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Wednesday 1 July, 2020 - Week 10 - Term 2 - Issue 21

Principal's Report

Welcome Back Mr Newton

I’m extremely excited to announce that through our Expression of Interest process we have secured the services of Mr Zac Newton as the teacher of our Year 4 class for the remainder of the year.

Mr Newton was a valuable member of 'Team Tomerong’ during 2015 to 2017 before making a move to a school in North Western NSW. We are delighted that he will be returning to our school in a temporary capacity until the end of 2020. We cannot wait to welcome him back to Tomerong School and know Year 4 can look forward to an amazing semester ahead.

My sincere thanks to Mrs Coleman for stepping in to teach and support our Year 4 students this term. I know, like all of us, the class has had some interruptions this year and Mrs Coleman has done an amazing job of maintaining business as usual upon the return from the Home Learning period. I have no doubt that Mr Newton will quickly build quality relationships with each of our Year 4 students and they will achieve great outcomes together.

Canberra Excursion

We have not yet received advice as to whether or not our Stage 3 excursion to Canberra is able to proceed on Thursday 24 September to Friday 25 September, 2020. At this stage we are suggesting to parents that they put money aside and we will let you know if it will go ahead as soon as we are informed. The cost of the excursion is expected to be approximately $230, with a discount for families who will have two or more children attending. To assist families in meeting the cost of the excursion, the Australian Government is contributing funding of $20 per student under the Parliament and Civics Education Rebate program towards those costs. The rebate is paid directly to the school on completion of the excursion and has already been deducted from the excursion cost.

Thank you!

Of my 16 years in Principal-land, Semester 1, 2020 will be remembered as being like no other! As adults and as parents we like to think we have a reasonable understanding of what to expect in the world, but this year has certainly challenged that on all fronts. Like all new experiences though, there have been some overwhelming positives from the past 6 months. Different ways of thinking about learning, having students engage in learning differently and having parents more involved in their child’s learning, have all been unintended benefits of the pandemic.

As a staff, this period has also encouraged us to ask ‘What if…?’ which is a critical starting point as schools continue to strive for ongoing improvement. We are now in the final year of our 3 year School Plan and throughout next term we will undergo rigorous evaluations of our programs and procedures to ensure our next planning cycle continues to take us to where we need to be. We will be asking for your opinions on what you want our school to be like and how we can best support our students, their families and our community.

Thank you again for your amazing support throughout the term. Who knows what Term 3 will bring, but I know together we will continue to make a difference in our children’s lives.

Wishing our students a happy holiday,

Rod White


Face to Face Learning Guidelines for Parents

Please click here to download the Face to Face Learning Guidelines for Parents

Buddy Program

Thank you KD!

It has been really lovely to see Kindergarten and 5-6M settle back into their 'Buddy' routine over the past two weeks. The Buddy Program brings Kindergarten and 5-6M together every Friday afternoon where the students undertake a variety of learning activities.

It is always a pleasure to see Kindergarten students interacting and learning alongside our older students. The older students get a lot out of helping the younger students as well.

This Thursday, 5-6M are going to hold a special hot dog day for Kindergarten. Students will also be given a popper to go with their hot dog. There will be no cost for this event. 5-6M have been so impressed by how Kindergarten have managed their schooling this year and we feel it is well deserved. Keep up the amazing work KD!

Mr Munn and Mrs Dilly



“Hi! My name is Charlie.

I have two big sisters at this school.

I have two dogs, they are called Gibbs and Seba and I have a pet lizard called Spike. Sometimes we let Spike out of her tank and she runs on the back of the couch.

At home, I like climbing trees. At school, I like playing basketball. I am good at shooting hoops. I like telling news and listening to the other kids tell their news.

When I grow up I would like to be a policeman.”

Achievement Awards



Library Days - Term 2

  Tuesday – 5-6M

  Wednesday – 1S and 2A

  Thursday – KD, 4CF and 5R

  Friday – 3KB

Mrs Darby


Annual General Meeting (AGM) and P&C Roles

Last week we held our AGM and elected our new P&C executives and co-ordinators. The positions are as follows:

President - Karley Bailie

Vice-President - Siobhan Bailie

Treasurer - Patricia Hennessy

Secretary - Kathryn Raymer

Canteen Co-ordinator - Emma Giles

Uniform Co-ordinator - Tim Bailie

OOSHC Sub-Committee - Lainie Haig and Kim Kelly

We would like to thank all the outgoing P&C members and executive for their assistance during the past year. It is very much appreciated.

Online Uniform Shop

School Locker is now live! All school uniforms can be purchased online and delivered right to your door. To order online, please visit You will need to set up an online ordering account. For your convenience we have attached a link below with details of how to set up your own account with School Locker and also a link to the Uniform Price List. The P&C also offer a free delivery service, which gets delivered to the school every two weeks. If this option is better for you, simply select pickup from Liverpool in the delivery section on the website. All items selected for pickup from Liverpool will be sent by the P&C to the school. Once delivered, parents will be notified and can collect their package from the school. There are sample sizes of uniform items available to view by appointment. Thank you for your patience during this time. 

Our school's Sun Safety policy requires students to wear their hat each day. Therefore, for the convenience of our families, school hats are available for sale for $10 from the school office as well as through the Online Uniform Shop. 

Second-Hand Uniform Pool

If you would like to access the secondhand clothing pool, please sign in the Visitors Book located in the office waiting room and let the office staff know that you would like to visit the secondhand clothing pool. Please don't forget to sign out again when you leave. Gold coin donations are gratefully accepted for any items taken.

Thank you.

Tomerong Public School P&C Association

Welcome to your Online Uniform Shop

Please click here for information on how to create your School Locker account

Tomerong Public School Uniform Price List

Please click the link below to download the School Uniform Price List



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