Newsletter Number 7 • Wednesday 8th June 2022

From the Principal

It was wonderful to see the variety of activities that our students and staff engaged in across Reconciliation Week.

The theme of Reconciliation Week was ‘Be Brave. Make Change’, acknowledging that change begins with brave actions.  Reconciliation Week highlights the need for us all to play our part collectively in building relationships and communities that value Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

To mark the start of Reconciliation Week we raised the Aboriginal flag, then our preschool and primary years students came together in the school hall.  Our Cycle 2 students led an Acknowledgment of Country and members of the Cultural Understanding Committee spoke about what reconciliation is and why it is important to value the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

Guided by Cycle 3 students, we came together to form the Aboriginal flag and then performed ‘Red, Black and Yellow’ a song by Aunty Wendy’s mob.

All classes were involved in a school-wide art project celebrating Australia’s shared histories, cultures and achievements. Students across the Cycles were asked to share their ideas through an artwork which explored Reconciliation, the stolen generation, National Sorry Day or 1967 Referendum. While Aboriginal culture is key to our curriculum throughout the year, National Reconciliation Week gives students the opportunity to come together and deeply reflect on how each of us can contribute to achieving reconciliation in Australia. 

It was terrific to have media coverage in The Courier showcasing the variety of activities and student involvement within the school throughout the week.  Thanks to the Cultural Understanding (staff) Committee for coordinating activities and supporting staff and students.

Our school articulates our commitment to reconciliation through our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), which we formalised in 2021 with guidance from Peramangk Elder Uncle Ivan Copley.  Reconciliation does not sit with one person or a committee and is not just for one week each year.  It is the responsibility of us all to recognise and respect First Nations, to acknowledge the past injustices, the ongoing inequalities experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders and to commit to working towards a more equal and respectful future.                

Cathy France 


2022 Theme - 'Appreciation' 🖤💛❤️

We appreciate our connection to First Nations people. 

Students across all Cycles have been looking at how we can support, appreciate and stand-in solidarity with First Nations people and their culture. 

The theme of Reconciliation Week is Be Brave. Make Change, it asks all Australians to be brave and tackle the unfinished business of reconciliation so we can make change for the benefit of all Australians. 

Students from our school spent National Reconciliation Week showing support and appreciation of Indigenous history, culture and achievements through a variety of activities.  Involvement in reconciliation activities helps gain a deeper of understanding of how everyone needs to play a part in making positive change.

School art project for National Reconciliation Week 🖤💛❤️

Acknowledging & caring for Country 🖤💛❤️

Students in our Extended Program in the Preschool produced an Acknowledgment of Country video as a part of National Reconciliation Week. Children in the Extended Program are 4.5-5 years of age. Each student wrote their own individual acknowledgment, choosing their own wording. We're very proud of their grasp of the importance of place and country to the Peramangk people.

Click the link below to view video:

Welcome Emma

We're delighted to welcome Emma Sutherland to the position of School Assistant in the Preschool. Emma lives in the Adelaide Hills and described her first few weeks in the Preschool a bit like a 'homecoming'. Emma started her career in Early Childhood learning before moving across to the medical field. However we're very pleased that she has decided to head back into the classroom with 0-5 year olds her specialty. If you see Emma around, please make her feel welcome. 

Parent Discussion Group - Managing Anxiety in Young People

Join Katy our Student Wellbeing Worker on Friday 10 June at 9.15am for a Parent Discussion Group around Managing Anxiety in Young People.  

Helping our kids through anxiety is challenging and finding strategies that work can feel overwhelming. Come along to discuss key strategies designed to help our young people, as well as connect with others who are parenting children who struggle with anxiety. 

The discussion group will take place in the Common Room at Yultiwirra. A booking form will be sent via Skoolbag closer to the time. Please ensure you wear a mask. 

AGM Update

Congratulations to the following school members who were voted onto the Board to represent the school community at the recent AGM:

Meg Barker, Ivano Cavuoto, Jade Crathern, Chad Habel, Chris Howland

Joshua Ross and Iain Whitson stepped down from their Board positions at the 2022 AGM and we sincerely thank them for the work and contributions that they have both made during their years on the school Board.

Three way Collaborative Interviews

As part of the reporting procedures, three-way parent / teacher / student conferences will be offered this term in Week 8 at Yultiwirra & Week 2 Term 3 at Wairoa.  An email will be sent out to all families giving more information about these and providing a step by step guide as to how to make an on-line booking.  The Collaborative Interviews are an opportunity to discuss your child’s achievements and areas for further learning.  Documentation from the three-way conference forms our Term 2 report.

