Aspire to achieve together

Issue 1

Term 1

18 February, 2021

Principal's Message

Hello and welcome to the first Newsletter of 2021. I hope you are all as excited to be back at school as I am. Whilst this year still has the awful shadow of COVID 19 and its variants hanging over us, we are absolutely committed to follow on the successes of last years interrupted journey to do the very best that we can for our students. Our expectations will not be lowered in any way and I still expect only the very best from our students in terms of attitude, behaviour and effort and from you, our community as well. Our staff have made a strong commitment to do their very best professionally and personally and this should be honoured and respected.

I would like to say thank you to Mr Pettit who took my place towards the end of 2020 and very capably finished the year off for us all. Also to Ms Evans and our Leadership team for stepping in at short notice to start the school year off whilst I was undertaking 14 days of mandated home quarantine following my return from NSW. Well done everyone.

Things are evolving quickly at our school. Currently our enrolments sit at 863 students, an increase of around 160 on this time last year, with more to come. This has been well planned for and has necessitated additional classrooms with several more to come to cater for our requirements. In addition, we have welcomed nearly 15 new staff to our team, each of them an asset in their own way.

A reminder to everyone that due to COVID, we are still in a State of Emergency and subject to Phase 4 restrictions. These mainly centre around social distancing and advanced hygiene requirements as well as modified school and classroom access. A reminder that children cannot play on playground equipment at the end of each day as it has been COVID cleaned for students the next day or for our OHSC family in the afternoons. It will continue to impact the nature of larger events to be held during the year and the first example of this is the need to cancel our Welcome BBQ that was to be a feature of our Parent Information sessions this week. In addition, the mode of delivery has gone digital and online. Opportunities to meet with teachers remain, however this will need to be by appointment and follow phase 4 guidelines.

As we grow, so too does the parking and traffic dilemma we face. See below for a message from our school Board Chairperson, Mr Wiltshire. Rest assured we remain committed to making the journey to and from school as pleasurable and safe as possible for our community and children, but much of it comes down to you being careful, obeying the law and being considerate. We are currently considering trialling kiss and drive drop off locations for “drive through” arrivals (for want of a better phrase) and we are considering making use of the fenced enclosure at the rear of our assembly area as a trial space for drop offs in the mornings. Can I suggest that we try this in the interim, however it is predicated on the understanding that you move in the flow direction- which is Sunray Avenue to Rossiter Avenue, carefully drop off and continue. It is not for waiting or parking. Both sides of the road can be used in the spaces available. We will open the rear gates behind the Covered Assembly area for student access to school during this time. I would like to trial this beginning next week, Monday the 22nd of February. Also in this weather you can always walk to school, ride bikes or scooters – with helmets.

School Board vacancies - see below for more information. I would like to take this opportunity to warmly thank the outgoing Board members, Mrs Monique Stevens who was also our secretary and Ms Kelly Burdett, one of our original Consultation Group and then Board member. Mon and Kelly have given the school wonderful and absolute support and enthusiasm during their time and we will miss their valuable contributions and strong participation. I hope to see them re nominate for theirs or future positions.

See you at the gate.

Noel Morgan, Principal.


A Message from The School Board Chairperson

A letter from the School Board Chairperson to the Aspiri Primary School community in regard to current and historical traffic and parking issues.

Dear Aspiri Primary School Community,

Recently it has come to my attention that there are some concerns surrounding the ongoing traffic management issues arising around our school and that since the commencement of the 2021 school year there have been numerous near miss events due to circumstances that could easily be avoided.  I would like to address some of those issues to prevent any misunderstanding and to explain the roles of the School and that of the Board.

As directed by the Department of Education, the school Board exists to oversee and support the higher-level governance of the school. Its role is not to instruct the school, the teachers or the Principal on what it can or cannot do with regards to operational, day to day activities.

The Board oversights finances, educational outcomes, staffing, risk and most importantly the reputation of the school.

The school attends to major and minor operational activities under the guidance of the Principal and the school administration.

The boundary of the school is the fence around the school and the school carpark.

The School (under various Acts and Regulations) exists to educate and develop within our children valuable lessons/practices that will build them. These lessons will continue to help them for the rest of their life. 

The Board, whilst not required to do so, has already been actively working to address these concern with the City of Armadale, the Local Member, and the Department of Main Roads over many months as both school representatives and concerned parents. 

The school, the board have made some progress with the City of Armadale as you will have seen across recent times; and remains committed to continuous lobbying for further improvement. However, as we have learnt, these do take time to implement.

