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St Patrick's Marist College

Newsletter Number 14 - 11 September 2019

From the Principal ....

Today marks the 18th anniversary of the events that changed the world forever. You, our young people, never experienced the world prior to this event. The chain of events that changed society forever has brought fear, suspicion, and distrust to our everyday living. The September 11 events in the US is one example of how in the terror of events when humanity is faced with the greatest of obstacles leaders stand out. And when we reflect on leaders who stand out in history from Moses, Christ, Joan of Arc, or Martin Luther King. Nelson Mandela or Saint Mother Theresa and Saint Oscar Romero – these are leaders who embodied hope in the face of despair – life in the face of death a new tomorrow.  They attest to the fact that leadership is in all of us and when faced with great challenges we can choose to stand up.  Today we celebrate this gift and recognise those who will model and remind us of our ability to be leaders. We also thank those who have led us with such presence and action in 2019.

Leadership is about inspiration. As John Quincy Adams once said: ‘If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.’ Sometimes we are blessed with a podium and words with which to inspire, but mostly what is required are humble witness and selfless example. No less powerful! The irony is that we inspire more through authenticity and humility than by dazzling skills and eloquent speeches. 

The very essence of leadership is that you have to have vision. You can’t blow an uncertain trumpet! It will always sound terrible! Leaders are, in the main, motivators and inspirers of people. The quality of our leadership will be measured by our willingness and capacity to inspire and excite, to engage and enlist others in a vision for a better world. 

In doing this in a Christian context, leaders should make bold claims about humanity and the way in which human beings should engage in our world.  Speak for the voiceless and those who are excluded. Speak about the future of our world, about justice, about the way in which we are expected to relate to one another, about the dignity of every human life. 

You are given a badge and a title.

Always remember that the shallowest form of leadership relies on titles to assert authority and influence. A title will only buy you a little time-either to increase the level of influence or erase it.  People will quickly see through your lack of authenticity. If people rely on titles or external endorsement in the hope of gaining respect and support, then they aren’t really leaders and they won’t inspire.

Leadership in Catholic schools takes its inspiration from the Christian Gospel. Jesus said very little about leadership, except to condemn those who misused their position in society for the purposes of personal gain. Rather than talk about it, Jesus modelled leadership. His, and all leadership in the Christian context must be focused on service and inclusion. 

Leadership is first and foremost, influence over people.  The result of having influence is getting people to participate.

How YOU make sense of being a young person in our world will help your peers work out who they are and where they stand on what is truly important in life. True leaders articulate goals that lift people out of their petty preoccupations and unite them in pursuit of objectives worthy of their best efforts. 

Show what truly matters to you and make this a priority for your leadership. This should be an inspirational, empowering and ‘hope-filled’ vision.

Christian leadership takes seriously the injunction to ‘let our light shine’.  That light becomes an inspiration to all.

As a student leader, you help define success for your fellow students. Your achievement and success of your school will not be solely measured by exam results and by university admission scores. The measure of all our lives will simply be this: How well have we prepared you to meet the challenges to come? How strong is your resolve? How generous is your spirit? How willing are you to embrace a future with less materialism but with more of what matters? In whatever walk of life you find yourself, whether you walk a world stage or a more humble one, are you convinced that the only way forward for all of us is in a world dedicated to the common good over individual gain?

We will all be only half educated when we leave school unless we have acquired a sense of human dignity and worth, an appreciation of life, the ability to give and receive love, the knowledge of how to use our limited time wisely, and the determination to leave the world a better place for our having been in it. 

Use your time as school leaders to not only model good study habits, but to remind your peers that they should never allow the results they receive at the end of the year to define or limit them. 

Clearly for Marcellin, inclusion of those at the margins of society is a core value for authenticity in our mission. The Marist charism is always focused on the marginalized.  It gives priority to inclusion and an authentic preferential option for the poor.  It contends that we cannot fully claim the title Catholic without this emphasis on inclusion and outreach to those on the margins. 

We thank our 2019 College Leaders for their work, modelling and representing and we welcome our new leaders and look forward to them continuing the long legacy of strong leadership in the Marist way.

I would like to thank Mr Paton, Assistant Principal - Mission and Welling  and David Bonora, Pastoral Leader of Learning - Year 11, for their work and preparation for our Leadership assembly today and for co-ordinating the leadership election process over the term including selection of our Student Leaders for 2020.

