Term 2 2020 | Week 9

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News from the Principal

The COLA was meant to start this week. However due to unforeseen circumstance the team will be here from Monday next week 29/06/2020. Concrete demolition, new disability ramp and upgraded storm drain are all  included in the stage 1 scope of works. We are very hopeful that the COLA will begin to take shape and be concluded in the school holidays. Stage 3, new drain towards Long Street will be completed early in Term 3. The goal will be to minimise the impact on student learning and disruptions to teachers. The project will value add to the learning opportunities staff provide their students. We look forward to hosting outdoor assemblies, physical education and social events once completed.

This semester’s report will look slightly different to what you have been used to. This is due to the impact COVID—19 has had on the school. Your child will receive a report which will outline the effort and grades they have received for different curriculum areas. The report will also feature a general comment which will focus on behaviour, effort, attitude, friendships and other information. This report will provide you with information about your child and highlight where they sit in relation to curriculum outcomes. If you would like to speak to your child’s teacher please make a phone appointment where they can discuss the report in more detail. No face to face meetings will be scheduled until we have approval from my Department. Thank you for your understanding.

Covid—19 restrictions continue to be eased. We are however still very vigilant around hand washing and social gatherings.  Assemblies will continue to be on hold until further notice.

I would like to thank staff for their very hard work during Term 2. Enjoy the holidays.

Bryan Rotherham,


Senior Leader Literacy

Bryan and I are working with our staff to analyse and use the Literacy data that has been collected over the term.  We are using this data to identify where our students are, what they are finding success in, what they are finding difficult and where we need to go from here to help all of our students show growth.

These meetings have been productive and enlightening for all involved and will help us to help our students continue to develop their literacy learning.

Our primary classes have begun using the Read, Write Inc (RWI) Literacy and Language Program and we are seeing both interest and improvement from these students.  We have also started RWI Fresh Start program with some identified students who require further intervention, these sessions are being run by Mrs Niki Lesses on a daily basis and we look forward to seeing the results of these sessions when we next assess this group.

Jodie Turpin

Senior Leader Numeracy

The Big Ideas in Number – #2 - Place Value

The second of the Big Ideas in Number is Place Value.  We focus strongly on place value within Year 1 and 2 to help students build an understanding of the pattern of number – the key concept being “ten of these is one of those”.  We see this pattern repeatedly within our decimal number system and within our units of measurement. 

One of the challenges learners face is recognizing that the numerals are 0 – 9 and that these numerals represent numbers. For example, in the number 16, the numeral one represents a 10. 

We provide many opportunities for learners to use hands on materials and build the concept of place value.  We break up numbers – 57 is made up of 5 tens and 7 ones.  Many of us used the word “units” when we were at school.  Learners benefit from hearing both terms used interchangeably.

Counting and bundling objects in groups of ten is an important way for our children to build their concepts of place value.  Some of the things we can use to build place value knowledge at home could include pop sticks, Lego and pencils – many objects or toys could be grouped and counted.  

Building fluency in place value is important for learners as they move forward to the next Big Idea in Number – that of Multiplicative Thinking.  I will share more on that next time. 

Mrs Kleinrahm


Student Wellbeing Leader News

Parenting can be a tough job but also really rewarding. Talking to a Parent Helpline Counsellor can help you navigate difficult parenting dilemmas. There's not one rule book for parenting! Everyone’s life circumstances are different. At times, family life can be moving along well. At others, there may be challenges which push you and your child to your limits. How talking to a Parent Helpline Counsellor can help—You're not alone and there’s support available.

 What happens when you call the Parent Helpline?

Deciding to talk to someone about your family can be a big step. You can ask for a female or male counsellor. You can request an interpreter. Your strengths will be recognised with respect and understanding. You can speak with the same counsellor for ongoing support.

 You will be asked what you want to talk about and what you want to get out of the call. You can call if you are a parent, step-parent, grandparent, guardian or carer. Counselling is always confidential unless you or someone else is at risk of harm.

Parent Helpline South Australia: 1300 364 100 (24 hours a day, seven days a week)

Becc O’Neil





Diary Dates


Friday 3rdEnd of Term 2, 2.10pm finish
Monday 20thFirst Day of Term 3

Tuesday 25thBook Week Parade

Please note that there will be no assemblies held until further notice.

Dates and events could be subject to change.

What's Happening in ........

......Room 1?

Recently during STEM our class read the story 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff'. Through drawings and discussions, students designed their own bridge that would be strong enough to hold the biggest billy goat gruff. After designing their bridge, the students set to work at building their bridges using a range of materials and equipment. The class then reflected on the materials they chose and the outcome of their bridges. Some students decided if they were to do the activity again they would make a bigger bridge or use a different material to make it stronger. The students had lots of fun making their bridges and lot’s of problem solving was involved!



We have endured a very different start to 2020 but thankfully, things are beginning to return to normal. This has led to school sports restarting and excitingly, Sports Day will still go ahead during term 3. During the confusion of the Covid-19 pandemic, students were asked to create an isolation game that could be played at home using household items. This led to some very creative ideas ranging from balloon volleyball to target games involving throwing socks at targets. The most creative game involved playing 10-pin bowling, substituting the regular equipment for an apple and toilet paper. This was a great game although the toilet paper was hard to find during those tough times!

Students have continued to be introduced to a variety of sports with interestingly, many enjoying the unit involving golf. We will continue to explore many other sports as the year progresses with as many as 15 different sports introduced. A new program that we will be introducing next term is Physical Literacy which will train all of our teachers in new games that can be played in small breaks during learning to reinvigorate the mind and allow some energy to be released. These will also focus on relaxation and mindfulness whilst being engaging, enjoyable and inclusive.

Michael Yeates

PE Teacher





Science learning this term has been focused on Earth, Space and Sustainability. Foyer A have been focused on learning about all the ways we can see and record change in our environments, and what causes those changes.

Meanwhile Foyer B have been learning specifically about the role of the sun, moon and earth in creation of night and day, as well as how the wind and water can create large scale changes to Earth over time.

Room 11's learning has been based on natural disasters, and how they impact environments, and the societies within them. They have completed a number of investigations to learn more about floods and Earthquakes

Room 10 have learnt about the “Big Bang” and how it lead to the creation of the planets in our Galaxy- including our own home.

Finally Foyer D have learnt about the concept of sustainability. They have focused on what it is and why it is such as important concept to understand.

Room 3 - Will it change over time?

Room 3/5 - Oreo Phases of the Moon

Room 11 - Earthquake and Flood Investigations

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