eNewsletter Term 3 Week 8

From The Principal

Dear Members of the St Andrews College Community,

What an amazing two weeks it has been with CAN being the biggest event we have had in the history of the event. The Spring scheduling was certainly a hit with many families, ex students and staff making a point of attending in large numbers. It was the biggest CAN we have had. Each day I am made aware of the wonderful and caring students we have at the College. An example of this being played out happened this week when a senior student got off the bus to help a primary school student from St Andrew’s Primary and stayed with them until they could get into their house. If this is not Jesus at work in our society I don’t know what is. 

In the lead up to Year 12 Graduation and the end of Term 3 it is timely to remain focussed on learning and making the most of the many and varied opportunities we have at our wonderful College.

 ‘It’s All About Learning’

Gospel Reflection:

For my sighing comes like my bread,

and my groanings are poured out like water

 Truly the thing that I fear comes upon me,

and what I dread befalls me.

I am not at ease, nor am I quiet;

I have no rest; but trouble comes.

~ (Job 3:25-26) ~

The Book of Job: A Three Thousand-Year-Old Story of Grief

 By John Schwiebert, MDiv

Those who have suffered loss can easily identify with a man named Job, whose story is told in the book of Job, found in the Hebrew scripture.  I suggest that those who are grieving any personal loss might find help in their grief by reading the book of Job.

The first point of identification will be in the nature of the loss itself.  Job--who is described in the book’s prologue as “blameless and upright, one who feared God and turned away from evil,”—has everything anyone could hope for:  material prosperity, good health and the respect of virtually everyone in his hometown. Then in a series of reversals, he loses it all. After the death of seven sons and three daughters, plus his house and all his livestock, followed by a chronic and painful physical illness, Job is faced with a burden of grief almost too great to bear.

Job’s experiences include denial, disbelief, depression, anger towards God, and a gradual movement toward acceptance.  We who also grieve will identify with attempts by Job’s so-called friends, to help him make sense of the calamities that have befallen him, sometimes even openly questioning the validity of his grief rather than honoring Job’s sorrow by offering support and a listening ear.

Read the book of Job in its entirety in preparation.


Getting into the Story (see Job 1:1 to 2:9)

We begin by acknowledging that the book of Job is first and foremost a story—a “once upon a time” tale told by an unknown author who wants those of us who read it to think deeply about suffering, grief, blame, temptation and the nature of God.

The teller of the Job story then imagines a scene in which God and Satan (in Hebrew ha-Satan, meaning literally “the Accuser”) express differing opinions about how Job, described by the author as “blameless and upright, one who feared God and turned away from evil,” would respond in the face of suffering and loss.  God is sure that Job will trust God even through suffering and loss. The accuser alleges that Job, when confronted with extreme suffering and loss, will curse God because of his misfortune.

The tension in the story is almost unbearable.  The murder of Job’s servants, the theft of all his livestock, the calamitous death of his seven sons and three daughters and finally the loss of his health in the form of a loathsome, persistent and painful skin disease covering his entire body.

The legitimate question faced by most if not all grieving persons at some point in our bereavement, namely, “Why does God allow suffering.”  Or, to put the question another way, “If God loves us why doesn’t God protect us from the pain of loss?” 

However firstly address the pain of Job’s loss through the experience of whatever loss is heaviest on our own hearts personally currently.

Job’s story is our story and that is its primary value for us who read it in the context of our own experience.  We cannot think about the death of Job’s sons and daughters without thinking of the children or others we have lost to death.  And some who read Job’s story have literally lost livestock (and livelihood) if not through theft, through flood or famine. And, like Job, some have experienced sudden, chronic illness—a loss of the good health they had come to take for granted.

If your experience includes meeting in a grief support group with others who have suffered recent loss you can easily imagine Job as a member of your group--another voice crying out in despair, yearning to be heard by those who are more likely to understand and honor what he is going through, because you too have suffered loss.  Your group may want to consider inviting Job into your group by reading aloud some of the verses in the twenty-six verses of Chapter 3 of the Book of Job, where Job, like you and others in your group, pours out his lament because of a grief that seems to offer no relief:

For my sighing comes like my bread,

and my groanings are poured out like water

Truly the thing that I fear comes upon me,

and what I dread befalls me.

I am not at ease, nor am I quiet; 

I have no rest; but trouble comes.

~ Job 3:25-26 ~

Or read these words on your own, even if you are not meeting with a group.  Knowing that the pain you experience in grief has been around for many millennia may not take away your suffering, but it can provide some temporary relief.  As someone has said, “Joy shared is joy doubled; grief shared is grief halved.”