Mr Jason Scanlon

Acting Principal

Karen Martin

Farewell Mrs Martin and Enjoy your Retirement!

This term sees the College farewell Mrs Karen Martin who has decided to retire from teaching. Mrs Martin has been a part of the Learning Enrichment team at St Patrick's Marist College for over 4 years and during this time has provided support to many students with diverse learning needs. Over her 40 years as a teacher Mrs Martin has taught in Primary and Secondary schools, including St Agnes' Rooty Hill, St Leo's Wahroonga (for two stints), Gilroy College at Castle Hill, St Ignatius College Riverview and St Pius X Chatswood.

We congratulate Mrs Martin on her successful career and we wish her all the very best for the future.

Assistant Principal - Innovation, Teaching and Learning


Year 11 End of Course Examinations commence on Friday 13th September and conclude on Monday 23rd September. Please see our College Newsletter dated 28th August for additional information and study tips. In cases of misadventure, please contact the College – Mr David Bonora – the Year 11 Pastoral Leader of Learning to inform of your son/daughter’s absence. A reminder that in cases of illness, a doctor’s certificate on the day of the illness is required and given to Miss Hagarty the following day.


A reminder that Year 11 Parent/Teacher Interviews have been moved from 29th October to the 6th November. 


A reminder that Year 12 are to maintain their focus, motivation and application during this period, post Trial Examinations and pre Week 10 Graduation. These final weeks are known to be incredibly important for student success, as working with feedback received from the Trial HSC exams together with increased practice of examination style questions can lead to significant gains and greatly improved performance.  


This year, the HSC results and the ATAR will be released on the same day.  HSC results will be released at 6.00am and ATARs at 1.00pm. Students are encouraged to please inform the College Leadership Team of their achievement to assist in our collation of data.


Thank you to those families who attended our recent Year 8 into Year 9 Subject Selection Evening, held in our new Co-Teaching learning spaces and the La Valla Centre. Students are reminded to use their EDVAL login codes (provided in hard copy letter form during Homeroom of Wednesday 11th September) to enter their selections and reserve selections. It is asked that this process be completed by Monday 16th September.


Students are enjoying the new furniture in our Co-Teaching learning spaces. May I ask that students continue to follow our Student Norms by using ‘equipment appropriately, moving safely and calmly around our learning spaces’ and by ‘caring for our College environment and leaving areas clean and tidy at all times’. It is when College property is cared for properly that we can all reap the benefits over time and further build our sense of shared community. 

Ms K. Maish

Acting Assistant Principal:  Innovation, Teaching & Learning

Instructional Leader / Learning Coach

Assistant Principal - Mission and Wellbeing

2019 Leader Profiles


Katrina has been a member of Chavoin since 2014 when she started her schooling life at St Patrick’s Marist College. Katrina has been an active student within the College, having been a part of the College’s Debating team since 2014, assisting the school’s team and leading them to the finals. Katrina took part in public speaking in Year 9 where she competed amongst various Marist schools.  She has been active in her extra curricular activities such as her local Netball team, Dancing and MCCS Hockey. In Year 10 Katrina was awarded the Australian Defence Force, Long Tan Award, recognising her leadership and teamwork skills. Once Katrina became a senior she had a vision to evoke more excitement amongst students.  Now being elected as a College Prefect she is working on various ways to bring that vision to reality. Katrina was fortunate enough to be selected to accompany 16 students on an eye opening immersion to India, whereby she was able to assist the less fortunate and leave an impact on their lives.Overall Katrina is an astonishing student who has devoted almost all of her spare time to her school and Marist Community, with the one priority to encourage change.

Written by:  Chris Saad

2019 Leader Profiles


Rachel Dick has a strong passion for sport and the social aspect of team sports.  Greatly inspired by her father, Rachel has since participated in representative sport since Year 7. As well as this, she's been involved in extracurricular activities such as Year 10 Peer Support and the India Immersion for 2018. Rachael was elected Xavier House Captain for 2019. Her vision for the school is about changing the stigma around being judged when joining extracurricular activities.  She aims to encourage students to participate in activities that they are interested in and not allow any negative influences to shape them as a person. As a team player, Rachael has recognised the social aspects of being part of a team. She has forged some great friendships on the sporting field and encourages all students to be active. Rachael wants to share her experiences on the sporting field with the younger students in Xavier and encourage all to get involved in the extra curricular activities within the school.

