St Peters Lutheran School Newsletter

Term 4 Issue 3 - 14 November 2019

From the Principal - Mr Mark Rathjen

Remember… to wash your face so you don’t forget

On days like Remembrance Day (and ANZAC Day), people from all around the world are asked to stop and remember the servicemen and women who fought and died for our countries in war. It seems to me that this is a very important thing to do, because for most of the other 364 days in the year, I am probably not that mindful of the incredible valour and sacrifice of these men and women. The way we usually remember is by taking some time out:  whether it is a minute in silence, attending a service, wearing a poppy or even some time in prayer. But it seems to me that the affect of this remembering is often short lived. Come the next day, most of us are not consciously mindful of these people. Remembering is a once or twice a year event. In 2 Timothy 2:8 Paul says to his friend Timothy to; “Remember Jesus Christ, raised from the dead, descended from David.”  What does Paul mean here by the word “remember”? Does Paul want Timothy and us to stop once in a while (maybe once a year) and have a minute silence? Does Paul want us merely to recall Jesus in our minds?

To remember Jesus Christ involves thinking and meditating about Jesus, but it goes beyond that. Remembering Jesus means a continuous, conscious orientation of your life. In other words, we are not just to remember Jesus once in a while, but continuously. Remembering implies living the way Jesus taught us to live.  Martin Luther suggested, “When you wash your face, remember your Baptism”.  In other words, allow him to be at the forefront of your thinking as often as possible and in so doing remember whose you are, that you are saved, forgiven and loved beyond measure.

Life is so busy. We are all time poor. There is so much to see and do.  And when it comes to living out my faith, I can be pretty lazy. But it seems to me that remembering Jesus, and what he did for us, may just about be the most important key to living well. Perhaps a good start is to regularly wash your face!

So remember Jesus: Lest We Forget.

Adapted from A devotional blog - by Mike Everett (

Mark Rathjen

Staff Changes for 2020

Karen Howell

I am writing to inform you all that Karen Howell, our Business Manager, has accepted the position of Business Manager at Golden Grove Lutheran Primary School commencing January 2020.  This has been a very difficult decision for her as she knows and loves our community well.  We are very thankful for the wonderful contribution she has made to St Peters over the past years and she will be sorely missed.  The school has benefitted greatly from Karen's knowledge through many initiatives made to our systems, facilities and resources in the time she has been with us. She has been an asset to our community.  We congratulate Karen on her appointment and wish her well for the future.  Please pray for Karen as she prepares to move to her new position and pray also for the school governance and leadership as we look to the future.

Megan Thomas

Mrs Megan Thomas has also decided to step down from her role as our Indonesian teacher.  Megan is wanting to spend more time with her children while they are still little.  Megan has given so much to our school through her teaching and passion for Indonesian.  We are sad to lose her and will miss her gentle and caring nature around our school.  We wish her every blessing as she moves on from St Peters.  We have just finished interviewing for this position and hope to announce her replacement very soon.

Sharon Smith 

Mrs Sharon Smith will be finishing up at St Peters at the end of the school year.  This is due to some restructuring the school is doing for next year.  We are grateful for the wonderful work and service that Sharon has given to our school over many years and she will be greatly missed. Her work in the resource centre and organisation of after school sport has greatly supported many students in their learning and sporting activities.  We wish her every blessing as she moves on from St Peters.

Thank you

We have had a very busy few weeks once again.

We have enjoyed:

  • Music Festival (thanks Miss Wilson);
  • Exhibition (thanks Mr E and cast of thousands);
  • Wakikirri (thanks again Miss Wilson);
  • Community Worship (Thanks 3/4s and staff);
  • Rotary Christmas Fair (thanks staff);
  • New ELC & Reception families Information Night (thanks Alex, ELC and Reception staff); and
  • Year 3/4 camp (thanks Mr B and Mrs Watkins) as we speak.  

PE Week - November 21-25

PE week is one of our students’ favourite weeks of the year. Mrs R always makes up a fun schedule. This year we have two significant events amongst lots of active fun and games: The Colour Run (Monday) and SPLASH Day (Friday). Please look out for all the details on PE week which will be forthcoming on Skoolbag early next week.

Parents and Friends Exec nominations for 2020

We are seeking any nominations for the Parents and Friends Exec team for next year.

Mrs Heather Stevens will be stepping down as Chair and we thank her for tireless efforts this year.

If you would like to join the P&F Exec, nomination forms are available at the school office.

The P&F AGM is held in early 2020. 