Bishop’s Award for Student Excellence:

Congratulations to Irene Baik who received this most prestigious award on the 5th of September at St Patrick’s Cathedral. Irene’s faith, dedication and application make her a most worthy recipient of this award. Thank you to Hashwitaa Maynooor who read the citation out on behalf of the College.

Science Extension Expo:

Last Friday I had the pleasure of witnessing three exceptional young men and women report on their extensive research that they had conducted as part of the Year 12 Science Extension Course. Across the whole Diocese of Parramatta three of the six students chosen were from St Andrews College. Congratulations to Gerado, Mickaella and Thomas for exceptional presentations. You are a credit to yourselves, your families and the College. The Youtube link is found below.

The student's presentations begin at the following times: 

Gerardo Pareja-Delgado — 54:43

Mickaella Douglas — 1:13:00

Thomas Lloyd — 1:50:52

CAN Thank you:

Thank you to Mr Chiappetta, Mr Alata, Mrs Welch, Ms McKechnie, Mrs Weaver, staff and students for the way in which you cheered, participated and celebrated the diversity of music, dance and performance at the College. I was so impressed with the organisation of the event as well as the number of acts that performed. I can’t wait to see what is in stall for 2020.

Learning Experiences:

Around the College there have been many learning experiences that have been organised to complement classroom activities. We are in the process of finalising the acceleration process for a number of students, Year 8 visited the Zoo as part of a Science Field Trip, Year 9 visited  Calmsley Hill City Farm as part of a HSIE Field Trip, the Snake Man visited Science classes and Entertainment Students did most of the sound, event set up and pack down for CAN. Thank you for the way you have entered into these learning opportunities.

Basketball & Touch Football Gala Days:

Students and staff have been busy preparing for the MCS Basketball Competition starting in Term 4, PDSSC Basketball and PDSSC Touch Football. Thank you all for the way you are entering into the co-curricular program at the College and the way you represent yourselves as well as the College.

Facilities Update:

The College has been busy upgrading many of the buildings and spaces around the school. We are currently in the process of completing the resurfacing and marking of the basketball court, tennis court, netball court, volleyball court and futsal facility on the Senior Campus this week. It will soon be re-fenced as well. This will then be followed by the same on the Junior Campus and the construction of handball courts on the Junior Campus which will all be completed by the beginning of Term 4. The Lift on the Senior Campus is being completed at present and that will be followed by the lift being completed on the Junior Campus. 

Painting the Junior Campus will be finished by the beginning of Term 4. Lighting on the Junior Campus has almost been completed and that will be followed by the Senior Campus.

Our focus at St Andrews College is to develop each student using the SPIRE Framework

Fidem in Christo

Stephen Kennaugh


From the Assistant Principal Students

Making a difference to student wellbeing

There are many factors that influence a young person's wellbeing but the two that have the biggest impact is the parents and the teachers. These two groups are the ones that spend the most time with the young person and are the ones that develop learning in each young person. 

Having positive relationships with teachers is essential for their development and learning. A positive relationship with their teachers will help give the students a sense of belonging, which can lead to happier students, which promotes positive learning. Negative relationships can create anxiety and destroy a student’s confidence.

Parents play a vital role in the development of students. Spending time and setting boundaries with your children can increase the levels of life satisfaction in young people. Parents can help a young person manage anxiety and motivate them to do well in life. 

It is essential that parents and schools work in partnership for the benefit of the child. If the home and school are working together in a common direction, the child will have a greater chance of success at school and in life.

Please feel free to contact the College and any of the staff to develop a positive partnership between home and school.

Students Learning

It has been about five weeks since the Student Learning Conference for Years 7-11. If there were issues raised or challenges suggested, it would be a great time to touch base with your Child's teacher to see how they have been progressing.

As a Learning community the partnership between home and school is essential for the success of the child. Your Child's teachers are always available to discuss the progress being made in learning. If you wish to speak to a teacher please contact the office on 9626 4000 and arrangements will be made for you to talk to the teachers. 

If you have questions about something happening in the classroom please don’t hesitate to contact the Leader of Learning for that Key Learning Area (KLA) or their Leader of Learning- Pastoral with questions about the learning needs of your child.


Just a reminder that Winter Uniform is required until the end of Term 3. As the weather warms up some students disregard the uniform policy. Please help us out by making sure your child is dressed in the full winter uniform for the next few weeks. 

Summer uniform will be worn as of the first day back next term. 

What is in the planner?

The key area to focus on this week is Research. Developing skills in research is essential in learning. Having a structured process helps you to think more intelligently and will help create new brain pathways. 

An effective process involves: Defining, Locating, Selecting, Organising, Presenting and Evaluating. Check the planner for more details on this process.

When you are active and healthy life seems more enjoyable. The balance of exercise, diet and thinking positively helps build a healthier body and healthier mind. 