Written by:  Joshua Ahn

School Fees

Overdue reminder notices have been mailed to families that have not finalised their last school fee instalment and are not on a formalised payment plan. Please note that if you make a payment via bpay, billpost or bpoint it may take approx 2-3 days to show on your account and therefore you may receive another reminder letter.  Final school fees were due on 28th August.

I am still able to organise alternative payment plans for families experiencing financial difficulty or need an extension to pay their outstanding fees, just contact me confidentially on – 8841 7955 Monday to Thursday or email

Concession Assessments

The Catholic Education Office, Diocese of Parramatta (CEDP) have advised that due to internal change, the CEDP will be taking carriage of any concession assessments from the 30th September.  This has been done with the Principal’s support.  This initiative has been taken so CEDP can provide a more efficient and consistent process in supporting families in difficulty.  You will still be required to contact me in the first instance

Sibling Discounts

Reconciliations for sibling discounts are conducted by CEDP.  If your circumstances change in regards to sibling discounts please notify us immediately. Failure to do so could result in an increase in fees throughout the year and your current payment arrangement may not cover the balance of your account.

Students leaving the College before the end of the year.

Please note that under the School Fee Policy as set out by the Catholic Education Office Parramatta:  A Term’s notice (10 school weeks) in writing must be given to the Principal before the removal of a student or a full Term’s Fees will be payable”.  Parents are also required to complete a clearance form. 

Further details on this policy can be found on

Ms Rolla Wadih

School Fee Administrator

Disability Provisions for 2020 HSC

Applications for Disability Provisions for the 2020 Higher School Certificate (HSC)

Disability Provisions are practical supports designed to help students who couldn't otherwise make a fair attempt in their HSC examinations. The definition of a 'disability' includes: physical, intellectual, psychiatric, sensory, neurological, and learning disabilities, as well as physical disfigurement, and the presence in the body of disease-causing organisms. 

Disability provisions also apply to temporary and emergency-related disabilities such as when a student breaks their arm that they write with, a week before an examination.

NESA requires all applications to be supported by appropriate documentation and the documents must be no older than twelve months old

The provisions are granted by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) rather than the College and are solely determined by how the student’s exam performance would be affected by their disability. Disability provisions apply only where the disability needs a practical arrangement to reduce disadvantage in an exam situation. Provisions may include braille papers, large-print papers, use of a reader and/or writer, diabetic provisions or rest breaks. 

Students in Year 11 who will be sitting their HSC Examinations in 2020 and who wish to apply for disability provisions should see me in the Diversity/Learning Enrichment Centre, Room C101, as soon as possible. Alternatively, parents can contact me on 8841 7956 or via email on

Further information with regards to these provisions can be located at:

Mrs C. Thomson

Diversity Leader


Year 12


Ashley Doueihi was the recipient of the Bishop of Parramatta Award for student excellence for her outstanding efforts as our Justice Leader/Prefect and all-round model of Christian Service.  We wish to extend our sincere congratulations to Ashley and thank her for the dedication and service she has extended to our Marist Community.

Mr S. Belcher

Pastoral Leader of Learning - Year 12

Year 11

It has been a busy period for our Year 11 students. We recently completed the College Student Leadership process which culminated in the Leaders Changeover Assembly on Wednesday. I wish to extend my congratulations to the elected student Prefects and House Captains. In particular, congratulations to our College Captains for 2020, Jaymelee BouFrancis and Sam Markarian and our Vice-Captains, Gabriella Bovino and Joseph Arabit. They are very deserving and will do a fantastic job. I am also very proud of all the students who were brave and put themselves for these roles but unsuccessful. I am confident all of Year 12, 2020 will serve the College well in coming months.

Year 11 are now commencing their Preliminary examinations. It is expected that all students are well-prepared and will use these examinations as an opportunity to demonstrate their thorough learning of the content. Students will be able to arrive prior to and leave at the conclusion of their exams and it is an expectation that students arrive with time to spare and are wearing their correct full College uniform and are correctly groomed.

