Parkhill Primary School Newsletter

Issue 6 Friday 5 March, 2021

Principal's Message

Dear Parents/Carers

It was just lovely to see you all onsite during our Learning Celebration yesterday!  What should feel normal felt like a real treat! The children were very excited when they were preparing for you to come visit and the vibe around the school was wonderful. 

Coming up next week are our Parent Teacher Interviews - please make sure you have booked your slot. See the link below.  We also have our Twilight Sports event coming up on Tuesday 16th March.  This event is a fun time to come along with your picnic to the oval and enjoy some sporting fun and chat with other families. 

This edition of the newsletter is very long - we are looking for nominations from our community to join our 2021 School Council.  See below for the official details.  Dan Edwards, our current School Council President, has written a few words to help explain the role of our School Council which you may find helpful. 


On Friday 12th March we will present our School Captains and SRC with their badges at assembly. At the assembly, we will meet and greet all of the leaders from across the Y6 group as they are presented with their Y6 hoodies. Please come along to join us from approximately 3pm in the library. Please enter from the back of the building. 


Belonging improves mental health, wellbeing and learning. All children need to feel that school is a safe place where people will care about them, where their needs for support, respect and friendship will be met, and where they will be able to get help to work out problems. When these needs are met children develop a sense of belonging at school. Belonging is very important for children’s mental health and wellbeing. Children who feel that they belong at school are happier, more relaxed and have fewer behavioural problems than other students. They are also more motivated to learn and be more successful with their schoolwork. Research into children’s mental health has found that a sense of belonging and connectedness at school helps to protect children against mental health difficulties and improves their learning. Making friends and having positive relationships with teachers helps children develop a sense of belonging at school. Having older ‘buddies’ to turn to helps younger children feel that school is a place where they can get help if they need it. Looking after younger children encourages caring and helping in older children and helps to reduce conflicts and bullying. These are some of the ways that children’s sense of belonging at school can be supported.


  • 2021 school fees (Essential Education Items) are overdue – if you have not yet paid this fee please contact the office ASAP. A statement was issued this week if your account was outstanding. It is important to note that the school has to subsidise any fees that are not paid by families. These subsidies are paid out of our curriculum budgets.

  • Morning drop off: Supervision on the playground is only from 8:45am.  

  • Parent Teacher Interviews will be held on 9th/10th March - check out the information below to book your appointment. 

  • School photographs are on Thursday 11th March - you should have received your envelopes last week. 

  • On Tuesday 16th March we look forward to our Twilight Sports event - further details will follow.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Elaine Brady


Calendar of Curriculum Events

Monday 8 March - Labour Day Public Holiday

Tuesday 9 March - Parent Teacher Interviews (see below)

Wednesday 10 March - Parent Teacher Interviews (see below)

Thursday 11 March - School Photos

Friday 12 March - Badge and Y6 Jumper Presentation Assembly (details above)

Tuesday 16 March - Twilight Sports

Friday 19 March - Bully No Way Day

Monday 22 March - SDSSA District Athletics

Thursday 1 April - Term 1 ends at 2:30 pm

Student of the Week

F/1A - Yasmin L

F/1B - Miles S

F/1C - Mia S

2/3A - Dabianca M

2/3B - Aiden K

2/3C - Saige Y

4/5A - Flynn A

4/5B - Xavier B

4/5C - Lucy B

6A - Jack R

6B  - Taihei N

REMINDER: Parent Teacher Interviews

Parent Teacher Interviews are on Tuesday March 9 and Wednesday March 10 - next week! If you have not yet booked an interview with your child/ren's classroom teacher, follow the steps in the image to do so ASAP. Bookings will close at 4pm on Monday 8th March. If you are unable to book online, please contact the office or your child/ren's class teacher for assistance.

No Lunch Orders - Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Please note there will be no Flexischools lunch orders next week on Monday, Wednesday or Friday. Classroom Cuisine lunches are still available to order on Wednesday and Friday.

