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Term 3 - Week 8 (13 September, 2019)

Principal's Message

Dear St Mary's School Community

Luke 15: 1-32

In Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus tells us how the angels rejoice over one returned sinner.  He compares it to the shepherd’s joy when he finds a lost sheep and the poor woman’s delight when she finds her lost coin.  God’s mercy is indeed vast.  Though we may stray from his love, he will always welcome us back.

First Holy Communion

This Sunday sees our Year Four students:  Blair Carr, Jake Casella, Jonah Clarke, Lachlan Cooper, Charlotte Criddle, Savannah Dean, Ava Downsborough, Olivia Geier, Tyler Geier, Olumiji Onikola and our Year Five student Alexis Kermode receive their First Holy Communion. 

The word 'communion' means to be united with; Catholics believe that in Holy Communion we are united in a special way with Jesus Christ.  At his last supper, Jesus said of the bread that he shared among his followers, "Take and eat, this is my body." When we receive Holy Communion, Catholics believe that in a mysterious way we are sharing in the body and blood of Christ. Holy Communion and the whole celebration is also known as Eucharist, from a Greek word meaning thanksgiving. 

All are welcome to join in this celebration at the 10.30 am Mass in the Church.

Athletics Carnival

What a beautiful spring day we had on Tuesday for our Athletics Carnival!  The day was a huge success and thanks go to the Merredin Rec Centre, Little Athletics, Mick Caughey and Tom McCormack for marking the oval, the P&F for organising morning tea and lunch, all the parent helpers, the staff and of course the students for the sense of sportsmanship, fair play and effort that they displayed on the day.  My biggest thanks go to Mrs Elisha Criddle for her planning and execution of another wonderful carnival!  Congratulations to St Joseph’s for winning the Marching Shield and to Salvatorians who were the overall winners!  

Good Luck to those who have been selected to go into the Interschool Carnival on Wednesday!

No Less Worthy

St Mary’s School has received from the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, a copy of the book No Less Worthy which was launched by the Hon Ben Wyatt MLA earlier this year.  The book shares the stories of Western Australia’s Aboriginal men who were prepared to sacrifice their lives for their country during the First World War.  The book also acknowledges those men who served overseas as well as the men who were rejected on the grounds of their Aboriginality.  The book will be housed in the Library.

Parish Raffle –Fundraiser for Merredin College Chaplaincy and then Parish Maintenance

Raffle Ticket booklets are out and some are coming back to the Parish sold.

Please try to sell all your tickets; however, if you are having trouble selling them, return the books to Father Andrew or Zoe O'Malley.  Tickets will be on sale the School Fair.

Beginning Principals

I will be attending Beginning Principals Professional Development at CEWA on Wednesday through to Friday – returning in time for the School Fair on Saturday!  Mrs Riethmuller will be responsible for the school in my absence.

God Bless and have a lovely weekend with your families. 

Ms Adriana Coniglio


Religious News

St Mary's Day

On Friday the 6th of September, we celebrated St Mary’s Day. 

The day began with a whole school mass and was followed by the students participating in a number of activities related to the school. 

The students had fun looking at old St Mary’s uniforms, the school song, the school crest, joining in a treasure hunt around the school and playing a number of olden days games.  

Sacrament of Holy Communion

On Sunday the 15th of September at 10.30am, a number of students will be receiving the Sacrament of Holy Communion. All members of the St Mary’s Community are invited to attend and support the following students as they receive this special sacrament for the first time:

Blair C, Jake C, Jonah C, Lachlan C, Charlotte C, Savannah D, Ava D, Olivia G, Tyler G, Alexis K and Olumiji O.

Caritas Just Leadership Day

On Wednesday the 11th of September, the Year Five and Six students participated in a Caritas Just Leadership Day. Nathan Leber from Caritas spent the day teaching students about social justice issues and encouraging them to become leaders of justice

Thank You

Thank you to Mrs Maureen Wilson and Mr Jonathon Robartson for assisting the Year Six Religious Education Ministry students to cook the sausages for lunch on St Mary’s Day!

