St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Wandal Newsletter

24 June 2020

Casting the Net - Weekly Prayer Reflection

I don’t know

I have found myself saying these words more and more in the last months.  When will the pandemic end? What restrictions are really necessary? How are we to respond to racism in our society?  Will we have jobs in the near future and what will they be like?  I could go on.  These issues are difficult and they are real.  A few minutes thinking about them unleashes all sorts of negative emotions within us and between us.   Negative emotions have their place but more often than not, they produce just more negativity.  So how can one break the cycle.

The simplest way to begin is to be kind to those around me.  I cannot control the world but I can control how I treat other people.  Simple acts of kindness, while not lauded by the world, have a ripple effect in our world.

The next simplest way is praise.  Yes, simply affirming what is positive and good in the world, in the people around you and within yourself.  We can only build on the good in our lives.  When we praise, we are making a profound recognition that life is holy and to be trusted in spite of bad or negative things that happen.

And the third simplest is to be grateful: to the world, to people, to yourself and to God.  Gratitude sums up all that is best in us.  It opens our minds and hearts to delight and to love. 

If we make these three ways of acting habits in our lives, we will find our way to making change for our world in the ‘big issues’ that threaten to overwhelm us.

Loving God, you know how easily I can feel overwhelmed by the challenges in our world.  Let me stop fretting about what I cannot control and let me be kind, full of praise and grateful.  Then let your Spirit lead me into the way of wise action.  I ask this in Jesus’ name confident that you will hear me.

Sr Kym Harris osb

From the Principal

Happy Holidays

It is hard to believe that we are at the half point in the school year. Who could have predicted, back in January when the semester commenced, that we would experience all of the changes that 2020 has brought so far? Although I am sure that there will continue to be some more challenges and ‘speed-bumps’ thrown our way in the second semester of the year, I have no doubt that as a school community we will continue to experience success due to the passion, flexibility and understanding exhibited by all.

 I must say very sincere ‘thank you’ to all of the parents and carers in our parent community who have worked so hard this term to support your child’s learning.  Please know that your messages of support and thanks are always appreciated by our staff.


Term Three resumes on Monday, 13th July.  Term Three will see a focus on uninterrupted curriculum delivery with 'extra' events remaining limited due to COVID-19, restrictions.

The following events are scheduled:

  •  Tuesday 14 July – NAIDOC Mass (livestreamed from Holy Family Church)
  • Friday 24 July - House Day (MacKillop)
  •  Thursday 23 July – 2021 Prep Parent Information Session 5.30pm
  •  Sunday 26 July – Catholic Education Week commences
  • Friday 31 July - Under 8's SJW celebrations
  • Friday 7 August - Hearing Tests for applicable students
  • Friday 14 August - Rescheduled Show Holiday
  • Friday 21 August - House Day (Tenison)
  • Monday 31 August - Real Talk Parent Sessions for Year 5 & 6 parents
  • Wednesday 2 September - Real Talk sessions for Year 5 & 6 students
  • Thursday 3 September - Fathers' Day stall
  • Friday 4 September - Pupil Free Day
  • Monday 14 & Tuesday 15 September - Parent Teacher Interviews
  • Thursday 17 September - Prep Vision Screening
  • Friday 18 September - last day of Term 3 & House Day (Penola)

House Days - Term 3

Next term we will have three House Days. Children will sit in mixed age, house groupings for their lunchtimes. There will be a ‘special’ lunchtime activity for the students to participate in, chosen by the House Captains e.g. lunchtime disco, or a staff vs students game.

We will also order in (optional) lunch on this day e.g. Red Rooster, or Pizza (individual orders). All students, no matter which house or year level they are in will be able participate in the fun and have the option to order the ‘special’ lunch.

So therefore, on the following Fridays, tuckshop will look a little different and the normal menu will not be available for purchase for first break.

Friday Week 2, 24/7 - MacKillop

Friday Week 6, 21/8 - Tenison

Friday Week 10, 18/9 - Penola

Orders will be placed and paid for via Flexischools as normal, but we will need to cut off the orders earlier so that we can place the orders from the food suppliers. Second break will operate as normal.


Cross Country - with a difference!

A sincere thank you to our PE teacher Miss Hinz (assisted by Mrs Walker), who organized some fun in our PE lessons this week. As the Cross Country was cancelled due to COVID-19, Miss Hinz set up a Ninja Obstacle Course for the classes as a fun way to finish the term and for some friendly competition between our three Houses, Penola, Tenison and MacKillop. Ribbons were awarded for place getters and all participants received points towards their Sport's Teams. Which team will be the overall champions? Find out this week, during our Friday morning Zoom!

