Mary Immaculate Primary Newsletter Update

Term 2 Week 6: Monday 1st June 2020

Learning At MIPS

MIPS Participates in National Simultaneous Storytime!

On Wednesday, 27th May, Mary Immaculate students participated in the National Simultaneous Storytime. The story this year was “Whitney and Britney Chicken Divas”, written by Lucinda Gifford, which was read by Mrs Smith over the PA. All students from Kindergarten to Year 6 were able to engage with the story at the exact same time. It was a fantastic and fun experience for the children!

The Learning Pit

As we encounter challenges in our lives we are forced to use a range of problem solving skills to gain answers or solutions. Here at school, our learners are faced with multiple challenges throughout the day and because of the process of facing these challenges and finding possibilities, they learn. It is through the struggles and the uncertainty that our learners are forced to use a variety of skills and strategies either on our own through collaboration with others. This process helps students develop resilience, foster a growth mindset, persevere, inquire, collaborate, and most importantly to grow and achieve. 

At Mary Immaculate, we think about learning as a reward for actively entering into a challenge and making growth or gaining new knowledge because of this experience. We use the analogy of the ‘The Learning Pit’ developed by James Nottingham as a frame of reference for students to talk and think more accurately and extensively about their own learning.

What is ‘The Learning Pit’ and how is it relevant?

The learning pit provides learners with a visual representation as to where they are in the problem-solving process and helps to explain their thoughts and feelings at this stage. We often hear our learners comment that the challenges provided to them put them ‘into the pit’ and then they had to try different ways to climb out.

Have you ever encountered a problem at home or at work where you were just really stuck? Perhaps you or your child may have experienced challenges at some point, particularly during the remote learning period? How did you feel when you were forced to step out of your comfort zone and find suitable and often creative solutions? What helped you to overcome the challenge? We are all learners and have all entered the learning pit at some point. It is in the trial and error while trying to get out when we do our best learning. 

Read more about ‘The Learning Pit’

Latest News

Public Holiday

Monday 8th June is a public holiday for the Queen's Birthday. There will be no classes on Monday. 

Happy Birthday to the Students Celebrating Their Birthday in June

Natalya A, Nathalie A, Lucas B, Connor B, Luke B, Felicity B, Vivienne C, Sofia C, Edward C, Cameron D, Lillian D, Emma D, Gabriel E, Alexa E, Jacob E, James F, Mikey F, Erin F, Maya F, Jemma F, Israel G, Kai H, Phoenix H, Ava H, Jayden J, Jenna J, Abhijot K, Mariana K, Boston L, Johan M-M , Hannah M, Vayha N, Indiana O, Noah O, Micaiah P, Ruby P, Nikhel R, Lola R, Holly R, Samuel R, Dante S, Anastasia S, Christina S, Angelina S, Alannah S, Averie S, Siyana S, Zayaan S, Amelia T, Aleahya W.

Kindergarten 2021 Enrolments

First round of enrolments for Kindergarten 2021 will be closing on Friday 5th June.

Enrolment packs are available from the school office or can be downloaded from our school website.

Please contact the school office on 9933 7800  to book an enrolment interview if your child will be starting kindergarten in 2021. 

Book Club News

Thank you to everyone who ordered from Issue 3. We received scholastic rewards to the value of $120, which will be used to purchase books and learning resources. Issue 4 of Scholastic Book Club was sent home last week.

Orders need to be placed by Friday 12th June.

We accept: Credit card online payments using LOOP: Unfortunately we are unable to accept cash payments, please disregard option 2 on Book Club order form.

Happy Reading!

Uniform Exchanges

When exchanging items purchased from the uniform shop please send an email to prior to leaving the items at the school office in a bag labelled with your child's name and class. 

All inquiries please contact Elle on 0421 216 414 or via email,

Catholic Schools - Opportunity for All

In keeping with last years procedure, marks for selective school applications will not be added as part of the Principal's page.

Our system of schools seeks to inclusively meet and extend the learning abilities of all our students. 

