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Week 6 Term 2 2020

We at Curtin Primary acknowledge the Ngunnawal people, past, present and future.

We would like to thank the traditional custodians for nurturing this precious land where we live, learn and play.

We promise to protect plants, animals, earth, water and sky and care for everyone in our community.

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Welcome to Week 6

Dear Curtin Families,

It is a comforting feeling of ‘normal’ that has fallen across our school as we now have students learning in each classroom. Returning from a slightly longer work from home period, I can see the consideration teachers have put into their programs to create an exciting and supportive climate that allows relationships to reconnect and learning to take off. I would like to once again acknowledge the stamina of our teaching and support staff who are investing so much of themselves to ensure the semester’s learning resumes quickly and closes with a positive peak.

Now that all year levels have returned to learning at school, I intend to take a little time to reflect on the semester, seeking insights from students, families and staff about lessons we can learn from this unique semester and apply to our work into the future. The anecdotes already coming out are sparking my curiosity about the benefits of student agency in primary school learning and ensuring school is a place where each individual feels they belong. I look forward to hearing more stories and sharing this with you next week and making adjustments to what we do in semester 2 that genuinely increase learning and wellbeing for each child. A glance at the front page of any newspaper provides a timely reminder of the importance of schools in building young people who can navigate our complex world and contribute to positive change.  

Formal reporting for this semester is a chance to reflect on the impact of the semester on each individual. Please read on for key messages from the ACT Education Directorate and the school about the information you can expect. In the meantime, we continue to keep in touch through regular updates and personal discussions, if only in electronic format.


Changes to semester 1 reporting- A message from the Education Directorate

Due to the unprecedented circumstances faced by schools across Australia this year, a national agreement has been reached to modify school reporting for Semester 1. In the ACT we will reduce the level of Semester 1 reporting for students from Kindergarten to year 10.

We recognise that providing families with information about their child’s progress and learning is crucial and will be especially valuable after the start to the year we have all experienced.

Semester 1 school reports for 2020 will still include information about each student’s level of progress against specific achievement standards for the learning areas that were covered in Semester 1. Teachers will still make a judgement about the level of engagement each student has demonstrated with their learning and, where appropriate, work habits. Personal and Social Capability will still be included.

Reports in Semester 1 will not include overall grades for learning areas/subjects or a comparative A-E grade summary. Additionally, reports will not include attendance information for Semester 1. 

If you would like further information about your child’s progress please consult with your classroom/subject teacher.

For any other queries or concerns, you can contact the Education Directorate via the Education Directorate Contact Form or call 6205 5429.


Additional information from Curtin

As a school, we have considered the aspects of reporting we can make most meaningful as we give feedback on your child’s learning this semester. Our preschool reports will reflect the Early Years Learning Framework as usual, while our K-6 reports will include achievement standards from English and mathematics which reflect the skills that can be observed from students at this point in the semester. Each year level will receive feedback on 3-5 standards in English and 3-5 standards in mathematics. This decision has been made based for the reasons identified below.

  • On return to school, we have chosen to prioritise student wellbeing, engagement and fostering curiosity through meaningful learning and play.
  • To maintain equity and accuracy in reporting, we do not want to make judgements about what students can do that require us to judge family circumstances and values or the levels of support provided during the remote learning period.
  • Due to the flexible nature of learning away from school, we do not want to create the impression that students have been judged for not completing tasks beyond the non-negotiables in each menu.
  • We have decided to reschedule some assessments, especially standardised tests to ensure students have time for learning now they are back at school.

As a staff, we have decided that judgements about student work habits risk being judgements about circumstances and response to transitions. These will be included in the semester 2 report. You will also receive ongoing feedback during term 3. Personal and Social Capability is a system level requirement, and teachers will reflect on each student’s capabilities before, during and after being away from school. The report comments you read will also clearly describe your child’s participation at school before, during and after the remote learning period. You will also be informed through the comment of the focus areas that will personalise the learning program for your child next semester. As always, an important part of our school report will be the self assessment your child creates. This will give you valuable information about their perspectives on their learning, wellbeing at school as well as their sense of this unusual semester.

The report will be sent by email on Wednesday of week 10, which is July 1. Families who would like to arrange an interview to discuss their child’s learning are able to request this by email. Interviews will generally be held using Google Meet early in term 3.

As a staff, we are confident in the balance we are achieving in providing opportunities for learning and measuring achievement during the remainder of term 2. The inclusion of specific skills and structure of the report comment will provide a clear impression of each student’s semester. If you have any questions about reporting this semester, please contact me by email Merryn.O’ 

Pick up arrangements

It is fantastic to see so many parents utilising the pick up drive through in the afternoons. Please remember the bell doesn’t go until 3pm and if your child is in K-2 then they won’t be out the front and ready to go till at least 3:05pm.

Therefore, we are kindly asking parents to not start lining up until 3pm at the earliest. If your child is not ready you will be asked to do a loop. This means to go out of the gate, up around the roundabout and then rejoin the queue. Please remember the road rules and that it is illegal to stop in a roundabout. See image below.

Please note that if your child is the last one in the junior playground, they will be brought to the pick up area when I move there for that duty. This is generally about 3:10pm. So please drive through as your child will be waiting there.

Important - returning items to school

It is important to please return book pack resources and Chromebooks to school as soon as possible.

Also, if you borrowed skipping ropes or elastics, could they please be returned to classes.

If your child is absent please notify the school via email - - or via eforms in the Skoolbag app


The canteen will reopen on Tuesday, 9 June.

There will be a limited menu available. Thank you.


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