Newsletter Term 2 | Week 8

Message from Ms D'Aloia

Dear Parents and Carers,

I just wanted to share how impressed I was, and how privileged I felt, to be part of the conversation with the Student Representative Council, Ms Clark and Simon Hutchinson and Toan from “Climbing Tree.”

The comments and insights from the students demonstrated how competent, capable and confident our St Joseph’s students are - Preschool to Year 6!!

Students wanted opportunities to explore and engage with natural materials.  They wanted things that were ‘renewable’ and ‘sustainable’, therefore not too much plastic or manmade materials!  They want to be able to climb trees and  have room to play both structured team games and free play!

As such, there have been some changes to the first draft of the MasterPlan. 

Our student leaders definitely demonstrated their understanding of ecological sustainability and  their moral responsibility of taking care of the environment just as espoused in the Papal Encyclical – Laudato Si!  Truly inspirational!!

Following our conversation Simon and Toan from “Climbing Tree” have gone away to develop Draft 2! 

I look forward to sharing this journey with you when Plan B is submitted for further discussion.

Simon Hutchinson is also keen to hold a Parent Information Session to outline the benefits of nature play and the importance of designing interactive and stimulating outdoor environments that are an extension of the classroom learning environment. 

With current restrictions being lifted, it may be possible to have a meeting.  Can you please indicate by the end of term. Whether you would be interested in attending a Parent session with Simon at 2 pm until end of day in Term 3.

God Bless,

Maria D'Aloia

Climbing Tree visited our school last week and met with our Student Representatives to discuss the upgrade on the school grounds. 

Have a look at what they discussed in the meeting.

Master Plan | School Grounds

COVID-19 Update

Please note that information regarding COVID-19 has been updated. However, Physical distancing requirements remain in place for adults. All adults must continue to follow the density and physical distancing guidelines outlined by SA Health:

  • no more than 1 person per 4-square metres in an enclosed space
  • maintain a minimum social distance of 1.5 metres.


As restriction are lifted at the beginning of Week 10 to avoid confusion we request that the current arrangements regarding pick up and drop off continue until the beginning of Term 3. 


We are very impressed with the level of independence and resilience demonstrated by all students during this time.  Infact, when all restrictions are lifted teachers of early years students are thinking of having ‘independence days’ throughout each week! 


We look forward to welcoming all parents into the school yard in Term 3!
We also look forward to:

  • school assemblies
  • class photos
  • all intrastate excursions (see more information below)
  • all school sport competitions, sports days and carnivals, including inter-school competitions (but the use of change rooms and shower facilities is not permitted)
  • inter-school choirs, bands and other performing art activities
  • discos
  • playgroups


Requirements that remain in place

  • It is important that students and staff stay home if they are unwell.
  • Physical contact (even between students) must be limited. Non-physical greetings should be encouraged.
  • School, preschool or early childhood visits to nursing homes cannot recommence.
  • The general public should not access school playgrounds or play equipment.
  • Parents must continue to physical distance, including at school pick up and drop off.

School Fees | Term 2 Update

Term 2 accounts have been sent to all families via the post.  

The due date for payment is Friday 19 June, 2020 unless you are paying via regular deduction or have made prior arrangements with Karyn Burlow, Finance Administrator.


NO U-Turns on Albemarle Street

Updated Street markings: Continuous painted solid white line

It is an offence to cross over a continuous painted solid white line, therefore those vehicles which are conducting u-turns in that area, are committing offences under the Road Traffic Act. 

The only exceptions to this rule is when vehicles cross a continuous painted solid white line when leaving the road to enter a carpark, driveway or side street, which in this case doesn’t apply.

Description of OffenceExpiation FeeLevyTotalDemerit Points
U-turn on road with continuous driving line$405$60$4653

As you can see the expiation notice is extremely expensive and also carries a loss of 3 demerit points. This area will be regularly patrolled.


After School Sports: 2020 Update

Dear Parents,

Please see below for the latest updates for After School Sport in 2020.
This information is accurate as of 16/6/2020.

The North West Junior Soccer Association (NWJSA) has this morning announced that the 2020 season has been cancelled.

There will be no school soccer competition recommencing until 2021.


