Rawlinson Primary School News

No. 10 – 21st May 2020



ONE CHILD : $45.00




Please make these payments as soon as possible by 

Pay via Qkr! App

Pay direct into School Bank Account

Rawlinson Primary School

BSB : 016 495     ACCOUNT : 4988 66978

It is important that you include student's FULL name as reference.


Congratulations to the following students who were awarded certificates on Monday.

Sean Stegenga : Pre Primary

Jesse Teav : Pre Primary

Mason Bevan : Pre Primary

Sebastian Njegovan : Pre Primary

Milad Ali : Year One

Toby Thai : Year One

Beau Hutchinson : Year Two

Emma Cavanagh : Year Two

Caitlin Pham : Year Three

Mia Sahetapy : Year Four

Reem Ismail : Year Four

Adwa Ismael : Year Four

Nicholas Quach : Year Five

Mia Stoichev : Year Five

Nam Nguyen : Year Five

Cailyn Filevski : Year Six

Students from D4 will have their work displayed

weeks 5 & 6 of Term 2.

Students, please visit the office to admire the work that is on display.


It’s wonderful to see so many families engaging with their children’s work on Seesaw.  Since last Wednesday, there have been 1,081 visits by families.  What an outstanding statistic!  Seesaw is a wonderful platform for learning and the students LOVE IT!  If you’re not connected yet, please speak to your child’s teacher.


Keeping children healthy

Healthy eating - ten tips for parents

1.     Give children a variety of different foods.

2.     Offer nutritious snacks, like fruit, yoghurt, crackers and cheese.

3.     Encourage your child to eat breakfast.

4.     Ensure that the family eats together at least once a day.

5.     Pack your child’s lunch at home.  Let your child help.

6.     If your child refuses a new food, don’t make a fuss.  Try again several times.

7.     Listen when your child tells you they are full.

8.     When your child is thirsty, encourage them to drink water.

9.     Allow your children to help with planning and preparing healthy meals.

10.   Plan physical activities for your family.

A healthy lunchbox

Healthy lunches and snacks are important for keeping active kids alert and focused and providing them with the nutrition they need every day.  A healthy lunch box should include:

·         Fruit – at least one serve of fresh seasonal fruit.  If you don’t have fresh fruit, canned (in natural juice) is a good substitute.  Dried fruit is high in sugar and should be avoided.

·         Vegetables – vegetable sticks, salads or a mix of raw (with dip) or grilled vegetables. 

·         Dairy – one serve of milk, yoghurt or cheese supports optimal growth and development in children.  If your child can’t tolerate dairy provide a suitable alternative.

·         Protein – lean meat or poultry, fish, eggs, tofu, legumes/beans, or nuts and seeds.

·         Grain foods – wholegrain and high fibre varieties are best.

·         Water – the best drink to keep children hydrated.

Remember, children who help plan and prepare their own lunch are more likely to eat it.  Your child might like to try out this fun, ‘Interactive Lunchbox’ website: www.goforyourlife.vic.gov.au/hav/articles.nsf/html/index.html






Uniform Shop Open Days 

 Next Uniform Shop: 22nd May - Postponed.

Due to Covid-19 and the restriction of parents on the school grounds, all open days will be postponed until further notice.  The uniform shop will still be operating as normal, orders are available via the Qkr! app and office paper form payments will still be accepted.  If you are unsure of the size your child requires, please email me at rawlinson.uniforms@gmail.com and I will arrange a "fitting" at school. 


At the end of last term our polo shirt and bucket hat order was delivered, all back orders were packed (after a wipe down with disinfectant!), and this term were delivered to your child's classroom.  If you have not received your polo shirt or bucket hat please ring the school and ask if the teacher could please put it in your child's bag.  If they do not have your order please email me at rawlinson.uniforms@gmail.com.  In this email please include your childs name and classroom, the date of order, item/s ordered and those not received as well as your payment receipt and I will endeavour to sort it out for you. 

Bucket hats - Alternatively If you had already exchanged your hat for a size medium or a baseball cap and you have received the size small, I would appreciate its return.  Please return it to the office and they will contact me to let me know.


We are currently out of stock of size 6and size 10 jumpers.  On Qkr! you will see these sizes are not available, when we receive them they will be re-listed.  If you have already ordered through Qkr! your order is now a backorder and will be automatically delivered when they are available. 

Our jumper order was separate to our polo and hat order, this means it has a different delivery date.  The estimated delivery for these is in June, however I'm sure you can appreciate Covid-19 may well have an impact on this as well.

This week we have now also sold out of size 14 jumpers. 

If you need a jumper in an out of stock size I urge you to purchase a NAVY jumper from one of the local stores Big W, Best and Less, K-mart etc. 

Second Hand Items

I am in the process of cataloging all second hand items.  All items we have were received prior to Covid-19. Watch this space for news!

Leavers Shirts

Leavers Shirts are Here!!!! By now your child will have received their Shirt,  As per our conditions of sale for a special order, we have 2 weeks in which to notify them of any issues with the stitching etc.  Likely it would be repaired. Please email me at Rawlinson.uniforms@gmail.com and I can make the necessary arrangements.

Delivery Windows

I have  had a few enquiries about when orders will be delivered.  Under the current set up, these are the approximate delivery windows. Uniforms coordinator is a volunteer position so I must do it around my paid work.  I will not necessarily deliver every day of the week however, there will be no Wednesday deliveries. 

Time Order Placed

Transaction report delivered

Earliest Possible Delivery

Monday before 3pm

Monday 3.01pm


Monday after 3pm

Tuesday 3.01pm

Thursday (no Wed Deliveries)

Tuesday before 3pm

Tuesday 3.01pm

Thursday (no Wed Deliveries)

Tuesday after 3pm

Wednesday 3.01pm

Thursday (no Wed Deliveries)

Wednesday before 3pm

Wednesday 3.01pm


Wednesday after 3pm

Thursday 3.01pm


Thursday before 3pm

Thursday 3.01pm


Thursday after 3pm

Friday 3.01pm


Friday before 3pm

Friday 3.01pm


Friday after 3pm

Sunday 3.01pm


Saturday anytime

Sunday 3.01pm


Sunday before 3pm

Sunday 3.01pm


Sunday after 3pm

Monday 3.01pm


Stay well everyone!

Sue Giles

Volunteer Uniform Shop Co-ordinator


Rawlinson Primary School

To provide a safe supportive environment where all are encouraged to reach their potential.  Diversity is celebrated with acceptance, tolerance, active listening and understanding. We strive to build resilience, cooperation, confidence and self-worth so as to ensure Learning for Life.

Darryl Dedman