Cycle News

Infant Program

Winter is here! We will be exploring the winter season as a focus in the coming weeks of Infant Program. The children have been engaging in practical life activities that involve a focus on peeling and we have been peeling mandarins and hard boiled eggs. Quite a few children are successfully trying mandarin or egg for the first time! 

Cycle 1 Preschool

The Preschool children have undertaken a range of activities focussing on reconciliation. The older students wrote and filmed an Acknowledgement of Country on behalf of the Preschool and presented it at Assembly. 

The students have also:

🖤 Engaged with the whole school creating the Aboriginal Flag 

💛 Tracing their feet to make a whole school reconciliation art project- title 'Walking together as one' 

❤️ Working to construct their own Aboriginal Flag through collage 

We share because it makes people smile with their faces." Elsie

Thank you for teaching us how to look after the plants and animals.Ariella

Cycle 1 Primary

This term in science we have begun learning about some of the sources and characteristics of heat energy. Mila talked about some of the sources of heat,  she told us: “A heater makes heat.

The children experimented with the changes that can be created with heat and the way water and air molecules behave when heated. Henry said “Heat is hot! And water can look sweaty when it’s hot.”

The children also explored the effectiveness of some materials in conducting heat. Alice told us that, “The metal spoon was hotter than the plastic spoon.” Corey realised that,“Metal can be the hottest and the coldest”.

Cycle 2

In Cycle 2 this term we have been working through Dr. Montessori's 'Great Stories'.  We have shared 'The Coming of Life on Earth' and explored the timeline that depicts early organisms, like trilobites, all the way to the evolution of humans. 

We worked with the 'Black Ribbon', which is so long that it took up half the perimeter of the Hall, and demonstrates the relatively recent arrival of humanity compared to the age of the Earth.  Each centimetre of the ribbon represents 1,000,000 years and the students were fascinated to see that humans only just appeared in the last tiny section of the ribbon!  

Following this exercise, we shared the 'Coming of Humans' story and the accompanying timeline, which taught us about early humans, including AustralopithecusHomo erectus and Homo neanderthalensis. These species all existed before us Homo sapiens appeared on Earth.  We examined images of these species' skulls and the students astutely noted changes in the shape of the skulls.  Specifically, they observed that the jaw evolved to become smaller while the region of the skull that houses our brain became bigger.  We look forward to exploring this further!

Cycle 3

National Reconciliation Week in Cycle 3 (Years 4, 5, 6) is a time for students to explore the history of this land and reflect on the need for change. Students worked in groups to timeline the major events in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island history. They took a deeper look into terra nullius and the stolen generation. Students then crafted acrostic poems about reconciliation. They demonstrated appreciation and empathy in their 'Reconciliation Poems', with the powerful poetry highlighting remorse for the trauma experienced by First Nations people and a call for change needed by all people to acknowledge the past. Students brainstormed ideas for change and decided that the most important thing we can do is to be educated to gain an understanding about all aspects of Australia's history. Thanks you to Ollie M, Lucia, Hester, Hazel, Ellie and Clancy for sharing their poetry. 

🖤"Reconciliation means walking together to say sorry for the hurt caused by the past." Cycle 3 student

💛"We recognise that Indigenous people were the first people on this land." Lucas

❤️"Reconciliation week is about getting together and saying sorry for taking Aboriginal land and children." Marni

Cycle 4

What a big few weeks we have had at Wairoa!

Coinciding with the federal election, this week we held our Wairoa Election 2022. Through our Humanities topic on Australia’s Political System, the older students formed political parties, developed policies, conducted election campaigns and voted for candidates. Voting was very tight and each seat came down to a handful of preferences.

Congratulations to (L-R):  Holly (Shooters, Fishers and Farmers’ Party), Teague (United Adelaide Party), Penny (The Greens) and Lila (The Greens) on their election. They have made a coalition to form a government and will now work to deliver on their promises!

It was wonderful to have the Year 6 students spend the morning with us on their transition visit last week. They rolled up their sleeves to get involved with the work of our community; from cooking the kitchen, to stacking wood, quilting, removing plastic from our local area and taking part in theatre games. We are excited to welcome them to our campus in 2023!