Basketball & Netball
St Clair have this week notified us that Netball and Basketball will recommence in Week 2 of Term 3 (Week beginning 27th July). Game days/times will be as follows:

Yr 2/3, Yr 4/5 and Yr 6 Basketball (3:50pm, 4:35pm and 5:20pm)

Yr 2/3 Netball (3:50pm, 4:40pm, 5;20pm)

Yr 4/5 and Yr 6 Netball (3:50pm, 4:40pm, 5;20pm)

Semester 1 teams will automatically roll over to Semester 2. If you are wanting to join a team or withdraw from your Semester 1 team, please email

More information will be sent to registered players/coaches in the coming weeks in preparation for the recommencement of the season. All details are subject to change so please see the school newsletter for regular updates. 

Thanks for your continued understanding and support of sport at St Joseph’s.

Rebecca Keller
PE Teacher and Sport Coordinator

Refugee Week

Refugee Week started in Australia, in 1986, and is now a global celebration. It provides an opportunity to celebrate the wonderful ways in which people from refugee and asylum-seeking backgrounds enrich their new communities.

World Refugee Day, on June 20 is designed to raise awareness and promote discussion in our communities about refugee experiences.

The key aims of Refugee Week are:

  • To celebrate the ways in which people from refugee backgrounds enrich our communities and culture.
  • To educate the public about who refugees are, why they have come to Australia, and to understand the many challenges they face in doing so.
  • To foster empathy and understanding and in doing so, encourage a safe and welcoming environment for people seeking safety in Australia.
  • To enable communities and individuals to take positive action, and stand in solidarity with people seeking asylum and displaced people in Australia and around the world.

Visit the Refugee Week site to learn more 

A Prayer for Refugees

Loving God,

We pray for the world’s refugees,
They have experienced trauma beyond our imagining.
God of healing, bring them healing.
They endure the most trying of circumstances.
God of strength, bring them strength.
They face an uncertain future.
God of hope, bring them hope.

We pray for the countries from which refugees come,
They are experiencing conflict.
God of healing, bring them healing.
Their people are torn apart by violence & other types of persecution.
God of strength, bring them strength.
They face a difficult future.
God of hope, bring them hope.

We pray for refugees who have resettled in Australia.
They have experienced great loss.
God of healing, bring them healing.
They are building new lives in a foreign land.
God of strength, bring them strength.
They are courageously carving out a future.
God of hope, bring them hope.

We pray for asylum seekers living in Australia.
They have experienced great loss.
God of healing, bring them healing.
They may never see their families again.
God of strength, bring them strength.
They have no certainty about their future.
God of hope, bring them hope.

We pray for asylum seekers detained on Manus Island & Nauru
They are experiencing great pain
God of healing, bring them healing.
They live in harsh and difficult conditions
God of strength, bring them strength.
They are losing hope. 
God of hope, bring them hope.

We pray for our nation
We have hardened our hearts against refugees
God of healing, bring us healing
We have grown weary of caring
God of strength, give us strength
We need to find a better way forward,
God of hope, bring us hope.

Sacred Heart of Jesus – Friday 19th of June

This Friday, we celebrate the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  It is a time for us to think about the deep love that Jesus has for all people.  It is also a time for us to love like Jesus and to be more generous and kind to others. This day reminds us of the story of Jesus through the lens of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart and Jules Chevalier.

Our heart spirituality enables us to live out the Gospel values, especially love – in all we do, the people we are with and through our faith. Our Parish was ministered by the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, up until last year, for a period spanning for over 100 years. We take time to thank the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart for the time that they dedicated to our Parish and School communities. They are greatly missed by us all and we keep them in our prayers today and always.

Normally we would celebrate with a combined schools Mass at the Sacred Heart Parish Church. On Friday the Year 5-6 students will celebrate a liturgy to commemorate the Feast of Sacred Heart at 11:30am. The Liturgy will be live streamed to allow families, parishioners and classes to join in our celebration.



Sunday Mass - 10:30am

Mass Online with Fr Lancy & Deacon Michael

Every Wednesday - 6:00pm

Beginning with Rosary, followed by Mass, and concluding with Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

Email: for further information

Or access via Facebook Live:

As a response to the COVID 19 situation while Masses have been suspended, the Family and Parish-Based Catechesis Office has prepared liturgies with a focus on children.

Families can use these at home to reflect on the Gospel each Sunday.

This can be found at this link on the Archdiocesan website:

Class Masses & Liturgies

Please find links for our Liturgies and Assemblies on our SkoolBag app that are being live streamed on the days listed below. This is an important way for our St Joseph’s School to maintain community.

Social Justice News

Mini Vinnies

I had the pleasure of meeting again with the Mini Vinnies group who are busily preparing to cook meals to be given to different charities supporting homelessness. Our prayer focus was around inclusivity and ensuring that we value all people regardless of race. This tied into the story of the Good Samaritan that the Year 5/6s had as a focus at their recent liturgy and have also reflected on during their unit on World Religions.

