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Newsletter 2020 Term 1 Week 8


Dear families of St Bernadette's,

During the past fortnight there has been a lot of information about changes to our daily practice as a response to the information on the Coronavirus. As a school we take the safety of our staff and students seriously and have taken all necessary steps suggested by CEDP and NSW Health.

Therefore a note was sent home earlier this week outlining the adjustments we have made. You will note that all inter school sporting events have been cancelled until further notice.

We ask that we look after each other by not sending children to school when they are unwell, just as I’m requesting that staff members not attend work if they are unwell.

There has also been rumours surrounding additional holidays at the end of this term. We have had no communication about this but we will ensure that the community is informed of any changes as soon as we know.

We will continue the learning until we hear otherwise. 

May you and your family continue to enjoy good health.

Love & Light

Lisa Gerrard

(on behalf of the St Bernadette’s staff & students)


As a society, we are certainly experiencing challenging times at the moment. Even if we don’t speak about some situations out loud, our children sense our feelings and frustrations and internalise them. If they see us stressed, they will become stressed. If they see us worried, they become worried. It is important to be open and honest with our children, but it is also important to teach them how even though things might be tough, we have good strategies to ‘bounce back’. Resilience is crucial for our mental health. Resilience is the ability to adapt well to adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats or even significant sources of stress. Having resilience can help our children manage stress and feelings of anxiety and uncertainty. However, being resilient does not mean that children won't experience difficulty or distress. Sadness and stress are common when we suffer loss, or even when we hear of someone else's loss or trauma. 

This is what our children face at the moment. They are constantly hearing about the trauma and loss around the world. They see the empty shelves in the shops. How can we help our children navigate this tricky time? 

  • By being positive ourselves. 

  • By maintaining connections to friends and family (at this time, via technology). 

  • By having our children help others, such as writing positive notes and cards to loved ones. 

  • By keeping routines as normal as possible, even when we are at home.   

As a community we will come through this challenging time and we can help our children maintain a positive and hopeful outlook for the future. 


Sunday 22 Mar 2020 REFLECTION by Dianne Bergant CSA

Humans see and judge by appearances, but God looks into the heart, and there finds the real person.  God’s standards are not superficial, as are so many of the standards of the world.  It is not age, beauty or physical strength that is important; it is not social position or religious role that is preferred.  God chooses whom God chooses. God saw in David, the insignificant shepherd, the potential for being the chief shepherd of his people.  The man who was born blind became the one through whom others would see the mighty works of God. Yet, neither young David nor the man in the gospel made the initial step; each simply responded with openness to God’s choice of him.

By what criteria do we judge others?  Do we consider some people too insignificant for greatness?  Are we overly concerned with status? Do we categorise people according to the disease or physical limitation that they must endure?  Do we sometimes blame them for their disability? Do our eyes perceive life in accord with the standards of a materialistic, body-orientated, pleasure-seeking society?  Or do we look into the other’s heart, as God does?

As with the other scrutiny Sundays, catechumens and long-standing members alike are exhorted to make a choice.  Jesus is the one who gives sight to blind eyes and religious insight to those open to receive it. However, there is a price to pay.  Will it be the standards of the world, or the power of God in Jesus Christ?

A change in Prayer at St Bernadette’s

Recently I received a  question about why we no longer stop and pray the Angelus at midday. At our last Staff Development Day staff looked at how we can get the children to engage with their faith in a deeper way through prayer.

The forms of prayer include:

  • Guided meditation

  • Lectio Divina

  • Biblical Micrography

  • Formal Prayer

Just to reassure you that prayer in its many forms is extremely important to St Bernadette's and we wanted it to be more than just a quick fix in the middle of the day.

At the moment teachers are demonstrating these new ideas and from next term the whole school will once again stop at an allotted time to pray.

A Faith Response to the Coronavirus


Altar Servers' Roster 7th March - 12th July 2020



Upcoming Events for Term 1

As per advice from CEDP, due to the Coronavirus outbreak and with practising social distancing to prevent the possible spread of COVID-19  amongst our community members all assemblies, class masses, whole school mass and sporting events have been cancelled. Our canteen day that was scheduled for later this term has also been cancelled.

The health and safety of all members of our community is of the upmost importance to us. Thank you for your understanding during this time.

2020 Term 1 Parent Calendar


Happy Birthday

22/3 - Yvonne C 

25/3 - Samara C 

28/3 - Anthony D

2/4 - Eva L

As a community of Learners

I had the opportunity to be introduced to “Popcorn” writing in Year 2 last week. Here the children select a character and a setting which they then are challenged to include in their story.

One of the characters that was selected for me was Barbie and my setting was a Cafe! So I completed my story and of course shared my work with Year 2 for their feedback. If you have a child in Year 2 ask them how I went!

Assistant Principal Awards

Congratulations to the following children for receiving an Assistant Principal Award. 

