Term 3 2019 | Week 9

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News from the Principal

Welcome to the last newsletter for Term 3. It has been a very busy term with many highlights to celebrate.

Personal growth for students has been extremely rewarding during the term. Many students have jumped reading levels and improved their sight word count. Growth continues to occur for students in Running Records and Probe comprehension results. Well done to both staff and students for this hard work.

I would also like to acknowledge the Whyalla Show display which was created by Sheri. It was outstanding to see the incredible work our students are producing. There were a number of students who received show awards for the work they had produced. Well done and congratulations. Thank you to Mrs Edwards for also supporting this years show effort.

This year’s NAPLAN results have been delivered to school. As a staff we will pull apart the results and celebrate the positive improvements and make plans to implement change to continue to support the social, emotional and learning needs of our children.

Well done to Mrs Whyte and Shirley for organising this years photo day. It is a huge effort to ensure that all photos are taken on time. Well done to our students for their cooperation on the day. We will inform you when the photos arrive at school.

I would like to wish Mr Yeates all the very best as he takes long service leave in Term 4 and travels with his family. I am currently in the process of finding a replacement for him.

Bryan Rotherham, Principal


Student Wellbeing Leader News

On Monday of Week 9 we were lucky enough to have ‘The Wellbeing Show’ come to visit Rotherham Hall. The themes of this show were resilience, inclusion, teamwork and having fun. It was a very interactive show from start to finish filled with songs, experiments and even a little bit of magic! All students participated really well and were respectful.  Well done, Long Street!

Remember, when an Automatic Negative Thought (A.N.T) comes into your mind, to replace it with a Positive Encouraging Thought (P.E.T). Having a positive growth mindset is key to improving your wellbeing.

Since I last wrote, students from every class have had lessons with Bob from Life Education. These lessons were chosen to fit the needs of the individual class and suit the Australian Curriculum for the appropriate year level. There are parent resources available to accompany these lessons. If you would like them, please come see me.

Have a wonderful break! We look forward to seeing everyone rested and ready for our last term of 2019!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns about your child(ren)’s attendance or social/emotional learning, please make an appointment to come and see me, or give me  a call!

Warm Regards,


Senior Leader News

I can’t believe that this is the last newsletter for Term 3!  What a term it has been; we have had Romeo and Juliet, Zoom, Choir, Book Week, PAT Reading and Maths, Music is Fun, photos and still have the Colour Run and Rooms 10 and 11 Camp to go!

Unfortunately, there has been a lot of illness making its way through our school.  If your child is sick, please do not send them to school.  It is also necessary for your child to have a clear 24 hours of no vomiting or diarrhoea before returning to school so that they do not pass it onto their peers and teachers.

We are seeing an increase in non-uniform clothing being worn to school.  Please remember that our uniform policy states that clothing needs to be black or bottle green, that shorts need to be of a reasonable length (at least mid thigh) and hats need to be free of graffiti, rips and tears.

Thank you for your cooperation in these matters.

Jodie Turpin

Diary Dates



Friday 27th  September                                  Last Day of Term 2.10pm Finish

Monday 14th  October                                      First day of Term 4 

Friday 22nd November                                      White Ribbon Day

Tuesday 3rd December                                     Awards Night

Thursday 5th December                                    Christmas Concert

Monday 9th December                                      High School Transition

                                                                               Reception Transition

Tuesday 10th December                                    Year 7 Graduation

Thursday 12th December                                  Year 7 Aquatics

Friday 13th December                                      Last day of Term 2.10pm finish

please note: Some dates may be subject to change

Week 6 Awards

Room 1
Room 6

Matika Kruger

Keni-Lee Dadleh

Brady Rawson

Jayde Van Balen

Alecia Taylor

Adam Veart

Room 2
Room 10

Hudson Marshall

Felicity Mercer

Maddy Shore-Law

Tama Rigg

Tahneah Wilton-Ahkee

Calleb Rotherham

Gabby Bell

Lachlan Starick

Room 3

Room 11

Xavier Miller

Skye Southern

Sophie Harper

Alison Agius

Room 4
Room 12

Hemi-Linkin Gale

Paige Benbolt

Tori Hewitt

Fayne Poulson

Sofie Collier

Blake Francis

Alicia Manfield

Room 5
Room 13

Lily Rackley

Tyler Burgoyne

Ruby Upton

Charlotte Edwards

Xavaeir Pike

Jade Diepgrond

Miranda Hurst

Sara Tully

Getting to know......

Bu Yates

How long have you been teaching?

 4 years

What is your favourite subject to teach?


If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Indonesia. Because I love the landscapes and beaches.

If you could be any other occupation what would you be and why?

A nurse. Medical things fascinate me and I get to help people.


What's Happening in ........

Room 13?

It has been a busy term in Room 13.  Throughout the year our class has been operating a theme of ‘seedling to plate.’ The students have been working out in the garden to build up their knowledge and understanding of the way vegetables, fruit and flowers grow. 

From an entrepreneurial perspective they have gained a strong sense of how vegetables can be grown, harvested, washed, sorted and weighed and packed ready for gold coin donations.  Room 13 have used the STEM kitchen to look at ways the grown produce can be used in cooking and have been enthusiastic in learning about, and using, the various produce in their cooking sessions. 

From a science outlook, students have worked scientifically to observe, investigate, collect data and make predictions on their nominated fruit trees which have been planted around the school.  This has given them real life skills that are required to become inquirers as well as looking at other jobs that can stem from these acquired skills.  

In Literacy Room 13 have been looking at information reports focussed on being news reporters for the ‘Long Street Newspaper.’ They have been working in groups to report on the happenings here at Long Street and are currently in the next stage of using the iPads to display their finish product.  All students have been very excited to use the IPads as a tool to extend their learning outcomes.



Around our School

Community Information

Woolworths new Discovery Garden Collection

We are very excited to hear that Woolworths will be offering seeds as their new promotional giveaway.  If you shop at Woolworths, and won’t be collecting these for yourself, or have spares once you do start collecting, we would be grateful if you could donate them to the school.  We would love to use the seeds in our garden beds and, if they come with information on the plant species or recipes to use the plants in, use these as we watch the plants grow or cook with them in our STEM Room.

Thank you


Our fabulous STEM Café, managed by the wonderful Sandra, is a Governing Council run service funded entirely by sales made by our school community, so it relies solely on your support.

We would like to encourage all families to continue to use the STEM Café for all your yummy lunch and recess needs.

 If you don’t already have a menu, they can be collected from the front office, or viewed on our website. Also keep an eye out for specials that are run from time to time.

 Long Street thanks everybody for their support of our STEM Café.