St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Wandal Newsletter

1 April 2020

We've Got This!

Dear St Joseph’s Wandal parents and carers and friends,

 Don’t worry, we’ve got this! Our teachers have been busy creating lessons, activities and resources for the very real possibility of remote/online learning for next term. Yes, you will need to support your children, but we are still teaching them. We will continue to support your children’s educational journeys, even though it may look a little different than what we are all used to!


Teachers are ensuring that learning from home plans are as simple and self-explanatory as possible for you.  We understand that some of our children may have a hard time being away from their peers and regular routine. We also understand that many of you are also trying to negotiate complex challenges and changes. Some of you may be out of work. Some of you may be trying to work from home with small children underfoot. Some of you may be concerned about your health and the health of those around you. We recognise all of these things and are taking them into account.


Learning from home is different to learning at school. While some learning will be expected, we do not expect your children to be sitting and working all day, every day and neither should you. Take regular breaks and take the opportunity to cook with your child, do some gardening, learn to use some tools, build forts, play and most importantly read, read and read some more! Teachers know the challenge of catering to a range of individual needs, interests and abilities. We know that some children will require more support than others. We know that some will want options for more learning, and some will want less.


Please do not feel the need to purchase resources or apps. There is a plethora of advice on social media at the moment about how to homeschool. Ignore it! Most of the things teachers are seeing have little educational impact.  This is our job, let us guide you and support you. If things are not working or if you need advice, support or guidance, please reach out and let us know. We remain, as always, passionate about our profession, and most importantly our students.



April Vacation Care

Our April Vacation Care program has been finalised. Booking forms are  due back to the service by this Friday, the 3rd of April.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the OSHC staff on 0429316543.

School Counselling Update

Over the past few weeks, we have experienced significant changes to our daily life including how we interact with others, and most recently, the decision to have most children learning from home.   These changes to routine can be unsettling for kids and parents alike, and we may grieve our old freedoms. As a school community, your child will continue to have regular contact with their teacher and classmates, through online classrooms, zoom meetings and the like. 


I would like to offer counselling support to any of our students, parents and families during this time, acknowledging that this time has brought new and different stresses – learning from home, parents working from home, loss of employment or reduced hours, financial difficulties, reduced social contact with family and friends, reduced outside activities, increased anxiety with the unknown, and just being together 24/7 can be stressful in itself!


With face2face contact discouraged at this time, counselling may be in the form of email contact, telephone support, or zoom meetings with parents and kids.  Know that our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time, and please contact if there is any assistance I can offer at this time. 


Kindest regards

Charmian Deed

Student Counsellor

Enjoy your Easter break and stay safe and healthy!

Kellie Jenkinson

From the Assistant to the Principal: Religious Education (APRE)


We probably won’t see something as phenomenal as Jesus walking across the sea today, but he will walk towards us nonetheless.  Jesus will walk towards us in every person we meet as we go through this day. It is not on the Sea of Galilee, but on the ‘waters’ of our ordinary lives that we will find him. 

 The disciples were afraid when they saw Jesus walk on the waters.  Do we also have our fears about meeting Jesus in other people?  Are we afraid that too much will be asked of our time and our attention?  Do we feel inadequate or are we worried about what others will think?  Are we concerned about our dislike or disdain of some who walk toward us? 

 The Easter season is an invitation to see with the eyes of faith, to see Jesus walking in our lives.  To see Jesus is to see beauty where others might see ugliness in colour of skin or ethnic background, to see hope where some would find only despair in illness and pain, to see goodness where another might see only the glare of anger and insult.‛ 

 Jesus is walking towards us today.  How will we welcome him? 

 Come to me on the waters of my life. I will welcome you and embrace you in whatever form you choose to be present. I open my arms of love to you, Risen Christ                                                                               (Joyce Rupp)

Meeting the Risen Christ in people and actions

Thank you to our Essential Workers

This week, school has been open for a small group of students whose parents are essential workers. On Monday these students wrote appreciation letters and cards to thank workers at the hospital.  We appreciate the work of all who continue to support our community.

Easter Ceremonies

Please find attached letter from Bishop Michael.

Have a great week,

Rheanna Starr

From the Assistant to the Principal: Curriculum (APC)

Learning From Home

A Parent's Guide to Google Classroom

Joining Google Classrooms

Some of you may be wondering how your child can join a google classroom.  Follow this link for a short video.


Enjoy your holidays!



Congratulations to our Student Award recipients!  Please click on the  link for all the details.

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