Parkhill Primary School Newsletter

Issue 24, Friday 4 September, 2020

Principal's Message

Dear Parents/Carers

Happy Friday everyone!

As we head toward the school holidays and into a further few weeks of stage four restrictions I wanted to share with you some ideas for keeping busy at home. As the weather gets warmer and the sun starts to shine it becomes more difficult to remain strong in terms of adhering to the restrictions. People are entering into a phase of ‘isolation fatigue’ as the period of stage four restrictions go on.  

I have had a few parents concerned about the number of children they see playing together in the community. I urge you to stay strong! 

A curfew is in place between the hours of 8pm until 5am. This means you must be at your home during these hours. The only reasons to leave home between 8pm and 5am will be work, medical care and caregiving.

The four reasons that you can leave home remain, but further limitations are now in place for:

  • shopping for food or other essential items 

  • exercise (applies to outdoor exercise, and with only one other person) 

  • permitted work

  • Caregiving, for compassionate reasons or to seek medical treatment also remains a permitted reason to leave home.

As much as you can, you must stay at home. When you leave home, you must use a face covering, unless you have a lawful reason for not doing so.

Here are some things to add to your holiday to do list…

Footy Colours

It is at this time of the year that we usually start to celebrate the end of the AFL season and have our annual Footy Colours Parade. Remember to send in your footy colours photo to your child’s teacher. They can be AFL teams, Soccer, Basketball or any other team you barrack for. The photos will be entered into a virtual Footy Parade for the last day of term. 

Learn From Home Packs

The Learn from Home packages will be made available from 10am every Monday. Please keep the work that your child completes so that you can return it to school once we are back onsite.

Take care and best wishes,

Elaine Brady


Home Learning Update

F/1s Monkey Stories

This week the F/1s had to write a story based on a monkey keyring picture prompt.

Delicious Gingerbread men being baked at home!


The Y4/5 students have been learning about homophones in literacy this week. We have studied a homophone poem called “The Weather” and were inspired to write some of our own. Homophones are words that have the same sound or spelling, but different meanings. We discovered that homophone poems make great tongue twisters!

I have a lot of questions about words like witch which is which? Or two, what to too chose? Let’s sea what else I can see. I want to eat a pair, I can pear them up in pairs and I also see nights at knight. I eye captain or I? No that ‘n’...‘o’ spells know or oar? I don’t no! What goes with that? Buy by I want to bye something. I completed a feet using my feat - and I can't bear bares! Have you bean to the been store? It is a treat! and my ant hates aunts (that's a fact). Come hear, right here! I eight the ate on my birthday cake!

Noah T

Roll up, roll up.

We're about to shoot a scene.

With the most weird and wonderful animals, 

That you have ever seen. 

Like a bear that is bare with no fur at all.

Oh me, oh my, oh dear and a deer that is small.

A snake that can bake extraordinary cakes.

You will eat so many that your belly will ache.

A hare that has hair as long as a veil.

Come see the bees with their pussycat tails.

So come one, come all and have a ball.

At Lumiers circus of wonders.

Jayda G

Two, tu-tu too

Two Twos

Went to get two tu-tus,

But went too too far.

Too bad.

Peter K

Today I went to the shops,                    

To get two pork chops.

I didn’t know what to wear!

Or how to go or where?

When I got there,

I saw a reflection of my hair,

Oh my! I looked like a hare!.

I was in a bad mood,

Then I saw a cow who mooed.

I looked for some hair mousse,

When I turned around, there was a moose.

Food is all I wanted to buy,

But it is so hard to say goodbye...

Ava N


During term 3, the students have been thrown many challenges. In the junior school on Seesaw, the students have been challenged to keep up with me while I work them through a gruelling 5 minute workout. They have also tried their hand in some difficult throwing and catching activities whilst practising some tricky moves involving pin pong balls and rolled up pieces of paper. Don’t ask!

In the senior area on Google Classrooms, the students have also been challenged to keep up with me during my back-breaking fitness routines. They have also  been encouraged to use their wonderful imaginations creating their very own indoor golf course. The Arapovic brothers had a ding-dong battle taking each other on with some dubious moves being captured on video. Order was eventually restored with a draw being declared; I think! Fun, fun fun!

Dean Sciacca

PE Teacher       


Mavi has constructed 5 sentences using PINYIN in Mandarin. His ‘mao mao chong’ is so hungry!

Somo’s ‘mao mao chong’ is eating through a delicious piece of ‘cao mei’ on Thursday!

Shuoyin Tu

LOTE Teacher

PFA News 4 September 2020

Office Bearers:

President: Rossanne Clay       

Vice President: George Andrakakos

Treasurer: Maria Andrakakos

Secretary/Communications: Kylie Touloupis

General Members:  

Elle Delmee, Wendy Douglas, Donna Edwards, Sumi Sundram, Vanessa Cowley

Next Meeting: Thursday 10 September 2020 8:30pm

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Hey Parkhill, have you purchased your tickets? 

WHEN: Saturday 5th September, 2pm - 4pm (Father’s Day weekend)

WHERE: In your home via Zoom (details will be sent once you purchase your ticket)

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