for Lenten appeals, mufti days, etc.


    The canteen has introduced weekly specials and healthier options. We have asked them to encourage students to pre-order their lunch (ie before homeroom). This gives students the opportunity to order something from the whole menu and since lunch orders are handed out first, students who have ordered, do not have to line up.

    We are also working with the canteen operators for an online pre-ordering system.

     Lowes Uniform Shop, Carlingford

    I recently met with our Lowes rep again and we reviewed all uniform lines held in-store, in their warehouses and on order. Most lines are sufficient in most sizes, so they are well stocked for upcoming summer uniform in Term 4 (including the lightweight boys trousers). Supplies coming in from their Melbourne warehouse are not impacted by the border closures and additional stock orders from overseas are due in Oct & Nov.

    Online orders are preferred and home delivery is available for convenience of families. Their next sale will be sometime in Nov 2020 (date TBC).

    Lowes customer feedback/complaints email address is for customers who want to know information, or have a problem that cannot be solved at the store level.

     Building Works

    The building project is looking fantastic and is scheduled for completion and handover soon! Some staff have been for a walk-through to visualise the new spaces and to start planning. We will slowly transition classes into this space from next term.

    · Demountables – the new demountables built early last year will be relocated to another school (after the HSC). The new furniture from these will be moved into our existing demountables, after these are painted in the next few weeks.

    · Library reno (disability access) – the disability ramp which will lead into the library (from B109) is almost ready. The design of the ramp will eventually provide shade for students sitting in front of the art rooms.

    · Senior COLA artificial grass – the artificial grass has been replaced as it was badly damaged during construction.

    · Gates – our new gate in the front of reception area will have a disability access ramp. This gate and the new one in front of the new building will be electronic and so will be locked at all times with an intercom system that can be buzzed and unlocked from reception. We will set these gates to be unlocked in the morning hours, for easy access by students.

    · Landscaping – we are still waiting on design options from the landscape architect who designed the landscaping for A block building. We want to landscape the rest of the front of the school, so that it flows from where the building works end to the bus bay. 

    Ms V. Fraser

    Business Manager


    Just a reminder to families that the third School Fee Instalment Statement was recently issued by the Catholic Education Diocese Parramatta (CEDP) to provide an update to parents of what fees are owing.  

    If any family is experiencing financial difficulty please do not hesitate to contact me confidentially to discuss options available to you. 

    If you are not experiencing any financial difficulties, there is the option of paying your fees in weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments. Please contact me at or 8841 7955 to work out a suitable payment arrangement.

     Ms Rolla Wadih

    School Fee Administrator


    Year 12


    Due to government restrictions, there was a change for this year's Graduation Day and what a great day it was! With a beautifully decorated backdrop in the Senior COLA prepared by the P and F team, the students were served a scrumptious breakfast. Our College Captains, Jaymelee and Sam also cut the lovely graduation cake prepared by Mrs Botto. They had the chance to take many photos in the morning as a keepsake to treasure forever and they also attended their final Year Meeting. There were many sentimental moments which included plenty of laughs, messages, advice and well wishes, and of course, a few tears.

    After lunch the  community gathered together for a Picnic in the park and many of our extraordinarily talented students sang songs and performed for their classmates. Finally, our College Captains led the students for the Guard of Honour as the entire school community lined up to applaud this fantastic group and wish them well for their future. Next term, we will have the chance for students and their parents to attend a ceremony to mark their time at the College and it is expected this will take place on 13th November. Students will also have the chance to have their College Formal on the 17th of November with more details to come.Thank you to the many people involved (too many to name) who ensured our students received a fantastic send off. Congratulations to all of our Year 12 students and we hope to see many of our students return for holiday classes in preparation for their HSC exams.

    Mr David Bonora

    Year 12 Pastoral Leader of Learning

    Year 7 and 8 (Stage 4)

    We are in our final week of Term 3. Just a few reminders in regards to expectations and preparation for Term 4.

    All students are to begin Term 4 in full summer uniform. Ladies, please ensure that you check the length of your dress at the beginning of the holidays to make sure it is below your knee for the start of term. Gentlemen, please ensure that any haircuts meet the schools expectations as listed in the diary.

    We have had a number of issues this term around Cyberbullying for both Year 7 and Year 8. It is really important as parents/guardians that you are aware of what your child is doing on social media/online. Please note that students need to be 13 or over to be on social media as stated in the terms and conditions of all social media apps. With holidays fast approaching, now would be a great opportunity for students to explore the outdoors and be active!

    It is really important that you continue talking to our students about their sleep habits. Students should be having 8 to 10 hours sleep per night. The key reasons the students are not getting the sleep they need are technology, school work, sport/extra curricular activities and stress. We have attached sleep resources that will help to ensure your child is getting adequate sleep each night. 