Keys to success is exercising everyday, eating smaller portions and more healthy, limit screen time, spending time with others and surrounding yourself with positivity. 

Key character strengths to focus on this week are fairness and curiosity. 

God bless

Nick Thrum
Assistant Principal Students

From the Assistant Principal - Teaching & Learning


It is imperative that students are well organise for all assessments and apply themselves with diligence and sustained effort in all courses. Therefore assessments should be completed on the indicated date. 

Students place themselves at a great disadvantage by not completing assessments, as their grades are compromised and the results are reflected in their ROSA. Despite students completing the Year 12 HSC, the ROSA is another supporting document students can use to achieve goals after school. 

In Term 4 students will be completing their final assessments. Therefore it is important that students apply themselves to every task in order to finish the year well. Some subjects have exams in Term 4, therefore students need to ensure they have study notes and revise consistently before their exams. It is important to practice writing. 

Think Aloud Reading and Writing Strategy

Students are encouraged to use the Think Aloud Strategy to think about what they are going to read or write. In particular when students are at home, the following strategies can support them to understand texts, and also prepare for writing. 

The purpose of the think-aloud strategy is for students to question, and hypothesise in order to construct meaning from a text. Think Alouds are the articulation of the thinking process that a strategic reader or writer does subconsciously; it’s letting the students hear how we read and write.

Before and whilst the student reads a text in any subject - 

  • read a small section of the text and show what and how the student is thinking to work out the meaning

  • What do you notice about the text - diagrams, headings, subtitles, writing in columns etc

  • Predict what you think the text will be about 

  • During your reading choose three or four stopping points to reflect on your thinking and use comprehension strategies to support your thinking

Comprehension skills:

  • Predicting 

  • Inferring meaning/context 

  • Purpose of the text

  • Locate / find main idea 

  • Connect to prior knowledge

  • Identifying key terms

  • Defining key terms

  • Identifying techniques

  • Analysing techniques

  • Discussing potential or intended effects of techniques

  • Visualising (five senses)

  • Summarising

  • Make connections to other texts

  • Writing (in various formats)

  • Ask other people to help you understand the text - what are they thinking? 

  • Who is the audience in the text and what is the purpose of the text? 

From the Religious Education Coordinator

Year 8 Reflection Day

On Wednesday the 21st of August 2019, the Year 8 Students were privileged to have a day of reflection. We all went to the Senior Campus to reflect on the Images of God through a variety of different activities such as, drawing what our perspectives of God is to us and what we as young Australians can do to be an Image of God in our everyday lives. 

Throughout the day we had the opportunity to share our thoughts and opinions on Images of God and what God means to us. We had the chance to answer some questions and even share our ideas to the grade. An activity we had to do was get together in our Learning Groups and draw or write what an image of God looks like. We were also given the opportunity to explore all possible Images of God in our groups. We expressed our Image of God with one another and then shared it with the grade.

Something that significantly stood out to us was a slideshow about malnourished children who are sadly homeless and on the bare end of life. We then went back with our Learning Groups to discuss about how the presentation made us feel through a variety of different questions. As a group we wrote down some different points that each of the team members talked about and then shared our responses with the rest of the grade.

We strongly believe that future Year 8 students should have a reflection day. As the day showed us how there are Images of God all around us and that the way we see Him can be however we imagine him to be, Like being in heaven watching over you or him living in a relative to be by our side. He is shown in our own beliefs and that’s a very strong aspect to the Catholic Faith.

Lastly we would like to mention that we are so very grateful to have so many teachers to make this day possible alongside some Year 11 students to help instruct and guide us on the day. We thank you for all of your help on this successful day. But, we do want to give a special thank you to Mrs Robinson as she was able to put this day together and without her, the day wouldn’t be possible. 

Charlise Kenny and Alyssa Hallatt 
Year 8

Bishop's Awards

On September 5th Irene Baik received the Bishop of Parramatta award for student excellence at St Patricks Cathedral. Hashwitaa Maynoor read the following citation

Irene Baik is a shining example of ‘faith in action’. This is evident through her involvement in both Parish and school events. Irene immerses herself in the faith dimension of the college through her participation in Social Justice Group, as a Eucharistic Minister and a Catechist. She is a ‘person for others as seen through her leadership of the St Andrews Chapter of Young Christian Students. Irene strives for academic excellence and has shown great diligence in her studies. She is a role model for all students and a true example of our motto ‘Doing More Going Beyond’.

Kellie Robinson
Leader of Learning Religious Education

From the Year 12 Leader of Learning

R U OK 2019

Thursday 12th of september is the national day of action known as R U OK Day. R U OK is a charity organisation that is dedicated to achieving a world where we are all connected and protected from suicide. Their mission is to inspire and empower everyone to meaningfully connect with people around them and support anyone struggling with life. The organisation believes that by encouraging individuals to start a meaningful conversation with the people around them, and by simply asking people ‘R U OK’ that we can all make such a lasting difference in each other’s lives. 

