Parkhill Primary School Newsletter

Issue 18, Friday 18 June 2021

Principal's Message

Dear Parents/Carers,

Happy Friday!  As we near the end of term the school has been busy with science learning - our science week has been focused on the Earth and Space sciences across the school - check out the photos below! 

Sadly we are not able to host whole school assemblies yet due to the existing restrictions, and have postponed the school disco until further notice. We have been able to secure a Y5/6 camp and information is coming home soon. 

Interschool sport is able to run from next week and we are seeking clarity as to what this looks like for us, hopefully we can get the children back out and about and active!

We will be running a second working bee early next term with a focus on the front of the school - watch out for more details coming your way but please do save the date: 29th July 9:00am.


For most of this year we have been working closely with Woolworths Ashburton to be able to offer food packages to members of our community every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We supplement the food donated by Woolworths with other sources of dried and tinned long-life foods. I am asking to see if there is anyone who would be able to assist with the regular pick up of this food from Woolworths. At this stage I have been collecting the donations every morning on my way to school but would really appreciate some help with this. Please let me know if you think this is something you could assist with going forward. 


Sadly we say goodbye to Suzanne Carmody at the end of this term - our planned morning tea cannot extend to parents due to our current restrictions. Suzanne is onsite Monday and Thursday so please do pop in and say goodbye in your own time. I feel certain we will be seeing her in and about in the future too. 

Again I would like to extend my most heartfelt thanks to Suzanne, the work she does is very low key but has a huge impact with the families she supports. 


Our annual swimming program will be running in term 3 through weeks 3, 4, 5 and 6. Details will come home soon around payment, etc. – please do keep your eyes open for the orange letter! Please do complete and return the slip as soon as possible – even if you do not intend on participating. The swimming element of the curriculum is very important and the school’s swimming program run through Huntingtower is excellent. It is important to note that a school swimming program is just that. It is not club swimming. The program is intended to cater for the majority of students at their ability. Huntingtower has wonderful facilities that suit the needs of Parkhill. 


  • Soiree will be hosted via Zoom on Thursday afternoon for those families involved.

  • Friday 25th June is our Be a Superhero day - check out the information below for further details. 

  • In term 3 we will hold our whole school assemblies on a Monday afternoon. Assembly will start at 3pm as usual. We intend to move afternoon tea break back by 10 minutes to allow us more time in the assembly space. 

  • Sick children must stay home.

  • The first day of term 3, Monday 12th July, is a curriculum day. Students do not attend school on this day.

Best wishes,

Elaine Brady


Calendar of Curriculum Events

Thursday 24 June - Soiree - see information below

Friday 25 June - Be A Superhero Day (see below for details) & Term 2 ends at 2:30pm

The first day of term 3 is a curriculum day. Students do not attend school on this day!

Student of the Week

F/1A - Chris J

F/1B - Elroy M

F/1C - Zac B

2/3A - Andy P

2/3B - Amara Y

2/3C - Alex W

4/5A - Benji E

4/5B - Mali T

4/5C - Felix C

6A - Hayden M

6B - Bella P

REMINDER: Term 2 ends on Friday 25 June at 2:30pm

Be a Superhero Day

The Care Group Leaders have organised a "Be a Superhero Day" for Friday 25th June, the last day of term. The purpose is to raise money for The Edge Community Fund, who are real superheroes in our community. Students should bring a gold coin donation and dress as a superhero. Students can wear a costume, bring a prop like a plush toy - or better yet, invent their own superhero by wearing a mask, tablecloth, gloves - whatever they like! I'd love to see some original creations!

Alex Davies

Care Group Coordinator

Science Week: Space Science

3, 2, 1, BLAST OFF!

This week at Parkhill we have blasted off and explored the skies to learn more about our planet Earth and the solar system. 

Some of the things our little astronauts have learnt about are:

  • Day and Night

  • Nocturnal Animals

  • The Moon

Parkhill Family Rock Art

Many thanks to the families who attended Open Night and painted a family rock for our dry riverbed. Your rocks are now sealed and ready to take pride of place in the yard. If you were unable to attend Open Night, we would love to give you the opportunity to paint your family rock so that your children are able to find a little piece of their family here at Parkhill.  

Join us Monday to Thursday next week at 3:30pm to paint your family rock. We will meet just outside the art room so that you can sign in and get painting. 

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Andrea Crane and Sasha Guy 

Choir is Back!

This morning we welcomed back our choir students and it was a fabulous start to the day learning some new songs and connecting again.

Parents please note we will not be doing a performance at the end of term assembly next week. We have exciting plans for Term 3 and can’t wait to share them with you soon.

Marinda and Kirsten 

F/Y1 Sandpit - Thank You!

Thank you to all the parents/carers who kindly donated some pots and pans for the F/Y1 sandpit.

There is generally something appealing on the menu at the 'restaurant', including delicious ice-creams and soups.

The children have also been experimenting with the pans, using them as drums and experimenting with adding water and inquiring into the different sounds that can be made.

We appreciate any donations. If you have some old toys/games/magnets/pots, etc. we would love to make use of them at school. Please feel free to leave any donations at the office or contact myself at


Kerry D'Arcy

Education Support 

ICAS Assessments

We are running the ICAS assessments in August at Parkhill. ICAS assessments are great if your child loves a challenge!

You can sign up your child for any or all of the assessments - Writing, English, Maths and Science. Payment will be through an online portal this year.

Michelle Smith

Assistant Principal


Soiree - Thursday 24 June at 2:00pm

Our long awaited Parkhill soiree returns next week! Our PMI music teachers are working busily with the students to get them ready for performance.

Due to restrictions we will not be able to offer an in-person soiree but we will be offering a live broadcast to parents of music students.

We will send out a link early next week - so watch your inbox for further advice. We will also record the event. 

Policy Update - June 2021

Our website recently had an upgrade and so all our policies have moved to their new home at

Our new CCTV policy just introduced last week is now there, you can read about it at your leisure.

Remember, there is an open invitation to join the Policy committee - we are keen for new eyes! Send through an email to Michelle at to find out all about it.

Wonder Recycling Program

Great news, Parkhill! 

Parkhill has registered for the Wonder Recycling program. As a community we can recycle more plastic and turn our bread bags and tags into new sports equipment for the school.  

Get collecting and deliver your bags and tags to the office collection box. 

Together we can make a difference to the environment and our school. 

Andrea Crane

Learning Support

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