    We have had a very long term and we are sure that our students are looking forward to a relaxing break to come back refreshed and ready to work hard and finish the year stronger than ever. We hope you have a well deserved rest and stay safe!

    Mrs Nichole Padden and Miss Katherine Tripodi

    Year 7 and 8 Pastoral Leaders of Learning

    Sleep Connection

    Key Learning Areas

    Photographic & Digital Media

    In the Tiny Worlds unit 10PDM students are learning about macro photography and Postmodern installation art. Inspired by the works of Artists/Photographers Slinkachu and David Gillivers, 10PDM students create a collection of 9 photographs which use miniature figures and photoshopped peers to playfully challenge the way audiences see the world around them.

    Ms Caitlin Robinson

     Photo and Digital Media Teacher

    Write a Book in a Day

    How do you write FIVE BOOKS in a DAY?

    St Patrick's Marist College Dundas students from Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 made up five teams in the `Write a Book in a Day’ challenge on Wednesday 23rd September 2020, raising over $1200 for the Kids Cancer Project charity. 

    The ‘Write a Book in a Day’ challenge is run each year by the Kids Cancer Project, raising money to research and find better treatments and cures for childhood cancer. 

    The students work in teams of 5 to 10 authors and illustrators. Each team spends 8 hours writing and illustrating a `Book in a Day’. Specific parameters for characters, settings, issues and particular words, unique to each team, must be incorporated into the story. The students spend the first few hours planning, and then they write, illustrate and edit their own creations. 

    The students work collaboratively, using whiteboards and butchers paper for big and small scale planning and chapter allocation. The challenge is to make characterisation, theme, setting and plot consistent across different authors. As well as building upon their skills in expression through literature and art, the students learn to respect and support each other as team members. 

    Students must think constructively and creatively within the given parameters. Each team was allocated two human characters, a non-human character, a setting and an issue.  For example: the Year 7 team were asked to write about a lawyer, a painter and a fairy within the setting of a fast food outlet, dealing with the issue of climate change. In contrast, the Year 9 team based their story around an engineer, a lion tamer and Santa Claus, in the setting of an art gallery facing the issue of `cracking the code’. Australian content was mandatory, and there was a word limit of 3,500 to 5,000 words for all teams. 

    The teams are: 

    Year 7:   Ruth Jilesh, Emerald Kelly, Elise Aubury, Dominica Jung, Isabella Snow, Chloe Moyle, Ada Agnir and Mary Vasiliev

    Year 8:   Stella Zhang, Kathleen Hendricks, Bianca Tandean, Anisha Hati Baruah, Chelsy-Lee Ordonoz Cross, Ayden Bottos, Hiya Vyas, Mateo Pazin and Kaelyn Louie

    Year 9:  Sebeen Chung, Peta Turner, Malcolm Manu, Olivia Podmore, Raphael Matta, Natalia Pan Caitlin Brand, Ella Morley and Francine Covi 

    Year 10:  Taylah Owen, Stacie Touche, Lauren Chu, Anthony Azar, Beatrice Harn, Alessia Zapala Chelsea Ceely, Ben Goss, Ashleigh Liwanag, Kayla Mills, Jaida Woods, Jamison Williams-Anyszewski, Angelique Zorbalas, Roger Lawonski and Mikayla Donaldson

    In this year of COVID19, the `Write a Book in a Day’ challenge is entirely digital, and each book is made available as an ebook to children undergoing treatment in hospitals across Australia.  

    The St Patrick's Marist College Dundas books are also available as ebooks on SORA via the School Library, thanks to Librarian Ms Stephanie Thompson. Thanks also to Miss Hagarty for making `Book in a Day’ cupcakes; to Mrs Miller for providing snacks; and to Mrs Hay and all the school staff for supporting the event. 

    Special thanks to all the parents, family and friends who sponsored the students. Your contributions were greatly appreciated and gave the students an enhanced sense of purpose.  

    Ms Deborah Harris - English Teacher 

    Mrs Kate Kelly - Instructional Leader 

    Ms Ellen Celima - English Teacher  


    Are you looking for a good book to read? Students and staff recommend …

    Years 7-8

    Disney Twisted Tales (series)

    I like how it changes the norms of most stories and changes our perspectives of key moments.


    Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus by Dusti Bowling

    Funny and heartwarming - I only put it down once and that was when I dropped it from laughing too hard!

    Ms Thompson

     Years 9-10

    Cupid's Match by Lauren Palphreyman 

    Cupid's matchmaking service matches people with their soulmate. One of the banned cupids (whose name is Cupid I might add) is matched with the main character of this trilogy. If Cupid and the main character do end up matching, then the founder of the service (who is the Greek Goddess of love) will come down to Earth and create havoc amongst people. I loved the book because it isn't your average romance book.