Scroll through for some photos!

Uniform Matters

Please take the time over the upcoming school holiday break to ensure that your children have the correct uniform for the commencement of Term Three. This includes correct school hats, jumpers, socks, shoes, hair accessories and jewellery. If unsure about whether the choice of new uniform items are acceptable, we are only too happy to assist. Alternatively, the Uniform Policy is available on the school website or from the school office.

Parent Lounge and Report Cards

Semester One Report Cards will be available via Parent Lounge on Friday  of Week 1, Term 3 (17 July). It is the responsibility of all parents to ensure that you have access (including your parent code and password) to Parent Lounge before this time. As always, school computers are available for parent use upon request. Paper copies of Report Cards will not be distributed.


Vacation Care

Our Outside School Hours Care staff have been busily preparing some wonderful experiences for our students for the upcoming block of Vacation Care. If you are wishing to book your child in Vacation Care please do so as soon as possible so that numbers can be finalised. 

A Message from our OSHC

As you are aware, there are currently many Federal and State Government requirements that are designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (or any contagious condition). Once such requirement that is relevant to Outside School Hours Care(OSHC) Services is the School and Early Childhood Service Exclusion Direction. To meet this directive, children displaying symptoms such fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose or shortness of breath, are not permitted to attend OSHC.

In order to assist us in meeting this requirement, we request that all parents find alternative care for their children if they are unwell or displaying symptoms. Your child cannot return to OSHC while they are still displaying symptoms. The only exception is if a child is displaying symptoms due to a non-contagious medical condition, for example,  asthma, croup or hay fever. If that is the case written confirmation that your child is displaying symptoms due to this medical condition and is not contagious will be required.   In order to meet this Public Health Directive, the OSHC is required to call parents to collect children who are displaying symptoms. 

Outstanding School Fee Accounts

Term Two fees were due Monday, 15 June.  It would be appreciated if any outstanding accounts could be finalised before the end of the week. If your payment commitment cannot be met please make an appointment to see me.

Friday Messages and Awards

Friday's messages and awards will be delivered to all classes in the school by Zoom. If you would like to link in with us please email the school office and request the Zoom link and password.

Have a great week,

Kellie Jenkinson

From the Assistant to the Principal: Religious Education (APRE)

Prayer Reflection - Gospel focus

In this week’s reading Jesus continues to prepare his most trusted disciples for their ministry. He tells them, three times, not to be afraid. The twelve are not to fear the darkness nor death, because God is all powerful and values the faithful. The twelve are to be the light in the darkness for others.

When scripture uses the term fear, it tends to fall into one of two meanings. When used in the context of ‘do not be afraid’ or ‘fear not’, it is a command to not be daunted by the woes and trials that the world imposes. The other use tends to be a command that we should fear God. In this context, the word does not mean to be frightened of God but rather to show proper reverence. To fear God is to stand in wonder and awe rather than to cower and hide. So, fear God, but do not be afraid!

© Liturgy Help 

Sacramental Journey

The Sacramental Journey has been postponed until 2021.

I look forward to recommencing with the children and their families in 2021 to celebrate their First Holy Communion and Confirmation.

Year 5 - Virtual Prayer Expo

Normally as part of a culminating activity for a Prayer unit, Year Five  would host a "Prayer Expo" inviting all classes to learn and explore ways to prayerfully and creatively respond to God through art, poetry, movement, word and silence. Due to COVID restrictions, Year Five decided to reach all classes and community members virtually with the creation of a Padlet.  Thank you to the Year Five teachers for their time and talent to ensure that our students were able to share and celebrate their spiritual and prayer life with others in our school.

 Please access the Padlet on the link below:

Scroll through to see Preps learning about the symbols found in Church

Prayer Assembly Dates Term 3

Week 1NAIDOC PrayerFriday 17 July Year 6
Week 2Class Led PrayerFriday 24 July Year 5
Week 3Catholic Education WeekFriday 31 July Year 6
Week 4Feast of Saint Mary MackillopFriday 7 August Year 2
Week 5SHOW HOLIDAY14 August
Week 6Class Led PrayerFriday 21 August Year 4
Week 7Class Led PrayerFriday 28 August Year 3
Week 8Class Led PrayerThursday 3 September Prep
Week 9Class Led PrayerFriday 11 September Year 1
Week 10Making Jesus Real Friday 18 September

Wellbeing Practice -Tips for Managing Emotions

What you can do to help your child develop their emotional skills?

