St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Wandal Newsletter

31 July 2019

Casting the Net - Weekly Prayer Reflection

Many Voices, One Spirit

How are we going to hold them altogether?  We often wonder this in our families, our schools and our communities but we may not use those words. The closer we get to one another, the more we love another, the more we come to realise how different each person is.  Even in the closest of families, used to doing most things together, the sensitive loving person will be amazed by the variety of personalities.  How much more in our schools and communities, where people come from such different backgrounds!

Imposing conformity can seem like the easy way to unity but we all know that gives a false sense of security and eventually leads to failure.  For myself, in a group struggling for unity, I try to remind myself that God has made each person uniquely, that each has their own journey and loves each as passionately as he loves me.  That gives me a little bit of emotional space in which I can let them be themselves, while at the same time respecting my own self.  Just because I ‘listen’ to a person, doesn’t mean I have to go along with them.  True love is when we can disagree, and still respect and love another.

It is difficult, and truly the only way to true community lies not in ourselves but in the Holy Spirit who unites us.  God delights in difference and somehow can blend it together to make every sunrise unique, every flower, every snowflake.  How much more with each of us!  As we celebrate Catholic Education Week, it will be enlightening to take some time and reflect on the people in my family or classroom and ask myself what is the unique voice of each person and how the Spirit of God is speaking to me through that person.

Loving God, you delight in the differences you have created in us.  Give us the openness of mind and heart to respect and listen not only to our own voice but also to that of the people around us.

Sr Kym Harris osb

A message from the Principal

The theme of Catholic Education Week is “Many Voices. One Spirit.” What better way to celebrate the ‘voices’ of our students, then to have a student-written edition of the newsletter! Thank you to all of the students who have assisted Mrs Starr, Miss McLennan and myself to write this week’s newsletter.

Congratulations to the Under 10 girls and boys who represented our school in last Saturday’s Rugby League Capras Cup competition. We placed third overall in our pool. My sincere appreciation and thanks to Mrs Sarah Clark who prepared and supervised this team. 

Thank you to Mrs Starr who has organised a range  of celebrations and activities for our community during Catholic Education Week. Today I attended the official launch of Catholic Education Week at St Joseph’s Cathedral along with our Year 4 S class and ten of our prep students. Congratulations to our students for their impeccable behaviour and singing. 

Enjoy the rest of the (student-written) newsletter and have a great Catholic Education Week.

Prep Interviews – by Imogen and Tyla (Year 3)

Mrs Jenkinson is so excited because she has started her 2020 prep interviews. The interviews will run for a few weeks. We are so excited to see the new prep students for next year!

Catholic Education Week – by Rhiannon & Sienna B (Year 3)

A reminder that on this Friday, the 2nd of August there will be an awesome picnic on the grass at 11am. Please bring your picnic lunch and join us. Please sign in at the office so we know who is here. A reminder that on Wednesday the cool entrants for our Visual Displays are due for Catholic Education Week. This Thursday at lunchtime, Mrs Starr will be running a calming mindfulness session held in the prep rooms. This Friday the fabulous Under 8’s Day will be held on the oval. This Saturday there will be mass held in St Joseph’s Cathedral, to celebrate our amazing schools. Please wear your uniform to this mass. PS. Parents and grandparents are welcome to join us!


Important Reminders for Parents – by Elsie, Annika & Ashley (Year 3)

Attention all parents, the instrumental students shall be performing tomorrow, the 1st of August. The magical music will be played at Assembly in the hall.

 All are welcome to come to the monthly Parents and Friends meeting, which will be held in the Be-Hive, at five o’clock, tomorrow.

A reminder to all board members that there is a meeting tomorrow at six o’clock.

School Fees – by Cormac, Cash C & Isabella (Year 3)

Do not forget school fees are due on the 12th August. Mrs Fishburn email these to you yesterday. Make sure you pay them on time please.

Year 6 Camp Update – by Carlos & James (Year 3)

Reminder: If you need to bring any medication to school camp, you must hand it into the office. Medication must have a pharmacy label attached. It is compulsory to hand in your forms by Friday 2 August. It’s only two weeks away!

Feast Day reminder by Declan & Kayden (Year 3)

Just a reminder that the school is going to the Heritage Village on 8 August, to celebrate the feast day of Mary Mackillop. You can wear your house colours or your sports uniform, it’s your choice. For lunch, there is also 2 slices of pizza for five dollars. You can access the pizza orders on Flexischools and the flavours are: Hawaiian (Ham and Pineapple), Cheese or Meatlovers (sounds good, right?)

Parents can come to the Mass and stay for the ball games.

Tuckshop - changes to Menu

As of next Wednesday (7 August), only a small number of items will be available on Wednesdays from the tuckshop. This is due to the shortage of helpers on Wednesdays. The full tuckshop menu will still be available, as per normal, on Fridays.