At St Andrews College it is important that we look out for each other and come together as a unified community. We need to show love and support for those around us. Simply starting a meaningful conversation with someone who is feeling down or who is not acting like themselves, could make a huge difference in their lives. 

As a way of marking this important day and raising awareness of the importance of being meaningfully connected, our senior students created a school display that will encourage their peers to support each other. During Pastoral Care the students brainstormed in groups the process of having a meaningful conversation with someone and the best ways to show support to those in need. The students came up with phrases that could be used to let someone know that you are there for them, to offer support and to encourage action. These phrases were displayed on “helping hands” and put up in the library stairwell to encourage all students to be there for each other. Hopefully it will provide a little support to someone who might need it as they walk by.

R U OK suggests a four-step process to beginning a meaningful conversation. The first step is to simply ASK - Ask your friends, family members, loved ones or colleagues… are they ok, or how they are doing. The second step is to prepare for their answer. It is OK to not be OK. Listen to their response and don’t judge them. The third step is to encourage action and to offer support. Within our College community you could encourage your friends to speak to a teacher you trust, the College Counsellor, the leaders of learning, or to even encourage them to seek help outside of College in the form of their parents, councillors or organisations such as Lifeline Australia and R U OK. The final step is to make a time to check in. See how your friend is doing after a few days or a week. Keep up those meaningful conversations. The conversation you have with a loved one could be the difference they need in their life. 

Miss Emily Pett
Leader of Learning Pastoral - Year 12

From the Year 7 Leader of Learning

R U Okay - Year 7 Pastoral Care

On Monday during Pastoral Care Year 7 students learnt about the importance of taking care of each other.

Students took part in scenarios to demonstrate the importance of having meaningful conversations with their friends, their family, their peers and sometimes a person they do not know so well. 

Martin Gillogly
Leader of Learning Pastoral - Year 7

Year 9 Camp

On the 26th of September, students from Year 9 departed for a three-day leadership camp at the Aussie Bush Camp in Kincumber. The camp tested the strengths and weaknesses of students and allowed students to come out of their comfort zone. The activities the students faced were both challenging and fun. Throughout the whole camp, students faced several challenges. One of the biggest challenges students faced was the rainfall on the first two days of camp. Despite this, students still participated in the activities and didn't let the rain stop them. 

The students also faced many challenging activities, one of these activities was the giant swing, several students had a fear of heights, but they chose to get out of their comfort zone and challenge themselves by participating in the activities. Other activities such as the mud run and survivor challenge let students get hands-on and to cooperate with each other and to show leadership within their groups. The last night of camp finished with a disco that was hosted by the camp.

Overall, the camp tested the strengths and weaknesses of our students, having them jump out of their comfort zone and to challenge themselves in all sorts of tasks. Students showed their leadership skills and challenged themselves at the camp by participating in a range of activities. The camp was a great success and an enjoyable experience for everyone who attended.  

Wasim Rahman

Year 9 Camp - Student Reflections

It was an excellent experience coming together for the activities where we really enjoyed each other's company and for the first time in a while we appreciated other great gifts. The night activities were really fun they took a lot of working together and cheering people on was the best.

Harpriya Rattan - Camp was overall fun and really entertaining 

Kaitlyn – All the activities were pretty fun mainly the giant Swing

Paukti – It was fun, especially the mud activities and the night activities

Veronica – Snow cones were yum

Elisha – Camp was fun because of the activities

Ishaam – It was a fun experience to share with my friends, as well as the activities were engaging and fun

Vaughn – Camp was pretty fun, activities were enjoyable. I particularly loved doing archery

Jacob – I loved the giant swing

Caitlyn Xerri – Great bonding experience. Made me face my fears. The activities were a great experience. The late night activities strengthen our friendships. 

Dylan Fernando – It was a leadership program where we participated in opportunities that developed our character - something  we should be grateful for.

Daniel Azzi – Camp was an amazing experience where we were able to participate in unique activities and create new bonds with fellow students.

Damon – The mud run was pretty nice

Facing your fears is better than not facing them

Most people faced their fear of heights

Everyone had learnt something new

I learnt stuff about myself that I never thought I could do or be.

Definitely we were able to bond together as a Learning Group as most of the activities were problem solving in real life 

It’s better to just do it so you won’t regret anything later

Meel – I had a great time, we even had eggs and bacon

Mitchell Stirton – The mud run was so good - I liked when we had to work in a team because I learnt about others

Maddoux Panaligan – I loved the enthusiasm everybody had

Caleb Lowe – Everything we did involved communication. That’s what I enjoyed about camp and the activities

From around the Sports Grounds

Junior Boys Football

Over the past two terms I was given the opportunity to take charge of the Junior Boys Football Team. 

I could not be more proud of the boys who represented the College this season. They displayed great sportsmanship and humility throughout the season. They worked well as a team, communicating and passing the ball meaningfully. 

To say the least, it was an immensely successful season for the boys regardless of the result of the Grand Final. The Junior Boys went on a seven game winning streak during the regular season, scoring a record of 36 goals and not conceding any goals during that time. They finished first in the regular season as Premiers and came Runners Up in the PDSSSC Junior Boys Football Finals Series. It was a disappointing loss and it was the first time the boys had conceded two goals, the game finished 2-1 with St Columbus as finals champions. Unfortunately it was not our day - in the end this is what sport is. The boys have achieved a lot and our football teams have a bright future ahead of them. 

The following boys who played and represented the College were: Emmanuel Adetunji, Luke Carter, Amponsah Antwi (winner of the teams golden boot with the most goals scored during the season), John Lukudu, Daniel Martignago (who set the standard and lead the team as Captain), Taylan Arslan, Antoni Arshilo, Haroun Fadlala, Sebastian Symon (who scored goal of the season which was a beautiful curled shot into the top left corner of the goal), Joel longy, Noah Basilli, Lucas Battikha, Nicholas Boustani, Jakub Rutkowski, Luke Binny and Danny Yazbek 

Special commendations go to the following boys for filling in and assisting throughout the season for both the Junior Team and Intermediate team when needed.  Jackson Sibir, Aarav Karan, Matthew Xerri, Dante Carbone, Dominic Habil, David Bolis.

I am extremely proud of the boys who represented the College, they have set the bar,  as role models for the College with their exceptional behaviour and their sporting achievement this season as Winners of the regular season and Runners Up in the Finals Series. 

Alexander Dunaeff 
Junior Boys Soccer Coach 

PDSSSC Oz Tag Gala Day

St Andrews College sent four teams to the Oz Tag Gala Day on what was a cool but sunny day.

Junior Girls had a tough day playing six games in total with little breaks in between. They gave it their all and played with heart. We were unlucky to not come away with a win on the day, we had one draw and a very close loss, of which we had a real chance of winning. The girls had a great day and learnt a lot about Oz Tag as the day went along. 

Intermediate Girls performed well, winning against Delaney (8-0) and Nagle (5-0) but unfortunately lost against Caroline Chisholm, Xavier and McCarthy by a few points. The girls worked hard as a team and did the best they could but unfortunately came short of making it to the finals. The girls and I are all very proud of their achievements individually and as a team, having performed better than expected on previous years' performance. 

The Junior Boys had a good run out at the Gala Day.  With two wins and two losses. They displayed great sportsmanship on the day. Kaiah and Sione displayed great leadership among the group of boys and were excellent role models for the team.

PDSSSC Athletics Carnival 30th August 2019

With the weather turning it on, heavy rain and strong winds we were lucky to have the carnival go ahead. A healthy dedicated team of close to 40 athletes represented St Andrews College at the PDSSSC Athletics Carnival. We started well with our junior Boy’s Relay securing 1st with a dominate performance by Emmanuel Adejunti, Lucas Battikha, Nicholas Boustani and Amponsah Antwi. As the day went on the weather held out and our competitors continued to try their best in blustery conditions with some fantastic results. 

The following students progressed to the next level where they will compete at Homebush Olympic Stadium on the 20th of September.

Elijah Barret- Boys 16 Long Jump

Nicholas Boustani- Boys 100m and Long Jump

Anabelle Johnson- 400m

Abiatara Peter- 400m and High Jump

Emmanuel Adejunti- 100m

This is a fantastic performance by the above athletes and massive congratulations to the juniors in particularly who represented well on the day. Special mention to Izabella Bartley who won two of her heats and was unlucky not to progress. Also, John Lukudo in high jump and long jump and with Viktoria Vidovic in the walk, who both placed second overall in their events.

As per usual the behaviour of the students was outstanding and they are a credit to themselves and the College.

Thanks to the Year 9 PASS helpers, Miss Goldie, Mr Aronis and Mrs Carlos for their assistance on the day. I encourage all students to take a leaf out of these students book and do your best in all areas of schooling life.

Martin Gillogly
Leader of Learning Sport

Australian Olympic Change Maker Forum

On Tuesday the 12th of September, Jemma France from Year 12 attended the Australian Olympic Change Maker Forum that was held at the University of Sydney. This was an exciting opportunity to celebrate and talk to young leaders leaders around Australia who are driving positive changes through sports in their local community. The theme for the 2019 forum was “CHANGE“. Throughout the day Jemma got the opportunity to connect with Olympians Hayden Smith, Anneliese Rubie, Josh Kutz, Brooke Hanson and Steve Hooker who shared their experiences in their chosen sport, advice and wisdom. This was an amazing opportunity to be immersed in a unique Olympic experience.

We congratulate Jemma on her achievements throughout the year which lead to her having this amazing opportunity.

Martin Gillogly
Leader of Learning- Sport

Research Excellence Awards

Three Year 10 students were selected to attend a joint venture offered by TAFE NSW and Blacktown City Library to develop their IT and research skills.

The students attended a one-day workshop on Tuesday 6 August at TAFE NSW, Blacktown Campus, where they were taught specific research and graphic skills using Proquest and other educational databases. As one student mentioned “it was completely different to the processes of Google”.

Students also engaged in the use of digital media, utilising the features of Photoshop to understand the processes of graphic design.

All participants were invited to attend The Research Excellence Award presentation evening on Tuesday 27 August, where Angelo was asked to speak on behalf of our participating students. At the end of the evening all students were presented with a gift and a Research Excellence Award Certificate.

Congratulations to our Year 10 students, Angelo Marasigan, Joshua Gelsilva and Ranveer Singh who admirably represented our College at this event.                                                       

Mary Lipec
Teacher Librarian



2019 saw the St Andrews community witness the biggest and best CAN ever! 65 Acts; 6 hours of performances and 1800 excited people in attendance.

The finale included the teachers’ act with a guest solo debut SAC performance by Mr Kennaugh.  Natasha Stuart from The Voice then sang “Everybody’s Free”, backed by Mr Chiappetta and members of his band, Mr Alata, a choir of Year 11 and 12 girls and Year 12 musicians. The evening ended with a spectacular fireworks display.

It all started with a theme...THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT.

Years 7 and 8 were targeted this year prior to the audition process. This allowed for the inclusion of more acts and a mix of younger age groups to be included. There was a 12 hour audition process over both campuses, many production meetings with various suppliers and music alumni that needed to take place prior to commencing rehearsals. Then the performance workshops began during pre-production, a photography shoot with Mrs Ryan’s Year 9 Visual Arts class, a video introduction shoot with the illustrious and talented MC’s of the evening Ryan Oxley and Keenan Dimacali who also assisted with social media promotion, assembly presentations and big screen activities. Then, all day set up and sound checks before the event even began. The pre- production of CAN itself began at the end of Term 1.

A big thank you goes to many people for the success of the evening. Thank you to  Mr Alata for assisting in his first year at the school. Thank you to  Mrs Weaver for helping out with dance acts and coordinating the staff act. Thank you to Mrs Cooper for her help in auditions. Thank you to Miss Breeze and Miss Rujijica for assisting with back stage on the day. Thank you to Mrs Welch and Mrs McKechnie who handled logistics for the day. Our office ladies managed the sale of the tickets and helped promote event with daily announcements too.

We also would like to thank our wonderful music alumni who assisted in other areas such as Aaron Griffiths, the instrument technician; Alex Agaciak for Vision Design, Dane Cousins and Nathan Cotello for their performance accompaniment.

Thank you to all photographers and my media crew who assisted on the evening of CAN. Thank you must also go to the VET Entertainment Crew for all their work back and side of stage and Gilbert Bautista for capturing some footage during the day and night to create a CAN showreel for future promotion.

Lachlan Jones, the Stage Manager, who reports that his watch said he walked 31kms on the day! Extra help was also given by the junior students from the hall set up team under the guidance of Mrs Potts. All these people worked together to make the evening run smoothly. Thank you to the school executive team for working the front gate, our security company, food trucks, stage trucks, St John Ambulance and pyrotechnicians for their work on the day. Big thanks to BAM BAM music for sponsoring the event and providing high-end instruments for use on the night.

To all the performers, you are stars. Thank you for your courage to get up on stage and perform before such a large crowd. You have done St Andrews College proud.

Lastly, to all the students, families and friends who attended, thank you for your continued support in making CAN bigger in attendance each year. It is much appreciated and inspires us all to do more and go beyond.

Antonio Chiappetta
Music Teacher and CAN Coordinator

Showcase 2019

Showcase 2019 was held during Week 5 of Term. Students presented their major work projects to a live audience prior to presenting for their final HSC. The turn-out saw the St John Paul II Centre filled with an appreciative audience as many were impressed with the works the students had presented. The evening ended with a Jazz rendition of the school song. 

On display were student works in Design and Technology, Visual Arts, Photography, HSIE, Extension History, Multimedia, VET Entertainment, Music and English. 

Thank you to Gilbert Bautista for his work on the making of the SHOWCASE 2019 video.