Actions by the City of Armadale and the Main Roads Department / strategies in place by the school:

·         New pram crossing for Rossiter Ave (City of Armadale)

·         New fencing along Rossiter Ave (City of Armadale)

·         School zone signage placed on boundary roads (Main Roads Department)

·         Staggered school start and finish times to alleviate congestion issues in the school car park/s (School)

Some of the items still being lobbied for and planned for by the school include: 

·         A kiss and drop outside the school on Sunray Avenue. (City of Armadale)

·         A review of the existing signage along the road to ensure clear visibility of the NO STOPPING ZONE. (City of Armadale)

·         Walk and Roll Wednesday’s (School)

·         Encouragement for parents to park at Rossiter Pavilion Overflow. FYI this parking is designated by the Education Department and City of Armadale as overflow for school parking. (School)

·         Newsletter information to remind parents ­not to park along Rossiter Avenue in the NO STOPPING ZONE. (School)

·         The school and Board are applying to the Main Roads Dept for more of the solar powered 40km/hr signs. (Main Roads Department)

In regard to the staggered drop off and pick up times for Pre-Primary and Kindergarten. This strategy will only work if everyone sticks to their allotted times. Otherwise it creates overcrowding, issues, delays and stress.

In order to ensure the ongoing safety of our children and community during drop off and pick up times at the school we remind you of the following actions you can take:

·         No parking along the road verge of Rossiter Avenue and the corners of adjacent streets. The signposts indicate this is a no stopping area. This is illegal and you can and will be fined by the local Ranger.

·         Slow down around our school and drive to the conditions. If it is busy, slow down as a child might step out from behind something without any notice.

·         Don’t park in areas that will create a blind spot for other drivers or for children trying to cross the road.

·         Please stop directing blame at the school. It is not something they have the power to fix and they simply do not have the resources to constantly monitor and supervise the traffic around the school.

·          If you have any concerns, please direct them to the City of Armadale. Until the Board stepped in to address some of these issues there had been no complaints or concerns raised by the community. If we all want to see change then can we please support one another by letting the local government authorities and local Member of Parliament know. This will help progress things.

It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure we are doing the right thing to prevent any child being hurt or more serious incidents occurring from a preventable accident.

For your information, I have highlighted the no parking zones and the overflow parking on the map. The only acceptable parking is in the clearly designated parking spots.

Finally, I can understand everyone’s frustrations with the current situation. I am a parent who is grieved by the near misses we have had. My own son was nearly run over by a car due to driver inattention and my own son not obeying the very road rules we have tried so hard to embed in him. Can I please earnestly ask everyone to be caring and patient with one another so we can all ensure every child gets home safe.  

Kind regards


Michael Wiltshire

Board Chairperson 

Kiss and Drive Trial

Please see the map below for the designated Kiss and Drive drop off zone and the direction in which the traffic must flow.  Please do not allow your child to exit the car until you are in the designated drop off zone to ensure the safety of all children.  Please be patient and remain calm at all times. 

The trial will commence on Monday 22 February, 2021 and is for the mornings only at this time.

School Board Vacancies

Once again, we have vacancies on our school Board as a part of the planned roll through tenure of members. If you think you might be able to offer a positive contribution to our school via the Board can we ask that you consider nominating. More information will be included in an email that we are sending out to all families today. 

Elections are scheduled for Week 6, March 8 - 12, 2021 with our first meeting scheduled for Thursday March 18, 2021 at school from 3 pm.

Parent/Teacher Information Sessions

Just a reminder that the Parent/ Teacher Information Sessions will be held this afternoon 18 February, 2021.


Year Group


Kindergarten and Pre Primary


Composite PP/1 and Year 1


Year 2 and Year 3


Year 4, Year 4/5, Year 5 and Year 6

Your Teacher will have already sent via SeeSaw, a link to enter the meeting using Zoom.  

Online School Lunch Orders

This week saw the commencement of our online school lunch programme and it has been a huge success.  Please see the attached form for instructions on how to set up your account in order to commence using the service. 

Triple P – Positive Parenting Program

The Triple P – Positive Parenting Program Triple P is an internationally-recognised program that gives parents the skills they need to build strong family relationships, manage misbehaviour and prevent problems happening in the first place.  Seminars are free and families are welcome to visit seminars held at any other school or Child Health Centre in the state. Click on the link to find a seminar near you


Unfortunately, we have had to postpone our scheduled Term 1 Triple P Seminars to be held here at Aspiri Primary.  We will advertise new dates for Term 2 soon so stay tuned!


