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Term 3, Week 9

Principal Report

 We are now firmly at the end point of a huge term. The teachers continue to provide quality education to your children which can be seen on all of their smiling faces as I walk around the school. Lots of excursions and experiences have taken place in the last few weeks with a lot more to come. I know that everything the teachers do is for your children, and it shows in the kindness I see from all the students. I wish you a lovely break and an equally amazing holiday. Enjoy yourselves and come back refreshed for Term 4. 

Indigenous Literacy Week 

What a fabulous event! Jennie Gordon, the Public Officer and Secretary from Mulwaree Aboriginal Community came in to help our beautiful school celebrate National Indigenous Literacy Week. Aunty Jennie, as she is better known, spoke with our students about connection to culture and stories. She also displayed lots of items about Aboriginal heritage. Afterwards, Jennie read a book called ‘Finding our Heart’ by Thomas Mayor, which is about ‘The Uluru Statement from the Heart’. Interestingly, Jennie was a signatory to this statement, and it was wonderful to get her perspective on that historic occasion. Every student was totally enthralled and received a book to commemorate the occasion. Some students even had Aunty Jennie sign their book for them. A huge thanks goes to Tegan Johnson, our local Schools as Community Centre (SACC) liaison and Tammy Diamond for all their work in the background and organising the day. 

SASS Week 

What a fantastic week! To celebrate all of the people who work so diligently in the office, who take care of the school grounds, that prepare lunches in the canteen or assist in the learning outcomes for your children; we had a special week of celebration. It started with a lovely home cooked lunch for everyone, then to a beautiful High Tea with our School Captains, an assembly where everyone was presented with a small gift and lastly, to our P and C who also joined in with the celebrations and generously presented everyone with a small plant. It was wonderful to see everyone coming together and enjoying being part of our GPS community. Thank you to all the teachers for helping to support this week and for the executive team who went above and beyond. A thank you to our P and C as well for all they did to celebrate this week as well. 

Visitors Coming Onsite 

This is just a reminder that everyone who comes onsite to Goulburn Public School must sign in at the office so that we know you are here. This is following Departmental policies, guidelines and procedures and is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of every visitor here at school. Staff need to be informed you are here before you go into your child’s classroom as teachers are busy planning, preparing or teaching your child. 

If you have any inquiries please visit the office. Thank you for your understanding. 


Check-in Assessments 

Our Year 6 check in assessments are underway at the moment. This is an opportunity to see how our students are doing and gives us more information in assisting our students to help pinpoint their needs. Thank you to Mr Waterman for organising all these assessments for our students. 

Tell them From Me Surveys (TTFM) 

The students will be involved with these local surveys. These provide the school with much needed information about how things are going in the school form our student’s perspective.  

We have finalised our parent survey. We look forward to hearing your feedback and any suggestions you have are greatly welcomed. Please follow the link below to access the parent survey.

Selective High School Applications 2024 

Applications for entry to a selective high school in Year 7 in 2024 are expected to open on 18 October 2022 and close on 16 November 2022 at 11:59pm. The Selective High School Placement Test will be held on 4 May 2023. The test will be paper-based. Parents that are interested in their children applying will need to access the link below and apply. 

Public Holiday 

On Thursday 22 September, a public holiday has been declared as a National Day of Mourning to mark the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

PBL Acknowledgment Day 

Next Friday 23 September we will be having our PBL Acknowledgment Day. This is an occasion where students get rewarded for their effort and behaviour. If your child has had a major negative behavioural incident in the last few weeks then they will miss out on some of that reward time. 

This is a mufti day. Students come to school in casual clothes, crazy hair and socks. 

Playground Upgrades 

Our playground continues to be in the middle of an upgrade. The Hall is now being refurbished and will be out of action for some time. You may have seen the roof has already come off! 

Covid-19 Updates 

The school continues to send out the current guidelines of Covid-19 and the appropriate measures that we need to take. Please read those carefully as they change quite quickly. 

Lastly, I continue to see our students working well, enjoying their learning and developing a love of learning. It is fantastic to witness the look in their eyes when they grasp concepts and see that ‘light-bulb’ moment. If you have any questions, please feel free to see me. My door is always open. 


Upcoming Events 

Thursday 22 September – Public Holiday 

Friday 23 September – PBL Rewards Day 


Jeremy White 

Relieving Principal 




Parents of children from Kindergarten to Year 12 must ensure their children attend school every day. On occasion, your child may need to be absent from school. 

Parents must provide an explanation for absences to the school within 7 days from the first day of any period of absence. Where an explanation has not been received within the 7-day timeframe, the school will record the absence as unjustified on the student's record. As part of school protocol you will be contacted by a staff member after two days of absence without explanation.

Confusion With Online Payments

There has been a bit of confusion when paying for certain events/activities/uniforms online.

The school events and activities are separate to the P&C run uniform shop. 

If you are purchasing uniforms – this is to be paid to the P&C account – their details are on their price lists. 