If you would like to offer your assistance, please call Mrs Gail Brady on 49362421.

Have a great week,

Kellie Jenkinson.

From the APRE (Taken over by Year 6)

Catholic Education Week

This week we celebrate Catholic Education Week. There are a lot of activities happening around the school, including our annual Picnic on the Grass this Friday from 11:00am. 

On Monday Year 2B lead assembly and started our Catholic Education Week celebrations. Year Two shared a very important message about being followers of Jesus. In Year 6 we reflected on this message and discussed what it means to us. 

  •  Being a follower of Jesus means to spread the word of God through our actions and what we say. 

  • To be kind and respectful to everyone.

  • To love your neighbour and treat others the way you want to be treated. 

By Year 6

Spirit of Catholic Education Award Nominations

Thank you Mrs Schneider for keeping our classrooms clean and tidy. Thank you Mrs Brightman for giving up your time to support families on their sacramental journeys. A big congratulations on being nominated for the Spirit of Catholic Education Awards.

By Jack and Braydon

What does it mean to be in a Catholic school?

Being in a Catholic school means to be yourself. There are many voices in our school united by one spirit. Hannah 

Being in a Catholic school means being faithful to God and kind to others. Will S

To be part of Catholic Education is to be part of a family. Marcus

Being in a Catholic school means we include everyone in our school and outside community. Catholic Education Week is a special time to celebrate this. Madison

Being in a Catholic School means we are Welcoming, Encouraging, able to Say Sorry and Thankful. Texas

Catholic Education is a kind hearted community that loves God. I feel like the logo for Catholic Education Week this year is perfect because we are a large community with many voices united by one spirit. Oliver

Being in a Catholic school means we are caring, loving and kind to all those around us. Rori

“Many Voices One Spirit”

Have you seen the display of all our wonderful teachers and staff outside the Year 3 classrooms? All the staff here at our school are caring and compassionate towards everyone. We witness the teachers and support staff every day showing the Spirit of Jesus through their actions and words. The staff at St Joseph’s Wandal are the many voices working together for the one spirit. Thank you to all the staff for making our school such a happy place. 

By Will S and Charlotte 

Visual Art Display

Look at these amazing visual and very creative art pieces displaying our catholic identity. Students were asked to represent what “Many Voices. One Spirit.” means to them. You can view this incredible exhibition in the Be-Hive. 

By Angus, Dylan and Liam

Mini Vinnies celebrating Catholic Education Week

Today at first lunch Mini Vinnies students met with Samara Thompson (St Vincent's Youth Co-ordinator) and the knitting ladies. Samara talked to us about Mini Vinnies, social justice and why dignity is so important to each person. This related to Catholic Education Week because we are many voices and all part of one community. 

 Samara then split us into groups to complete an activity to see who could make the tallest structure in 2 minutes (each group had different materials). The message from this activity was that no ones structure was better than anyone else's because you can only do so much with what you have. 

“Affirming the dignity of each human being” 

By Chloe and Dakota

Honouring the Elderly

Yesterday a group of Year 6 students visited residents at Blue Care Rockhampton Respite Centre.

We shared with the residents an acrostic poem about our gifts and talents and what we enjoyed about school. We also asked the residents questions about what they did when they went to school. Below are some questions we asked:

  • If you could go back to being a kid what would you choose to do differently?

  • Where did you want to work when you were little?

  • What sports or games did you use to play?

We also donated blankets that our Mini Vinnies students made. They absolutely loved the blankets!

By Luca and Oliver 

NED's Mindset Mission

We can’t wait to learn about Ned’s Mindset Mission next Monday at 8:35am. This performance is going to show us how we can activate our growth mindset to overcome different challenges.   

By Taylor and Jharod 

NED Mindset Mission


Multicultural Mass

If you would like to carry a flag in the Multicultural Mass Sunday 25 August at 9.30am please let Mrs Starr know.  

Parenting Ideas

The topic for this week is, "Refining your parenting skills."  Click the PDF below. 

Parent Insight 31 July 2019


Children's Liturgy of the Word

A reminder that Children’s Liturgy is held most Sundays at St Joseph’s Cathedral at 9.30am during the school term.   Please click on the link to access Mass times.

With gratitude,

Rheanna Starr.

From the APC (Taken over by Year 5)

The Year 5 students have been out and about interviewing each of our year levels about some of their learning over the last week.  Thanks to Kirby, Jessie, Cadence, Scarlett, Willow, Darcy and Allie for interviewing the students and to Declan for capturing photos of each classes work for us.


We hope that you enjoy these ‘Snapshots of Classroom Learning’.



