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Newsletter Term 3 Week 4

Principal's Message

Dear Delany community,


We celebrate the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary - the Assumption, for short - on August 15. The Assumption is when we honour Mary's journey into heaven. Assumption means that God takes the individual body and soul into heaven without him or her suffering death.

Images of Mary's assumption depict the Holy Mother in the sky, with saints and believers praying underneath her. These images show how God separated Mary from the rest of the world and brought her to heaven.

The Feast of the Assumption is the main celebration of Mary's life and ministry. God assumed Mary into heaven, Catholics believe, because of Mary's special relationship with God. All of Mary's roles - Mother of God, Queen of Heaven, Lady of Sorrows - are tied in with her position in heaven, guiding, watching, and caring for God's children.


As the Holy Mother, Mary's assumption reflects God's promise to all his children. All who obey God and believe, as Mary did, will join God in heaven. All devout Christians live in the hope of new life after death, just as Jesus was raised from the dead on the first Easter.

Catholics hold Mary's assumption as a reminder that God loves them and yearns for them to join Jesus, Mary, and all the saints in heaven.

I welcome the following teachers to our community;


1.    Mr Brian Zammit – Mathematics

2.    Ms Alena Kando – PDHPE

3.    Ms Rannia Katrib – Hospitality and PDHPE


We especially welcome Mr Ian Jordan (Community Engagement Officer) who will be supporting Delany College in forming stronger relationships with the wider Granville community. We believe that this work will undoubtedly increase student enrolments this year and beyond.

 God Bless

 Mr Robert Muscat


Assistant Principal

During the remainder of this term your children will see a heightened focus on attendance. There are also many families who will receive letters regarding the attendance at school of their children. Obviously academic success begins with being in a classroom. Just as importantly, having a mindset that promotes resilience and persistence is a key to future success. Developing the habit of attending school every possible day is preparation for future success.

The Delany community

Attention all Dads, Grandfathers, Uncles and male family members: we are planning to host a function to celebrate Fathers’ Day on Friday 30 August. We recognise the difficulty of attending functions such as these as they clash with work commitments. In an effort to support your attendance, we are therefore holding two events on the same day: a breakfast BBQ in the morning before school (8:15am), and coffee and cake in the afternoon (2:30pm). We would value your attendance with your children. An invitation will be sent home in the coming week.

As I write today, Wednesday 14 August, 18 students from Year 11 are finalising and practicing the speech they will deliver this afternoon to their peers. These 18 students have nominated for Student Leadership roles in 2020 (but starting in Term 4 this year). 

It is a brave nomination by these students! Good leaders make themselves vulnerable to others: they share their vision for the future; they share their values on which decisions are made; they lead from the front but serve from behind; they are accountable for successes and failures; and they have to speak in front of others. It is this last point which, I know, our students will face today on a spectrum of confidence and terror! My experience, having listened to many student speeches, is that sometimes the fear of delivering this speech brings out a simplicity and honesty that shows character, and to which others respond.

The academic community 

Our Year 12 students are currently approaching the end of the Trial HSC examinations. It is a stressful time for students (and their parents). When they return, there will be five full weeks of classes before the Class of 2019 farewell their school community in Week 10. These are, in some ways, the most critical of their preparation for the final HSC. During this time they will receive feedback on their Trial exam performances and find out what’s working and what needs more work. Our HSC teaching staff have planned lessons that revise key areas of work and have a strong focus on improvement. Can every student find five more marks on each exam in the next five weeks? I am confident they can - especially with the support of their Delany teachers.

The Patrician community 

The Patrician community touches our Delany lives in small and large ways. Our Delany Foundation fundraising is under way, and as I described last week, builds faith and learning communities overseas. This is a large-scale operation.

Closer to home, this week we have two staff attending a Patrician retreat with colleagues from the other Sydney Patrician schools. We see this as a vital link to our heritage, particularly now that we don’t have any of the Brothers working at the College. These retreats, as well as the regular visits by the Brothers, maintain a line of sight from today right back to 1942 when three brave Patrician men began teaching at the new school called Patrician Brothers’ Granville - now known as Delany College Granville.