    Taylah Owen

    Leah on the Offbeat by Becky Albertalli

    I loved this book because 1) in many other novels I’ve read, there aren't funny first person narratives; and 2) because the romance in there is open and not being judged as much. 

    Olivia Podmore

    The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4 by Sue Townsend

    I found it hilarious how bad Adrian Mole’s life is and how he thinks he’s amazing when he’s really just an awkward teenager. The book is about a 13 year old boy whose life doesn’t get any better and he is the walking definition of bad luck. I was laughing by the fourth page.

    Lillian Danieletto

    Years 11-12

    The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah 

    Talk about girl power! Fantastic story about how two women survived WW2. Historical fiction at its finest!

    Mrs Beach

    Overlord vol. 1 by Kagune Maruyama

    I just enjoy the Overlord show and comics, so I absolutely loved the book series that goes into great detail about the world of Overlord.

    Ryan Elkerton

    The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

    It is a gentle, heart-warming, laugh-out-loud story of how Don Tillman finds out he IS capable of love. If you are trying to know how a differently wired brain works, The Rosie Project is your book!

    Ms Sadasivan

    The Hunted by Gabriel Bergmoser

    Set in Australia, this is a 'can’t put it down’ book. You love some of the characters and want the best for them, but will that happen?

    Ms Kasmer

    Remember, you have access to 12,000+ ebooks and audiobooks via the elibrary.

    See the library staff for more information about SORA and Wheelers, our ebook and audiobook platforms. 

    Ms. Stephanie Thompson

    Teacher Librarian

    Learning Enrichment Centre

    The Learning Enrichment team would like to wish all year 12 students a hearty farewell. May God bless you and help you achieve your dreams. Don't forget us, we will always be there with you whenever you need us. Best of luck with your HSC exams! Also to all of the mums, dads and siblings supporting HSC students, thank you and good luck. It will all be over soon!

    Mrs A. Crase-Markarian


    Creative and Performing Arts

    Congratulations to the Year 12 Music class who presented a Friday Night Live-stream Performance for their own families to enjoy at home via Zoom. This was our first Music Live-stream evening in 2020, and the students performed with confidence and musicality. Whilst we most definitely prefer live face-to-face performances, this brought about a new opportunity for performing in a different context and medium. Many thanks go to Mr Thanh Nguyen for his fantastic tech support and Mr Chris Frede for accompanying students on the guitar. Thank you Year 12 Music for your tremendous support to the College over the years through performing at various events, masses and liturgies. You will be missed! 

    Ms Trudy Andrews,

    Leader of Learning

    Creative and Performing Arts.

    Year 12 Visual Arts

    Year 12 Visual Arts students submitted their final Body of Work in Week 9! I want to congratulate them on the immense amount of work they have put in and the resilience, good humour and straight up talent they brought to class each and every lesson. They worked with such a wide range of concepts and materials including film, photography, ceramics. painting & drawing.

    I am so proud of their work and wish them all the best! 

    Artworks below by: Top row (L-R) Oliver Pocknall, Emilia Saba, Dylan Lawrence, Claudia Ball, Andy Han.

    Mid row: (L-R) Michael O'Donoghue, Penny Broadhurst, Deanna Emerson-Vickary, Yvonne Wang, Seriah Hathurusinghe.

    Bottom row: (L-R) Dabi Lee, Amelia McGlinn, Eubeen Chung.

    Ms Dorota Mojsiejuk

    Year 12 Visual Arts Teacher

    Year 7 Visual Arts

    Year 7 students have been exploring ways that artists communicate emotion in their artworks. During our portraiture unit, students learnt techniques for achieving realism in their work through focusing on accurate facial proportions and understanding how to apply tone using graphite pencils. Students created backgrounds for their self-portrait with thoughtful choices of elements and principles of art which they felt best communicated their chosen emotion. There were many outstanding results across the four Year 7 Visual Arts classes this term.

    Ms R. Duff

    Visual Arts Teacher


    Community News

    Mobile Community Pantry

    Every second Thursday we, in partnership with Anglicare, run the Mobile Community Pantry (MCP) at Dundas /Ermington Uniting Church, on the corner of Park Road and Kissing Point Road, Dundas, from 10-11am. The MCP provides low cost, long life grocery items for people on low incomes or in financial crisis for families in the local area. Usually, shoppers pay $10 to fill a bag with long life pantry items of their choosing from the selection available (some individual item limits apply). However, due to Covid-19 we have modified the process, and for $5 shoppers can purchase a prepacked bag that contains various pantry items, such as long life milk, cereal, rice, pasta, pasta sauce, muesli bars, etc. The remaining dates for 2020 are:

    • Thursday 10 September
    • Thursday 24 September
    • Thursday 8 October
    • Thursday 22 October
    • Thursday 5 November
    • Thursday 19 November
    • Thursday 3 December