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September 2019

Principal's Message

As students have now received their Semester 1 report, this can be a stressful time for both parents and children. For many parents simply learning about the areas where their child is struggling is not enough to automatically know what to do next or how to help their child be more successful.  

There are different ways to “motivate" children to become better students. Studies support that notion that parents and others motivate children most successfully by creating an atmosphere that promotes self-motivation. This requires finding the “hook” for learning. Some parents believe that intimidation and fear tactics to help motivate children perform better. This may work in the short-term, but it certainly will not sustain motivation and it may eventually create resentment. This is the “do it or else” parenting method and many strong willed children rebel against this approach. 

Another approach is to bribe children to improve performance through rewards and consequences. In this approach, parents may offer to pay children to earn the better grades. This may result in the desired outcome in the short-term, but what happens once the rewards are removed? These children will grow up to expect a prize for their performance instead of experiencing internal rewards from hard work and subsequent positive outcomes.

The most effective way to help children reach their goals and become internally motivated is to teach them about purpose. Humans are naturally curious and therefore making the connection between the intrinsic value of learning and purpose is not difficult, especially when grades and performance are not overemphasized and learning is seen as the ultimate goal. When helping children become more engaged in learning and therefore better students, parents help children understand how and why learning is important for them.

Important Dates

Tuesday 15th Oct- Term 4 begins

Wednesday 4th Dec- Last Day of Term 4


Parliament House Excursion

Nardine and myself travelled to the Parliament House for Young Women's Leadership Day, where we learnt about inspirational women who have adopted leadership skills whilst being in an influential position. We received motivational tips from well-known politicians during a question and answer seminar in the Theatrette. We were able to conversate, satisfy our queries, and ask questions based on their occupation, ongoing bills, life advice, and aspiring roles we would like to withold as women, and how to achieve them. We then sat in the Public Gallery in the Legislative Council, whilst hearing two debates; one of which include the debate on 'Manufacturing Jobs in Sydney'. While witnessing these discussions, we were able to understand the process of bills and how it is able to get rejected or accepted. Overall, we benefited a great deal, and gained more knowledge on the world around us.

Mary Yassa

Research Excellence Award Presentation

Congratulations to Joseph Gobran, Salwa El Chami and Ana Maria Guirguis for receiving the Research Excellence Award. 

Year 2 Science

Year 2 conducted an experiment to learn about how plants absorb water using coloured water and celery stalks.

Stage 2 Excursion

Year 3 and 4 went on an excursion to the Powerhouse Museum to learn more about the Solar System as part of their Science Curriculum. The students had a great day! Thank you to the parent helpers who accompanied them on the day.  

Reading Group

Students have been reading the story of 'The Lamington Man' in Miss Boland's reading group. The students got to try laminations. They were delicious!

Yr 2 Geography Projects

Year 2 students have been learning about the continents in Geography. Here are the students photographed with their projects.

K-2 Athletics Day

K-2 students had a great athletics afternoon at school. The students participated in many activities including the egg and spoon race as well as relay races. Students had a fantastic afternoon. Thank you to the teachers who organised the different activities.

3-12 Athletics Carnival

Year 3-12 students participated in the annual St Bishoy Athletics Carnival. Students completed races, shot put, javelin, high jump, long jump and discus events. Everyone had a great day and God granted us with beautiful weather. Thank you to Mr El Bahou for organising the event and everyone who assisted on the day. All the staff contributed on the day and many high school students were involved in helping run the day smoothly. 

Design Award

Primary students were asked to create a design of part of the school. Congratulations to Simeon, Milica, Marina, Priscilla and Jenny. Priscilla's design came in first place and incorporated a shade as well other creative aspects.  

Senior Citizens

Our High School students hosted a morning tea for Emmaus Village Senior Citizens. The seniors were entertained by the very talented students with a number of performances. Initiatives such as these foster the importance of community service for our youth. 

Market Day

High School students ran the annual St Bishoy Market Day. Both Primary students had a great afternoon. Students got to buy their lunch, dessert and also got to play fun games.

Music Excursion

Students from Year 9 & 10 Music went on an excursion to ABC Broadcaster. The students had a great day with Miss Lee.

Kindergarten Mathematics

Kindergarten have been learning about Volume in Mathematics. Check out Miven and Vanshika showing the class how to determine which container holds more. 

Year 12 2019

This term marks the end of a chapter for our Year 12 students as they embark on their new chapter in their lives. We would like to take the opportunity to congratulate each student on all their hard work and effort. It was beautiful to have our students attend the Graduation Mass and Ceremony. Year 12 students and their parents also attended a lovely evening dinner at the College Hall. 

Arabic Excursion

On 26th September 2019, the Year 9, 10 and 11 Arabic class went on an excursion to the main Arabic communities in Western Sydney, Fairfield and Granville. Accompanied with Mr Shenouda and Mr Joseph, the students experienced travelling by train at the rush hours of the day, morning and afternoon when they were able to get out of the school environment and experience the Mediterranean diverse lifestyles, food, and language. Students also visited the Fairfield court where they watched a couple of cases regarding crimes and offences committed by many. This gave them an insight about the consequences faced by those who act insensibly and recklessly toward others and their surroundings making them appeal as a threat to the system. They were then talked to by the judge who outlined important aspects in the Australian system such as how a case is legally judged. Moreover, food was undeniably a big part of the excursion as students were able to interact with Arabic store owners at Granville who mainly spoke Arabic and sold Arabic food. Experiencing the Mediterranean way of life, food and applying language skills, the students had an amazing day. Such a great experience wouldn’t have been memorable without the organisation prepared by Mr Shenouda as well Mr Joseph’s continuous support.

Salwa El Chami

Jump Rope for Heart

During Term 3, students raised funds for Jump Rope for Heart. The program encourages kids to have a positive attitude towards exercise, healthy eating and heart health while raising vital funds to fight heart disease. Students also got to skip throughout the term and participated in a Jump Off Day. Thank you to Miss N Hanna for organising the program.

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Teachers vs Students Tball

To end Term 3, teachers and high school students competed in a T-ball game. Well done to everyone who participated. The crowd was intrigued with the game and had a great time cheering their fellow classmates and teachers. Congratulations to the students who won by 1!