All other payments to the school for excursions/activities/sports etc are to be paid to the school account which the link is found on our school website.

then go to: MAKE A PAYMENT

There has been lots of mixed payments and it is making it difficult to reconcile accounts.  If you are unsure at all, please call the office on 48212827, and we can confirm for you.

We do not want any student to miss out on any activity due to payment not being received. 

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16 September

* Mulwaree High Taster Day

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23 September

*PBL Acknowledgment Day - Crazy Hair & Sock Mufti Day

*Last Day Term 3 

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Term 4


10 October

*Students Return Term 4

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PBL Acknowledgement Day

Fruit & Veg Competition Winners


Weeks 6 & 7

PBL Value Of The Week

PBL Students Of The Week

Achievement Awards

Premier's Sporting Challenge Encouragement Awards

Premier's Sporting Challenge

Our school is participating in the Premier’s Sporting Challenge (PSC) again this year. The PSC aims to get more students and staff more active, more often. Students record and track their physical activity over a 10 week period commencing in Week 4. At school, students will record the amount of physical activity they participate in each day. Students will be provided with many opportunities to engage in physical activity at school, however, even physical activity done at home or on the weekend counts! At the end of the 10 week period, students will be awarded with Bronze, Silver or Gold certificates depending on how much physical activity they have done.

Let’s encourage our kids to increase their participation in sport and physical activity, which will lead to healthier, more active lifestyles.

Footy Colours Day

Mulwaree High School

Goulburn High School


The Goulburn Public School Annual BOOK FAIR will be held  in Term 4 , Week 2 on Tuesday 18 October to Thursday 20 October.

 "Book Fair is designed to give kids access to more books they want to read, from relevant new releases to classic award winners.  And all proceeds benefit your child’s school library"

SASS Recognition Week

During week 8 we celebrated all the non-teaching staff that are crucial to the effective and efficient running of GPS. Each day the SASS staff were included in thank you events such as a luncheon, morning teas and presentations of personalised gifts and letters from students. It was just a small way for us to show all our SASS staff how much we appreciate what they do, especially ‘behind the scenes’.

Breakfast Club

SaCC Programs

Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (AECG)

Miss Tegan and Miss Tammy attended the AECG (Goulburn Local Aboriginal Education Consultative Group) this month to discuss school events that were undertaken this term to support and acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. During this meeting with local Aboriginal and Torres Strait community members, our staff shared information on Larry Brandy Dreamtime performance, NAIDOC week celebrations, Indigenous literacy week with Jennie Jordon as guest speaker and our excursion to see Wiradjuri Echoes cultural dance and performance. 


Unfortunately we have had confirmed cases of head lice at our school. Could you please check your child’s hair and make sure you treat your their hair appropriately before returning them to school. Further information on head lice is available on the NSW Health website or through the Department's website:

Term 4 Reminder

Joke Of The Week!

R U OK Day

National Day of Action was held on Thursday 8 September 2022

It’s our national day of action when we remind Australians that every day is the day to  ask, ‘are you OK?’ and start a meaningful conversation whenever they spot the signs that someone they care about might be struggling with life.

R U OK Day at GPS included staff wearing yellow, a yellow theme table and a yellow platter of fruit for our students. 

A conversation could change a life. 

From The Office

Update Your Details

Have you moved house? Do you have a new phone number or email address?

Please contact the school office to update any details that may have changed.

Visitor Check In

All parents/carers and visitors who enter the school grounds must check in at the front office. Please report to the office directly after entering the school gates. This is for the safety of all students and staff members. 

If you wish to speak to a teacher, please contact the office and a time can be arranged for you.

Thank you for your co-operation.

School Zones


Fresh For Kids Canteen Campaign

Goulburn Public School P&C

Uniform Shop

Uniform orders can be made by contacting the P&C directly through their Facebook page at Goulburn Public School P&C Association. Alternatively, students can take a completed form together with cash (or the receipt number from direct transfer payment) to the office and the order will be sent home with students.

Please keep tags and the original packaging on all items that may need to be exchanged for a different size.

For all fitting enquiries or general uniform information contact the P&C on 0401 723 488. 

P&C Meeting Summary - Wednesday 17 August 2022

Thank you to everyone who came to our meeting, we greatly value your input. New members are always welcome. For more information see the Goulburn Public School P&C Facebook page or contact us through the school office. Our next meeting is Wednesday 21 September, 3:20pm.


* Father’s Day events - Friday 2 September

Dad’s Day Big Brekkie 8-9am Egg/bacon roll + coffee/tea/hot choccie

Father’s Day raffle Great prizes to be won!

Father’s Day Stall- gifts from $1- $10

* Bunnings BBQ Sunday 6 November- volunteers welcome!

* Colour Run- Monday 19 December

* Chocolate Fundraiser on hold until 2023.

* P&C to purchase new representative sports shirts with numbers on the back.

* P&C to participate in SASS week recognition celebrations, wk 8.

* School initiative- Fruit and veg month and Premier’s Sporting Challenge are coming up.