As a group we discussed reasons why maybe the priest and the Levite did not stop to help the injured man. The students came up with lots of reasons why they may not have helped, including:

  • maybe they were scared the robber was still there
  • perhaps they were running late for a meeting
  • they didn’t have any first aid equipment with them
  • they were worried what others might say if they helped a Samaritan

We reflected on how we sometimes see a need, but get caught up in the reasons of why we can’t help, rather than helping, even if it is doing something small. This led to discussions of what Mini Vinnies as a group can do to raise social justice awareness and to help those who are in need.

Helen Clark

Vinnies Winter Appeal

Mini Vinnies have a blue Vinnies bin in the downstairs breakout space. They are collecting donations of clean blankets, sleeping bags, beanies, socks etc, that can be delivered to St Vincent de Paul’s to be distributed by Fred’s Van.

St Vincent de Paul Cooking

We also ask for you to donate canned foods such as vegetables and long lasting foods like pasta and long life milk that will be used in our cooking that will be given to shelters that support homeless and migrant families.

Over the coming weeks we will be cooking meals to be given to Vinnies to provide to homeless shelters for distribution. We will be working in groups of around 5-8 in the hall kitchen, supported by Ms D’Aloia and Miss Clark. They are seeking any donations of:

  • pumpkins
  • potatoes
  • zucchini
  • garlic
  • onion
  • dried pasta
  • sweet potatoes
  • canned or fresh tomatoes
  • monetary donations to purchase further ingredients

We greatly appreciate the generosity of our St Joseph’s Community.

Lachlan A and Jiyaa B (on behalf of Mini Vinnies)

? Congratulations!

Congratulations to children who received awards at Assembly recently.

Classroom teachers select students who demonstrate our School Values: Respect, Compassion, Hope, Forgiveness and Service.

Week 6 RecipientsWeek 7 Recipients
Ava - RMGeorgia - RM
Jasraj - RSMason - RS
Gabrielle - 1/2CNatasha - RM
Mitchell - 1/2GMSienna C - 1/2C
Olive - 1/2RBol - 1/2GM
Sophie B - 3TSophia - 1/2R
Clare - 4MCLina-Marie - 4MC
Francesca - 4/5CLeila - 4/5C
Sadie-Ann - 5/6EDSanya - 5/6ED
Laurence - 5/6TDPWhole Class - 5/6TDP

? Week 8 Assembly - Watch Live

Medical Conditions/Allergies/Intolerances

Until further notice students celebrating birthdays or special events are not able to distribute novelties or gift bags.

Your cooperation and understanding is greatly appreciated. Every child matters!

We want to continue maintaining a safe environment for all.

We are ALL in this together.

BYOD Device | Update

The update of the BYOD Devices will continue over the next two weeks. Instructions on how to update your device has been posted on classroom Seesaw pages. 

If you have any questions please contact Miss Clark.

Dates to Remember

Order Recess items for your child via the Qkr! app

Tuckshop Menu

The tuckshop is open for lunch orders only. Orders can be made via the Qkr! app. We will let families know once the tuckshop resumes over the counter trading.

Stop the Spread

We continue to remain vigilant about stopping the spread of illness at Preschool and School. Please note that for the safety and well being of your child, their classmates and staff, it is essential that children stay home if they are unwell with coughs, colds, runny noses or similar ailments. 

Air Investigations with Bubbles

Last week, the Preschoolers continued their Air Investigations by creating bubbles. Bubbles are air wrapped in soap film that float because the air trapped inside a bubble is less dense than the air outside the bubble, so it's up, up and away!

The Preschoolers watched the bubbles form and float in the wind and eventually pop! A group of children created designs that were formed when coloured bubble mix landed on their paper. 

Did you know?

Soap bubbles are thin enough to be able to affect the light that hits them. This means you see e.g. blue, yellow and green colours in the bubbles, even though you make soap bubbles in the white light from the sun. Normally you see several colours at the same time in the same bubble.

How the Birds got their Colours

How the Birds got their Colours is an Aboriginal story told to children living in Broome, Western Australia and is illustrated by school aged children.

The Preschool children have been reading this story and invited the children to draw, paint and create birds with pine cones, wool and other materials as a response to the narrative.

In the early years, children are encouraged to celebrate diversity with respect and learn from our Indigenous Australians.