I recently distributed the Retreat letter. The Retreat is a compulsory activity and is an important part of the student experience in Year 12. Could students please return the medical form to me as soon as possible.

Mr D. Bonora

Pastoral Leader of Learning - Year 11 

Year 10


NSW Police

Recently in a Wellbeing lesson, Senior Constable Dusan Dakic spoke to Year 10 about safe partying, driving and contact with drugs and alcohol. It was an informative and valuable opportunity to gain a police perspective on issues and challenges that have an impact on young adults. Congratulations to Year 10 for making a great impression on Senior Constable Dusan. It is a great example of how students at Marist Dundas stand out in the perceptions of the public. Below is a message that was sent to Mr Berner after the talk. "I wanted to say how impressed I was with the behaviour of Year 10 today. I did my talk in the courtyard and the group was attentive and interacted well. They also had lots of good questions for me afterwards which I was impressed with." Regards Senior Constable Dusan Dakic

Mr D. Berner

Pastoral Leader of Learning - Year 10

Year 9

The Year 9 Camp will be held at the Great Aussie Bush Camp, Tea Gardens.

The camp will take place in Week 2 of Term Four, 21st October- 23rd October. The Camp’s website is

The College has used this venue for a number of years and our experience has always been a positive one. I remind students that TWO forms need to be completed and returned to the College.

  1. Medical Form
  2. Current Medication/Dietary Form

Students will receive more information regarding the camp closer to the time.  Please contact me if you have any questions.

Mr P. Quigley

Pastoral Leader of Learning - Year 9

Year 7


Congratulations to Sophia Mandziy who received the Ministers Award in Community Language Schools (Ukrainian) at the University of New South Wales. Sophia has demonstrated to be a highly self-motivated, articulate and creative student of Ukrainian whose work is of an exceptionally high standard.  An outstanding student leader, Sophia's gentle manner and willingness to actively showcase her heritage through cultural activities and traditions is appreciated by her peers.  She is an active member of the CYM Ukrainian Youth Association as well as a member of the Federation of Community Language Youth Choir. Sophia is extremely fluent in the Ukranian language and shows a high appreciation of the Ukranian cultural background. Well done Sophia!

Mr J. Hornby

Year 7 Leader of Learning - Pastoral

Key Learning

Food Technology

On the 27th of September 2019, Year 10 Food Technology students went on an excursion to the Pure Gelato Factory located in Croydon Park as part of The Food Product Development area of study. 

As a group, we learnt about manufacturing and how the ice cream is made using basic ingredients, marketing, packaging and the distribution process of the Pure Gelato brand. As well as the process of designing and creating new line-extensions. We were fortunate enough to observe first-hand the process involved for manufacturing ice-cream and two students were able to take part in the process as well.

The excursion gave us an abundance of information to complete our task, which is to produce a new line-extension for the Pure Gelato brand using Arnott’s biscuits. The excursion has taught me how to best design a product to cater for my desired target market and how to effectively package my product to create a more interesting, profitable product for consumers.

Year 10 Food Technology students all enjoyed their time at Pure Gelato and also got a delicious scoop of Gelato to end the day. 

Pascal Velasquez

10 Ludovic

P.A.S.S. Excursion

On Tuesday, 3rd September, both PASS classes went on a bush walk at the Great North Walk. We left at 9:00 am and arrived at Crosslands Reserve at approximately 9:40 am.

Before heading out we were taught about all the skills which would be necessary before going on the bushwalk. We were taught DRSABCD and the RICER procedure which was required when someone sprained their ankle etc. Not only this, but we also learnt what to do if someone were to choke or not be able to breathe properly. This was necessary because we were all inexperienced and needed to know what to do in each case if something like this was to occur. 

We then applied our sunscreen and hat and were then able to have recess. We had about a 20 minute recess break and were then ready to start the bushwalk. We were split into three groups and each person in each group got a number so that the teachers wouldn’t lose count. 

Overall it was approximately 3 hours and at times it was difficult, going through the mud and continuously going up and down was a trek. But I did think that it was such a great experience. The view was pretty and it was the perfect day to encounter a bush walk. Although finding a place to eat was quite difficult, going back and forth to find a place to eat definitely wasn't fun!