St Patrick, pray for us.

Mr Anthony Blomfield

Assistant Principal

Religious Education

Feast of the Assumption

Thursday, 15 August the Church celebrates the Feast Day of the Assumption of Our Lady when according to our faith, the Holy Mother, “having completed her course of her earthly life, was assumed body and soul into heavenly glory”.The Assumption signals the end of Mary’s earthly life and marks her return to heaven to be reunited with Jesus.

Our Catholic Church designates this Feast day as a Holy Day of Obligation. Students and staff alike are encouraged to attend their own parishes for this significant Feast Day. A list of Mass times in local parishes is listed below for your convenience:

Holy Trinity Parish, Granville - 8.15am & 7.00pm

St Margaret Mary's Parish, Merrylands - 8.00am, 10.00am & 6.30pm

God Bless

Mrs Karina Stow

RE Coordinator 

Calling all Dads!

On Friday, 30 August, Delany College will be celebrating Father’s Day. All fathers and grandfathers are invited to attend either (or both) of the following with their child:

8.15am-9.00am – A BBQ breakfast in the College Garden

2.30pm – 3.00pm – An Afternoon tea in the Top Undercroft

A  hardcopy invitation will be sent home with students within the fornight. 

The Tree of Healing

There was a man who wanted to seek a very rare tree that was hidden on a mountain. His name was Samual. This tree has many healing herbs, and the man wondered where he could find it. As the man was walking around, he was asking an older man about where he could find this rare tree, and the man responded, “Where you seek is further than you imagine. You travel past forests, and travel through water, you go up this mountain and you will find it on the highest corner.”

Then Samual packed his clothes, a tent, water and food for his travel. He kissed his wife and son goodbye, and started walking over a hill. Then this random person asked to go with him, and Samual said yes. They both held their bags and saw a boat. Samual ran towards the sailor and paid him 4 pounds to take him to the mountain. The sailor took Samual's money and him and the boy were sitting and looking over the water.

The boat stopped, and Samual and the boy started to hike past forests and up the mountain. Suddenly, they heard a voice calling them, to take the herbs and give it to all those who are sick. Samual and the boy listened and found the tree. Samual was leaping with joy and grabbed the herbs and packed them into a bag. The boat waited for them and took them back. Samual gave the sailor some of the herbs and said, “Go and keep them for those who are sick in your family.” And he did just that. 

After Samual's travel, he went walking through the village and preaching his discovery to all those near him. Everyone was amazed that this poor villager found the Tree of Healing. He ran up the hill and saw his wife washing clothes, and his son playing on the grass. His son saw him and ran for a hug. Samual called out to his wife and as both of their eyes met, she threw her clothes in the bucket and kissed him. Samual told them, “The boy and I found the Tree of Healing and took its herbs, but before I took it, there was a voice. This voice sounded so peaceful and its light shone over the tree. It was GOD!”

As the days went by, Samual never saw his travelling buddy again and wondered where he was, or if he was safe. So Samual went to the village and asked people if they saw the boy of his description. They said no. With disappointment in his eyes, Samual walked back home with his head down. He looked up and saw him. It was his friend. They confronted each other and Samual asked him, “Where were you. I thought you were in danger or you left forever.” The boy replied, “I will never leave you. You are my brother.” Then there was light. The boy rose up and his clothes changed. Samual finally recognised who this mysterious man was. It was Jesus.” I don't believe this, I can't believe this. This whole time it was you, my Lord.” “Yes it was me. I see you for the man you are. A caring person. I believed that you would not keep those herbs for yourself, and you didn't. This is your reward.” Then Jesus put his hands out and the Tree of Healing appeared in Samual's garden. Samual thanked Jesus and when he turned around, he was gone. But this is the story that Samual will tell forever.

Galia Germanos

Year 8 student

School Fees

School Fees
A friendly reminder that term fees fall due 28 August 2019. Please contact our Finance Office if you would like to make an arrangement or pay for your fees over the phone.

Did you know You can make a payment online using our payment portal? Please click this link to access the Payment Portal. You will require:* Account* Reference * Payer ID * Your credit card/bankcard details. This information is detailed on your statement.
Please contact our friendly office team if you would like a statement emailed to you. Once again a huge thank you to families who have contacted our team, made arrangements and continue to stay in contact regarding your child's school fees. 

Mrs Sheryl Temu

Senior Finance Officer


The Australian Geography Competition

The Australian Geography Competition is a contest for Australian secondary school students, assessing their geographical knowledge and skills. The Competition aims to encourage student interest in geography and to reward student excellence.

In 2019, the Competition was held at Delany College on Wednesday 27 March. It consisted of multiple-choice questions, testing geographical knowledge and skills. The answer sheets are centrally marked and all participants receive results and certificates (Top 1% in Australia, high distinction, distinction, credit or participation). Students were graded at school year levels – Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, and Year 10.

We would like to commend the following students on their efforts:

Vanesha Koroma (Credit)Makalita LiutaiSaide TannousDaniel HalawiMawunedi Passa (Credit)
Nalini BolZoe NdunguQuiana Tembo-SieversJoseph KoromaChristina Awad
Emmanuel DukulyJayson NguyenClarissa Bechara (Distinction)Naulu LeoGwyeth Climaco
Sarah El-HajEmmanuel OkonkwoScarlett Lawler (Credit)Armin Mostofian Audrey Lagaya
Kristina GierkePorsha PepicThomas Rose (Credit)Joshuwa RoughleySoheil Nikandish
Anaahat HaraYuvraj SinghJames AbedKhan Salicioglu-Achielissa Miraziz
Emanuel KoromaTristian SinghdeoChristine DiazJoshua Carniel (Credit)Keziaj Opoku Gyan

Miss Michelle Mutabdzija

Student Learning Leader

Cumberland Council’s “Refugee Camp in My Neighbourhood”

On Friday August 2, students from Society and Culture and Modern History attended a program organised by Cumberland Council called “Refugee Camp in My Neighbourhood”. The program allowed us to empathise with refugees and gain insight into their experiences. We were assigned a character of a refugee and we participated in various activities that mirrored experiences of refugees around the world. Activities include listening to personal stories about war and fleeing persecution, crossing borders and experiencing what it’s like to live in a refugee camp. These experiences were intense and we were able to get a glimpse of what refugees go through physically, emotionally and mentally. It helped us appreciate what we have, including our safety and freedoms.

ElisaPeta Mapapalangi

Year 11 student

Delany Foundation Fundraiser

Year 7,8 and 9 Movie Night

On Friday 9 of August, students from Years 7 - 9 were invited to a Movie Night at the school to raise money for the Delany Foundation. With the choice of the original Men in Black and The Fast and the Furious, Shazam!,  and even a gaming knockout, we had about 30 keen students attend and raise over $250 from this one night!! A huge shout out to our student leaders, Mr. Peronace, Miss Mutabdzija, Miss Ortiz, Miss Bartley, Miss Whitfield, Miss Katrib and Mrs Bellamy for organising and hanging out with us on a Friday night! We can’t wait for the next event!

Miss Michelle Mutabdzija

Student learner Leader

R3 Kinokuniya Excursion

On Thursday 27th of June 2019, students featured in R3 at Delany College were rewarded for their tremendous effort and commitment by visiting one of Australia’s largest book stores Kinokuniya. Students were invited to explore the venue and select a book of interest paid for by the College. Bookstores like Kinokuniya are obsolete in most Sydney suburbs and the opportunity to visit such venues is scarce in schools. The excursion provided a chance for students to experience the wonderful and enriching atmosphere Kinokuniya has to offer, all in the heart of the bustling city of Sydney. 

The students then spent the remainder of the day exploring their new books, enjoying the sights and feeds of Darling Harbour and soaking in the much needed sunshine in this cool weather.

A big thank you to staff members Ms Donia Shwan and Ms Helen Moussa assisting on this excursion and staff at Kinokuniya Allyx Lathrope and Sophie Long with the logistics of the visit and purchasing of books.