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Learning Italian in Preschool

ELLA App: The Polyglots at the Zoo

The Polyglots at the Zoo includes animals and food items from a range of cultures within the diverse environment of an open-range zoo. Children will encounter many animals in the zoo, some are endangered species while others are culturally significant, such as a Chinese panda, Arabian camel, a French water vole, a Japanese macaque and an Indonesian orangutan.

The learning experiences encourage values aligned with the Early Years Learning Framework such as developing an understanding of the interdependence between people and animals. The app also introduces new words in Italian, relating to fruit and drinks while building on the language learnt in apps 1, 2 and 3.

Learn more on the ELLA App website

Receptions having a go at making their own 3D shapes.

Moon Diaries

During year 1/2Cs Science lessons last week they investigated the moon. The children shared their moon diaries at the beginning of the week and this helped us look at the pattern of the moon.

They drew the phases of the moon and also started painting pictures of the moon by using foil to print the craters of the moon. Did anyone else see the full moon last weekend? Amanuel told us it was a pink or strawberry moon. ?

Learning about the moon

Jack and Rosie's Adventures

Lunch with our Buddies.

Message from 4MC | Can you crack the code?

The Year 4 class started reading 'The Word Spy' written by Ursula Dubosarsky. It is an entertaining journey through the English language where we are starting to learn more about where the alphabet we know today has come from. There are cartoons, riddles and a special code to solve along the way. The Year 4s were able to solve their first code together, which had them stumped for a little while.

Once they had worked out the code they wrote a coded message to their parents. Good luck in solving it.

Hint: Think about the alphabet backwards and forwards.

Can you crack the code?

World Religions Presentations

Design & Technologies Project | Places of Worship

Continuing on with their learning of World Religion, Year 4/5C, 5/6ED and 5/6TDP have moved on to the next stage of their unit. They completed their sketches of their chosen place of worship and were so pleased with how they turned out – they decided to BUILD them!

This project has incorporated learning from a number of other subjects they have been focusing on this term. They have applied the concept of ‘measurement’ (Mathematics), the skills they have been learning in design (STEM) and of course their new knowledge of World Religions (RE).

Their task has been to design and build a model of their chosen ‘place of worship’, using their skills in measuring, predicting, estimating, calculating, designing, communicating, problem solving and generating ideas.

They have been working SUPER hard using their creative minds throughout this process. A range of materials such as modelling clay, Lego, pasta, foam, pop-sticks, wood, cardboard and more have been used to construct their models and they have learnt so many ‘joining’, assembling and structural techniques throughout the building process.

They have been enjoying the challenge so far and cannot wait to reveal the finished models to you in next weeks Newsletter. Until then, here are some progress pictures… 

Building Process | Places of Worship

Year 5 Maths

Last Week's Year 5 Maths Provocation Question:

What would a cubic metre look like? I wonder how many children would be able to fit inside the cubic metre?

The children were completely engaged in this inquiry and had lots of fun learning at the same time.

Yoga Lessons with Mrs Dedic

Extra-Curricular Highlights

At last week's assembly the year 5/6TDP class surprised everyone with an Italian performance of an original play 'Luigi's Ristorante'.

Watch it here.

A snapshot of what the students have been learning in their Music lessons recently.

Watch it here.

Lucky Book Club: Issue 4

Reminder | Closing Soon!

Attention: NO Cash Payments. Credit card through the 'LOOP' system, register through Scholastic and order online.

View the Book Club Catalogue

Download: Vacation Care Program

OSHC is now taking bookings for July Vacation Care, Monday 6th - Friday 17th July 2020.

Please return forms to OSHC before Tuesday 30th June.


Breakfast Club

We are incredibly fortunate to partner with Food Bank SA to provide breakfast to children in our school. We have been running breakfast club on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings.

We are looking for parent volunteers to support the breakfast club so we can provide for all children in the school who will need breakfast between 8:30am – 8:45am three days a week. An OSHC staff member will be there to support the parent helper.

If you're interested please contact Catherine, our OSHC Director.

Parenting Ideas

Article: What content are children watching?

Increasingly, children are being exposed to developmentally inappropriate content in movies, television programs and video games which can negatively impact their wellbeing, behaviour and attitudes.


Article: Collaborative parenting style wins the day during COVID-19

Life in the COVID-19 induced family cocoon has tested the patience and skills of even the most assured parents. It has suited those that use a more inclusive, collaborative parenting style.

Back to Mass for a few

South Australian Catholics have returned to Mass, albeit in much smaller numbers, following the easing of restrictions on places of worship.