Mural thanks

We are very thankful for our talented and artistic mums, Belinda Willson and Rachelle Miller who have created a beautiful mural outside the ELC. What a wonderfully bright and engaging piece of art work to be enjoyed by our little ELCers for many years to come.   They have now started work on the other side of the wall! 

Some key Term 4 Dates

1.    PE Week – Starts Monday 25 November

2.    Colour Run – Monday 25 November

3.    SPLASH Day – Friday 29 November

4.    Blackwood Christmas Parade – Friday 6 December 

5.    End of Year service – Tuesday 10 December

6.    Numeracy Interviews – Wednesday 11 December

BYOD 2020

A reminder to all who have students next year in Year 3 to Year 7 that all need to have a portable device for every day at school.  Please make sure the device is in good working condition for the new year and beyond.  Perhaps this might make an excellent Christmas gift if your child is needing something new for 2020.

Principal's Tour

We have just one more Principal’s Tour this term. It will be on Wednesday 27 November starting at 9.00am. Please encourage anyone you know who is considering schooling options to book in for a tour.  We are always flexible to offer tours at other times if the scheduled tour date is not convenient.  


We are thankful for all those who volunteer in our school. Many activities would not happen as well without you.  From July 1st there are new requirements for volunteers in schools:

1.       A Working With Children Check (or a current DCSI check)

2.       A Valuing Safe Communities Certificate (required by Lutheran Education)

While not every act of volunteering requires these, we would encourage everyone to do so ensuring you are covered for whatever you want to be involved in. 

Please go to Skoolbag /Parent Information / Volunteers  for details.

From the School Council Chair - Tim Geue

Grow with us….

Hopefully you have all been actively engaged with our Instagram and Facebook pages and noticed some changes with a new profile logo and new photos complete with our logo and theme “Grow with us”.  Earlier this year at our 20th anniversary celebrations we launched “Grow with us” as our theme coming from the four pillars of our strategic plan forming the acronym GROW.  Our motto, God in All Things, remains the same and heads our strategic plan.

G    God in All Things

R    Relationships

O    Ownership

W    Wellbeing

In third term, we engaged Linda Theel to help us with a marketing strategy and operational plan going forward. Part of this was a logo refresh that used the new theme and revised logo for use on posters, publications and in our online platforms.  Mark Thomas, a former parent of the school and well known graphic designer has been developing this theme and will continue to work with us. We have also recently had a videographer visit the school and new photos taken that will be incorporated into our theme in due course.  Some plans for next year involve improving signage around the school and developing a style guide for consistent use of the school brand together with updates to our website.  Whenever possible I encourage you to share St Peters theme of “Grow with us”.

Yours in Christ
Tim Geue
Chair School Council

From the PYP Coordinator - Bronwyn Wilson

Primary Years Programme Exhibition 2019

It was great to see everyone at this year’s PYP exhibition. The students worked hard presenting an engaging, collaborative inquiry identifying, investigating and offering solutions to real-life issues and problems. The Exhibition offers our students the following opportunities:

  • for students to engage in an in depth, collaborative inquiry
  • to demonstrate independence and responsibility for their own learning
  • to explore multiple perspectives
  • to synthesize and apply their learning of previous years and to reflect upon their journey through the PYP
  • for teachers to engage in an authentic process for assessing student understanding
  • to demonstrate how students can take action as a result of their learning
  • to unite the students, teachers, parents and other members of the school community in a collaborative experience that incorporates the essential elements of the PYP
  • to celebrate the transition of learners from primary to middle/secondary education.

To begin the evening, the senior students introduced the big idea of this year’s Exhibition through a song “Do Something” that encouraged us to be the action we want in our world.

The students then had the opportunity to showcase their inquiry, talk to parents and other students and answer any questions. It was delightful to be able to see the connections the children had made with the central idea, the concepts, the Learner Profile and action components of the PYP.

Issues ranged from Vaccinations and Sustainability to Education and the need for more Arts subjects! The students were passionate and knowledgeable about their chosen central ideas and had many thought provoking and action inspiring conversations.

Our school mission states that we as a school encourage global consciousness, responsible action and lifelong learning and that is exactly what we saw on Wednesday night as the students unpacked many issues that are important and relevant to themselves and the society we live in. As we are all lifelong learners, I do hope that the presentations left you compelled to take some action of your own on an issue that you are passionate about.

Well done to all the students, teachers, mentors and families involved in this process.

Bronwyn Wilson
PYP Coordinator

Internet Safety

The next information sheet in our series about apps currently popular with children, kindly provided to us by the Carly Ryan Foundation, relates to Tik Tok (download via the link below).

