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2020 Volume 2 Issue 7

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From the Principal

...for Balmain PS!

Watching our students walk through the gates on Monday 25 May, returning to full time face-to-face learning, we noticed many had grown since we last saw them. Upon reflection, students had been away for 9 weeks, including 2 weeks of holidays, which is longer than the end-of-year 6 week break!

So, it was understandable that a few of our students, particularly Kindergarten, experienced some level of nervousness when now having to adjust to a 'kiss & drop' at the gate, when previously our parents and carers could come in to the playground. It was literally 'take 2' of the 'first day of kindy', without having all the grown ups around, comforting, hugging, kissing and reassuring our youngest members, as they walked into the classrooms for the very first time (in a very long time!)...

It's amazing though, 3 weeks on, to see how quickly we've all adjusted and adapted to the 'new normal'. Our students happily give kisses and hugs to their grown-ups and confidently walk, skip or run, on in!

Although, as of Monday 15 June and from the start of Term 3, additional activities (as per the document below) are recommencing across public schools in NSW, 'non-essential adults are still not permitted on school grounds or at school events – this includes parents/carers unless specifically approved by the principal...Parent/teacher meetings – where these need to take place – strong preference for online where possible unless involving serious matters that require face to face discussion'.

This implies that our current requirement for 'Kiss & Drop', as well as staggered pick-ups, with all parents/carers remaining outside the school gates will continue into Term 3. The continued exception will be for parents and carers dropping off and/or picking up from before- and after-school care.

Any meetings with teachers and/or staff members, will not be face-to-face, until further notice. If you require to speak with your child's teacher and/or any member of staff, please email balmainps@gmail.com to organise a suitable date/time for a phone call. Our monthly P&C meetings will also be occurring via Zoom until further notice.

On behalf of the school, I thank you all for your continued support and understanding in keeping all our students, staff and community safe...we are all definitely looking forward to the day that these restrictions will finally be lifted and we can welcome you back on to our school site...fingers crossed it won't be too much longer!

Maria Lambos - Principal

Parent and Carer Guide to Face to Face Learning

Information has been updated as at 11 June 2020, until further notice.

NEW Pick Up Schedule from Monday 15 June

Thank you to our parents and carers for your understanding and support with our current drop-off and staggered pick-ups. Please note that the morning 'Drop & Kiss' at the Eaton St and Gladstone Park gates still applies.

Due to some congestion and maintaining of physical distancing and safety, whilst waiting to pick up your child/ren from both Eaton St gates in the afternoon, we will be implementing a new pick-up routine from Monday 15 June.

We will now be utilising the park gate only. Please ensure you are waiting back from the gate, leaving sufficient thoroughfare for the children, as teachers release your child/ren into your care. Please note the following times/classes:

·         2:40pm – KG, KJ, KK

·         2:45pm – 1/2L, 1/2M

·         2:50pm – 1/2B, 1/2C

·         2:55pm – 3/4B, 3/4M, 3/4R

·         2:58pm – Students catching buses

·         3:00pm – 5/4M, 5/6C, 5/6F, 5/6Y, 5/6Y

Please note: Class teachers will remain with their class, until all students have been picked up, either by parents/carers, or Eaton St Centre (ESC), if booked in. The ESC staff are aware of the staggered dismissal and will pick up children from their teachers.

We appreciate your cooperation in working with the school to keep our students, staff and community safe.

2021 Year 5 Opportunity Class

Attention: Year 4 Students, Parents and Carers

The 2021 Year 5 Opportunity Class placement process was put on hold in April 2020, due to the COVID-19 situation.

The High Performing Students Team have revised and simplified the timeline for the OC placement process, to ensure that students and families can have certainty about their placement as soon as possible.

The changes include:

  • A new date for online applications. Parents must apply between 9 June 2020 and 26 June 2020. Late applications cannot be accepted.
  • A new test date - Wednesday 16 September 2020.

To ensure fair and consistent assessment of students across New South Wales, students will be offered places based only on their test results this year – there will be no school assessment scores.

There will also be no opportunity for appeals given the tight timeframes.

For further detailed information and continued updates regarding this process, visit - https://education.nsw.gov.au/public-schools/selective-high-schools-and-opportunity-classes/year-5

Fact sheet for Parents and Carers




Go to www.flexischools.com.au to place your order

For any food/menu queries please feel free to contact us directly via email :


Alternatively, you can call Kirsty on 0416 786 603 and we will be happy to assist.