We were talking about being 100 years old.  We also did some writing.  Teddy (Prep) talking to Kirby (Year 5)

We did some pictures about being 100 years old.  Mieke (Prep) talking to Kirby (Year 5)

It’s a measuring set that we can put stuff in to see what is lighter and heavier.  Phoebe (Prep) talking to Kirby (Year 5)

We put some heavy stuff in to see the lighter stuff and we measured some lighter stuff to see what’s heavier.  Nellie (Prep) talking to Kirby (Year 5)


Year 1:

We send a letter every Wednesday to our pen pal.  Ben (Year 1) talking to Jessie (Year 5)

We are learning about animals from the zoo and have a pen pal.  Ella (Year 1) talking to Jessie (Year 5)


Year 2:

We are learning to use sign language.  Gabby (Year 2) talking to Cadence (Year 5)

We are doing our Word Sort in sign language.  Laura (Year 2) talking to Cadence (Year 5)

We have a buddy guess what word it is in sign language.  Cohen (Year 2) talking to Cadence (Year 5)


Year 3:

Year Three have drawn a picture of Zacchaeus in a tree.  We looked at a video and the teacher read the story.  There are 48 drawings.  Elsie (Year 3) talking to Scarlett (Year 5)

We all did the same character (Zaacchaeus).  We did it in different groups at different times.  There were 20 in a group.  We had options.  For the tree we could draw it or use tissue paper.  The options for the grass were oil pastels or paint.  Ada (Year 3) talking to Scarlett (Year 5)

We spent about 4 days learning about Zacchaeus and had 5 days to do the drawing.  We did  the artwork together as a class and thought about what Zacchaeus looked like.  Carlos (Year 3) talking to Scarlett (Year 5)


Year 4:

This week Year 4 have been looking at soil samples.  They have been analysing soil matter and how rocks change over time which is called erosion.  They have learnt that top soil is where living things grow and live.  Jordy and Annie (Year 4) talking to Willow (Year 5)


Year 5:

We have been learning about freize patterns.  Some of these are; translation, rotation and reflection symmetry.  Our final task was to make our own freize pattern with all symmetries above plus more.  It has been very interesting learning about the different types of symmetries.  Charli W, Maia and Peter (Year 5 ) talking to Darcy (Year 5)


Year 6:

Pentecost is the coming of the Holy Spirit 50 days after Passover.  It marks 50 days after Jesus' death.  Charlotte (Year 6) talking to Allie (Year 5)

3 symbols of Pentecost are; wind, the dove and the flame.  Jack (Year 6) talking to Allie (Year 5)


News from our Prep Class:

Last week the Prep students went to the Art Gallery. We listened to a story about the Rainbow Snake living in the Fitzroy River. We learnt how to sing ‘I can See A Rainbow’ in Darumbal language and we decorated a rainbow snake. We saw a special visitor when we were there. The Premier came to tell us that we are getting a new Art Gallery in Rockhampton. We had fun!

From Prep


Weekly Awards

Congratulations to our Award Winners. Follow this link details 

Calendar Dates

Please follow this link for term dates.



Junior Touch Football

Thank you to all parents who have responded to the request for coaches and players.  Please see below, which teams are still requiring  players and coaches. Kindly email the school if you would like to offer your assistance.

Under 12 Boys  -  10 Players (Full)             Coach – Kel O’Meara

Under 12 Mixed -  1 Girl and Five Boys – Require 4 Girls 


Under 10 Boys - 7 players – Require 1     Coach - Required

Under 10 Girls – 9 players – FULL     Coach – Ashley Price

Under 10 Mixed – 8 Players – Require 1 Girl and 1 Boy    Coach - Required


Under 8 Boys – 9 players – FULL       Coach - Required

Under 8 Girls – 6 players – Require 4       Coach - Required

Under 8 Mixed – 7 Players – Require 2 Girls and 1 Boy    Coach - Required


Under 6 Mixed – 12 Players FULL               Coach – Rob Lovegrove


Pumped Sport Games

Pumped Sport Games Event @ St Joseph’s Wandal

Pumped Sport Games is an action packed 90 minute event coming to St Joseph’s Wandal on Thursday the 8th August from 3.15 to 4.45pm. Children compete in teams in exciting team challenges that range from modified versions of traditional sports like soccer to more Ninja flavoured obstacles. With inflatables ranging from fields, targets and obstacle courses, children have a blast! $20 per child, with $5 of every enrolment being donated to your school P&C. Cash or credit card payments can be made on the day. Limited spots available so be quick to register at

Friday Sports Draw

Please see attached link.

Community Flyers



These days, we’re better at recognising and treating post-natal depression in mothers. But depressed dads raise the risk of children developing behavioural problems. Doing a free Triple P – Positive Parenting Program can help parents AND children. Encourage your community to find out more and support each other: