Tumut High School Newsletter

Issue 9 - Friday, 27th September 2019

Working Together - Achieving Together

Message from Principal Mr Dixon

Our Year 12 Graduation Assembly is a significant day in the school's calendar and it’s important to understand its meaning. There is no doubt it’s a huge event for our Year 12. This day marks the last day of their formal schooling. A day which is the accumulation of some 13 years of education. In fact, the Graduation Assembly is more like the final chapter of a book which had its introductory chapter written some 13 years ago, A book titled ‘My Formal Schooling’.

I advise Year 12 students to spend time reflecting on their whole school story.  The more recent chapters and pages are clearer and will seem more relevant, but try also to recall some of your earlier chapters. Try and remember those moments in Primary School which have also shaped what you will become at the conclusion of your schooling. Many of you would have had some outstanding teachers in your first years of education, teachers who have helped in providing the bedrock for your time of growth in both Primary and High school.

Many of you have also had some incredible learning experiences while in your junior years at high school both in and out of the classroom. All of these experiences are influential to your story. Of course not every chapter or every page has been totally positive. Some of you will have be in classes you haven’t enjoyed or have had situations where you may have felt uncomfortable maybe even felt unsafe. So many aspects of our school stories have chapters dedicated to struggles and challenges.

So for Year 12 2019, what will your conclusion be all about? Will it be littered with magnificent accomplishments and major achievements or will it be dominated by significant personal challenges? Whatever your conclusion, hopefully it is a true reflection of what you have learnt about each and every day of your past schooling. 

For our  school, for our  public education system we hope your final pages will describe a young adult who has developed the capacity to be an informed, active and responsible person within the communities you  live. A young adult who has the critical thinking skills to understand how each and every year has contributed to how you have grown from a child to an adult. A young adult who understands that although we all want and seek fun in our lives we now also understand this comes with a responsibility to others.

You are still young and there are still many mistakes to be made but if our school system has achieved what it should, then the last page of your book describes you walking out of Tumut High School with a genuine understanding of what it means to have grown up. 

Have pride in showing everyone what you have become.

Respect, Responsibility, Safety

2020 School Leaders

Congratulations to our Year 11 students who have been elected to School Leaders in 2020.

Captains are Dominic Erbacher and Lori Webb.

Vice Captains are Jamie O'Brien and Jessica Larter.

They are taking over from our 2019 leaders Sam, Samantha, Bronson and Clara who have done a wonderful job at representing Tumut High School.

Upcoming Events

P&C Meeting

Date and Time

From October 21, 2019 7:00 PM to October 21, 2019 8:30 PM


Administration Building, Tumut High SchoolGet Directions


All parents/carers are welcome to attend the P&C Meeting to find out what is happening in Term 4 at Tumut High. The meeting is also a great place to meet other parents. Everyone is welcome.

School Notices


We are a Positive Behaviour for Learning school and our values are Respect, Responsibility and Safety.

Students who demonstrate these values during lessons are rewarded with an extended recess. This term we have focused on Respect – Be Tolerant. Students who are accepting of differences and understand differences enrich our lives, will be creating social harmony and a sense of belonging. Our students demonstrate this behaviour by including others in teams, classroom activities and friendship groups. 

Also focused on was Responsibility - Be prepared. Students who are prepared will maximise learning opportunities and can do this by having all equipment required for tasks and wearing correct school uniform. 

Last focus for the term was Responsibility - Actively participate. Students will have a productive lesson if they have a say during the learning taking place. Many of our students regularly volunteer within our community and this is a great example of actively participating. Contributing ideas and going above and beyond expectations will always impress employers.

PLEASE NOTE - Aerosol spray cans (including spray deodrants) are not permitted at school as they pose a risk to asthmatics. Bringing roll on deodrant is following our PBL value of Safety - Care for others and be hygienic. 



What's On

Term 4 2019

Week 1 - Beginning Monday, 14th October

Monday - Students return to school for Term 4

Week 2 - Beginning Monday, 21st October

Monday - Year 10 Ten Trek Group 1 until Friday

Week 5 - Beginning Monday, 11th November

Thursday - Year 12 Farewell

Week 6 - Beginning Monday, 18th November

Monday - Year 9 PAIN until Friday

Tuesday - Year 8 Kianinny Camp until Thursday (Spaces available)

Tuesday - Year 10 Warrambui Camp until Friday

Week 8 - Beginning Monday, 2nd December

Monday - Year 10 Australian Business Week (ABW) until Friday

Week 9 - Beginning Monday, 9th December

Monday - Year 10 Work Experience until Friday

Monday - Year 10 Ten Trek Group 2 until Friday

Week 10 - Beginning Monday, 16th December

Tuesday - Presentation Evening 

Wednesday - Last day of Term 4

School Activities

Year 12 Graduation Assembly - Friday, 27th September 2019

Special Awards

Agstock Award for Excellence in Agriculture donated by Agstock & presented by Mrs Beale

This is awarded to a student who has demonstrated exceptional qualities in all areas of their studies in Agriculture through their commitment, enthusiasm, practical skills and academic achievement. This student has developed great practical skills and a high level of academic achievement. Awarded to Lauren Jones.

David Fletcher Award for Legal Studies donated & presented by Mr David Fletcher

This is awarded to a student who has shown a genuine interest & commitment to their studies with high levels of achievement– but not necessarily first in course. This student has shown consistent enthusiasm and application. Awarded to Angus Mason-Elliott.

Jervis Hayes Memorial Award for English donated & presented by Mr James Hayes

This is awarded to a student who has shown a genuine interest & commitment to their studies with high levels of achievement– but not necessarily first in course. This student has performed exceptionally well in both English Advanced and English Extension. This year the recipient has also displayed excellent involvement in Public Speaking.

Awarded to Samantha Barton.

Don McColl Memorial Award for Mathematics donated by Mrs Marilyn McColl & presented by Mr Hart

This award is made available in Mr. McColl’s memory by his family, and life-time university student friends, to commemorate his life and service to the community. This is awarded to a student in Year 12 who has achieved the best academic results in Year 12 Mathematics.

Awarded to Bronson Sutton.

Tumut High School PDHPE Award donated by Tumut High School and presented by Mr Ryan

This is awarded to a student who has shown a genuine interest & commitment to their studies with high levels of achievement– but not necessarily first in course. This student is extremely diligent and dedicated. Awarded to Olivia Lucas.

Snowy Valleys Council Business Studies Award donated by Snowy Valleys Council & presented by Mayor Mr James Hayes

This is awarded to a student who has shown a genuine interest & commitment to their studies with high levels of achievement– but not necessarily first in course. This student has shown dedication to studies and great participation in class discussions.

Awarded to Kristen Eastlake.

Dr Joe McGirr Award for Science donated by Dr McGirr & presented by Mrs Taylor

This is awarded to a student who has achieved best academic results for a Year 12 science course or across all science courses. This student has achieved high academic results in Year 12 Physics and Chemistry. Awarded to Bronson Sutton.

Tumut High School History Award donated & presented by Mr James Hayes

This is awarded to a student who has shown a genuine interest and commitment to their studies with high levels of achievement – but not necessarily first in course. This student is very enthusiastic and shows great application. Awarded to Samantha Barton. 

Congratulations to those award winners and thank you to the presenters for their attendance at the Year 12 Graduation Assembly. More photos of this assembly are in the gallery on our website https://tumut-h.schools.nsw.gov.au/

Year 12 Farewell

Reminder - Year 12 2019 Farewell for Year 12 students and their parents/carers will be held on Thursday, 14th November 2019 at Tumut Golf Club from 6pm to 8pm.

Invitations were presented to students in their Year 12 Portfolios at the Year 12 Graduation Assembly. Tickets to the Farewell are to be purchased from the office by Thursday, 31st October 2019.

R U OK? Day

Tumut High School again supported RUOK? Day with a fun afternoon on the oval with a variety of activities for staff and students to be involved in. It was a perfect sunny day for everyone to relax and try something new or talk to someone new.

During the week leading up to RUOK? Day students had received mini-lessons on the importance of mental health amongst family and friends. Lessons delivered were on:

- How to ask are you OK? and how to be a good mate,

- Listening skills and

- How to encourage support and check in with family and friends.

For more details on RUOK? Day visit https://www.ruok.org.au/

Chess Championships

Our team had great results from the finals of the ACT Secondary Schools Chess Tournament held this term. Tumut High School finished 11 out of 16 teams. Atticus Blenkins had 4 wins out of 7. Paddy Thompson 3 wins out of 7. Chad Smuts 2.5 wins out of 7 and Tay Crane 2 wins out of 7. 

The boys were up against many private colleges, such as Canberra Grammar, Radford College, Merici College, Daramalan College, Melba-Copland College, Carroline Chisolm, Telopea Park School and Lyneham High. It was great for the students of our small country school to have the opportunity to compete against these elite schools and the boys performed quite well. Chess is great for their problem solving skills and strategies and also their social skills. They will remember it for the rest of their lives and with that sort of exposure, they may want to go onto further study at University.   

By Mr Dierkx

Year 7 - MTVA Exhibition

Thank you to parents/carers and friends of our Year 7 students who attended Semester 2 Mandatory Technology Visual Arts Exhibition held in the Resource Centre.

Students are enjoying learning new skills and collaborating with their peers on projects.

More photos are in the gallery on our website.

Year 7/8 - Premier's Debating Challenge

Congratulations to our Year 7/8 debating team who earned the title of Zone Champions. They will now debate in Term 4 via video conference against other Zone winners to earn a spot in the Premiers Debating Challenge State finals. They are one step closer.

Year 8 - Creative Classes

Year 8 students have been busy this term showing off their creative skills during cooking and ceramics.

They also hosted a great mini-expo on promoting mental health and delivering strategies on how to manage stress and anxiety. Great ideas included rock painting, sharing a cuppa and a chat as well as colouring in.

More photos of their excellent cooking and ceramic skills can be viewed in the gallery on our website. https://tumut-h.schools.nsw.gov.au/

Tumut High School is fortunate to have great equipment for our students to use during various lessons and the recently purchased laser cutter has been put to good use with Year 8 students building speakers during their MTVA (Mandatory Technology Visual Art) lessons. Students used Auto desk software to plan and create their 3D model. The laser cutter was used for the front of the speaker with the base and body built in 3 parts.

Year 9 - Geography

Year 9 Geography students had a fun time completing fieldwork activities with Year 6 students from partner schools Franklin, Talbingo, Brungle, Adelong and Tumut Public Schools during the Middle School Program this term. Our Year 9 students are to be congratulated on their great work shown whilst performing this exercise. Thank you to Mrs Chapman for organising.

More photos of this activity are in the gallery on our website https://tumut-h.schools.nsw.gov.au/

Year 9 - Wheelchair Basketball

Year 9 students had a great time participating in the Wheelchair Roadshow that visited Tumut High School this term during Alternative Learning Program (ALP).

The Wheelchair Roadshow introduced the game of wheelchair basketball to our students and this activity helped students enhance communication skills and teamwork. Our students were inspired and motivated whilst learning a new skill.

Year 9/10 - Premier's Debating Challenge

Our Year 9/10 debating team went down to Asquith Girls High School in the State Quarter Final of the Premiers Debating Challenge in a video conference debate. We were the negative for the topic "That students should be banned from using personal electronic devices in NSW schools".

The opposition put forward a very detailed model and our team delivered their arguments with strong manner and method.  However, as battling a 3 minute model was difficult, our team were unable to break down all of their arguments - and at State level, it is the argument that is focused upon. Our students spoke for 8-9 minutes each, were very professional and had even improved upon their previous victory - as well as representing the school with pride. Congratulations to Daniel, Eddie, Megan and Abbey on their efforts and for being State Quarter Finalists - being 8th out of 200+ NSW schools is very impressive.

Thank you to Keely Wickman and Brooke Davies for their expert timekeeping and chairing of the debate.

By Mr Van Stekelenborg

Year 10 - Work Experience

Year 10 students are able to complete work experience as part of their studies in Year 10. Students are expected to find work experience, by contacting a host employer and discussing with our Careers Adviser the process of completing all paperwork.

Work experience has many benefits and provides a general introduction to the 'world of work'.

Both staff and students are very grateful to all the businesses that support this program.

We would also like to thank AKD, the Forestry Corporation and the NSW Department of Industry for hosting the forestry immersion excursion for our Year 10 students. Our students gained a realistic insight into the softwood industry in the local area.