School Council Elections

Information Sheet - English


Information Sheet - Chinese


Self Nomination Form - English


Self Nomination Form - Chinese


School Council Update

School Council met for the first time in 2021 last week. Our February meeting involved a review of the school finances and updates to budgets for 2021. We also discussed the school's Annual Improvement Plan (AIM). The planning work done last year for 2021 is being embedded across the school and we look forward to a lockdown-free rest of term 1. Our next School Council meeting incorporates our Annual General Meeting and co-option of new members. We welcome new members to Council during this meeting - please see the information above for details on how to nominate. School Council is a great platform for parents to be more closely involved in the running of the school. We have a responsibility for financial oversight of school resources and budgets, and are also involved in practical implementation of work through sub-committees such as the school policy committee. A vibrant school community needs School Council members with a range of skills and an overall interest in helping to build a strong school for our kids to thrive in. 

If you are interested and want to know more, have a chat to our current parent School Councillors:  Kirsten Majidi, Pip Papageorgiou, Tania Rose, Clare Sherman, Sumi Sundram, Kylie Touloupis, Freya Wong and Dan Edwards; or our Staff members: Chris Logan, Liz O’Meara, Jo Ravida, Michelle Smith, and Elaine Brady.


Dan Edwards

School Council President

Chaplain's Corner

Online life in 2020 was a strange space.

Many people hated it. Hated being home all the time, in the same cramped up space.

But others loved it. Getting up later, perhaps getting enough sleep for the first time in years. No commutes or traffic. Relief from the pressure of expectations, no longer having to endure uncomfortable or difficult social occasions and so on. The 'iso' life, whilst seeming like prison to some, brought a kind of freedom for others.

With that in mind returning to ‘real life’ may have been felt like this turtle for many.

As adults it’s a bit easier for us to make adjustments to manage some of these things, we tend to have a bit more control of our day to day. For kids it’s harder.

It can be noisy, bright, smelly, and overwhelming. There’s work to do and not at their own pace. There’s timetables to adhere to, rules (written and unwritten) and frankly it’s all a bit exhausting. Or maybe they’d just rather be at home where they can choose what they get to do. Maybe there are social issues they are having trouble working through.

Adjustments are often difficult but I think adjusting to the ‘new normal’ might even be a bit tricker than the regular return to school. So, if your child is struggling to adjust for any reason or having trouble getting to school in the mornings, we’d really like to know about it to see how we can help out and work together to find a solution.


Suzanne Carmody


PFA News - March 5

Office Bearers:

President: Rossanne Clay

Vice President: Kylie Brown

Treasurer: VACANT

Secretary/Communications: Kylie Touloupis

General Members:

Elle Delmee, Wendy Douglas, Donna Edwards, Sumi Sundram, Vanessa Cowley, Trish King


The PFA AGM will be held on Thursday 11th March at 7.45pm in Parkhill Primary School’s staffroom. All the executive committee positions are open and we are still in desperate need of treasurer. If you are interested in stepping up for a role, now is the time to put up your hand!


- To follow the DET money handling guidelines (accounts are held by the school, there is no banking involved).

- To provide a treasurer's report reflecting income vs. expenditure to the PFA at committee meetings.

There is also the opportunity to join the PFA as part of the general committee. We will be reviewing the year that was so please come along and hear about all the great work we accomplish as a community.

Please email to help us out.  


A BIG thank you to all our stall bakers and makers!

Your yummy treats helped to raise over $450.

Thank you to the community for your support, it was lovely to hear the stampede of feet and the jingling of coins heading towards us once again.



Easter is upon us and this year our much loved ‘Parkhill Easter Raffle’ has made a comeback!

How to get involved:

1.       Donate an Easter themed treat to the office by 29th March. (Thank you!)

2.      Buy a raffle ticket or 5! (Tickets will come home with your child at the end of next week.)

3.      Cross your fingers on April 1st! (Winners drawn at assembly.)

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