Mr Stephen Dowd


Mary Immaculate Parish

Attendance at Mass

As you may have noticed the NSW government has announced a relaxation for attendance at religious services from June 1 2020.

 Twenty people will be able to attend weddings, fifty people will be able to participate in religious services at places of worship and fifty people can attend funerals, subject to the four square metres rule. We ask parishioners to use the main entrance of the church, sign in our visitors' register and sit only in the designated spaces. 

 If you wish to attend any of our Masses we ask you to email ( or call (9626 3326) the parish office to advise you if you are interested in attending. If you come to church and have not registered for a particular service, please be prepared to be turned away. 

 We will be adhering to the safety plans as directed, and we will ensure that hand hygiene, physical distancing, and cleaning of the seats in the Church take place. Of course, people who are unwell should not come to the Church but rather stay at home. There are also restrictions in regards to singing at religious services. As Citizens of NSW, we are bound to follow the law. Once the designated number is reached, we will have to turn people away. We are aware that these limitations will create difficulties at times, but I ask you to be patient and even at times to accept being turned away. 

 If we do obey these rules, then we can be optimistic that the number of people able to attend will increase gradually.

Catholics from the Diocese of Parramatta continue to be dispensed from their Sunday Mass obligation until further notice. (Canon 1248 paragraph 2 and Canon 2181).” 


 1.    If you wish to attend any of our Masses we ask you to email ( or call (9626 3326) the parish office to advise you are interested in attending. If you come to church and have not registered for a particular service, please be prepared to be turned away.

 2.   Only 50 people will be admitted into the Church, and this will be through the main door.

 3.   All people entering the Church need to use hand sanitiser before entering the Church.

 4. All people entering the Church need to sign IN with their name and contact details.

 5.   You are asked to be at the Church at least 10 - 15 minutes before the commencement of Mass. 

 6.  Parishioners are to sit only in the seats that are designated for sitting.

 7.  We also ask that people volunteer to sanitise the seats and any place they come in contact with, after each Mass. Anti-Bacterial wipes will be available at the front of the church.  


MASSES THIS COMING WEEK: Monday: 6.00am only.Tuesday to Friday: 6.00am & 9.15 AM. There will be no Wednesday or Friday evening Masses until further notice.

 Our live streaming and broadcasted Masses will no longer continue.



SUNDAY MORNING MASSES: 7:30 AM, 9:00 AM, 10:30 AM & 5.30PM



THE SACRAMENT OF PENANCE:  On Saturdays between 4.00PM – 5.00PM

 THE SACRAMENT OF BAPTISM: for the time being, there will be individual baptisms on a Saturday with a total of 20 people apart from the priest and acolyte. This will take place at 11:00 AM. Please contact the parish office via email ( or phone: 9626 3326, to make an inquiry or book a Baptism.


The main door of the Church will be a means of entering the Church. It is necessary that you use hand sanitiser and record your name and phone number before you enter the Church. We would also ask that you do not touch statues, the tabernacle, paintings, or any other religious object in the church. 


The preparation of the sacraments for First Reconciliation, First Eucharist and Confirmation will start again shortly. We are currently putting together a revised program and dates for each of the sacraments and will notify / advertise this information shortly. Please stay tuned to our Facebook  page, website, parish bulletin and school bulletins for updates. We will also be contacting families directly who have participated in previous sacraments.  


From next weekend we be returning to our liturgy roster for readers, acolytes and junior servers.The parish office will be in contact with everyone involved to confirm their participation.

We appreciate your continued prayers, patience, cooperation and understanding during this time. 

​Yours in Christ,

Fr. Oliver, Fr. Ever, Deacon Leon and Parish Staff.


My Jesus, I believe that you are truly present in the Most Blessed Sacrament. I love You above all things and I desire to possess You within my soul. Since I am unable at this moment to receive You sacramentally, come at least spiritually into my heart. I embrace You as being already there, and unite myself wholly to You. Never permit me to be separated from You.


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