Overall it was a great experience which I would definitely want to do again. Learning about all the needed factors before heading into a bush walk was interesting and I actually did get something out of it. 

Thank you to Mr Quigley, Mrs Haddad and Mr Malkoun for leading us on the day.

Grace O’Sullivan

9 Chavoin

#ShakesParty - Finding Value in Shakespeare

Year 8 English students have recently begun their inquiry into determining the value and relevance of Shakespeare. To complete the entry event for this unit, students were asked to create a meme that reflected an idea about Shakespeare to RSVP for a fictitious party to be held at the Globe Theatre for Shakesepare’s 455th birthday. 

Memes have become a common part of social media and in addition to entertainment, memes are often a way to represent satirical ideas or personal opinions in a light-hearted manner. 

Below are some of the memes created by various Year 8 students to show their emerging understanding of Shakespeare in popular culture 


Year 8 Inquisitive Minds Incursion

Monday, 9th September, 2019

Inquisitive Mind’s Problems, Patterns, Picture Puzzles Workshops challenges and extends students of all mathematical abilities, teaching them new skills and enhancing their ability to solve problems. The day was split into two sessions providing all Year 8 Mathematics classes with the opportunity to learn and demonstrate valuable problem-solving skills.

Monday started with a bang and lots of chocolate prizes with Year 8 St Patrick’s Marist  students attending the mathematical problem solving incursion. Run through two sessions, the students were challenged in table groups of two or three and taught explicitly how to think about solving problems both mentally and visually through different mediums. The presenters were engaging and students were focused. Throughout the day there were small challenges where the first six groups received Freddo prizes. Students were given an answer sheet where they had to race up to a coloured section which represented the difficulty level and pick a question, one at a time! Each colour represents a specific amount of points, ie green = 2 points. At the end of the session, the students who completed the most questions correctly, with the most points overall won the major prize - a big block of chocolate each!

Mr A. Shaw

Mathematics Teacher

"On the 9th of September, Year 8 Maths had the pleasure of experiencing ‘The Inquisitive Minds’ incursion. The program was specially created to help improve students' problem-solving skills and teaching us new strategies for future questions and assessment tasks.

Educationally, the incursion helped to teach mental strategists and visual learners alike, making the problems fun for everyone. The incursion encouraged Year 8 students to work together and participate in a friendly competition with each other. It was a mad dash to collect questions and answer them in record times! 

Students were challenged, chocolate was won and maths was learnt in a fun environment. It was truly an engaging, educational and fun maths lesson outside the classroom."

Caitlin Brand

8 Paul

Rotary VET Awards

Our staff and students were very well represented at the recent Rotary VET Awards ceremony. Mrs Renee Lyons was the recipient of a Teachers VET Award for her work with the Entertainment course here at St Patrick’s Marist.

Our students: Frederick Zeater (Construction), Eliza Bryne (Hospitality), Georgia Hogan (Entertainment) and Laura Montiel (Hospitality), were the recipients of the Rotary VET Award for their work in their respective VET Course.

Congratulations on receiving these well deserved awards.  Your hard work and dedication to the VET program is remarkable.

From the Library ....

SORA (OverDrive) App (ebooks and audiobooks)

Guidelines for parents, students, and teachers

Extra Curricular

Marist Oratory

On Wednesday 28th August, 2019 six students from the College competed at the annual Marist Oratory competition at Marist College, North Shore. These students were chosen to represent the College at the school Oratory Competition, held earlier in the term. 

The topics at the Marist Oratory event were wide and varied, giving the students a chance to speak about ideas that are important to our younger generation. The competition in each year level was high. However, each of our students spoke with passion, conviction and immense skill. 

Congratulations to the following students for their participation at Marist Oratory:

    Year 7:    Levi Cogger 

    Year 8:    Quinn Stephens

    Year 9:    Aleksandr Zhigunov 

    Year 10:  Anthony Khatchigian

    Year 11:  Janika Fernando

    Impromptu:  Joseph Arabit (Year 11)

I am also very pleased to report that Anthony Khatchigian was awarded FIRST PLACE in the Year 10 division, which is a remarkable achievement! Congratulations! 

Many thanks to Mrs Loraine Pett for giving up her time to adjudicate on the evening. Thank you also to Mr Jason Scalon and Ms Katherine Maish for coming along to support our students. 