Year 10 Hospitality

Look how talented our Year 10 Hospitality students are in the kitchen! These layer cakes were created in a timely manner and showed great innovation. Teacher Mrs Pearce is very proud of her students displaying great employment traits.

Resource Centre News

Book Week

The term 3 main focus was on Book Week in Week 5.

There were 3 weekly student quizzes leading up to Book Week with weekly winners being the lucky receivers of blocks of chocolate. The quizzes are designed to get students talking about books and the book week theme and to collect data from student recommendations. This year the focus was on picture books, with student input helping to inform future purchasing.

Week 3 Winner: Chloe Ferguson: Pig the Pug by Aaron Blabey

Week 4 Winner: Ella Tilbrook: Wombat Stew by Marcia Vaughan

Week 5 Winner: Chelsea Rushton: One of Us is Lying by Karen McManus

On Wednesday 21st August, students were invited to dress-up inspired by the Book Week theme of “Reading is My Secret Power”. They could dress as a famous Superhero, a Superhero of their own creation or a Book character. There were some fantastic costumes, with prizes being awarded at lunch time in the Resource Centre.

Junior joint winners: Mikayla Henman (Thing 1) & Prue Howard (Thing 2)

Senior joint winners: Aari Waller (Slytherin student) & Alyssa Roughan (Harry Potter)

Superhero winner: Daisy James

Villain winner: Kashmir Jarrett

Spot the Staff in Dress-up

Staff (most voted): Ms Sutherland as Mary Poppins

Student winner (for voting): Chelsea Rushton

Premier's Reading Challenge

Fourteen Year 7 students successfully completed the Premier's Reading Challenge. This required self-motivation and determination to read 20 books and complete an online log. We look forward to acknowledging and formally presenting these students with their certificates next term.

Sports Update

Tumut High School Teams

Rugby League - Congratulations to our Riverina Cup team. Tumut High has retained the Riverina Cup winning the final for the 2nd year in a row. Our team defeated Leeton High 26-6,  Wagga High 30-0 and also defeated St Francis High School 34-18 in the final. Well done boys and Coach Mr Ryan.

U15's Girls Basketball - Well done to our U15 girls basketball team who went down 44-45 against Rouse Hill in the NSWCHS State Knockout. Our girls played an amazing defensive game and should be proud of their efforts against a more experienced team. Thank you to parents for transport and to ex-THS student Monique Toppin for supporting the girls.

U15's Boys Basketball - Our boys have been eliminated from the knockout going down to Westfield Sports High 61-31. Our team showed great commitment against a very physical and talented team. Coach Ms Buckley was impressed with the boys achievement to finish in the top 16.

THS at State Athletics

Tumut High is very proud of Year 7 girls: Mikayla Elder, Valley Edwards, Lucy McGrath and Sophie Ciganek who competed in the 12yrs 4x100m relay at the NSW CHS Athletic Championships representing Riverina. Valley also ran in 200m and Mikayla in 800m. A fantastic achievement for these girls to qualify for this Carnival. The girls were very happy to have this opportunity.

Student Stories and Student Success

Ex Student Profile - Bailin Jiang

Bailin attended Tumut High School in Year 7, 2007 to Year 12, 2012 where he was School Captain.

Bailin remembers his favourite subject to be music as it was extremely cool to perform with fellow classmates in the annual CAPA concerts. He fondly recalls the friendly environment and the strong sense of community within the school. Bailin said "I can still vividly remember how everybody gathered during lunch time to play competitive handball, and how Mr Dierkx would join to show off his moves from back in the days. Nevertheless, coming from a diverse background, I definitely felt like I was accepted and included within the school community from day one, which I am always thankful for."

Since graduating from THS, Bailin went on to complete a degree in Actuarial Science from the University of New South Wales and later on qualified as one the few thousand Chartered Enterprise Risk Actuary (CERA) worldwide. He started off his career as an Actuarial Consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers providing advice to governments and multinational banks on financial valuations and risk modelling. Now Bailin is working as Senior Pricing and Data Analytics Actuary at Allianz, one of the largest insurers in the world. He leads teams to execute pricing research and artificial intelligence transformation, ultimately driving product strategies of the company.

