Churchlands Primary School Newsletter

Volume 37 - 11/11/2022

Principal's Message

Wow, spectacular, impressive!!…there were so many adjectives heard from the many who were privileged to be part of the 2023 Big Music Night (BMN). The exceptional musical talent of the students is testament to the high level of musical opportunities they have under the guidance of Mr Howesmith and the IMSS specialists. Huge thank you to Mr Howesmith for all his hard work getting this together, to the IMSS specialists for developing the children to such a high level of musical aptitude and to a number of staff for their backstage help and skills in managing a lot of super excited students! Thank you to the music parents who put on a wonderful interval supper.

The students at CPS just love their tennis! This week our year 3 and 4 students had the opportunity the show their tennis skills by participating in the Wembley Downs Tennis Club Red Ball Smash Interschool Competition.  The students had such great fun and for their efforts Team 1 came away as crowned champions of the day.  Thanks must go to Mr Marshall who is always challenging the students to have a go at lots of different sports and having fun in the process.

A friendly reminder that we have an Open School Board Meeting Monday 21 November at 6.00 – 7.00 pm in the library. You are most welcome to come along and share the achievement of the Board in 2022. The agenda outline is as follows:

·         Chair welcome and overview of the Boards achievements for 2022.

·         Data presentation to Community

·         Curriculum Focus and Direction 2022/2023

·         P & C Overview of key achievements

·         Parent clarifying Questions

Staff have begun the process of developing classes for 2023. Organising staffing and student placements is a highly complex process with many factors playing in what the composition of classes will look like. We are governed by the funding we are provided through the Department, number of students enrolled and working within the Union Award and Agreement guidelines. Please be assured that a lot of time and effort is taken to ensure each child is placed in the best possible class that suits their social emotional and academic development. Please refer to the Class Placement Guidelines and Class Structures, as a guide for parents for further clarification of the processes used.

Why school attendance matters

Regular attendance at school is fundamental to student learning. Please read more to find out about importance of high student attendance, and CPS attendance expectations.

BMN 2022 Gallery

Check out some of the Flurotastic action from last night's BMN in the BMN 2022 Gallery here

Congratulations to our Week 4 Merit Certificate recipients.

ECE U1Emma K, Erik F
ECE U2Hugo T, Alex E
ECE U3Lawrence Y, Asha K, Sebastian O, Isabel LS
Room 1Max B, Kit V
Room 3Asher A, Lewis B
Room 4Tenshok T, Arielle L, Isla H, Leo Z
Room 5Caspar M, Daisy T
Room 6Ethan M
Room 7Karena Q, Eden F
Room 8Carol L, Keya P
Room 9Xiatian O, Angela Q
Room 10Aarav P, Sam L
Room 11Bethany D, James D, Liam M
Room 12Obie M, Jun C, 
Room 13Noah L, Jade U, Hugh M
Room 16Stephanie Z


The P&C's Book Fair in Week 7 urgently needs volunteers to help out in the library.

It's fun and easy and support will be provided. Why not volunteer with a friend!

3 hour slots on Monday

1 hour slots on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday - Nov 21-25.

Sign up here and lend a hand -

Positive Behaviour Change Part 4: Using Consequences Effectively 

Negative consequences can guide children’s behaviour if you use them consistently, fairly and at the right time.  For more helpful tips from our School Psychologist, click here.

PE News and Upcoming Events

Some of our Year 3 and 4 students were selected to participate in the Interschool Tennis Carnival which turned out to be a great day out.  Read more here.

Scitech Challenge Days

Over the last couple of weeks, our CPS STEAM representative teams have enjoyed challenging and engaging excursions when attending their Scitech Challenge days. Read More

2023 School Planning

Please inform the Administration team if your child is not returning to Churchlands Primary School for 2023

2023 Booklists

The 2023 booklists are now live.  All orders must be completed online at by Thursday 15th December 2022 using "XKFW" as your code.

Orders can still be placed past the 'return date' but it may incur a late fee.

Updating Student Information

Parents, it is essential to inform the school in writing of any changes to student details.  This includes:

1.  Change of address/email address/phone numbers

2.  Any changes to your child's medical condition or medications

3.  Change of parent work arrangements

Please see the office administration for any changes to your child's information.

Redhage Basketball - After school

Basketball is back on for Term 4.  More information here.

Tennis is back for Term 4

                                                                Before School Tennis

Coastal Tennis will be returning in Term 4 to offer Tennis Lessons on the schools courts.  More information here.

All enquiries call Nick Kirkbride (Coastal Tennis) 0419 923 495 or visit and enrol or download a form from the Schools Page.

Herdsman Lake Discovery Centre Spectacular