St Mary's Bulletin

Term 2 - Week 5 (29 May, 2020)

From the Principal

Dear St Mary's School Community


Sunday is Pentecost.  This means ‘fiftieth day’ in Greek.  It marks the end of the Easter season and is often called the birthday of the Church, as it was from this event that the disciples went forth to spread the good news and establish the Church. 

May – Mary’s Month

We end the month of May on Saturday – the students with their teachers have honoured Mary in many ways throughout this month.

Kindy     We learnt the story of when Jesus was born and discussed that Mary was Jesus' mother. We have discovered that Mary is usually wearing blue clothes. We have thought about some of the things Mary did for Jesus when he was a little boy, like hugging him, kissing him, playing with him in the rain and looking after him by making sure he ate healthy food and drank lots of water. 
Pre-PrimaryWe have spoken about Mary and how she was chosen to do a very important task for God. We have also created a portrait of Mary in Visual Arts. 
Year OneFor the month of Mary, students have been learning and praying the Hail Mary. They also participated in a short class liturgy that celebrated Mary.
Year TwoMade Rosary Beads (Photo below)
Year ThreeCelebrated the month of Mary by saying the Hail Mary and learning about the importance of praying to Mary. We made Holy Rosary stained glass window paper craft to recognise the importance of saying the Rosary in the month of May.
Year Four/Five Read the story of the angel coming to Mary to tell her that she would be the Mother of Jesus. We discussed virtues that Mary possessed (Year 4) and how Mary's actions reflected many of the fruits of the Holy Spirit (Year 5). We then created a class display identifying what virtues we think of when we think of Mary. 
Year Five/SixCelebrated the Month of May by creating a display wall that celebrates all that is good and holy about Mary, Mother of Jesus. They have also learnt the importance of the Rosary Beads and are learning how to use them with the help of their Mini Rosary Book. They have researched the many interesting parts of the beads and know that they include fifty Hail Marys, 10 Hail Marys are called a decade, and include events in Jesus’ life called the Mysteries. The Mysteries are the Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful and Glorious Mysteries. 

LifeLink Day 2020

St Mary’s School will be celebrating Life Link Day 2020 on Monday, 15 June.  More information to follow.

Wellbeing Week

Our classes have been focusing on Wellbeing this week by:

KindyWe have continued to have rest time after lunch time and are learning to stay nice and quiet while we listen to some relaxing music. The children have been encouraged this week to spend more time reading books by themselves and resting in the reading corner when they are feeling overwhelmed or tired. 
Pre-PrimaryWe have done some meditation every week and today we have listened to relaxing music and modelled our thoughts out of clay.
Year OneTaken some time out before school to do some quiet colouring and having meditation after lunch.
Year Two

We have been doing mindful colouring, a worries bag to let out all of our worries and trying to encourage children to do something special with their families during this week.

Year ThreeWe have been thinking about how grateful we are to have so many wonderful things in our lives. We learnt about gratitude and having an ‘attitude of gratitude’. Kid President taught us to appreciate the little things, like the shape of clouds, the smell of rain and the wonderful families we have and so much more. We have also taken time to practice calming techniques and meditate to get into a positive mindset. The best part is having no homework and time in the afternoon to spend with our families doing fun things!!
Year Four/FiveAre doing guided meditation, gratitude journaling and mandala drawing. We are also drawing our emotions to music in Visual Art on Friday. 
Year Five/SixResearched and created a poster of wellbeing resources from within the Wheatbelt for their physical and mental health in a cute eye-catching design. They are also completing a wellbeing booklet and creating a Mindfulness Mindmap of all the strategies and activities they can do to boost their physical and mental health such as; connect, being active, taking notice of the things around us, learning and giving.

WA Day

Monday is WA Day.  This takes place on the first Monday in June each year.  It’s a day to celebrate all Western Australians, recognising our Aboriginal history, early European settlers and the many from all over the world who have made, and continue to make, Western Australia their home.  It’s a day for each of us to reflect and celebrate all the great things about our people, our lifestyle, our culture and our potential. Prior to 2012, June 1 was known as Foundation Day, which marked the day when the first European settlers, under the command of Captain James Stirling RN, Lieutenant Governor, arrived from Britain to settle the Swan River Colony.  In April 2012 Foundation Day was formally changed to WA Day following bipartisan political support in the Western Australian Parliament.  The legislation emphasised that the new ‘State Day’ was to be inclusive of all people no matter how long they have called themselves Western Australians.

Public Holiday

Monday, 1 June is the WA Day Public Holiday and therefore school will be closed.  Enjoy the long weekend with your families!

Term Planner

Please see the revised Term Planner that is attached for the second half of the term.  The Winter Carnival will not be taking place this year.


Welcome to the Verhoogt Family.  Eliza started Three Year Old Kindy on Monday.

Thank You

Thank you to all our families and students who have adopted the changes to drop-off and pick-up.  This has been the trickiest adjustments to manage however parent and student cooperation has enabled us to make these transitions as quick and as safe as possible. Current arrangements will necessarily remain in place until such time as the Premier removes the restrictions currently mandated. 

I once again extend my sincere thanks and appreciation for the wonderful support and encouragement that everyone has displayed during this pandemic. We are all in the rhythm of our ‘new normal’ and I congratulate all staff and parents on your commitment to continuing to focus on our children, who are at the centre of all that we do.

God Bless and have a lovely weekend with your families, 

Ms Adriana Coniglio


Let us Pray