Mrs Hannah Herbert 

Religious Education Coordinator 

Other News & Important Dates



Please see below the Tuckshop Menu and Roster for Term Three.  As you can see, we are still in need of addition  volunteers to fill our roster.  If you are able to help please drop in and see Damiana  or contact the office.

Term 3 Tuckshop Menu


Class News

Year Two RE Corner

In Year Two we have been learning how we experience and show love and the way that Jesus always loves us no matter what. Through the celebration of the Eucharist, people carry Jesus in their hearts to show love to others. We learnt about the story of the Last Supper and then recreated it in the bush. 

Chloe: I liked when Jack videoed us. It was  fun because we got to practice with our friends before we did the video. 

Beau: My favourite part was when I was a Judas the disciple and I betrayed Jesus in the play. 

Mitchell: My favourite part was when I got to go into the tree and pretend to be Jesus. 

Year Six Class News

Wow! We are almost at the end of Term Three and we are starting to realise that our final year of primary school is coming to an end. We have enjoyed a few different activities this term including some of us participating in the Catholic Performing Arts Festival which was awesome. We had our Jumps and Throws Day and our Faction Athletics Carnival, which was super exciting and HOT!! We enjoyed wearing costumes for Book Week and celebrated St Mary’s Day with activities in small groups. It was great finding out lots of new things about our school’s history, clothing, emblem and more that we didn’t know. We now have a HUGE Sudoku in class which we love to share with our families on family mornings, it’s been quite a challenge for us! Our Leavers Book has just been started so we are adding events, information and photos of ourselves to remember forever. We are now looking forward to the Interschool Carnival. It will be our last one for primary school and we can’t wait to compete with great sportsmanship! 

Assembly Award Winners

Cooperative Learning Social Skill for week 6&7

Encouraging and Praising

PP:                   Toby Sharp             

Year One:       Caitlin Carlson          

Year Two:       Jaxon Hohaia          

Year Three:    Becky Mullins

Year Four:       Lachlan Cooper        

Year Five:        Alexis Kermode     

Year Six:          Angus Townrow  

Faction Athletics Carnival

Faction Athletics carnival

On Tuesday, 10 September we held our Faction Athletics carnival at the Merredin Recreation Centre.  The weather was amazing and the students were pumped. This year we trialed a new recording App to track the children and time them all at once.

It was very successful and we will be using it, or something similar, at future carnivals.

The students behavior was impeccable and the support they showed each other, amazing.

Thank you to  Merredin Little Athletics and especially Mr Mick Caughey and Mr  Tom McCormack for marking the oval, it was a huge job and it is greatly appreciated.

Thanks to all the parent helpers, teachers and staff for all your help prior to and on carnival day. We could not run such a smooth event without your continued support.


Junior Boy                  Runner Up                  Cooper Withers

                                      Champion                    Koby Sayers 

Junior Girl                   Runner Up                   Angelica Kraske Beck

                                       Champion                    Camee Roberts 

Intermediate Boy     Runner Up                   Tyler Geier & William Elliot

                                       Champion                    Brock Barnett 

Intermediate Girl       Runner Up                  Hannah Clark

                                        Champion                   Ellie Atkinson 

Senior Boy                   Runner Up                   Olumide Onikola

                                       Champion                   Austin Roberts 

Senior Girl                   Runner Up                   Laura Atkinson &  Zoe Olanrewaju

                                      Champion                    Makayla Geier

 Marching Trophy                                St Joseph

St Mary's P&F

School Fair Competitions

Colouring Competition

Entries can be returned to the front office at St Mary's School


to Mrs Sutherland at Merredin College

Entries must be received by 3pm on Friday, 20 September.

All entries will be displayed a the St Mary's Spring Fair on September 21st

Winners will be contacted by phone.

Entries will be held for collection until the end of school term only at St Mary's School.

Pre Kindy/Kindy/PP Colouring Comp


Year 1/2 Colouring Comp


Year 3/4 Colouring Comp


Year 5/6 Colouring Comp


Lego Competition Entry Form


We would like to thank the following sponsors the the St Mary's Fair 2019

Let Us Pray

Lord God,

you rejoice when we turn to you. 

Have mercy on us! 


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