We look forward to next year’s competition!

Mrs E. Beach

Acting Leader of Learning - English

Duke of Edinburgh International Award

An opportunity to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh International Award is coming to St Patrick's Marist in Term 4, 2019.  St Patrick's Marist will be joining up with the amazing team at Youth Advance to deliver the Award, with the first intake of Bronze Award entry level being available to all 14 year old students.

For all interested students who are already 14 or turning 14 in 2020, a Parent Information Evening will be held on Wednesday, 18th September 5.30- 7.00pm where a representative from Youth Advance will be in attendance.  

Mrs J. Botto

MCS Golf

On Thursday 5th September eight students represented the College in the MCS Golf tournament, which was played at Glenmore Heritage Valley Golf Club Mulgoa.

All the students including Caleb Bonara, Curtis Bradicich, Samuel Reece, Riley Bradicich, Ethan Lee, Daniel Fazzolari, Thomas Reicher and William Reece played the full 18 holes. Unfortunately, Hamish McAuley was unavailable due to an injury. Students described the course as demanding, difficult to read the greens and very dry due to the lack of rain over the past 3-4 months.

William Reece had our lowest score with a round of 79, 7 over par. His brother Sam was only 5 shots behind him with a score of 84. Daniel Fazzolari went around in 85 and Thomas Reicher scored 99.

One of the shots of the day came from Sam Reece, who on the first hole faced a demanding 255 metre par 4. Lining up his tee shot he could not see the hole as the fairway was not straight. He hit the ball over trees and after approaching the hole found the ball on the green. Unfortunately, he missed his eagle putt but did get a birdie 3 for his efforts.

The photo below shows Sam putting for an eagle on the first hole.

The results were:

Under 14 age group, Samuel Reece placed 2nd

Under 16 age group William Reece placed 1st

Under 17 age group Daniel Fazzolari placed 2nd

Mr S.D’Arcy

Coach and Manager

Staff Student Shield - Netball

Last Thursday, Staff played the Year 12 students in the second fixture of the Staff vs Student shield. Students were victorious by 2 goals, to take a 2 nil lead in the series. Volleyball and Soccer to be played this week.

Thank You to our Walkathon Sponsors

Community News

Local Library Services

To help students who require a study space outside of their homes, Parramatta Library is providing a YA Study space for Year 10 to year 12 students during October.

There will also be HSC Workshops conducted at Parramatta Library and a HSC study space at Epping Library during September to November.


Parramatta Light Rail

In this edition, you can find the following stories:

  • Road widening works kick off on Hawkesbury Road, Westmead, in preparation for Parramatta Light Rail construction
  • A new interactive map is up and running at Parramatta Light Rail’s website showing proposed light rail stops and attractions nearby.
  • Parramatta Light Rail celebrates School Trees Day with the kids at Parramatta North Public School.
  • Local businesses sign up to free business mentoring before and during construction of the light rail – find out how your business can get involved!
  • Enjoy discounts and deals at Parramatta’s ‘Eat Street’ dining district on Bankwest Stadium game days.
  • Site investigations and enabling road works continue around Parramatta.

Read the full newsletter here.

Veteran Grants

There are two grants programs you might like to know about. Click the title of each grant to access more information. 

SUPPORTING YOUNGER VETERANS – Closes 1 October 11.00pm

The Supporting Younger Veterans program aims to foster the ability of ex-service organisations (ESOs) and non ex-service organisations to support the needs of younger veterans as they transition out of the Australian Defence Force (ADF), establish themselves into civilian life, and manage the challenges their ADF service presents through different stages of their civilian life.In the 2019-20 funding round the priority is on activities that support the development of well-researched and tailored services for the younger veterans’ community, with a particular focus on services supporting those at risk of experiencing poor mental health.

SALUTING THEIR SERVICE - Closes 6 November and then 31 March

The program is designed to preserve Australia’s wartime heritage and to involve people throughout the nation in a wide range of projects and activities that highlight the service and sacrifice of Australia’s service personnel in wars, conflicts and peace operations. The objective of the program is to acknowledge and commemorate those who served Australia and its allies in wars, conflicts and peace operations. There are two categories of grants available under the program.