St Mary's Newsletter

Term 3 - Week 6 (28 August, 2020)

Principal's Message

Dear St Mary's School Community

Matthew 16: 21-27

In Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus tells his disciple that he would suffer and die and then be raised to life.  ‘Those who save their own life will lose it:  but those who lose their life for my sake will find it.’  The word ‘life’ has two meanings:  our physical, earthly life, and our eternal spiritual life.  So Jesus is warning us against selfishly seeking after material comforts.  He promises reward for those who give up these comforts to follow Jesus.

Year Three Reading at Mass

Our Year Three students will be reading at the 10.30am Mass on Sunday please come along and support them and Miss Walsh.


Next week we are having a week of Athletics with Throws and Jumps for Year One to Six taking place on Monday, 31st August on the oval and our Pre-primary to Year Six Athletics Carnival taking place on Friday, 4 September at the Rec Centre.  All parents and families are welcome to join us for both events and I ask that you are mindful of physical distancing requirements.  Thank you to the P and F who are organising to sell coffee and morning tea at the athletics carnival.

Fathers Day Breakfast

I look forward to seeing all our dads, grandads and significant males at our Father’s Day Breakfast and Liturgy next Friday morning.  Please RSVP via Skoolbag for catering purposes.


Year Six Camp was very successful! The children had a wonderful time and learnt some new skills and had different and challenging experiences.  A big thank you to Mrs MacDonald for coordinating the camp and to Mr James Kermode for being so helpful, both of whom were away from their own families so that our Year Six students could have such a rewarding and memorable Year Six Camp.  Thank you also to Miss Montgomery and Miss Walsh who looked after the Year Five students in Mrs McDonald’s absence.  The students certainly have many stories to share with their families and they will definitely sleep well tonight!

P&F Meeting

Our next P&F Meeting will be on Monday night at 6.30pm in the Library.  The earlier time slot allows for Caroline Robinson’s community presentation for the school’s new Strategic Plan – all families are welcome to attend and have their say on the future direction of the school.  The scheduled P&F Meeting will then follow at approximately 7.30pm.

God Bless and have a lovely weekend with your families,

Ms Adriana Coniglio


Religious News

Upcoming Liturgical Events

  • Year Three reading at Mass on Sunday, 30th August 10.30am. All are invited and encouraged to attend.
  • Reconciliation for students in Year Four to Six on Thursday, 3rd September.
  • Father’s Day Liturgy and Breakfast on Friday, 4th September. Please see skoolbag for an RSVP note.
  • Year Four Holy Communion Retreat for all Year Four students on Wednesday, 9th September. These students can wear free dress on this day and a Subway lunch will be provided.
  • St Mary’s Day on Friday, 11th September.
  • The Sacrament of First Holy Communion on Sunday, 13th September at 10.30am.

Award Winners

Congratulations to the following Award Winners;

Mrs Zoe O'Malley

Acting Assistant Principal

Class News

Kindy Class News

Our new topic in Kindy is transport. The children are enjoying learning about how we can move from one place to another. The biggest change to our classroom has been the addition of an airport, the children helped paint and set up the airport and since then it has been hard to get them out of there. We have a check in, security, a flight crew and passengers. Using their imagination the children have travelled all over the world, even with COVID 19 restrictions in place we have managed to fly to California, Bali, England and Italy. 

Year Two RE Corner

Our Religion unit so far this term has been prayer and now we are experts. We have looked at what prayer is, when we can pray, who we can pray with, who we can pray for, where we can pray and even written lots of our own prayers. We have made up actions to help us learn and remember the Our Father and Glory Be and during staff prayer, the teachers watched us recite the Our Father all by ourselves!



In Music this term the Pre-Primary class has been learning how to keep a beat using different instruments like tambourines, shakers and triangles. They have also been learning about tempo and have been dancing and singing songs fast and slow like The Old Grey Cat. We have loved learning some new folk dances such as the Pony Gallop and the Noble Duke of York. Mrs Dolton and Mrs Jefferys are usually very worn out at the end of our sessions!

Year One

The Year One class have been learning about pitch and have been using their singing voices and xylophones to practice high and low! We have had a go at drawing pitch maps using lines and singing special high and low songs.

Year Two

The Year Two class have been learning to play the Xylophones and the notes C and D. They use these notes to play familiar rhythm patterns and have been so quick to learn. They have created their own compositions and performed them to the class like little rock stars!

Year Three

The Year 3 class have been learning the Musical alphabet and have been using the Xylophones to play words using the notes. They learned to play their names using the notes and are now having a go at playing lots of different three and four letter words on the Xylophone.

Year Four and Five

The Year 4/5 class have been learning about Blues music. They have learned to play the Bo-Diddley beat on the Xylophone and to play some chords. We are now moving on to Celtic music and I have already heard some excellent verses the children have created to go with our galloping rhythms.

Year Five and Six

The 5/6 class have been learning about Rap. They have studied the way Rap is performed and how the lyrics can be written. They have also been learning about beat boxing and dance moves that go with Rap!

Other News & Important Dates

Book Club

Issue 6 of Book Club has been sent home with students today. Orders are due in by Friday 4th September.

Let Us Pray

Lord Jesus, you call us to love.

Help us to love others and not be selfish.


Community Notices