Helping your child identify and express their emotions is the first step in helping them manage them. Here are some of the ways you can help your child learn about and express their feelings:

  • Tune in to cues – Understand them by looking at their body language, listen to what they’re saying and observe their behaviour
  • Name the emotion - Naming emotions is the first step in helping kids learn to identify them and accept them
  • Identify emotions in others – Cartoons or picture books are a great way to discuss emotions and recognise other people’s feelings
  • Be a role model - Show your child how you’re feeling about different situations and how you deal with those feelings
  • Behind every behaviour is an emotion – Knowing what is driving the behaviour can help you guide them to express it in other ways
  • Encourage with praise - Praise your child when they talk about their feelings or express them in an appropriate and helpful way
  • Get creative – Having your child draw their emotions and name them can help them identify and accept different emotions.

This information is taken from Parentline.

Fitzroy Basin Survey - a chance for us to win $5000 funding for an environmental project

Fitzroy Basin Association is awarding over $15,000 to be invested towards environmental projects. $5,000+ of this will be given to a local business, $5,000+ to a local education provider and $5,000+ to a local community group. Every time someone completes a survey they get to nominate a local organisation of their choice to win and Fitzroy Basin Association add another dollar to the prize pool.

To increase our chances of winning (and increase the amount of money there is to win), please fill in the survey and nominate St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Wandal.

This survey is Fitzroy Basin residents one in five year opportunity to have a say about the natural assets and how they are managed.

 Follow this link to start the survey –

Parish Bulletin 21 - 22 June


Have a great week,

Rheanna Starr

Curriculum Update: From the APC

Academic Reports

As previously advised, this semester we will be distributing report cards at the end of the first week in Term Three.  Due to the 'learning from home' period, a reduced number of learning areas will be included in the report.  For more information, please see previous newsletters.

Staying Busy and Keeping your Mind Active on the Holidays.

We are all looking forward to the holidays.  It will be great to take a break and recharge after a long and unique term.  To keep you entertained and learning over the holidays, try these boredom busters:

Child Safety Curriculum

All classes will undertake their Child Safety Curriculum studies next term.

 The Child Safety Curriculum became mandatory for all Diocesan Catholic Education Office schools from 2015.

 The curriculum is based on principles of best practice in child safety education and centres around three key messages: Recognise, React and Report. Through a series of lessons, students will learn how to recognise, react and report when they are unsafe or find themselves in situations that can have a significant detrimental effect on their physical, psychological or emotional wellbeing.

The content included in the Child Safety Curriculum aligns with what has been included in the Personal Development Education in our schools over the past 15 years. All content has been approved by our Bishop Michael McCarthy and by our Diocesan Director, Miss Leesa Jeffcoat.

Please follow the link for a detailed overview of the concepts and terminology your children will have exposure to. Research has told us that the correct use of anatomical names is important in preventing child sex abuse As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please see your child’s teacher.

Calling all Film Makers

Create a one minute film encouraging your community to recycle their old mobile phones. The theme for the 2020 competition is Small actions. Big Impact.

You don’t have to be an experienced filmmaker to take part – all you need is an idea, imagination and motivation. Winning films will receive a $5000 JB Hi-Fi vochure to further develop their film career.

Entry is free and is open to all primary, secondary and tertiary students in Australia. Take a look at our previous winners and education resources for inspiration. Film entries are due 21 September 2020. Finalists will be announced 19 October and winners 5 November 2020.

This year there will be a People’s Choice Award. The community will be able to vote for their favourite film between 19 to 30 October. Winners will be showcased during National Recycling Week in November. Good luck!

Excellence in Art Design Competition

Premier's Coding Challenge

Premier's Reading Challenge

Have you seen the videos on facebook from our house captains?  The Premier's reading challenge is on.  We want to see as many forms completed as possible.  Let's all get reading and may the best house win!

Premier's Reading Challenge - Reader Record form


Have a great week,

Janette McLennan

Outside School Hours Care & Vacation Care Event Schedule


 Please be advised that as of Monday the 12th of July 2020, OSHC fees are scheduled to return to normal (the emergency relief package will no longer be applied to your OSHC fees).

You will then have your statements emailed out to you each Monday of your nominated payment cycle, with your payment being processed on the Tuesday and coming out of your account on your nominated day of the week. We will keep you updated if there are any changes to this information, closer to the date.

 If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Weekly Awards

Congratulations to our award weekly award winners.  Click on the  link for further details

Indigenous Games & Tackle 6

Students will take part in The Tackle6 program in Term Three from week 1-6 (years 3-6) and the Indigenous Games is coming from Week 3-6 (Prep-2).  Please complete the attached eForm in order for your child to participate in the program.  Thank you, Miss Hinz.

E-Form - Yimba Bira School Registration eForm