Bailin would like to advise students to "make the most of your time at Tumut High and have a go at all the amazing opportunities on offer, whether it is participating in a sport or in the SRC. The memories made or the teamwork skills learnt are invaluable."

Thank you to Bailin for sharing his story. 

Student's Performance

Music students entertained the crowd at the "Friends of Tumut High School" reunion dinner held at the Golf Club on 21st September. Congratulations to Ben Jeffery, Chantia McPherson from Year 11 and Daisy James, Year 10, on fabulous performances.

The theme of the night was Music from the 1950s-1960s. "Build me Up Buttercup" and "What A Wonderful World" were very popular with the audience. Ben also played a guitar solo which highlighted the beautiful Maton guitar which was kindly donated by "Friends of Tumut High School" to our Music department a couple of years ago.

Clontarf Academy

The Tumut Clontarf Academy have finished the term with a bang.

With 6 Academies venturing to land of the "Moth" for an epic super training session. All of the boys got together for a meal out and they shared plenty of laughs (and heaps of Chinese food) before getting a night's sleep camping at Tumut Showground.

Everyone then converged on the Tumut High sports fields at 7am next morning and were joined by a huge contingent of Snowy Hydro employees and school staff to join in and volunteers from the two local Rugby codes assisted to cook breakfast.

The Tumut Clontarf Academy also held their official opening at Tumut High with many visitors and guests joining in on the celebration. The day was an extremely special one and the senior boys shone with Daniel Hibbens a massive hit as master of ceremonies.

Term 3 Clontarf Newsletter highlights many more great activities.


Community Announcements

RMS Safer Driver Course

Roadcraft Driving Services and NDE Australia are currently conducting the Roads & Maritime Service (RMS) Safer Driver Course in Wagga Wagga, for Learner Drivers.

The next course will be held at the Wagga Wagga RSL, Dobbs Street Wagga Wagga, on Sunday, 13th October 2019, commencing at 9.00am.

For more information and to book visit www.ndeaustralia.com.au

Riverina Regional Library

Your local, public library has all the resources you need to smash your school work this year! Books, newspapers, magazines and DVDs are all free to borrow, and the library staff can help you find just what you need for your assignments, or for fun. Readers are learners! You don’t even need to come in to the library to find great information – check out the website at rrl.nsw.gov.au/info-online/ for great, reliable information.  Joining the library is FREE, and every member of the family can have their own library card. You can even get started online – just click on ‘Join the Library’ at rrl.nsw.gov.au. Everyone who joins the library during September, or refers a friend if they are themselves already a member, goes into the draw to win a voucher for a local café!

Scholarships - 2020 Information from Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ)

DCJ is offering scholarships to students enrolled in education or training. We know there are many bright, ambitious students who want to excel in their studies. The scholarship helps young people complete their studies and reach their full potential.

How much is the scholarship?

Each scholarship for the 2020 academic year is $1,000 (GST exempt). 

Who can apply for a scholarship?

You are eligible to apply if you are:

·         living in social  housing (includes public, community or Aboriginal housing), a social housing applicant, or receiving private rental assistance

·         living  in crisis/supported accommodation, or living  in out-of-home care

·         studying in Year 10, 11 or 12 at a NSW high school or TAFE in 2020

·         undertaking a school based apprenticeship or traineeship, or studying a VET subject at a NSW high school in 2020. 

What can I use the scholarship for?

You can use scholarship funds for:

·         text books, workbooks, study guides and stationery

·         computers or laptops, iPads or smartphones

·         specialist equipment (e.g. art, music or photographic materials)

·         course costs (including materials), excursions, study camps, sporting costs

·         computer software, printers, internet

·         childcare and transport

·         medical and support needs

·         other relevant educational materials or services.

 For more details visit www.facs.nsw.gov.au/facs-scholarships.

Refer image for how to apply.

School Holiday Fun - The Age of Fishes Museum - Canowindra

The Age of Fishes Museum at 129 Gaskill Street, Canowindra is hosting a free Kid’s Activity Day during the School Holidays. 


Science Experiments, Craft Activities, Free Membership to our Kids Fossil Club and a Free Sausage Sizzle.  Kids free/ Adults $5.00 each.

Tumut High School

We would like to pay our respects and acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land

and also pay respect to Elders both past and present.

Respect, Responsiblity, Safety