Mr Chiappetta would like to thank all staff who helped ensure their students presented to the best of their ability at Showcase 2019. 

From the Careers Counsellor

Macleay College

Macleay College offers Diploma programs which are a pathway to a Bachelor degree. Both qualifications can be obtained in two years and do not need an ATAR for entry.

Macleay’s Bachelor degrees are focused on real-world content to ensure graduates are job ready. The course material and teaching methods incorporate the latest industry practices and gain real-world industry experience. The lecturers at Macleay College all have industry experience and up-to-date industry knowledge. Classes at Macleay College are small and feature personalised teaching that nurtures each student’s unique strengths.

Macleay College offers Diploma and Bachelor degrees in the following areas:

  • Accounting

  • Digital Media

  • Advertising

  • Journalism

  • Business 

  • Marketing

For more information and to see if Macleay is for you visit the link below. 

Macleay College Course Guides

JMC Academy School Holiday Workshops

JMC Academy will be holding workshops during the October Holiday for students in Years 9 to 12. The workshops are a great opportunity for students to get a taste of life at JMC Academy while engaging in a fun, hands-on program relating to their creative passion. Each workshop costs $50 and include lunch.

Workshops are in the following areas:

Character and Life Drawing - Friday October 4th

This workshop is recommended for those students with an interest in Animation and Game Design. For more information and to register click on the following link: Character and Life Drawing Workshop

Digital TV Studio - Tuesday October 1st

This workshop is recommended for those students with an interest in Film and Television Production. For more information and to register click on the following link: Digital TV Studio

Discover Visual Communication- Tuesday October 1st

This workshop is recommended for those students with an interest in Digital Design. For more information and to register click on the following link: Discover Visual Communication

Filmmaking Workshop - Friday October 4th

This workshop is recommended for those students with an interest in Film and Television Production. For more information and to register click on the following link: Filmmaking 

Electronic Music Production Workshop - Monday September 30th

This workshop is recommended for those students with an interest in Audio Engineering  and Sound Production, Songwriting or Music. For more information and to register click on the following link: Electronic Music Production

Digital Sculpture and Character Workshop - Tuesday October 1st 

This workshop is recommended for those students with an interest in Animation or Game Design. For more information and to register click on the following link: Digital Sculpture and Character 

Perform, Record and Create Music Workshop - Friday October 4th

This workshop is recommended for those students with an interest in Songwriting, Music or Audio Engineering and Sound Production. For more information and to register click on the following link: Perform, Record and Create Music

Recording a Band Workshop - Wednesday October 2nd

This workshop is recommended for those students with an interest in Audio Engineering and Sound Production. For more information and to register click on the following link: Recording a Band

The Exciting World of Event Management Workshop - Wednesday October 2nd

This workshop is recommended for those students with an interest in Songwriting, Music or Audio Engineering and Sound Production. For more information and to register click on the following link: The Exciting World of Event Management

JumpStart 4 Kids Child Care Traineeships

JumpStart 4 Kids is seeking to employ to trainees for commencement in 2020. JumpStart 4 Kids invite Year 12 and Year 11 students who have a desire and passion to work with young children and wish to undertake a Traineeship in Early Childhood. 

Successful candidates will meet the following criteria:

  • a passion for working with young children 

  • a strong sense of initiative, enthusiasm and commitment 

  • be reliable, independent and well presented

  • professional and well-mannered at all times

  • have common sense and motivation to learn

Suitable and interested applicants are invited to apply by submitting a written letter of application including information regarding your personal interests and experiences, skills and why you are applying for the position.  Applicants are encouraged to email their cover letter and resume to

Applications close on Friday 27th September.                

The position will start in January 2020 or earlier. Applicants with scheduled holidays can have these times negotiated with the Director. Applicants must be 17 or 18 years and be available to work five days per week. Your job will include three hours study time per week. Your duties will include supporting educators, implementing learning programs and general cleaning duties. During your traineeship you will receive on the job training and support.

The traineeship will be for 12 months. Upon completion trainees will receive a Certificate III in Children’s Services. You will receive a rostered day off each fortnight and four weeks of annual holidays.

JumpStart 4 Kids is a Long Day Care Centre and is located at 94 Harold Street, Blacktown. Candidates are invited to call the centre on 9671 5411 to discuss aspects of the traineeship by speaking with Maree or John or call John on mobile 0429 928 911.

Interviews will be conducted in late September/ Early October with suitable candidates. 

Students wishing assistance with their application are encouraged to see Ms May.


Clovel Childcare Traineeships

Clovel Childcare, Early Learning and OOSH Services is a family owned group of boutique early learning centres across Sydney. The staff is dedicated to providing the children in their care the best learning opportunities and outcomes. 