Introducing Our Specialist Teachers

Mr Jordan - Physical Education

Hi my name is Mr. Jordan and I have the pleasure of taking your child/ren for Physical Education this year. I have come on board to join with Miss Ryan as Aspiri continues to expand and grow from last year. I have enjoyed a number of appointments in a variety of schools within the Perth Metropolitan area and in the last year, overseas in London.

These experiences have enabled me to develop my skills in planning and implementing meaningful learning experiences for children in both primary, as well as high school settings. I am an avid outdoorsman who thrives in challenging situations, with a passion for the environment, a healthy lifestyle and outgoing activities.

I always seek to create a safe and supportive environment where students feel like they can attempt any skill, activity or any sport without fear of ridicule. I also aim to teach all my students to develop strong teamwork, good sportsmanship, respect and resilience. This year we will be teaching a range of sports including; Cricket, AFL, Soccer, Tennis, Basketball and plenty more.

I am a firm believer that when one door closes, another opens and although COVID-19 derailed my dreams of teaching and living in London, I feel very blessed to have been given the opportunity to be apart of an amazing school with supportive staff and students who are eager to learn.

I look forward to meeting you all and if you have any questions, my door is always open.

Mr Jennings - Science

Hello, my name is Mr Jennings and in 2021 I have joined the Aspiri team to teach Science classes from Year 1 to Year 6. I am an enthusiastic science educator who has maintained a lifelong interest in science and technology. I have returned to Perth after 3 years teaching Science in the remote WA town of Laverton. This year, as Aspiri students explore the curriculum strands of Physics, Earth and Space Sciences, Biology and Chemistry, it is my aim to present each topic in an enjoyable and engaging format. By conducting safe practical experiments, students can perfect their application of the scientific method and will follow it to first observe, accurately measure and then record various scientific phenomena. I have thoroughly enjoyed the start of the year at Aspiri Primary School and look forward to a successful year of educational growth alongside all parents, students and staff. 

Uniform Concepts Jandakot Super Store Information

Please find attached the uniform price list from the Uniform Concepts Jandakot Super Store. It contains pricing as well as store opening times and contact details.   


Music Lesson Vacancies

If your child is interested in learning a musical instrument or singing then please collect an application form from the Administration Office or email the Perth Music Agency. Don't delay as places fill quickly!

All queries are to be directed to the Perth Music Agency

A Message from the School Nurse

Welcome to the new school year. My name is Emily Cardy and I am the Community Health Nurse who visits your school.

Community Health Nurses work in schools to promote healthy development and wellbeing so students may reach their full potential. A major part of my work is focused on early intervention and the School Entry Health Assessment program.

Community Health Nurses serve as a health contact point for children and their families, providing information, assessment, health counselling and referral. The services provided are free and confidential.

If you have a concern about your child’s health or development, please contact me on:

Mobile: 0448 895 554


School Entry Health Assessment

All children in Western Australia are offered a health assessment during their first year of primary school. This usually occurs in kindergarten.

A Community Health Nurse will check your child’s vision, hearing and general development. A form will be sent home with your child.

Parents please complete and sign the forms. Please return the form to the school office or class teacher, as soon as possible.

For more information, or if you have any concerns, please contact Emily Cardy.

Immunisation reminder

Maintaining a high level of immunisation within our community is very important to controlling many communicable diseases.

It is important for parents to make sure that their children have received all of the childhood vaccinations.  This includes Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis (whooping cough), and polio vaccines before school entry or from three and a half years of age.  

If you are unsure, phone 1800 653 809.

If you child has missed out on vaccinations, a doctor or immunisation nurse can provide ‘catch-up’ vaccinations.

Make an appointment with a GP or visit the local (free) immunisation clinic run by the Armadale City Council’s Immunisation clinics, Phone: 61511308 or through Rheola Street Central Immunisation Clinic, by appointment Phone: 93211312

Immunisation - information for parents

Immunisation programs in our community are designed to keep everyone well and safe, especially those people who are most at risk, such as babies.

Parents or legal guardians who do not immunise their child should note the following:

·         In the case of a Measles or Pertussis (whooping cough) outbreak, Western Australian schools are required by the Department of Health, to exclude students who have not received the appropriate vaccination.

Please make sure your school-aged child is fully immunised and that you have provided a copy of the immunisation record to the school.