Kirsty and Jason Feliciotto – The School Canteen

9-26 June - Applications open for 2021 Year 5 Opportunity Class

Wednesday 1 July - Zoom P&C Meeting

This meeting will be held via Zoom as formal amendments have been made to the P&C Constitution which now allows us to host meetings via video-conferencing.

We will send out the link closer to the date but, in the meantime, if there is an expert in the BPS community who is skilled in setting up Zoom for large groups, please contact the P&C to lend their skills!



Agenda - 1 July


Friday 3 July - LAST DAY OF TERM 2



Baseball Caps Are Back!

Hooray! After a long COVID-19 delay, baseball caps are back in stock.

We have 100 on hand now, and another shipment arriving next week. Place your orders for delivery to classroom now!

Please include your child's Name and Class in the 'Notes To Seller' box at the end. Thank you!


School Uniforms


For any size exchanges, please:

1. Email the uniform stall with the details of the exchange, at: balmainpsuniforms@gmail.com

2. Return the items to be exchanged to the school office, clearly marked with Student name, Class and EXCHANGE

3. Replacement items will be packed and re-delivered to your child's classroom

Orders will continue to be packed and delivered for collection each week, until we are able to reopen the stall.

Thank you!



K GumnutLola Blearning all of her sight words
K JasmineMaylea Wshowing a mature and caring attitude in literacy groups by sharing learning resources fairly
K KaleLucrezia Falways working creatively during investigations
1/2 Banana PalmThomas Mworking scientifically in his observations and predications in STEAM and communicating and working well with others
1/2 CactaceaeSierra Rbeing respectful and responsible in the classroom at all times
1/2 LavenderClaudia Pbeing a supportive and respectful learner in the classroom who always tries her best
1/2 MangroveAnna Salways cooperating and collaborating well with others and her positive attitude to learning
3/4 BambooDemi Goutstanding confidence in her multiplication skills and problem solving
3/4 MagnoliaOscar L-Rexcellent persuasive writing on the places he would like to go!
3/4 RainforestJessica Rher enthusiastic approach to spelling! 
5/4 MarigoldJude McPactively engaging and showing positive behaviour during lessons throughout the week. Well done, Jude!
5/6 Cherry BlossomMaxim Phis great work with co-ordinates in mathematics
5/6 FrangipaniJoshua Ceffectively using figurative language and varied sentences to create imagery in his suspenseful paragraph
5/6 WillowAnna Calways being ready to learn and for setting a good example
5/6 YautiaKai Hhis high level of effort demonstrated in his mathematics investigation task

YOU CAN DO IT! awards - Organisation

K GumnutArthur Bkeeping his cubby hole and bag area tidy
K JasmineOliver Halways taking care of his belongs and being an organised and helpful K Jasmine friend!
K KaleCamilla Kshowing a great improvement in keeping her belongings organised
1/2 Banana PalmSophie Walways being organised in her work, remembering her spelling book and being on time
1/2 CactaceaeGenevieve Pher outstanding handwriting
1/2 LavenderZachary Kalways having a positive attitude during learning in 1/2L
1/2 MangroveAmber Zalways being organised each week by practising her spelling words, bringing her homework in and being prepared for spelling tests
3/4 BambooMax Oexceptional maturity in organising himself and his behaviour within the classroom
3/4 MagnoliaBilly Tbeautiful and neat handwriting
3/4 RainforestMarco Mhelping our class get organised each morning!
5/4 MarigoldRoman Acoming to class with an energised attitude, ready to learn!
5/6 Cherry BlossomCharlotte Fher great organisation in her storyboard of 'Matilda'
5/6 FrangipaniLuca G-Wbeing an organised learner who has all of her materials ready before being asked
5/6 WillowAlarik Ca mature approach to school life
5/6 YautiaIlias Pworking productively with peers during our mathematics scavenger hunt

Positive Pete Ice-creams on Monday!

Due to the inclement weather on Friday, Ms Karstrom will buy and deliver ice-creams to our Positive Pete winners on Monday. Photos will feature in next week's issue.
Early Stage OneCharlotte O - K Kale
Stage OneRosalind C - 1/2 Mangrove
Stage TwoBrodie N-S - 3/4 Magnolia
Stage ThreeEmily R - 5/6 Frangipani

And this week's winner is...(drumroll please!)


5/4 Marigold 'Measure the Treasure' in Gladstone Park

If you visited our Instagram page yesterday, you would have seen that 5/4 Marigold took their learning outside! 

👇 The photo gallery has more 'Measure the Treasure' pics...

PHOTO GALLERY: Measure the Treasure

Spotlight on...

3/4 BAMBOO!!!


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