NB: R3 is a comprehension intervention program for Stage 4 students. The purpose of this intervention is to provide students with additional literacy knowledge and skills. The program enables students to read strategically and allow them to successfully comprehend texts.

Miss Amal Nizam

R3 Teacher



Write A Book in a Day

During Week 2 on Thursday and Friday, students represented Delany College in the Write a Book in a Day Competition. Students were able to collaborate and create a story based on a set of parameters given out on the day.

 We had three teams enter and write some amazing stories and raise funds for The Kids Cancer Project. 

Our Junior Team wrote a story called “I Didn’t Gnome You Were Coming”, our Year 9 Team wrote a book titled “Change YoursELF” and our Year 12 Team wrote a book titled “Beyond the School Gates”. Well done to all of our participants for working tirelessly to create their books within a 12 hour period.

Thank you to Miss Foster, Miss Greenberry and Miss Ortiz for their help. A special thank you to Miss Tanya Whitaker for taking the time to come back to Delany and lend a hand.

Congratulations to the following students on an amazing effort:

Delany Juniors (Year 7 & 8)

Makalita Liutai, Nalini Bol, Olivia Harris, Annie Hara, Joseph Koroma, Thomas Rose, Claressa Bechara, Thuraya Dandash, Ayla Fahed and Porsha Pepic.

Delany Year 9

Rhys Ramos, Phoebe Harris, Lyriah Filo, Ashiatu Kamara-Peacock, Simran Kaur, Mikaylla Chakoush, Georgia McIntyre, Sia-Comfort Swaray and Hope Croombes.

Delany Seniors (Year 12)

Mary Ghribian, Leonard Dagher, Tavishi Peiris, Marie Peralta, Brenda Karam and Zac Dascalos.

Mrs Misty Findlay

Senior English Teacher

Delany Shield Debating Competition 2019

During Term 3, Delany College will be hosting the Delany Shield Debating Competition between Holy Trinity, Holy Family, St Oliver’s, St Patrick’s, St Margaret Mary’s and OLQP. 

The Round 1 topic was “The internet should be banned in schools”. Each speaker managed to develop a sound argument and spoke very well. The victorious schools for Round 1 were St Margaret Mary’s, Holy Trinity and OLQP. 

Well done to all of our speakers! We look forward to seeing everyone in Round 2.

Mrs Misty Findlay

Senior English Teacher

From The Library

It is time to celebrate books and reading! Next week is Book Week and the theme this year is ’Reading is my Secret Power’! Decoration of the Library has begun with more to come. Two Year 9 students, Ghassan Hamze and Sia-Comfort Swaray, have designed some great posters with quotes which have also been put up around the Library.

We have a number of events being organised with the first, a Scavenger Hunt, happening this week as a prelude. Yesterday the Library was busy at lunch time with students excitedly locating particular books in the Library in order to answer a list of questions they’d been given!

Next week there will be some story read-alouds at lunch times - Stories of Fun, Fright and Faith; a blind date with a book and some baked goods on Friday - purchase a pre-wrapped book as a surprise read; and Costume Day also on Friday! For the Costume Day students are encouraged to dress up as a book character, either for the whole day or just for the judging at lunch time.

The fun has begun!

Mrs Lynette Perrett

Library Manager


Year 7 students played 'Beeter Buzzer Bowling' as part of their program on Target Games. The aim of the game was to roll the basketball to knock down the other team's pins. The team that knocked down all the opposing team's pins won the game. This game developed the student's movement skills, coordination and ability to work in a team towards a goal.


Warren Johnson



These students who are studying PASS (Physical Activity and Sports Studies) were playing a game of continuous Cricket. The aim was to develop their skills of batting, bowling and catching which are integral elements in 'Striking and Fielding' games.

Warren Johnson


Important Dates

Year 5 Learning Day - St Margaret Mary's PrimaryFriday 16 August
Book WeekMonday 19 August
Year 7 Excursion - Sydney Jewish Museum

Wednesday 21 August

Delany Debating shield (Primary schools competition)Wednesday 21 August
Year 10 VaccinationsThursday 22 August
Delany/HTP Evacuation drill to Granville ParkTuesday 27 August

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