This term our book groups have a focus on poetry. The Voices of Country group in particular have been reading works by Aboriginal poets and hearing about their stories. There have been powerful connections between our learning about the struggles of many Aboriginal people for justice, recognition and understanding, and the events taking place as part of Reconciliation Week across the nation. This week we begin learning basic Kaurna words and phrases. 🖤💛❤️

With Cabaret on the near horizon, we are already flat out developing comedy routines, practising our music and dance items, planning our catering menu, rehearsing our play and so much more. Get ready to snap up your tickets for the three night season (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night in Week 9).

Cycle 1 and Cycle 2 Indonesian learning with Ellis

This term Preschoolers, Cycle 1 & 2 students are covering the topic ‘Family’. As part of the intercultural experience, they are participating in class discussions around questions such as What makes a family? Who is my family? What are some of the similarities and differences between Australian and Indonesian families? 

Students are learning key words through the popular children’s song ‘Satu Satu’ while practising the musical notes on the ‘Angklung’ (bamboo orchestra). They are extending their language skills, knowledge and understanding by relating their first and family names, family occupations, hobbies, and favourite items.

Some Cycle 2 students are keen to take part in this year’s NAILA Speech Competition on the theme ‘Hubungan’ (Relationship) and Premiers’ Reading Challenge (Indonesian).  

Cycle 3 and Cycle 4 Indonesian learning with Lyndal

With 'family' as a theme, senior students are listening, echoing, responding and then eventually producing their own spontaneous sentences. Cycle 3 have enjoyed independently solving 'Who Am I?' questions about their cycle mates. Both cycles are in the process of then applying knowledge about family to crafting a speech titled 'Relationships' which could be entered into the national speech competition in August. Both cycles are also enjoying learning piece-meal  an Indonesian version of a script that celebrates the intelligence of youth, The Emperors New Clothes. 

Cycle 4 Coffeehouse Cabaret

Buckle up for a night of great variety night as we announce this year’s Coffeehouse Cabaret!  Following the success of previous years, we will again host Coffeehouse Cabaret in the Hall at Yultiwirra for three great nights of entertainment from Tuesday 28th - Thursday 30th June. Save the dates! 

More information will come out soon regarding ticket sales so stay tuned!

🖤💛❤️ Cultural Connection Zone 🖤💛❤️

The Cultural Connection Zone is a regular spot in the Newsletter highlighting cultural events & information provided by the Cultural Understanding (staff) Committee. See items below.

Be Brave Make Change

A new radio program on Triple J Blak Out with Nooky

Sundays 5pm- 6pm

Each show will feature the best new releases, interviews with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists, and will cover all genres. You’ll hear big guns like Thelma Plum, Trials, Briggs and JK-47, and be getting to know up-and-coming acts to watch from across triple j and triple j Unearthed. We’ll also be reminded of the pioneers who came before. From The Kid LAROI, Archie Roach, Alice Skye, Miiesha and Electric Fields, to Jess Mauboy, Djanaba, Jimblah, Dallas Woods and, of course, Yothu Yindi.

You can also look forward to traditional songs, sung in language; this program is a community as much as a playlist.

Blak Out is curated and produced by Nooky, alongside triple j Music Programmer and Weekend Lunch Presenter, Gamilaroi/triple j icon Karla Ranby.

Go Fund Me campaign

The Russian attack on Ukraine has caused the displacement of many tens of thousands of Ukrainian people from their homes and we are asking our school community for support and financial donations to assist a family known to us who have recently arrived from the Ukraine.  

Liza, one of our Cycle 3 School Assistants moved from the Ukraine in 2011, but her family remained there. Her family, along with tens of thousands of Ukrainian people have now become displaced from their homes. One of Liza's sisters, Olga, has recently managed to flee the country with her two children leaving behind her husband.  Olga and her children have made it to Australia where they now have the daunting task of building their lives from the beginning. They had to leave their home very quickly and have arrived with very little.

Regardless of what lies ahead, Olga and her family will need to rebuild their lives which will take time, resources and support. We asked Liza how we could best assist them, and she said that financial assistance would be the most useful and practical way of supporting them.  