  Kindy                      Caroline Z        
  Year 1   Ryan D
  Year 2   Mia G
  Year  3   Alex J
  Year 4    Renee T
  Year 5   Ryan R 
  Year 6   Ella G K

Principals Morning Tea

These are the lucky students who will be invited to the first Principal’s Morning Tea:

K - Sebastian B & Arya H

1 - Catherine V & Henry S

2 - Nicolas L & Mia G

3 - Caleb L & Ansh T

4 - Kayla H & Johnluke A 

5 - Chloe D & Ryan R

6 - Jessica E

These students have been awarded an Encouragement Award.

The morning tea will take place in Week 10.

Enroling now for 2021!

As we are now taking enrolments for 2021 please don't leave your application until the last minute. Enrolment forms are available at our front office or via the school website.

Gentle Reminder

Drive Thru:

When using the Drive thru option before or after school please ensure that you do not overtake the car in front as this creates a dangerous situation for those using Cox Crescent. It costs nothing to be a little patient but it goes a long way to ensure all are safe.

Speeding through the school zones and parking illegally:

During the past couple of weeks we have had Highway Patrol cars and Council Rangers watching our school zone. Please be aware that fines are considerable and that driving around safely at dismissal time is to ensure that all children reach home or arrive at school safely.

Gathering outside classrooms in the afternoon:

The afternoon is often a very busy time of day as we get the children ready to leave for the day. The teachers would appreciate that parents don’t wait outside their classrooms as the children become distracted and the walkways become obstructed. This can cause delays in afternoon duties such as Drive thru as we have to wait for children to arrive. 

So Parents are invited to wait for their children either on the grass near the demountable or in front of the canteen. This will ensure everyone gets to where they need to be in a timely manner.

Important Information about current health concerns

Please see attached copy of the letter that has been communicated to our families from CEDP Executive Director, Greg Whitby. 


Last Friday Bernadette enjoyed an afternoon of free time as they had the most tokens halfway through Term 1. Some students played board games, used devices, drew and chatted.

The focus for the next two weeks will be we:

  • take responsibility for our decisions and actions

  • we keep our hands and feet to ourselves

    The current token count is:









Parent Contact Booklet

Thank you again to all of the families who have provided their details for our school contact booklet. We have had many more returned this term and the most up to date list will be distributed tomorrow, Friday 20 March 2020. 

Thank you

Thank you so much to the parents from Kindergarten who organised and helped out on Tuesdays St Patrick’s Canteen day. Thanks also to those families who supported this event by allowing their children to purchase these yummy treats!

There were many happy little faces which makes these events worthwhile. 

The World's Greatest Shave

Olivia and Eamon Nilan have been raising funds for the Worlds Greatest Shave. The aim is to raise much needed money for research and people suffering from blood cancers. They set out to raise $1,000.00 and were asking for donations in return for colouring their hair. Olivia and Eamon were blown away as they reached this goal before shave day on 13th March 2020. Olivia made the decision to try and raise more funds by cutting off 25cm of her hair that can be made into a wig for someone who has lost their hair from cancer treatment. We are so excited to announce that Olivia and Eamon were able to raise an amazing $2,150.00. 

SRC News

This year is going to be a blast for parents, students, teachers and the S.R.C. We are hoping to have lots of fun activities such as chess club and other things each day, week and term. We as the S.R.C will make this year the best year we can for everyone. We love to participate in everything to make this a fun year for you and the S.R.C community.

So far we have had an amazing term and the cross country went really well as well as the swimming carnival from last year. We loved your enthusiasm in the cross country. Congratulations to the people who made it in diocesan for the cross country.

We are hoping to have a suggestion box in the classrooms and do St Bernadette’s Got Talent in terms two and four. We can’t wait to have more fundraisers and fun days. Who knows what we could do? Hopefully you use the suggestion box and we can’t wait to see your suggestions. Please make sure you try to make responsible suggestions.

Just remember to always recheck the PBS4L rules like protecting our bodies, keeping our hands and feet to ourselves, taking responsibility for our actions and decisions and stand up for others This should apply to every thing you do and these rules should be kept at all times but this doesn’t mean you can’t have fun though!

We can follow these rules by reading them and acknowledge them. Remember these are in your classroom to read. We give out our awards at assembly for the students who are following the PBS4L rules. 

By Rick, Charlie and Brandon - Members of the SRC 2020

Final school banking for this term is this Friday 20 March 2020.


In light of the current situation regarding Coronavirus, CBA have decided to halt school banking for the rest of the term. 

If you have at least 9 tokens and would like to order a reward item, please submit this into the canteen on Friday with your deposit book.  

Writers wanted! Let's get our students having fun with writing!


Ken Done inspired artworks by our talented Year 3 and Year 4 students


St Patricks Day

Thank you to all the Kindy parents for the generous donations of green goodies for our St Patrick's Day canteen on Tuesday, and thank you to the Kindy mums who volunteered their time to organise, host and help serve on the day.

Lots of happy faces as the kids enjoyed the yummy treats. A total of $336.10 was raised!

Staying Safe and Healthy

The P&F has provided each class with a large bottle of hand sanitiser early this term to help promote good hygiene.

Hope everyone stay safe and healthy through the current pandemic and cold/flu season.


Community Health Advice

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