Clovel currently has Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care traineeship positions available at their eight services located in the following areas:

  • Merrylands/Granville

  • Blacktown

  • Castle Hill

  • Liverpool

  • Eastwood

  • Wentworthville

As a trainee you will be part of the Clovel family, a group of educators who support each other within their own centre and across the Sydney wide group. As part of the Clovel mentoring program educators participate in training and professional development opportunities, continually reviewing personal goals and performance. Clovel celebrate and award dedication, growth and achievement. There is opportunity for career advancement within the Clovel group.

Successful candidates will demonstrate passion about early childhood and making a difference in the lives of the children in their care. Candidates must be reliable, positive and willing to work as part of the team assisting with all centre tasks, including program development, supervision and meal preparation.

Candidats will need to be committed to study and dedicated to learn through experience whilst maintaining a high work ethic. The traineeship position is a full-time role, Monday to Friday, with study time allocated throughout the working week. Your course work will be undertaken through Kool Kids Training College, whose trainers visit the centre every four to six weeks and mentor each trainee individually. 

As a Clovel trainee you will be supported, coached and mentored by your Clovel team throughout your traineeship. There is the potential for either full-time or casual employment once your traineeship is completed.

There is an opportunity to start the Traineeship after the HSC Examinations. To arrange an interview contact Theresa on 0425 224 516 or email

Students wishing assistance with their resume and covering letter are encouraged to see Ms May.

Coming Events

Monday 16th September

Year 7 - Year 10 PDSSSC Girls Basketball Gala Day 

Wednesday 18th September

Inspiring Apprentices Excursion

Friday 20th September

NSW CCC Athletics Carnival - Blacktown Sports Park

Year 12 ANSTO Excursion to Lucas Heights

Junior Campus Cake Stall raising money for East Timor Teachers

Monday 16th September - Friday 20th September

Year 11 Examinations

Monday 23rd September

10:00 Graduation Mass - St Andrews Hall - All Staff and Students

6:00 Graduation Ceremony - St Andrews Hall 

Friday 27th September

Last Day of Term 3

Graduation Ball Waterview Sydney Olympic Park

Monday 14th October

Term 4 Commences

Staff Professional Learning - Pupil Free Day

Tuesday 15th October

Students Return to Term 4

Leadership Teams 2019

College Leadership Team

PrincipalStephen Kennaugh
Assistant Principal Staff and InnovationMrs Gabriela Osterlund
Assistant Principal Teaching and LearningMs Michelle Deschamps
Assistant Principal StudentsMr Nick Thrum
Leader of Learning Religious EducationMrs Kellie Robinson
Leader of Learning Religious Education (Acting)Mrs Theresa Ciantar
Business ManagerMrs Melissa Welch
Principal's Secretary and College RegistrarMrs Julie Sabine

College Leaders of Learning - KLA

Leader of Learning EnglishMrs Marsha Edwards
Assistant Leader of Learning EnglishMr Travis Kolek
Leader of Learning Creative and Performing ArtsMrs Pauline Ryan
Leader of Learning HSIEMr Daniel Camilleri
Assistant Leader of Learning HSIEMr Jarryd Leaves
Leader of Learning LOTEMs Mariko Mizukami

College Leaders of Learning

Leader of Learning DiversityMrs Pauline Xuereb
Leader of Learning TechnologiesMrs Sarah Anzellotti
Leader of Learning SportMr Martin Gillogly

Senior Campus Leaders of Learning - KLA

Leader of Learning MathematicsMs Tracey Thomson
Leader of Learning PDHPE (Acting)Ms Dominique Goldie
Leader of Learning ScienceMrs Caroline O'Hare
Leader of Learning TASMr Bill Robson

Junior Campus Leaders of Learning - KLA

Leader of Learning MathematicsMrs Gilda De Guzman
Leader of Learning PDHPEMr Nathan Weaver
Leader of Learning ScienceMrs Wendy Rudman
Leader of Learning TAS

Mr Michael Said

Leaders of Learning - Pastoral Care

Leader of Learning Pastoral CareMrs Sue Cooper
Leader of Learning Year 7Mr Martin Gillogly
Leader of Learning Year 8Mr David Frankham
Leader of Learning Year 9Ms Melissa Blackwell
Leader of Learning Year 10 (Acting)Mr Rick Lopez
Leader of Learning Year 11 (Acting)Mrs Cassandra Carlos
Leader of Learning Year 12Miss Emily Pett
Careers Counsellor and Publicity OfficerMs Therese May
School CounsellorMs Kerrie Castle

Administration Coordinator Ms Simone McKechnie

Contact Details

Junior Campus

116 Quakers Road

Marayong NSW 2148

Senior Campus

50 Breakfast Road

Marayong  NSW 2148

PHONE:   (02) 9626 4000