Liza has set up a Go Fund Me Page which we have offered to share with our school community. Small contributions add up, so if you are in a position to assist, please click on the link below or feel free to share it with others who may like to show their support:

Go Fund Me Page

Parent Workshop: Positive Discipline with Sylvia Arotin

Tuesday 14th June 7.30pm – 8.30pm online event

Feel like you are repeating yourself 100 times with no answer? Not able to cope during BIG emotions or dealing with tantrums? This workshop will be suited for any caregiver wanting to learn how to navigate freedom within limits. How to implement boundaries whilst still respecting the child. It also challenges your habitual language and way of communicating with your children to really help build children's skill set and guide them to self-discipline rather than punishments, threats and shaming. Learn practical tips and tools on how to communicate with your children and learn about positive discipline to really change the dynamic of your home from chaos to calm. 

Sylvia Arotin has had over 10 years experience in Montessori teaching and is the founder and director of My Montessori (0-6 yrs) School in Sydney. Her passion for children’s learning and development, as well as supporting and educating parents, has been fundamental in developing her well-established Guide & Grow brand, which is the largest online Montessori support platform for parents in the world. Sylvia holds an International Montessori 0-3yrs diploma, 3-6 assistants certificate, International Communications degree and a Masters in Teaching specialising in early childhood (0-5 yrs) (Honours) from Macquarie University. Sylvia looks forward to continuing her global mission of spreading the Montessori way of life in the years to come.

The school has purchased TEN tickets to gift to any parent who would like to attend this session. 

Please email if you would like a ticket - the first ten parents to do so will be emailed a free ticket! 

We strongly recommend you don't miss this great opportunity!  

Vaccination Policy & Procedures

Following consultation with staff and the Independent Education Union, the school Board has ratified a Vaccination Policy and subsequent procedures. 

The Board recognises the serious risks to safety and wellbeing associated with the COVID-19 virus. The Vaccination Policy and Procedures outline reasonable and preventative action to ensure risks associated with the COVID-19 virus are managed in the workplace to protect the health of our staff, students, volunteers, broader school community and the community as a whole. The Vaccination Policy sets out the School’s expectations for the effective management of risks in regard to staff, volunteers, visiting professionals and contractors working within the school.

The Vaccination Policy and Procedures can be found in the Policy folder of Skoolbag.

Private Music Tuition

The school has arrangements with specialist music teachers to provide private music lessons for primary/middle school students during school hours for Piano, Voice, Guitar, Ukulele or Drums. 

We are pleased to see the return of our private music teachers. If your child would like to commence or recommence learning an instrument, please contact the teachers directly.  

Please contact the teachers directly for bookings, costs and times.

Voice                                    Katie Moore               0417 641 464

Piano                                    Lisa Taverna              0423 173 383

Guitar/ukulele/drums        Sanjay Taverna          0417 080 325 

Tax Deductible Donations

It is nearly the end of the Financial Year so you could take advantage of a Tax Deduction through making a donation to our school Building Fund.  Many families already donate and have nominated to do this when paying their tuition fees.  Your donations can make a very real difference for our students and we are extremely grateful for the donations we receive each year from families. 

You can support through donations to the School Building Fund.

This fund is used to help cover the costs of new buildings, renovation & improvements to existing structures but you only have until the 30th June for a tax deduction for this financial year.  Contact the office if you would like to take up this opportunity.

Diary Dates for Term 2

Term 2 2022

Friday 10 June

Fundraising meeting - 9.15am via Zoom

Parent Discussion Group - 9.15am. Managing Anxiety in Young People. BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL (via Skoolbag)

Week 7

Monday 13 June

Queen's Birthday Public Holiday

Tuesday 14 June

Parent Rep meeting 1.30pm - 3.00pm @ Wairoa

Finance meeting - 6.00pm via Zoom

Wednesday 15 June

WHS meeting - 4.00pm

Student Wellbeing Committee meeting - 4.00pm

Thursday 16  June

Cultural Understanding Committee meeting - 4.00pm

Week 8

Monday 20 June - Friday 24 June

Yultiwirra Collaborative Interviews

Tuesday 21 June

Executive Meeting 6.00pm

Board meeting 7.00pm

Wednesday 22 June

Policy Meeting 4.00pm

Thursday 23 June

Foundation Board meeting 6.00pm

Week 9

Tuesday 28 June

Special Finance meeting 6.00pm 

Tuesday 28, Wednesday 29, Thursday 30 June

Coffeehouse Cabaret, Cycle 4 - more information to follow. 


Term 2:  3 May – 1 July

Term 3:  26 July – 30 September 

Term 4:  18 October – 14 December

“Let us wait and be always ready to share in both the joys and the difficulties which the child experiences.”

Maria Montessori