App Fact Sheet - Tik Tok (c/- the Carly Ryan Foundation)



As part of our work in financial literacy, the Year 5/6/7s will be holding a Christmas Market during Recess and Lunch times throughout Weeks 6, 7 and 8 - starting Monday 18th November.  Products and services will be available to anyone within the school community during those times.  They include treats to eat and drink (no nuts), art works, temporary tattoos, wristbands, hair plaiting and spiking, handmade toys and more.  Prices range from 50c to $2.00.  After the students' microcredit loans have been paid back (with interest), all profits will provide real microcredit small business loans to people in need through ALWS.

Please support your child's financial literacy as well as people in need by encouraging your child to make a purchase from the market.  

Thank you.

Matt Eldridge and Rebecca Geue

Library News

Parents, our end of year STOCKTAKE is fast approaching. This is to inform you that overdue notices were sent home yesterday and to remind everyone when school resources, that are used at home, need to be returned by.

If you have library books they need to be returned to the Library by Wednesday 27th November (Week 7).

If you have readers and/or Reception and Year 1/2 card sets please make sure they are returned to your child’s classroom, Room 9 or 10, by Tuesday 3rd December (Week 8).

The Library will be closed for student borrowing from Monday, 25th November (Week 7). As of this date we are open for returns only. This is in preparation for the Stocktake, which starts on Friday 29th November (Week 7).

From Week 7 students are encouraged to bring their own reading material to school for silent reading in the classroom. Please make sure these items are named as we do get unnamed items “returned” to the library.

Classroom Libraries will also be available to “borrow” from at this time but it is preferred that these items remain at school in readiness for the stocktake and because the end of the year is also fast approaching.

Thank you for your cooperation at this very busy time of year.

Mrs Sharon Smith
Resource Centre

Scholastic Book Club


ORDERS DUE: Thursday 21st November 2019

Every purchase from Scholastic Book Club helps the school to buy extra resources.

The last Scholastic Book Club Issue for 2019 has gone home today. LOOP orders are now open. The closing date is 21st November 2019 @ 4pm. This will allow time for orders to be received and distributed before the last day of the school year, Tuesday 10th December 2019.

Orders and payments for Book Club can only be made online using the Scholastic LOOP platform. This will ensure that students get their orders, which are delivered to school for free, and that the correct payment is received. Please use the link to register and start your order

LOOP is also available as an app, for both apple and Android devices.

THIS IS A GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO DO SOME CHRISTMAS SHOPPING. But, please, if you do not want your order to be delivered VIA your child process as a GIFT ORDER when using the Scholastic LOOP.   Mrs Sharon Smith will contact you when your order is available for collection.

Cash payments are no longer available at St Peters.

Thank you to everyone who has ordered from Book Club in 2019.  20% of what you spend has gone back to St Peters. Your support, in ordering from Book Club, has allowed the school to buy additional library books and teaching resources for the students to use.


Parents and Friends

Huge thanks to everyone who supported “Blue Saint” the St Peters Pedal Prix team last week by ordering a hot dog or cold roll. Special thanks to Julie, Anissa, Heather, Cherie, Chris and Narelle for helping us on the day. This special food day raised around $500 for the pedal prix team.

SPLASH day order forms went home this week for our Subway Special Food Day lunch to be had at SPLASH DAY on Friday 29th November. Please note orders are due back on Wednesday 20th November and as we are ordering from an external supplier late orders may not be accepted. Order forms are also available on Skoolbag so get yours in ASAP.

Colour Run

The Colour Run is less than 2 weeks away!  It will be held on Monday 25 November from 1.30-2.30pm, with stations set up around the course for colour spraying and powdering.  There will be an alternative course for those who prefer to stay clean and dry.  Thank you to those who have set up fundraising pages for their kids.  If you haven't, please go to and set yours up today!  There will be prizes for the highest fundraisers and a prize raffle with tickets for every $10 raised, including footballs donated by Brenton Ragless and merchandise donated by the Commonwealth Bank Blackwood.  All money raised will go to the nature play space.  Thank you for your support.

SPLOSHC - Pupil Free Days December 2019

SPLOSHC Pupil Free Days 11/12/13 December 2019 - Program


SPLOSHC Pupil Free Days 11/12/13 December 2019 - Booking Form


Information from Uniform Supplier - Devon

'Life. Be in it' Come and Try Volleyball Session

Appleton Sports School Holiday Cricket Academy 2019

18/19/20 December 2019 - see attached flyer and application form with all the details!


Diary Dates

For important dates and information regarding upcoming events, please go to the Events page of our Skoolbag app.