Dudley Public School Newsletter

Term 4 Week 4

Principal’s Message

What an exciting day we had today!

Today we welcomed our 2021 Kindergarten students to Dudley Public School as we started their transition to ‘big school’. Year 5 were wonderful buddies, encouraging our little learners with a variety of activities and giving them a school tour. We look forward to seeing them again in Week 6.


Outdoor Classroom Day

Tomorrow is Outdoor Classroom day and the international theme is Love the Outdoors. Learning outdoors has been shown to impact student behaviour, engagement and general wellbeing. It also teaches critical life skills such as problem-solving, teamwork and creativity. Classes will undertake some of their learning outside. Look out for photos from our Outdoor Classroom Day in the next few days.


Design Challenges

Stage 3 have been involved in several design challenges run through NSW DoE over Term 3. Our Cool Controller team were successful in winning their competition and our two Game Changers teams will participate in a semi final on Monday. These opportunities develop creative and critical thinking, collaboration as well as organisation and persistence. Teams learnt about the value of constructive feedback when working on a project over several weeks. I would like to acknowledge the efforts of Miss McPherson, Mr Horadam and Mrs Sullivan for their guidance of students in these projects.


Sentral Parent Portal

Thank you to all the parents who have engaged with the Sentral Parent Portal over the last week. Through the portal you can get notifications, provide information about absences, book for parent teacher interviews and access Academic Reports for your children. Information for parents who have not registered is being sent home today. If you have any questions or problems, please contact the school.


From The Office

School Interviews

Thank you to all those who have booked school interviews.

More information and zoom links will be sent out later in the week.

If you are having trouble booking your interviews, please contact the office.

2021 Planning

We will soon begin the task of planning for 2021. If you are aware that you are not returning to Dudley Public School in 2021 could you please advise the office staff. 

Parents may make requests for special consideration for placement for 2021.  Requests from parents will only be considered if it is advised in writing and submitted by 30 November 2020. Please note it is not possible to request a particular teacher.

Whilst all requests with substantial grounds for the request will be considered, the final decision will be based upon the professional judgement of the teaching staff. Requests will not be considered after 30 November 2020.



·         There is direct correlation between attendance and achievement.

·         Patterns of attendance/absence are set up in the early years of schooling.

·         Regular lateness has the same impact as absenteeism.

·         Being 15 minutes late to school twice a week equates to missing 5 hours a term, which also equates to 20 hours of missed learning opportunities for the year.

·         Being absent five days a term from Kindergarten to Year 10 adds up to more than one year of missing schooling.

·         Regular and punctual attendance means less chance of gaps in learning, thus greater chance of academic success.

·         Regular and high rates of attendance makes it easier for students to form positive relationships with their peers.

ICAS Assessment Results

The following students have achieved awards in the optional ICAS tests that were conducted in Term 3. Congratulations to all!


Taj HoradamSophie CleeSpencer Sillar
Max MurrayAlistair SillarMaggy Wardle
Mia Van der WesthuizenJoshua Arens
Keenan WillisEvan Buckeridge
Barnaby Hackney
Elliot Munroe
Emily Horton


Evan BuckeridgeAlistair SillarSophie Clee
Keenan WillisSpencer Sillar
Bernard ForsythJoshua Arens
Barnaby Hackney
Elliot Munroe
Emily Horton
Eli Johnson
Taj Horadam
Max Murray
Kobi HoradamAlistair SillarSpencer Sillar
Keenan WillisMax Murray
Bernard Forsyth
Joshua Arens
Taj Horadam
Digital Technologies

Barnaby HackneyKeenan Willis
Spencer Sillar
Spelling Bee

Barnaby HackneyMia Van der Westhuizen
Maggy WardleEmily Horton
Evan Buckeridge

Merewether Selective High School Year 7 2022

Students in Year 5 who wish to apply for Merewether High School's Year 7 2022 intake need to apply by 16 November 2020. 

Merewether High School have put out a digital information booklet to help with making your decision to apply. 

To fill in the application form, follow this link. 

Seven students from Stage 3 have just been selected as winners of the Department of Education's statewide Cool Controller Competition.

This competition was a Stage 3 and 4 STEM design challenge where the students had to design a system using IoT (internet of things) technology to control the comfort of our classrooms, whilst keeping sustainability at the forefront of the design. Holly, Mia, Arlo, Rex, Sarah, Anna and Taj put together a written submission along with their drawings and were selected from over 60 entries as one of four finalist teams to go to the next phase of the competition. They then had to make a video explaining their design and showing how they worked on the design task. 

The school has won a class set of Micro:bit controllers to be used in STEM lessons across the school. Congratulations team!

Kindergarten 2021 Orientation

Today was the first of our three Kindergarten Orientation Sessions for our 2021 intake!

It was so lovely to meet all of our new Kinders for next year and see the special relationships start to form with their Year 5 Buddies.

There were plenty of shy smiles that had turned into cheeky laughter by the end of the morning.

Many thanks to the amazing organisation of our Early Stage 1 staff and to our parents/carers for following our staggered start times and entry/exit points.

We look forward to seeing them all again in 2 weeks’ time! 

Book Week Thanks

I would like to say a big thank you to our wonderful community for their support of our Book Week celebrations. The students looked fabulous in their costumes.

Your generous support of our book fair is greatly appreciated. This generates rewards for our school library which helps to keep the book collection current and interesting so thank you all so much.

A huge thank you also to our P&C who sponsored the book vouchers. Three students from each class won a $10 voucher to spend at the book fair.  

VideoLink lets you share videos on YouTube easily, without distracting third-party content or advertisements.

Technology in the Library

This term stage 2 and 3 students have been excited to learn coding skills during library sessions. Dudley Public School participates in the NSW Department of Education Stem Share program which allows us to borrow a range of technology for one term per year. This term we are exploring Ozobots and  Microbits and students are developing skills in coding, problem solving and critical thinking. 

Overdue Books

Please ensure all library books are returned on your library day.

Overdue notices will be sent out during week five.  

P&C News


Current Canteen Arrangements  

The canteen remains open on Tuesday and Wednesday for lunch orders (no recess) and frozen treats, and on Friday lunch times for frozen treats only.

Canteen Arrangements for 2021 - Can you Help?

The P&C is working towards identifying canteen opening hours for next year.  Hours of opening and menu options will be very much dependent on availability of volunteers. 


We will be sending a survey out soon to gauge availability of volunteers, but in the meantime if you would like to help out next year, please do get in touch on Dudley.Canteen@gmail.com to discuss. 

Call if any questions 0402714191

Waste to Art - Year 6 Art

Year 6 lid artworks are hung, and open for visit, as part of a community exhibition from Wed 28/10 until 13/12 at Swansea gallery.  Some amazing artwork on display featuring works made from repurposed or found items. 

 A big, warm, Wholehearted School Community thank you to everyone at DPS involved: lid collectors, year 6 students, artist coach, drillers, staff, screw fixers, and all.

 The art will be back to be hung in the quad for year 6 farewell and to last in plastic form forevermore....


Wednesday 28 October - Sunday 13 December 2020. SEEN@Swansea exhibition space

First floor mezzanine, The Swansea Centre,  228 Pacific Highway, Swansea.  Open 7 days, 10am-2pm

Details: http://www.sustainableneighbourhoods.org.au/waste-to-art.html

P&C Sustainability Ideas for 2021?

With a slightly interrupted year of sustainability initiatives in the school, the P&C is keen to hear the community’s ideas for 2021.

Should we focus on energy, water, play, outdoor environment, biodiversity, gardens and food, local community, student leadership, active transport or other ideas?

Please email your ideas to dudleyschoolpandc@gmail.com

We will discuss suggestions at the next P&C Meeting on 25 November, so please do join us to discuss your ideas!